Epsom Football Tournament

Epsom College Malaysia is delighted to host a summer Football tournament in term 3.This one-day event will take place on Saturday 8th June at our fantastic ECiM campus.

The entry fee per team is RM1,000 per team which allows a squad size of up to 12 players and 1 coach. Teams will be guaranteed a minimum of 4 matches. This includes lunch & dinner, match officials, medical staff, medals & trophies for the best 3 teams in each category.

We will be running tournaments in the following categories
Take into account that the biological age will count as 31/07/2023 and we will not accept any exceptions of players under or over age. We strongly advise respecting this policy, since teams will be disqualified if not following this rule.


  • U19 (From 31/07/2008 to 30/07/2005)
  • U15 (From 31/07/2010 to 30/07/2008)
  • U13 (From 31/07/2013 to 30/07/2010)


  • U19 (from 31/07/2008 to 30/07/2005)
  • U15 (from 31/07/2010 to 30/07/2008)

Schedule (approximate and subject to change depending on the final number of teams)

  • Registered teams will be published on the website once the deposit has been paid.
  • Each school can only register 1 team per category.
  • Full schedules will be released in due course, but it will be as close as possible as the following example:

The Closing ceremony will occur as the tournament concludes at the 4G Astroturf field (approximate and subject to change depending on the weather).

Risk Assessments, codes of conduct, and event policies will also be shared with joining teams in advance of the 8th of June.

Live Streaming

Unfortunately, live streaming will not be available, but there will be social media coverage on the school’s social media channels. Photographs will be published on the school website after the event.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact guthrie.miller@epsomschool.com

Further information on hotels, transport, and general venue information can be provided by vishal.sidhu@epsomschool.com

The best player from each group (selected by all the coaches of the following category) will also receive a free invitation to the LALIGA Summer Camp 2024.


  • The tournament will be played to 7-aside FIFA laws with no offside. The back-pass rule will apply.
  • There will be rolling substitutions which must take place from the halfway line once the game is stopped.
    – The player must leave the field before the substitute can enter play.
    – It is the responsibility of the coach to administer substitutions & ensure players leave the field of play.
  • A goal cannot be scored directly from kick-off.
  • All free kicks are direct and the opponents must be at least 5 meters away from the ball (same applies for corner kicks).

 Match Duration

  • Matches will be 2×10 minutes with 2 minutes halftime break for all games including knockout stages, finals & league format.

 Football field, goalpost & size

  • Boys
    – U19 – 7 Aside 4G astroturf, 7 Aside goalpost & Size 5.
    – U15 – 7 Aside 4G astroturf, 7 Aside goalpost & Size 5.
    – U13 – 7 Aside natural grass, 5 Aside goalpost & Size 4.
  • Girls
    – U19 – 7 Aside natural grass field, 5 Aside goalpost & Size 5.
    – U15 – 7 Aside natural grass field, 5 Aside goalpost & Size 5.


  • Points when in groups stage or league format are allocated as follows:
    – 3 Points for a win
    – 1 Point for a tie
    – 0 Points for a loss
  • In the case of a point-tie in the group stage or league format, the order will be decided by:
    – Head-to-head result
    – Goal difference
    – Goals for
    – Penalties

Penalty Shoot-Out

In the case of a draw at the end of full-time in the knockout stage or tie-break situation, the following procedure will take place:

  • All knockout games move directly to a penalty area of the pitch in the dedicated area.
  • Each team will choose 4 players (including the goalkeeper) whether they were on the field of play at the final whistle.
  • Each team will take 3 penalties each, followed by sudden death if the score is still level. The first penalty of the sudden death format will be taken by the goalkeepers.
  • The following sudden death penalties will be taken by the rest of the players from each team, without being able to repeat until all of them have shoot already a penalty.


  • Any player receiving a red card will miss that game plus the next one.
  • Two red cards will result in a participation decision being by the tournament director.
  • Any player receiving 3 yellow cards will miss the next game.

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