Please note that all these aspects are subject to change in accordance with Ministry of Education (MOE) and/or Health (MOH)

Control Measures

EngineeringEngineering/maintenance steps taken to improve safety (e.g. door openings by foot, disabling of key code entry buttons etc.) Mechanical sorts of things.
PhysicalPhysical steps taken e.g. furniture relocation, floor markings, changes to geographical movements such as corridors/stairwells, maximum class sizes etc.
AdministrativePhysical steps taken e.g. furniture relocation, floor markings, changes to geographical movements such as corridors/stairwells, maximum class sizes etc.
Cleaning our campus and targeting ‘high touch’ areasThis covered a series of points that detailed the high risk areas (e.g. door handles, toilets etc.) and had information on how cleaned, regularity and by who etc.
  1. What is the College’s policy on the wearing of face masks?
    All pupils, staff, parents and visitors to the College are required to wear face-masks or visors whilst on the College site, both within and outside work. There will be circumstances where the wearing of a mask or visor would not be practical or necessary (e.g. sporting activities, eating).
  2. What is the College’s policy on all visitors to the campus, including parents/guardians?
    Each pupil is permitted a nominated parent/guardian/driver for drop-off/collection. At the present time we ask that parents/guardians only enter the main College building/Prep School and Boarding Houses with the prior agreement of a member of staff (e.g. HMM/Head of Prep School).
    Following guidance from the respective Malaysian authorities visitors on site are not permitted during Term time. The permission of the Deputy Head (Pastoral) is required for any other visitors to the College. The only exception is for essential deliveries (e.g. post, food supplies etc.) whereby enhanced visitor protocols will be applied.
    The only entrance for vehicles to the College is via the Main Guard House on Persiaran Kolej. The side gate is only to be used by staff  (where permitted) visiting Mercato on foot.
  3. What are the procedures for the College Bus service?
    Bus drivers must be temperature checked each day by the bus company.
    Parents are advised to temperature check their children at home before leaving to take the bus.
    All pupils’ temperatures are checked by the bus driver.
    On arrival at College, the temperature of all pupils checked on the bus near the main entrance next to the before pupils admitted to the site.
    All visitors are required to scan & complete the My Sejahtera Application on their mobile device and show the guard that submission has been completed i.e. the ‘thank you’ screen.
    An Affirmation Form must be completed satisfactorily once the temperature check is passed for those unable to scan the QR code (or not carrying a mobile device).
    Students who have passed the temperature check and completed the My Sejahtera Application/Affirmation Form satisfactorily stay on the bus and will be dropped off at the Prep School or Main ReceptionAny pupil with a temperature over 37.5 will be required to wait in the Pavilion for a re-test to be taken. If, after further attempts, a pupil’s temperature is still high, parents will be contacted and asked to collect their child. In the meantime the child will be cared for in isolation by College staff.
    Once pupils have passed the temperature check they will be dropped-off at their Boarding House or the Prep School KS2 door entrance.
    This procedure will also apply to any pupils arriving at the main guard house in a private vehicle (whether with parents or in a taxi).
  4. How will Physical Distancing work in classrooms and around the College?
    Classrooms are set up to adhere to physical distancing guidelines.
    Clear signage is in place to remind everyone to maintain physical distancing whilst moving around the College
    Everyone is required to keep left on corridors and staircases.
    No assemblies or gathering of pupils beyond the maximum class size of 20 pupils can take place.
    In communal areas (e.g. Library, Dining Hall,) special arrangements are in place plus floor markings and staff supervision.
    All pupils and staff are reminded regularly about the importance of hygiene and physical distancing. This takes place by Online House Assemblies, Online Key Stage Assemblies, Online School Assemblies or on an individual basis.
    Any persistent disregard of physical distancing will be referred to the Deputy Head (Pastoral) and a positive reinforcement approach will be adopted. It is hoped that everyone will do their utmost to observe these guidelines.
  5. What medical provision is available to pupils on the College campus?
    Usual medical provision of 24/7 care remains in place. The College has a Medical Room, a Sanatorium for overnight emergencies and access to a local medical practice.
  6. What would happen if someone in the College was suspected of being infected with Covid-19?
    The College has a clear protocol for anyone suspected of being infected with Covid-19. For pupils this would involve being put into isolation before being taken to the dedicated Covid-19 hospital in Seremban. The MOH will be informed and they will advise the College about required procedure.
  7. How will assemblies operate in both Senior & Prep Schools?
    At present, no physical assemblies are taking place. These are conducted online via Google Meet or recorded video.
  8. What provision is being made for the safe usage of equipment in subjects such as Science, DT, Music and PE?
    Enhanced cleaning is in place on a regular basis.
    Pupils/Staff are required  to wipe down their work space before and after use with disinfectant. This applies to shared equipment for specialist subjects (Bunsen burner, microscope, musical instrument, tennis racquet, gym equipment etc.)
