Main College Booklets.

A-Level Information Booklet 2019-20

Guidance for Pupils – Senior School


New Pupil Information Booklets.

Senior School

Prep School (Junior School)


Main College Policies.


Access, Security & Visitor Policy

Admissions Policy

Advice on Safeguarding Pupils Vulnerable to Extremism Policy

Air Pollution Policy

Anti-Corruption & Bribery Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy

Attendance Policy – Senior School

Attendance Policy – Prep School

Automated External Defibrillator Policy

Behaviour Policy – Prep School

Behaviour Policy – Senior School

Behaviour Policy – Rewards & Sanctions – Senior School

Boarding Routines & Rules

Careers & Higher Education Policy

Child Protection Policy

CCTV Policy

Co-Curricular Policy

Code of Conduct for Residential Trips/Touring Groups

Code of Conduct for Day Trips

Code of Conduct for Sport

College Prefects Selection Policy

Complaints procedure for parents

Controlled Assessments Policy

Counselling Policy

Data Protection & Use of Images Policy

Depression Policy

Disability Equality Policy

Drugs, Alcohol & Tobacco Misuse Policy

Drug Related Allergy Policy

Eating Disorders Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy – Pupils

English as an Additional Language (“EAL”) Policy

Examinations Policy

Exclusions, Removals & Review Policy


External Lettings Policy

Fire Safety Policy

First aid & medical emergency policy 


Head Injury Policy (full)

Head Injury Policy (summary)

Health & Safety Policy

House Prefects Selection Policy

Internal Appeals Policy

learning support

Lightning Policy


Management of Medicines in the Boarding House Policy

Risk Assessment for Pupil Self-Medication

Medical Care Provision Policy

Mental Health Policy

Merits, Distinctions & Academic Rewards Policy

Missing Pupil Policy- Senior School

Missing Pupil Policy – Prep school

appendix 1 – missing pupils

Non-Examination Assessment Policy

Photography & Filming Policy

Preparation guidelines

Privacy Notice – Parents & Children

PSHE Policy – Senior School

PSHE Policy – Prep School

Pupils’ Use of ICT Policy

Recruitment Selection and Disclosure POLICY AND PROCEDURE

Search Policy

Self-Harm Policy

Social Media Policy

Sports Supplement Policy

Suicide Prevention Policy

Sun Protection Policy – Senior School

Sun Protection Policy – Prep School

Supervision Policy – Senior School

Supervision Policy – Prep School

Swimming Pool Policy

Transportation (School Shuttle Bus) Policy

Use of Reasonable Force Policy

Whistleblowing Policy