It is very important that Epsom pupils have the opportunity to be heard, while encouraging them to be proactively involved in shaping an environment in which they feel comfortable.


Prep School

No matter a student’s age, their voice is always heard.

In the Prep School (the Junior School) special focus on explaining to pupils how they can impact and have an influence on life in the Prep School.

From putting ideas in the Suggestion Box to being a member of the School Council, the younger pupils are encourage not only to speak out but also to listen to the views of others

As is the case further up the school, opportunities exist for Prep School pupils to take on leadership roles as Captains, Deputies and House representatives.


Senior School

Each week the Headmaster meets with the senior student leaders to discuss items related to the smooth running of the school. The College Prefects meet with the Head of Sixth Form once a week and their views are sought on a variety of matters in order to understand better the impact that various decisions have from a pupil perspective.

Each College Prefect has an area of focus within the College and they lead a committee made up of representatives of different year groups and houses.

Once every half term, they chair meetings of these representatives to discuss student ideas, suggestions and recommendations.

The College Prefect then directly liaises with a relevant member of the Executive Leadership Team to discuss these recommendations and the feasibility of putting these into action. The Committees are: Academic; Food; International; Service; Social; and Wellbeing. There is also an overall College Committee, which is chaired by the Head of College.

In a boarding school, it is critical that the pupil voice extends to each of the Houses. Each Head of House chairs their House Council, which is made up of representatives from each year, including both boarders and day pupils, and then liaises with their Housemaster or Housemistress.