Granville House is named after the 2nd Earl Granville, who was the third President of Epsom College UK.

The House accommodates both day and boarding pupils in Years 10 through to 13.

Granville is a happy and fun environment where boys of all ages enjoy spending time together, developing strong friendships, and taking great pride in each other’s achievements in an array of House and College events.

In a boarding house, it is vital that every pupil feels supported and happy. With this in mind, Granville is built around the shared values of kindness, integrity and ambition. The boys are regularly encouraged to aspire to these with a view to them growing into decent young men who hold positive morals and principals.


The House is supported by a team of academic and pastoral tutors, an Assistant HMM, Resident Tutor and Steward.


Housemaster: Mr John Foden

Assistant Housemaster: Mr Mohammed Aden

Resident Tutor/Steward: Mr Azmil Razman

House Tutors:

Mr Francis McGinty

Mr Arnol Salas

Mr Simon Hose

Mr Suhail Makda

Dr Muniswaran A/L Sivanathan

Mr Robert de Wet

Mr Mohd Ikhmil Fawedz Mohd Hanif



If you wish to find out more about Granville House, please click on the link below:

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