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We hope that you have enjoyed a productive week and that you are looking forward to your weekend. You can access a snapshot of what has been happening at school since Monday via our Epsom Events.

It is especially busy at school at this time of the year as students in Years 11-13 prepare and sit for externally assessed examinations. These exams can obviously be a cause of stress and anxiety. That said it is also an exciting time as Year 13 students receive their university offers and firm up their university choices. We are delighted to share that, once again this year, Epsom students have secured offers from some of the most prestigious universities globally including Stanford, Cambridge, LSE, Imperial, UCL, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo and more - many with scholarships to boot. 

For some such successes may result in an increased level of anxiety. This phenomenon is known as Imposter Syndrome, or ‘perceived fraudulence’, and involves feelings of self-doubt and personal incompetence that persist despite their achievements.

It is said that the renowned Maya Angelou and the genius Albert Einstein both experienced a persistent sense of fraudulence regarding their accomplishments. While their achievements may seem unattainable to most, the feeling of being an impostor is surprisingly common.

Psychologist Pauline Rose Clance was among the first to discover this phenomenon, initially observing it in her undergraduate patients who doubted their academic achievements. This sense of fraudulence transcends gender, race, age, and occupation, affecting individuals across diverse backgrounds.

Imposter syndrome is a universal experience stemming from various factors. Highly accomplished individuals may compare themselves unfavourably to their peers, believing others to be equally skilled. This perpetuates feelings of inadequacy and undeservingness, irrespective of their accomplishments.

Interestingly, imposterism is not exclusive to the highly accomplished; it affects everyone due to a phenomenon called ‘pluralistic ignorance’. Individuals privately doubt themselves assuming others do not share similar insecurities. This collective silence perpetuates the illusion of personal inadequacy.

The repercussions of imposter syndrome extend beyond personal doubt; they can hinder personal and professional growth as well as innovation. Individuals gripped by imposterism may refrain from sharing ideas or pursuing opportunities, fearing exposure as frauds.

Confronting imposter syndrome, as is the case with so many emotional and psychological challenges, begins with open dialogue and we encourage this at Epsom. We work to foster an ethos and culture where students feel safe to broach any negative feelings that they may be experiencing - including imposter syndrome. Acknowledging and discussing these feelings can help students to alleviate the burden of self-doubt - simply learning that imposter syndrome is a known phenomenon can provide solace.

By recognising their feelings for what they are - simply feelings as opposed to fact (the facts being the student’s achievements to date, their many positive accomplishments, relationships and impact) - students can combat imposter syndrome. By implementing strategies such as documenting achievements and attributing failures to external factors, students can gradually recognise their competence and begin to diminish their feelings of fraudulence.

While complete eradication of imposter syndrome may be unattainable, fostering awareness and initiating conversations about its prevalence can alleviate its grip and develop students’ self confidence and resilience. In this way students will be better placed to experience a happier and more successful future at university and beyond.

I hope that you enjoy the articles to come and wish you a wonderful weekend - Happy Reading and Happy Friday,

Mr Matthew Brown, Headmaster
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Epsom Hosts The World Scholar's Cup Regional Round

Over the weekend, Epsom’s team of 33 students competed in the World Scholar’s Cup Kuala Lumpur Regional Rounds right here in our very own school. Epsom also hosted representatives from two other schools on Saturday including Kolej Yayasan Saad and Kolej Tunku Kurshiah.

On Saturday, we were split into two groups and assigned debates and a collaborative writing challenge. The debates were intense and covered a range of topics that forced us to think critically and creatively on the spot. Heated and intense arguments were thrown about and Alex, Ian and Amanda emerged victorious, winning an impressive 3/3 of their debates!

After lunch, the Epsom delegation met up and were given a pep talk as well as a morale boost from Ms Perrang. We headed into the exam hall where we spent the rest of the day completing our collaborative writing task and the scholar’s challenge. We finished at around 6:45 p.m., tired and drained after an entire day of competition. We returned to our Boarding Houses for a well-deserved rest (and some of us continued studying!)

