Open only to citizens and/or residents of the United Kingdom, the Full Boarding Programme offers a world-class alternative for parents and students who may have had their studies interrupted by events outside of their control. Epsom’s strong academic team and 80-acre campus located minutes away from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport offers students an opportunity to focus on their learning, while an experienced pastoral support team fosters a supportive environment, conducive to young adults from 30 different nationalities, to develop self-confidence, resilience and independence.

Epsom also has sport academies with esteemed sport partners open to students of all skill levels and from Term 1, Academic Year 2024-2025, students under the Full Boarding Programme for UK Residents have access at no additional cost.

The British Boarding Experience

Epsom boasts highly qualified and experienced pastoral staff who provide 24/7 pastoral care to our boarders during their term. Our pastoral staff understand the value of boarding and have the skills, training, and experience to contribute to pupils’ holistic development.

Learning and Living in a Multicultural Setting

While our long and successful heritage is British, our mindset is global. Our boarding houses are home to students from more than 30 nationalities – allowing our pupils to learn about various cultures and lifestyles, and fostering empathy, compassion, kindness and selflessness in their daily lives.

Strong & Professional Pastoral Care

Epsom works on providing a holistic social and academic environment to its students, whether in boarding or attending to the needs of its student’s well-being.  Our experienced pastoral care team, security team and nursing staff are within the campus 24/7, to ensure our student’s safety and well-being should any situations arise.

Nutritious Meals & Various Meals

The Epsom dining experience feeds the appetite of everyone and nourishes the soul. The menu is carefully designed by a nutritionist to be varied, nutritious and delicious. Dietary requirements are taken into consideration, with vegetarian options, meat and fish dishes, a salad bar and fresh fruits. Boarding students are served breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with three snacks during the day.