    Teachers spray disinfectant and pupils wipe areas down with paper towels before disposing of them in a bin (which will be emptied on a regular basis)
  9. How will meals in the Dining Hall be affected?
    Specific & staggered times are allocated for Year groups.
    A physically distanced queuing system is in operation.
    Furniture and floor markings have been adapted to meet physical distancing requirements.
    All catering staff are required to be wearing face-masks and gloves at all times.
    All food is served by catering staff (self-service will not be available)
    Tray, cutlery and beakers are provided by catering staff.
    Everyone is expected to wash their hands before and after having their meal.
    Take away options are available from the Container Cafe situated outside the Dining Hall.
    Special dietary requirements can be catered for by request to HMMs/Head of Prep School.
  10. Will the Coffee Shop be open for pupils and parents?
    No, the Coffee Shop is no longer in use. However, pupils and parents will be able to use the Container Cafe for refreshments. There is indoor seating nearby.
    The seating area of the former Coffee Shop will be used by the Admissions Department at the present time, whilst adhering to physical distancing guidelines.
  11. Will the school shop be open for pupils and parents?
    The school shop will be open to pupils, with a maximum of 5 people permitted at any one time, or by prior appointment with parents and the school shop manager.
  12. What physical changes are occurring on the College site as a result of Covid-19 to keep children safe?
    We are fortunate to have a 80 acre campus which enables easier physical distancing. Extensive markings/signage is evident throughout and certain furniture and equipment is now out of bounds.
  1. What are the procedures for Senior pupil collection at the end of the day/week?
    All pupils are to be dropped off and collected from the Main Reception. This includes weekly boarders going home on a Saturday or for an overnight home visit mid-week. The only times when pupils should be collected or dropped off directly from the Boarding Houses are when they are returning home over an exeat weekend or at the end/beginning of a Term break when they are likely to have more luggage. Parents/guardians visiting the College may help with the packing /unpacking of the vehicle but they may not enter the Boarding House. They are welcome to meet at the reception area. HMMs should be notified in advance of any parent/guardian visit (with the exception of start/end of terms & exeats). In all other cases (e.g. an unwell or injured pupil being collected at other times) the permission of the HMM can be sought in advance for parents/guardians/drivers to wait outside the Boarding House.
  2. Is the College CCA programme running?
    A diverse range of activities are now in operation which adhere to physical distancing guidelines and MOE protocols.
  3. Are private Music lessons running and Music practice rooms open?
    Yes, in accordance with physical distancing guidelines. Music practice rooms will be open for individual practice at set times throughout the week and with enhanced cleaning measures for the rooms and instruments.
  4. Do Senior pupils need to bring any equipment into College?
    A supply of disposable facemasks is required (or a reusable facemask).
    All pupils should ensure they have their own stationery (and do not share with others).
    A personal hand sanitiser is recommended and anti-bacterial wipes.
  5. Will Senior pupils’ work be marked?
    It is hoped that, with sensible measures, teachers are able to mark work as usual.
  6. Will the library and Grayling Centre be open for Senior pupils?
    Yes, but at 50% capacity and with physical distancing in place. Private Study periods take place in houses. The Grayling Centre will not be available for Prep, but will be available for specific evening events, run by the Sixth Form team but with 50% capacity of the facility.
  7. How will the College continue to provide effective and supportive Pastoral care for Senior pupils?
    HMMs, AHMMs, Matron and House Tutors maintain high quality contact and support to pupils within their houses. Equally, the College Counsellor remains available to those requiring more specific individual support. PSHE sessions are tailored to explore specific life skills ranging from resilience, first aid, mental health and e-safety plus a whole range of other topical issues to further enhance our pupils’ learning experience. Naturally, in the event of a life-threatening emergency physical distancing measure may need to be relaxed.
  8. Will any trips or offsite activities take place for Senior pupils? (e.g. Friday prayers)
    At present trips off site are not allowed by the Malaysian authorities.
  9. What provision will be made for my child if we are unable or decide not to return them to College yet?
    Online learning is provided as well as PSHE and pastoral support for children unable to return to College.
  10. How are changes in the operational running of the College effectively communicated to Senior pupils?
    Emails from HMMs are sent to all pupils informing them of changes around the College . Upon arrival HMMs will re-iterate this information and clarify further. Similarly, notices are displayed in Boarding Houses and around the College reinforcing our Covd-19 SOPs (in different languages). House Staff and Medical Team provide regular updates via emails and online assemblies plus one to one conversations.
  11. Does my child need to wear school uniform?
    School uniform should be worn except on days when pupils have PE (once PE lessons are permitted to resume) when they can wear their school regulation Games kit instead. For swimming lessons pupils may choose to wear their swimming kit under their Games kit. Whilst changing facilities remain available at School we are trying to limit the number of pupils using them.