On Sunday we competed in the Scholars Bowl - something similar to a Kahoot quiz but with a clicker and no podium. It took place throughout the morning and into the afternoon from 9:00am - 2:00pm. The questions were on music, art and humour. There were events that required creativity and unique skills such as balancing a mascot (an alpaca) on one’s head whilst doing tricks such as: walking, twirling and limboing. The audience was required to mirror what was happening on stage - see the photo below:

After enjoying lunch in KLCC food court, we proceeded to the debate showcase. I am proud that one of our own – Melvern - made it to the podium of debate glory!

After the friendly debate we moved onto the ‘un-talented/talented’ scholars’ show where scholars had the opportunity to show their other talents, such as singing, dancing and magic shows. The most exciting event of the day was undoubtedly the awards ceremony. I’ll summarise by saying that Epsom DOMINATED the team writing category - we won 1st place in both the junior and senior division. I have the privilege and honour to write that all 11 teams that participated, qualified for the Global Rounds!

Here are some things that the other scholars have to say:
Participating in the World Scholar's Cup was like diving into a lively world of joy and studies. I got to debate, do creative writing, participate in multiple challenges with my team, and meet smart people from all over Malaysia. It was a blast sharing ideas and making new friends. Every round was a chance to learn something new and exciting. Overall, it was an amazing learning experience that I'll never forget!

Eunice, Year 8 Crawfurd


Participating in the World Scholar’s Cup was an amazing experience! I got to do many challenges like debating with other scholars, doing challenges and collaborating with my team, creative writing and more. We made many friends along the way, and we also bonded a lot with our team. The awards ceremony was my favourite, the happiness you feel when you get a prize is just incomparable. Overall, I really enjoyed it, the final day was the best! My absolute favourite day, I really wish I could replay that time again. I will never forget it!

Adrienne, Year 8 Crawfurd


The World Scholar's Cup gave me and my team an amazing and memorable experience that was worth all the sweat and tears that we shed during the two amazing days of debating, collaborative writing and questions on a wide ranging curriculum. To be honest, at first I was skeptical as to why three people would want to give up their precious free time to study seemingly irrelevant information for a competition. It wasn't until all our events were over and the closing ceremony began that I understood why so many people around the world actively seek out this experience. It was truly amazing - walking down the aisle to get gold medals and trophies with my team as some 700 supportive opponents cheered us on. WSC was a time of consolidating friendships and building new ones with peers from other schools. Out of all the 11 teams Epsom sent, which seemed a small number compared to some other schools, all of us qualified and won medals and trophies in nearly every category. After all our school's teams had been through, all the sleepless nights, all the "You can't do this in an actual debate though" and times when we were at our wit's end with differences between cuneiforms and hieroglyphics; it is safe to say that on the 28th of April in the Plenary Hall, Epsom College in Malaysia out styled, outwitted and out rocked every other school there and we are determined to secure our place in the history books (or pdf document) of the World Scholar's Cup.

Sean, Year 9 Holman

Going to WSC this past weekend was a very enriching and fulfilling experience and came with lots of fun rewards. I felt that I was able to collaborate with my team well and expand my creativity especially in the writing. It was really nice to see everyone supporting everyone and screaming when a fellow Epsomian got an award! The support from everyone was definitely a key factor in all of us being able to achieve great things and win lots of trophies! My team was able to get first in the writing for the junior division and it was a really fulfilling experience for all of us! And thank you SO SO much to Ms. Perrang for all the support and encouragement throughout the competition!!!

