Welcome to issue 190 of our Epsom Friday Flyer, Dear Reader!

As you may know, we start every week with a whole College assembly where we share ideas, explore concepts and celebrate success. Mr Thompson, our Head of Key Stage Four, gave a most inspiring assembly recently where he explored the foundations of success.

Mr Thompson began by reminding us of an assembly that he delivered earlier this year on the theme of organisation as one of our Epsom Learning Characteristics. In this assembly he referenced Russ Cooke, widely known as ‘The Hardest Geezer’ who managed to run the length of Africa, as an example of how organisation can be integral to achieving one’s goals:

Russ Cooke’s journey required meticulous planning and organisation.

In his recent assembly, Mr Thompson showed us that success is often hardwon. He illustrated his point by referencing some celebrities who have enjoyed global recognition for their achievements but whose personal struggles along the way are little known - the examples cited included Jack Ma:

Serena Williams:

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson:

Alphonso Davies:

and his own Grandfather:

Students were encouraged to recognise that success involves overcoming challenges and navigating obstacles:

We considered how success is rarely straightforward, but rather involves twists and turns, bends in the road and acknowledged that success can sometimes be a messy process as the image below shows:

While the media only shows us the end result - the hard work, resilience, tears and turmoil that lead to success are rarely acknowledged:

At Epsom, we encourage our students to view their mistakes and the challenges they encounter as learning opportunities, to maintain their enthusiasm and drive and to remain resilient:

Our positive mental attitude, our mindset is integral to our success:

We hope that you enjoy the articles to come and wish you all very best - Happy Reading and Happy Friday!

Mr Matthew Brown, Headmaster

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A Message from our Leadership Team - Mrs Carden Brown

Making the Most of Term Break: Building a Strong University Application Profile

As the academic year draws to a close, it's a perfect time to consider how the upcoming term break can be utilised to support your child's future university applications. At Epsom, our University Guidance Counselling (UGC) Team is dedicated to assisting our students in creating outstanding profiles that will impress universities. Here are some ways you, as parents or guardians, can support your children during the term break.

Building an impressive university profile begins with academic engagement beyond the classroom. Universities value students who engage with learning outside of school. Encourage your child to read widely and critically, using the reading lists and resources we have shared with them. Discuss their reading with them over dinner to engage them in robust academic discourse.

Participation in academic clubs and competitions, such as maths, science fairs, debates, and MUN is highly beneficial. Numerous academic enrichment activities are available online, with the Unifrog platform being a great place to start. Additionally, consider enrolling your child in summer programs or camps related to their field of interest to broaden their learning experience.

Community service is another crucial aspect of a strong university application, especially in the USA. Encourage your child to volunteer regularly at local charities, hospitals, or non-profits. Projects that students initiate and lead demonstrate significant initiative and impact. Sustained involvement in causes students are passionate about is highly valued, as it shows commitment and dedication.

Leadership skills are highly sought after by universities. Encourage your child to take on leadership roles in clubs, teams, or student government. Starting a new club or organisation if there's a need is an excellent way to show initiative. Mentoring younger students or peers in academics or extracurricular activities also demonstrates leadership and community involvement. This can be done online.

Universities look for students who can demonstrate initiative and commitment. Encourage your child to undertake personal projects or research related to their interests. Long-term commitment to activities indicates dedication and good time management skills, which are essential traits for university success.

Extracurricular activities play a significant role in enriching your child’s profile. Support your child in joining clubs or organisations that align with their interests, such as robotics, music, or drama. Participation in school or community sports teams and engaging in artistic activities like painting, theatre, or music are also beneficial and help to create a well-rounded profile.

Keeping track of achievements is essential for a strong university application. Help your child document all activities, awards, and projects. Creating a LinkedIn profile or a personal website to showcase their work can be a good way to keep everything organised. Building meaningful relationships with teachers and mentors is also crucial, as strong recommendation letters can significantly enhance an application.

Writing a personal statement or college essay is one of the most critical parts of the application process. Guide your child to begin to reflect on any challenges they have faced, how they handled them, and what they have learned from those experiences. They should consider, and be able to articulate, how their past experiences have shaped their future goals and aspirations.

Additional tips include encouraging your child to start building their profile by reading extensively. Urge them to choose activities that genuinely interest them and to be true to themselves. Remind them to consult the UGC team, their tutors, and teachers for support once they are back at school!