  1. What are the procedures for arrival/collection of Prep school children in the morning and afternoon?
    All pupils to be dropped off and collected via KS2 door. On arrival pupils will go straight to classrooms (a parent may accompany their child if necessary)
  2. Will Prep pupils need to bring any equipment from home?
    Head of Prep School will liaise with parents/guardians.
  3. Will Prep CCAs be running?
    At the moment, CCAs are limited with proper physical distancing in place.
  4. Are private Music lessons running for Prep pupils?
    Yes, in accordance with physical distancing guidelines and with enhanced cleaning measures for the rooms and instruments.
  5. What provision will be made for my child if we are unable or decide not to return them to College yet?
    There will be online lessons available to those who are unable or decide not to return to College yet.
  6. Will Physical Education and Swimming still take place in the Prep School?
    This is not permitted at the moment. However, specific sporting activities are permitted but no team sports.
  7. Will my child’s work be marked?
  8. What is the College’s policy on the wearing of facemasks for Prep pupils? (what will happen if they lose/damage their mask?)
    Everyone must wear a facemask or visor. In the event of a pupil damaging or losing a facemask the College will provide a replacement.
  9. Will Prep pupils continue to have specialist lessons throughout the school building?
    Where possible all lessons will take place in the year group classroom although there may be occasions where specialist subjects require pupils to be in a different location (e.g. PE & Music) In these instances pupils will be escorted by staff in order to adhere to physical distancing guidelines.
  10. Is the library open for Prep pupils?
    Yes, under staff supervision, and with proper physical distancing in place.
  11. How are meals in the Dining Hall provided for Prep pupils?
    The Prep School has staggered meals in the Dining Hall following Physical Distancing protocols and fully supervised by Prep School staff.
  12. How does physical distancing work in the Prep School – both in the classrooms and at break times?
    Every effort is made to maintain physical distancing both during class time and at break times. At present outdoor equipment is not to be used by pupils.
  13. How are the needs of younger children requiring support be met? (e.g. toilet visits, changing, accidents etc.)
    These aspects are supervised closely by Prep School Staff.
  14. How is effective and supportive pastoral care of Prep pupils be provided?
    The PSHE programme has been tailored to focus on effective and supportive pastoral care in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  15. How are changes in the Prep school (and reasons for them) effectively communicated to pupils?
    The Head of Prep School has focused on suitable signage/posters/reminders/online assemblies/ modelling of physical distancing/videos for our prep pupils.
  1. What extra provisions have been put in place for the protection of my child when boarding?
    • dorm spaces are physically distanced
    • bathroom/shower rota by year group/by floor of boarding house
    • Dedicated showers/toilets (where possible)
    • Limited number allowed in kitchen area
    • Regular cleaning of the Boarding House
    • Removal of Boot Room facilities
    • Signage to remind pupils about physical distancing in-house
    • Day pupils to be allowed on the ground floor only (except for tutor periods when other areas of the House may be used)
    • Day pupils permitted access to Sports Hall Showers after sporting activity
    • Hand sanitizers inside and outside the main entrance of the Boarding House
    • House Matrons organise the collection and distribution of laundry
    • Signing in/out procedures as normal (but hands hand sanitizer to be used before/after)
    • Any boarder becoming unwell will be cared for by the Medical Team outside the Boarding House
    • No pupils are permitted entry to another Boarding House
    • Prep to be completed in rooms or areas as agreed with HMMs
  2. Will my child have lessons in the Boarding House or in classrooms?
    All lessons are in classrooms. For 6th Form pupils with a Study Period it may be necessary for some to work in-houses to maintain physical distancing guidelines in the Grayling Centre or Library.
  3. What does my child do during free time in the afternoons and evenings?
    A modified CCA programme is in place with some sporting activities permitted as well as online CCAs. Boarders are allowed out of House in staggered periods before bed-time.
  4. Does my child have to wear a mask in the Boarding House?
    Yes, during the school day in the Main School buildings and walking around the school site.
    However, this is optional during the evenings and weekends when only boarders are ‘at home’ in the Boarding House.
  5. What happens for boarders who remain at school at the weekend?
    Usual routines apply but there are no off-site trips or visits to Mercato permitted.
  6. Am I allowed to visit my child in the Boarding House?
    Only by prior arrangement with the HMM. Please do not assume you have access to the Boarding House as this endangers the safety measures in place.
  7. What happens if my child cannot return to boarding because of travel/quarantine restrictions?
    Online lessons will be available. Please liaise with your child’s HMM.
  8. What happens if my child is boarding and becomes unwell?
    They will be cared for by our 24/7 Medical Team and you will be kept informed.
  1. Who is in charge of the SOP/Covid-19 Safety measures at the College?
    Mr Stephen Ottewell, Deputy Head (Pastoral) & Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL).
