The COVID-19 pandemic has tested parents and students alike. Local and international examination boards have repeatedly delayed or cancelled critical exams. Closed borders and a trying economic environment have challenged purse strings and limited opportunities to pursue overseas education. In some cases, the COVID fall-out has led to students being unfortunately disadvantaged and held back as they pursue their higher education aspirations. In many instances, quality family time has been lost to endless virtual classes and the stresses of balancing unrelenting work commitments with the challenges of home-schooling and lession supervision. There is a need to an affordable education offering that re-establishes boundaries and balance whilst ensuring top-notch learning and achievement within a high-quality pastoral care environment that offers a wealth of opportunities for your child. With that in mind, Epsom International Boarding School is pleased to offer two tailor-made, COVID-19 driven initiative for your child at its world-class 80-acre campus in Sepang :