Leah, Year 9 Rosebery


Stepping onto the stage at such a big event felt so nerve-wracking. When I arrived back in the hall after my meal, I was delighted to see my name on the board and as I was called to the stage I wondered why? What had I done? I realised it was for the debate… How could I be the best debater in Epsom? The motion I spoke on was whether history books from other universes should be banned from school libraries, and it eventually led to a debate centered on the words, ‘should’ and ‘must’. Overall, this event was great: D

 Melvern, Year 10 Propert


This weekend I had the opportunity to attend a challenging yet exhilarating competition- The World Scholar's Cup! My team, made up of Annabel, Yi Ro and me, were put through a series of rounds which challenged our understanding of the syllabus, creativity, debating and most importantly teamwork. Despite the long and eventful days, the awards ceremony will forever be a cherished memory of mine (and others). I can vividly recall the recurrent screams every time "Epsom College in Malaysia" appeared on the projector screen, the endless and infectious congratulations, laughter and "good job" that was spread across the hall. I am proud to say that every Epsom scholar qualified for the Global Round and I am even prouder to say that I've been a part of such an amazing journey.

 Justina, Year 10 Rosebery



Before we sign off, on behalf of everyone who took part, we would like to thank Ms Perrang for doing so much work behind the scenes, for motivating us, pushing us past our limits and believing in us right from the very beginning. Thank you Ms Perrang!! We all love you very much! Lastly, thank you Khai Zhe and Hong Ming for mentoring us! Now, the grind shall only continue as we venture towards the globals…

 Annabel and Yi Ro, Year 10 Crawfurd

Introducing our New Heads of College

The time has come for us to bid farewell to our outgoing Heads and Deputy Heads of College - Elliott, Jing Yan, Youngmok and Alicia and to welcome Sameer, Woorin, Young and Maya to take over the student leadership role.

We are immensely grateful to our outgoing team who have been consistently excellent role models and unwaveringly supportive of our school. Our Prefect selection process is a rigorous one and thus we would like to warmly congratulate the new team on having been selected and we are excited to work with them in the year ahead!

Sameer Monn (Y12, Propert): It is an immense honor to be selected as the Head of College for the year 24/25. It feels surreal, especially after watching Elliot and Jing Yan manage their team with such precision and a deft hand at leadership. As we feel the weight of the mantle placed upon our shoulders, I intend to perform my duties to the best of my abilities.

A Message from Our Leadership Team - Mrs Catherine Carden-Brown

As the saying goes, "If you think you can, or, if you think you can’t, you are probably right." We encourage our students to embrace this mindset, and embark on their university journey with determination, supported by a dedicated team committed to their success.

This year, as with every year, our graduating class holds offers from a diverse array of universities around the world, spanning disciplines from Medicine to Architecture, from law to Natural Sciences. As is the case every year, students have applied to a range of destinations globally including the UK, USA, the Netherlands, Canada, Japan and Hong Kong and hold offers from some of the most renowned universities including but not limited to the University of Tokyo, Lse, Imperial, Cambridge, UCL, University of Toronto, Stanford and hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

These offers represent the culmination of months of hard work, collaboration with the University Guidance (UGC) team, and unwavering support of our academic staff, governing body and wider community. Each offer letter is a testament to the resilience and determination of Epsom students. Behind every success story is unwavering dedication, determination and shared vision.

The UGC role is defined by the joy of witnessing students achieve their ambitions, whether it's securing a coveted spot at a prestigious university or landing their dream job. This journey is made possible by the collective effort of Epsom staff , parents, alumni, and the school's board, all dedicated to nurturing our students' potential. The path to university isn't always smooth. At Epsom, support is readily available, with a specialised team of staff who understand and empathise with students' struggles.

Central to our  philosophy is the celebration of individuality. Every student is unique, with their own talents and aspirations. Guided by educators who themselves are lifelong learners and who   foster personal growth, students are encouraged to take their learning further, develop their scholarship, and excel in their chosen fields. Our school's super-curricular program, including Academic Societies and other enrichment activities that develop scholarship, provides a platform for Epsomians to explore their interests beyond the confines of the classroom.