  2. When/how will my temperature be checked daily?
    All staff need to have their temperature recorded by the Medical Team.
    Day pupils have their temperature checked on arrival at the school.
    Boarders have their temperature taken daily before period 1 by House Matrons.
    Staff children in the Prep School should have their temperature taken in the Medical Room on their way to school.
  3. What happens when I arrive at the College?
    Offsite staff have temperature checked daily at the Main Guardhouse. All staff have temperature checked at the Medical Room.
  4. What happens if/when I return from overseas?
    Staff must follow the 14 day quarantine arrangements. Once this quarantine period is completed staff will be able to assume their responsibilities at the College.
  5. What happens if I feel unwell during the working day?
    Report to the Medical Room.
  6. What happens if I find I have been in contact with someone with Covid-19?
  7. What training will be provided for staff in dealing with Covid-19 safety?
    HMMs/Matrons to be trained to record temperatures for students in house.
    INSET training will be given to staff by the Medical Team.
  8. What is the procedure for staff wearing facemasks/PPE when teaching? Around the College?
    As with students, all staff must wear a facemask or visor in lessons and around College.
  9. Is equipment provided to teachers/staff?
    Staff should provide their own facemasks (and must be wearing them to get onsite).
    Facemasks are available for purchase from the Medical Room for staff use.
  10. What are the safety procedures for use of the staff lounge? (seating, shared facilities etc.)
    This has been appropriately physically distanced. However, staff must be mindful about the use of the facilities and ensure high touch areas are wiped down before and after use.
  11. What are the safety procedures for use of the Staff toilets/photocopy room/Surau etc?
    Toilets – Every second urinal in all male toilets (boys and adults) is blocked/taped off.
    Enhanced cleaning of main areas is  conducted on a regular basis, particularly of frequently touched surfaces (tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, taps, sinks etc.) Housekeeping supervisor checks the thoroughness of the cleaning.
    Printers/Photocopying: Staff are encouraged to continue with e-learning where possible and to minimise printing/photocopying.
  12. What equipment is provided in classrooms for the routine health & safety/cleaning required?
    Hand sanitisers are in every classroom.
    Teachers open and close doors at the start and end of each lesson (and sanitize these).
  13. How often will classrooms be cleaned? (tables/floor/door handles/bins emptied) and who by?
    Before period 1 and after period 7. Timetable to be established for which classrooms will be available and when with staggered lunch
    (See below for different levels of cleaning).
  14. What measures must staff take to ensure effective safety of pupils requiring extra support?
    Pupil risk assessments or PEEPs (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans)  are created for those considered at risk or may require further guidance.
  15. How are Physical Distancing measures maintained in an emergency situation? / child becoming unwell in my lesson?
    Whilst all attempts at physical distancing will be maintained where possible, in the event of an emergency situation pupils & staff should evacuate the building as quickly and safely as possible as sometimes children need to be carried for their own safety. Cleaning of body fluids should be done as soon as possible by informing the Housekeeping (telephone 013-665 6619).
  16. How do I maintain Physical Distancing measures in the Boarding House?
    Movement around the Boarding House: keep to the left hand side of corridors and staircases and ensure 1 metre distance is maintained from other people at all times. Markings and ‘no go’ zones are marked out. Staff on evening duty ensure, with positive reinforcement, that boarders are adhering to these requirements. During prep duty staff should ensure that room doors are propped open and that prep is being conducted in a sensible manner. No collaborative work (unless online) is permitted.
  17. How should my classroom be organised?
    Classrooms have been organised to adhere to 1m physical distancing.
  18. Am I allowed to organise school trips/offsite activities?
  19. Am I allowed to organise for outside speakers to visit the College?
  20. Am I allowed visitors to my own home on the College campus?
Level 1
Standard Sanitization Cleaning
Classroom/office - all surface disinfectionTwice daily
Common area surface disinfection including outdoorsTwice daily
Toilet surface disinfectionEvery hour
Classroom and common area high touch points surface disinfection (ie. handrails, door handles, photocopiers) including outdoorsTwice daily
Classroom and common area floor disinfection
Disinfection of all touched equipment or tools, toys (collected in boxes by teachers)
Clean water drinking machine, hand sanitiser dispensers, outdoor equipment
Twice daily
Level 2
Regular Disinfection
Deep cleaning of carpets, exhaust fans, sofas and fabricsWeekly
Steaming all Early Years Centre classrooms -Year 5 (special measures for COVID-19) - to support cleaning of all classroom resourcesDaily
Level 3
Deep Disinfection
Steaming all rooms - whole schoolWeekly
UVC Disinfection (Moonbeam) on a rolling programmeWeekly
Level 4
Daily (within classroom or Year Group affected) for one week in case of infection detected
SteamingDaily (within classroom or Year Group affected) for one week in case of infection detected
UVC Disinfection (Moonbeam)