arr House is named after one of the original supporters and benefactors of Epsom College UK, Dr William Carr, whose generosity was honoured in 1883 with the founding of Carr House. The House is home for boys in Years 6 to 9, who share a range of facilities within the accommodation including: study spaces, music practice rooms, recreational facilities, several “brew rooms” where pupils can prepare drinks and snacks, together with a range of communal areas where they can socialise.

Carr is a caring and friendly community, with a relaxed family atmosphere. The Housemaster, Matron and Tutors are available ‘around the clock’ to encourage, support and challenge each individual pupil. The ‘transition years’ provide immense opportunities for every child to take part in a range of academic, sporting, dramatic, artistic and musical pursuits. Promoting independence, resilience and responsibility are extremely important to us, alongside Epsom’s core values of ‘Good Manners, Hard Work and Selflessness’. We aim to lay the foundations for our pupils’ development of key academic, social and leadership skills that will be crucial for their future success, both in the senior Boarding Houses and beyond.


Housemaster: Mr James Carson

Assistant Housemaster: Mr James Armstrong

Resident Tutor: Ms Dayang Manggie 

House Matron: Ms Iman Kamal

House Tutors:

Mr Samuel Parker

Mr Philip Harwood

Mr Phil Pedro

Mr Stephen Chandrasekr

Mr Subash A/L Loganathan

Mr Ian Schoeman

Mr Adam Kanonczyk



If you wish to find out more about Carr House, please click on the link below:

Carr House