Beyond academic excellence, Epsom emphasises holistic development. To stand out in university applications - notably the USA - students are encouraged to demonstrate their impact on their communities through volunteer work and extracurricular initiatives. This holistic approach prepares students not only for academic success but also for meaningful contributions to society.

As students prepare for university interviews, they benefit from the expertise of our UGC team and Epsom's teaching faculty, including dedicated tutors with first-hand experience of elite universities. Mock interviews and tailored support ensure that students approach the admissions process with confidence and poise.

As the new application season unfolds, we invite students and parents to reach out and seek support. Our UGC team is here to support students as they navigate challenges and will ensure that every student’s application journey is as stress free and successful as possible!

We congratulate the class of 2024 on the offers that they have secured and encourage the class of 2025 to remain focused and to maintain a positive mental attitude - this time next year it will all have been worth it!

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Kate Carden-Brown
Director of Admissions and Higher Education.

Propert House News

It is with great pleasure that I announce Propert’s next Student of the Half Term – Joshua, Year 12.

Each half term, I award our Propert Flag to recognise a particularly amazing student who exemplifies excellence in the Boarding House, across our community, in their academics, leadership, and character. These students serve as role models for their peers and contribute positively to our school community. They proudly display the Propert flag on their bedroom door for the remainder of the half term!

Joshua stands out in our Boarding House as a man of many talents and one who is always willing to get involved, be it as our House photographer, umpiring our badminton tournaments or his involvement in our successful acapella win in last year's house music. However, what impresses me most about Joshua is that he is not in it for glory or for recognition, he’s just there, time and time again, doing the right thing, setting the example because it’s the right thing to do!

I reached out to some of Joshua’s teachers as I was confident that the impressive attitude and demeanor that Joshua displays in Propert, extends beyond the boarding house and here is what they had to say:

“Joshua is an extremely likable student who is always polite and a pleasure to speak with!” Mr Thorburn.

“Joshua is so bright, yet so humble. Always kind and always positive - an excellent ambassador for his House and our school.” Mrs Carden-Brown

“Joshua is a bright - hardworking - insightful student, he is excelling in A Level Computer Science despite not having studied the subject for iGSCE!”, Mr David

“Joshua always shows excellent effort in the gym and Key Stage 5 games Fitness. With his consistency and height advantages, he might be the next Superman” Mr Danial

“He's a great role model. Always in the correct PE kit and tries really hard. Joshua is consistently respectful and helpful”, Mr Long

“I always see him taking pictures at events. He and Vino (our Epsom photographer) could make a good duo”, Ms Macleod

“I appreciate how Joshua is always quick to share a quirky comment or word of encouragement leaving me with a joy.” Mr Chris

Joshua, keep doing what you’re doing, because if you do, you’ll excel in this world! A massive well done!

Mr Richardson, HMM Propert.

Crawfurd House News

“By patience, we break what is hard”

The extremely talented Year 11 Crawfurd student, Haneesha Veerakumar, has achieved her dream and will represent Malaysia in the USA this summer.

“I am delighted for Haneesha”, said Mrs Miller, Housemistress of Crawfurd House. “It really shows that if you work hard and train hard, you can achieve your dream. The whole Epsom community wishes Haneesha all the very best in this International spectacle of the finest squash players in the world”.

Haneesha has combined her IGCSE programme with many squash tournaments and training sessions and will now compete in the World Junior Championships from 12th - 23rd July.

“I am proud of myself to be representing Malaysia in one of the major junior tournaments in the United States, as it was my goal to compete in the World Junior Competition. I hope I can keep up with these accomplishments in the future”, said Haneesha.

We look forward to hearing about her experience.

