At Epsom College in Malaysia, we aim to be a distinguished learning community which blends the best elements of Epsom College in the United Kingdom with the values, expectations and opportunities afforded by our international setting. This overarching motivation is encapsulated in our College ethos of ‘British Tradition, Global Learning, Universal Success’.

Our aim is to provide exceptional all-round opportunities – academic, social, sporting and cultural – in a safe, stimulating and supportive community.

We challenge pupils to pursue excellence with tenacity and adapt to stressful situations, traits which will allow them to excel at university and work.

Ultimately, the Epsom experience produces individuals who are unafraid to forge their own paths, while still being mindful of the needs of others, following in the footsteps of other great Epsomians.

At the heart of all we do at Epsom College in Malaysia are certain CORE VALUES.  These values are not just words but actual principles that guide pupils and staff in their daily interactions with one another.

Good Manners

Every one should be treated with courtesy and respect. By practising mindfulness, we can avoid hurting others, be that mentally or physically.


Think not what Epsom can do for us, but what we can do for others in our community. We should always be willing to reach out to others and to help them grow.

Hard Work

Diligence and effort are the foundations of success. When the going gets tough, we never give up and keep striving to the best of our ability.

Care for the Environment

We must care for our school environment and extend that care to the world at large.


Success in all its forms should be celebrated without arrogance. We need to be modest about our talents whilst in turn be cognisant of the talents in others.