Rosebery House is one of two girls House’s at Epsom College in Malaysia. The House obtained its name from the former Prime Minister of the UK, Lord Rosebery Archibald Primrose, whom it was named after in 1926 due to his long association with Epsom College UK. Here in ECiM Rosebery is home to girls ranging from age 10-18 years. Rosebery is a House that values every individual within it, we celebrate achievement no matter how big or small and we encourage each other to do the very best they can. Being part of the Rosebery family offers girls the opportunity to develop their leadership skills within the House and the College.

Our House creates an opportunity to integrate girls of all age groups into the one House and to develop a nurturing, caring and welcoming family environment that provides a ‘home from home’. With the ‘Big Sister’ and ‘Aunty’ systems already well established in Rosebery, we have the opportunity to put those skills to good use in guiding younger girls throughout their time at Epsom.

One of the key aspects of Rosebery House is academic success.

Girls are encouraged to manage their time outside of the classroom to develop independent learning skills. In addition the house provides an environment whereby the girls can study together in groups and seek support from their peers and tutors. This empowers them to become life-long learners. A sense of community spirit is an integral part of Rosebery, girls are encouraged to work together during House drama, music and in sports events. With the help of the Assistant Housemistress, House Matron and House Tutors we strive to ensure every girl has a positive journey in which they leave ECiM more enriched, having made friends for life and better equipped for the next stage in their career.

Housemistress: Ms Kate Orpwood

Assistant Housemistress: Mrs Shanthi Pillay

Resident Tutor: Miss Kit

House Matron: Ms Carol


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