At Epsom College in Malaysia we are an international community whose strength lies in the emphasis it places on discipline, tolerance and the understanding of one another.


Teachers and support staff in both the Prep and Senior School develop a personal care for, and interest in, individual pupils; to draw out their passions and interests, to ensure their time at the College is rewarding.

The wellbeing and safety of all our pupils is paramount. All staff – teachers and support staff – take great care and pride in getting to know each pupil as an individual, and in respecting them for the unique qualities they bring to our community.

We want young people to join us full of potential and to leave us successful and fulfilled, with a sense of connection to a supportive, nurturing community.

Mirroring the bedrock of Epsom College UK, our pastoral care is primarily rooted in the House system, which provides the much-needed guidance and support for each child.

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