Epsom College in the United Kingdom has a proud history. It was founded in 1855 and granted royal patronage by Her Majesty Queen Victoria in the same year. The College has had every reigning monarch as its patron since its establishment.

Epsom was borne of one man’s desire to improve the lives of those who had fallen on hard times. Dr John Propert pursued this goal tirelessly, providing the orphans of medical families with free housing, clothing and schooling.

Thanks to the visionary work of Dr Propert, vital funds were raised and the College began life as The Royal Medical Benevolent College. The Victorian values of benevolence and excellence upon which Epsom was founded, remain the guiding principles to this day.

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The Royal Medical Foundation.

The Royal Medical Foundation, based at the College, continues to play an active part in school life. The charitable foundation was built through generosity and a dedication to improving the lives of the individual and society, values which remain at the heart of the College today.


The College Archives hold a wealth of photographs, artefacts and ephemera from Epsom’s past. This ever-expanding gallery allows you to travel back through our history.