All pupils, both Day and Boarding, start their day in their House. Boarding pupils take their breakfast in the Dining Hall, while Day pupils generally begin arriving at the College from 8.00am.


All then congregate in their Houses. Here, they start the day with their friends and peers and have time with Tutors – a crucial part of the pastoral care we provide. Registration is called at 8.10am.


Throughout the day

Pupils return to their Houses for registration, for morning and lunchtime break and after lessons in preparation for CCAs.


The end of the day

Whilst Day pupils go home each evening after 5.30pm, Boarders have dinner before evening registration and supervised Prep time. Time before bed may be spent socialising with friends in House, playing basketball in the Sports Centre or keeping fit in the gym.

Weekly boarders go home after lessons on a Saturday (or after their sporting commitment) to return either by 9.30pm Sunday evening or 8.00am Monday morning.

Full boarders generally stay at College throughout the term. At weekends, activities and trips are often laid on for full boarders, and they may visit each other’s Houses with permission from Housemasters and Housemistresses.

Equally, with prior permission, full boarders may spend time at weekends with the parents of their friends.

In all cases there is considerable flexibility to allow for the changing circumstances of families.


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