Caring for others

On Sunday 28th May, Crawfurd continued their support for the women’s refuge centre in KL. Prior to the trip the leadership team worked together to ensure the day was a success.Firstly we collected some items to donate. These included childrens clothing, sanitary towels and bedding. The Crawfurd girls packed the items and ensured they were clean and purposeful. Secondly, as a House we raised funds for charity and this enabled us to take some food vouchers for the shelter. We planned some activities which we thought would be fun for the little children and bought ice cream as a treat for them. On the day some of the activities worked better than others and we learnt to be adaptive. Face painting was a huge hit as it helped to break the ice for everyone.

Yua (Year 8) wrote about her experience here.

We went to the Women and Children centre, and we played together. If I hadn't had this experience, I wouldn’t have realised that there are many people in this world who are sad and have a hard time without their parents. I think we, and the kids, all had fun playing together and making some fun memories. I thought it would be great if we could turn some of the painful and lonely feelings into fun ones when we all played together. If I have a chance, I would like to go there again and have lots of fun.

Art at Epsom - A Celebration of Year Keystage 3 Art and Design “Tessellation”

Year 7 Art Tessellation Project

Over the last few weeks Year 7 in Art lessons have been working hard to explore the theme of pattern to complete their Tessellation and repeat pattern artwork. These have now been printed onto fabric using transfer paper and students will work this term to plan and make a Textile product using their own printed fabric design, will this be a cushion or bag perhaps, let's wait and see……

What is Tessellation?

Tessellation is the art of creating intricate patterns by fitting together shapes, without any gaps or overlaps, to cover a surface. It's a fascinating blend of Mathematics and Art that allows for endless possibilities and stunning designs.

Inspired by the work of M. C. Escher and the Alhambra in Spain

Maurits Cornelis Escher, commonly known as M. C. Escher, was a Dutch graphic artist who gained widespread recognition for his intricate and mathematically inspired works. He was born on June 17, 1898, in Leeuwarden, Netherlands, and passed away on March 27, 1972, in Laren, Netherlands.

Escher's art often combined elements of Mathematics, optical illusions, and surrealism to create mind-bending visual puzzles. Escher's tessellations often depicted impossible or paradoxical scenes, such as staircases that loop back on themselves or hands drawing each other.

M.C. Escher's interest in tessellation, combined with his travels to Spain, particularly to the Alhambra palace in Granada, influenced some of his artworks. The Alhambra is renowned for its stunning Islamic architecture, intricate geometric patterns, and elaborate tilework, which likely captivated Escher's imagination.

One notable work inspired by the Alhambra is Escher's woodcut print titled "Regular Division of the Plane with Reptiles" (also known as "Day and Night"), created in 1939. In this piece, Escher explores the concept of tessellation by dividing the plane with interlocking shapes that resemble lizards or reptiles. The repetitive patterns and precise arrangement of the shapes are reminiscent of the intricate tile patterns found in the Alhambra. If you ever get the opportunity to visit Spain I highly recommend a visit to  the Alhambra to see the stunning architecture and designs for yourself!

You can read more here from the Univeristy of Cambridge article The Alhambra: Its Visitors and its Influence.

Keystage 3 Stationery organiser project

Pupils have enjoyed a fantastic hands-on project which has developed their understanding of Function, Cost, Consumers and Aesthetics within product design. Using CAD/CAM pupils have designed and made their very own personal stationery organiser, which one is your favourite?...

Year 8 Portrait Project

Year 8 students have been engaged in a rich exploration of portraiture, utilising a variety of techniques including the use of “gridding” to enhance their observational drawing skills. Pupils have demonstrated proficiency in scale, proportion, line, tone, and shading. It has been wonderful to see students engaging with such a diverse range of tools and techniques to develop their artistic abilities!

Year 9 Landscapes

Year 9 students have delved into landscape art inspired by Impressionism. The Impressionist movement, with its focus on capturing fleeting moments of light and atmosphere, offers a rich source of inspiration for exploring landscapes. Students have experimented with techniques such as broken brushwork, vibrant color palettes, and the play of light and shadow to evoke the essence of their chosen landscapes.