As a mother myself, I understand how stressful the university application process can be. Rest assured, we are here to support you and your child/ren in any way we can. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or need further guidance.

Very best wishes for a lovely weekend,

Kate Carden-Brown
Director of Admissions and Higher Education

Propert House News

The Propert Flag - Aidan

Last week, I had the pleasure of awarding the final Propert Flag of the year to Aidan, Year 13, for being a genuinely friendly and supportive gentleman in and around the House. What impresses me most about Aidan is his caring nature and friendliness towards others. For instance, he recently showed great concern for his friends who were undergoing exams and had missed dinner. Aidan took it upon himself to have pizza ready for them when they returned to the House. Aidan, you will be sorely missed next year, but we wish you the best of luck at university!

As the year draws to a close, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on our previous recipients and once again commend them for their dedication and success both in and out of Propert. Massive congratulations to:

  • HengChu for his service to staff during difficult times.
  • Kohaku for his upbeat and positive attitude.
  • Adlan for his participation in extracurricular activities.
  • Joshua for consistently doing the right thing, day in and day out!

Well done to all of you!

Although celebrating the success of our boys has come to an end, there is still one more award to be given. Next week is the celebration assembly, where trophies will be awarded for a range of achievements across the college, from sports to music to academics. Among these, the Propert Boarding Trophy will be awarded to the student who has made the most positive impact on our House this year. Who will it be? We'll have to wait and see! Last year, the trophy was awarded to Afiq, who is now a gap year student at our school seen below with Mr Brown and Tony Fernandes.

Mr Richardson, HMM Propert.

Epsom Live Talk with Datuk Paul Kiong

Last Thursday, Sameer and I had the great honour of welcoming Datuk Paul Kiong as our guest speaker for an Epsom Live talk. We regularly invite professionals from various careers to provide insight into their professional experiences and to broaden our horizons. During our research, we discovered that Datuk Paul Kiong stayed undercover in a communist party for several years and arrested the turncoats with the help of his colleagues. As a person who was not well-read in Malaysian History, it was an eye-opening experience to hear about this dangerous mission from the man himself. His determination, and use of psychological warfare, were two things that struck me the most during his talk. Being one of the moderators, asking questions and having the opportunity to talk to him, truly strengthened my patriotism and inspired me to feel pride for my country.

What truly stood out from Datuk Paul Kiong's stories was his unwavering optimism, paired with his patriotism. Despite the perilous circumstances and being isolated from his loved ones, he never lost hope. His sense of duty for the country decorated his perseverance. He spoke passionately about how he found strength in the camaraderie of his fellow soldiers and in the belief that his sacrifices were contributing to a greater cause—peace and stability for his homeland.

Throughout his lecture, Datuk Paul Kiong emphasised the importance of staying positive during difficult times. He encouraged all of us to cultivate resilience and optimism in our own lives, no matter what challenges we may face. His message resonated deeply with the audience, reminding us that even in the darkest of times, there is always a flicker of hope to guide us forward.

Datuk Paul Kiong's visit was not just a history lesson but a powerful testament to the indomitable human spirit. As we reflect on Datuk Paul Kiong's extraordinary journey, let us carry forward his message of hope and resilience. Let us strive to embody the same spirit of optimism in our own lives, knowing that each of us has the potential to make a positive impact, just like this remarkable hero did.

Happy Friday from Sameer and Woorin,
Epsom Heads of College

Science Trip to Monkey Bay

Year 10 Biology Field Trip to Monkey Bay

The Year 10 students embarked on an unforgettable adventure to Monkey Bay as part of their Biology curriculum. This field trip was designed to provide practical, hands-on experience in ecological sampling and species identification, while also promoting environmental stewardship and team bonding.

Rainforest Walk

Our budding biologists kicked off the day with a rainforest walk. This immersive experience took them deep into the heart of the forest, where they encountered a myriad of flora and fauna. Our knowledgeable teachers pointed out significant species and ecological interactions, enriching the students' understanding of rainforest ecosystems. The walk also highlighted the delicate balance of nature and the need for conservation efforts to protect these vital habitats.

Ecological Sampling and Species Identification

Next our students embarked on their quadrat and transect sampling exercises in the lush rainforest and vibrant coastal areas. Armed with their equipment, the students meticulously marked out quadrats and transects to survey the biodiversity of the area. They identified various plant and animal species, gaining insights into the rich ecosystem of Monkey Bay. This practical application of their classroom knowledge allowed them to observe first-hand the principles of ecology and the importance of biodiversity.

