Wilson House is named after Sir Erasmus Wilson, who founded the Chair of Dermatology at the Royal College of Surgeons in the UK, although he is better known for paying for the removal of Cleopatra’s Needle from Alexandria and its epic transportation to the Embankment in London.

The House was originally founded as the Headmaster’s House of Epsom College UK in 1873 and as such was the first to have its own separate identity. It is believed that parents of boarders used to pay extra to put their children in Wilson under the beady eye of the Headmaster!

The House is conveniently located close to the Dining Hall, Sports Centre and all academic departments. The House occupies rooms on four floors in purpose-built accommodation.

The House currently accommodates both day and boarding pupils in Years 6, 7, 8 and 9.

Wilson is a lively, close community, reminiscent of an extended family, where international girls mix widely across all year groups.

There is no such thing as a typical Wilson girl and all are actively involved in some aspect of school life, striving to achieve the best they can in all they do. All talents are met with enthusiasm and supported by the House, girls and tutor team alike.


The House is supported by a team of academic and pastoral tutors, an Assistant HMM, Resident Tutor and Matron.


Housemistress: Mrs Katie Hopkin

Email: katie.hopkin@epsomcollege.edu.my


House Matron:  Ms Daisy

Email:  kalpana.vanselvan@epsomcollege.edu.my


House Tutors:

Ms Lauren Maskell (AHMM)

Ms Becky Lee (Resident Tutor)

Ms Devinii Karun

Ms Jenny Mitchell

Ms Claudia Pinna

Ms Leah Skellam

Ms Ilona Wroblewska

Ms Peng Yuanzhen