Through the study of the works of renowned Impressionist artists like Claude Monet,  pupils have explored valuable insights into the movement's principles and aesthetics. Through observation and analysis, students have gained an understanding of how these artists interpreted landscapes and translated their impressions onto their own canvas.

The end of the summer term we aim to host an Art exhibition within school linking Art with Natural Sciences using a theme of “Botanical world.” Students will be exploring artwork through birds, butterflies and insects inspired by Levon Biss.

Levon Biss is a contemporary British photographer renowned for his groundbreaking macro photography series "Microsculpture." In this series, Biss captures incredibly detailed and magnified images of insects, revealing intricate textures and structures that are not visible to the naked eye. Each photograph requires hundreds of individual shots, which are then stacked together to create a single, highly detailed image. You can learn more about his work here.

A final Note

Congratulations to the Year 13 and Year 11 Art students who completed their final Art exams last week! We wish you all Good luck in the preparation of your further exams in the upcoming weeks!

History and Politics Department Updates

In the last month there has been a lot happening in the world of politics and diplomacy. With Iran and Israel at loggerheads and the seemingly never-ending conflict in Ukraine there is a lot of uncertainty. On top of this we have elections taking place in half of all countries in the world this year. In the Maldives this week a pro-China party has won by a landslide ; moving away from traditional Indian influence. In India itself Modi will be hoping for success in the polls in what is by far the biggest election to take place in the world with a staggering 969 million people eligible to vote. We also have a UK election on the horizon soon when Rishi Sunak is widely predicted to be trounced by Keir Starmer as well as the US elections in November which are predicted to be much closer. We are certainly living in interesting times!

At the end of last term there was an engaging and successful Humanities Week that took place throughout the senior school which was organised by some of the students who are members of the Humanities Society. This included a very interesting whole school assembly delivered by Sameer as well as a range of different activities and talks throughout the week. There was a range of diverse topics such as “Reverse Migration” and “Urban Growth and Environmental Changes through History” and “The politics of Marvel’s Avengers”. There was also an evening social event based around a jeopardy quiz game that was very well organised and was be good fun for all. Thank you to Vincent, Elie, Ethan, Elliot, Sameer and Yi En for all your efforts.

Now being summer term the examinations have already started and Year 11 and 13 students are working hard to ensure that they can achieve the highest grades through focused revision. It is testament to them that attendance and punctuality is still very high and student engagement in lessons remains energetic. All History students in Year 11  have completed a 2000 word essay analysing the effect of the Depression on Germany in the 1930s which are ,on the whole, of excellent quality. The Year 13s are in the final stages of their challenging 4500 word assessment on Tudor rebellions in the sixteenth century This assessment is an important stepping stone in developing independent extended essay writing skills that will be required at all universities .It is pleasing that, in particular, Hitesh, Tom and Franco have demonstrated the skill and perseverance to study and research primary sources fully independently.

In KS3 this week students have been completing the End of Year assessments which are a really useful exercise in preparing for the actual GCSE examinations. Year 9 have had their assessments in the actual examination hall to replicate the experience that they will have in two years’ time. It was pleasing to see how well the younger students coped with the pressure and were able to demonstrate good working knowledge of all the topics we have studied this year as well as developing their historical skills such as chronology and source analysis.

I wish all our students the best in the upcoming examinations

Mr Dale
Head of History and Politics

Year 11 Pre Exam Social Event

Our Year 11 class are about to embark on their IGCSE examinations and so our Sixth Form threw them a party to enable them to enjoy some downtime and have fun together before the exams kick in!

We enjoyed silly games on the sports field, Karaoke and quizzes to see how well the students in Year 11 really know each other! Of course we also enjoyed a feast prepared by our catering team. All in all it was a night to remember and we wish our Year 11s all the very best for the weeks ahead:)

So, Dear Reader,

Thank you for reading our Epsom Friday Flyer and we wish you all the very best for a restful weekend.

Happy Friday from us all at Epsom.


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