All Senior School students are a member of a House, whether they are a day pupil or boarder. The House becomes a second family; a tight knit community of young people who learn and develop together; sharing moments and forging memories of their life as an Epsom pupil.

The House is not just a building, but a place a child will call their home, where they will be part of a community of friends, fellow pupils and staff.

Each House is led by a Housemaster/Housemistress (known as an HMM), who is ably supported by an Assistant HMM, Resident Tutor, House Matron/Steward and number of visiting Tutors. Together, they work as a team to support each pupil both academically and pastorally, guiding them through the choppy waters of adolescence by providing the support, kindness and structure through which they can develop into young people ready to step out of Epsom confident and assured in who they are and what they stand for.

House staff also monitor a pupil’s activity schedule, lead them in House activities, undertake evening supervision duties and help to foster a sense of pride and belonging through involvement in Prefect training and House Councils. The strong family feel of the House system has a major role to play in the wellbeing and success of every pupil and is an experience which will stay with them well beyond their school years.


Prep School pupils from Year 1 upwards are linked to a House on joining the College, helping to foster links with the Senior School through exciting inter-house competitions and events. Meanwhile, Prep School boarders become a full part of the Boarding House – living, working and playing alongside Senior pupils in a close community in the evenings and at weekends.

Epsom is also fortunate to have over 90% of staff living on site with their own families. This adds a unique quality to the life of the College, which at times feels like an extended family sharing together, caring for each other.


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