Beach Clean-Up

In line with our commitment to environmental stewardship, the students participated in a beach clean-up activity. Armed with gloves and bags, they scoured the shoreline, collecting litter and debris. This exercise not only helped to preserve the natural beauty of Monkey Bay but also instilled a sense of responsibility and awareness about the impact of human activities on our environment. The students worked diligently, and their efforts were rewarded with a cleaner, more pristine beach.

Relaxation and Bonding

The trip wasn't all work and no play. After the educational activities, the students had ample time to relax and enjoy the stunning surroundings of Monkey Bay. They took a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters, played football on the beach, and spent time socialising with their peers. These moments of leisure were crucial for year group bonding, allowing students to unwind and create lasting memories together.

The Year 10 field trip to Monkey Bay was a resounding success. It provided a perfect blend of education, environmental awareness, and fun. Our students returned with a deeper appreciation for nature, a wealth of practical knowledge, and stronger bonds with their classmates. We look forward to more such enriching experiences in the future.

Mrs Ellen Crann,
Teacher of Science and Biology

Epsom Chemistry Olympiad

ECiM’s inter-school Chemistry Olympiad on Kahoot:

On Thursday, the 13th of June, 2024, students from various Senior school year groups participated in an online Chemistry Olympiad on the Kahoot! platform hosted by our school. This was organised in the form of an inter-school competition along with students from Sri KDU, Malaysia and North London Collegiate School (NLCS), Jeju, South Korea.

In a closely fought set of three rounds, students answered questions involving a variety of challenging chemical concepts featuring eight multiple choice questions each.

Students from the Chemistry Olympiad CCA organised on Mondays at our school along with nine Year 12 students were divided into three teams with mixed Year groups to comprise the three teams. Each team participated in one round of the quiz and worked well as a group to arrive at the correct answer through calculations and discussions within the set time limit.

By all accounts, this was a valuable and enjoyable experience for all students. The following positive feedback was received from one of the participating schools-NLCS Jeju, South Korea: “Thank you so much for taking the time and organising the event. Students enjoyed and learned a lot.”

Epsom’s Chemistry department will organise the second edition of the Chemistry Olympiad in December 2024 which will hopefully involve an even larger number of participating schools. These challenging learning experiences will stand students of Chemistry in good stead to participate in more international academic competitions going forward. They also serve the purpose of developing and stimulating interest in the subject of Chemistry and its wider application to real life. Celebration of the subject and creating interest amongst younger students to pursue it in Key stages 4 and 5 have been important Chemistry department objectives for the current academic year and these objectives will continue to be developed and enhanced in the coming years ahead.

Mr Mahesh Warrier
Head of Chemistry

Design Technology News

Year 10 Key Stage 4 students have applied themselves diligently towards completing Criterion 1 (Identification of a need or opportunity with an analysis leading to a design brief), Criterion 2 (Research into the design brief resulting in a specification), Criterion 3 (Generation and exploration of design ideas) and Criterion 4 (Development of proposed solution) of their Design Technology portfolio of work. During the final weeks of the Academic Year all students will now start to create revision notes covering topic areas completed back in Term 1. Areas covered at that time included: Wood, Plastic, Metal, Thermochromic Materials, Polymorph and Shape Memory Alloys. Moving forward into the Summer Vacation students will complete Criterion 5 (Planning for production) of their folio in preparation for starting Year 11 at which time they will complete Criterion 6 (Product realisation) and Criterion 7 (Testing and evaluation). Students will have an opportunity to realise their design and make a fully functioning lamp which has been the main focus of the folio project worth 50% of their Final IGCSE Grade. Recently the Design Technology Department received delivery of a new 3D printer which students are actively encouraged to use. Students will have an opportunity in Year 11 to complete DT Pre-mocks and Mocks before in preparation for their Final IGCSE DT Exams. All students are actively encouraged to continue spending at least 1 hour outside of class time studying/revising.

Year 8 and 9 Key Stage 3 students successfully completed their Stationery Organiser and Toy Maze Units during Term 3 of the Academic Year. Students continued to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of Shapr3D (Computer Aided Design) and SCRATCH game design. The final project completed by students required them to create two Info Sheets linked into Shapr3D and SCRATCH acting as a self help guide for each of the platforms. Students were at liberty to create Info Sheets on Canva, Google docs or slides incorporating their own unique style. The Info Sheets created will be provided to Year 7 students as they enter the subject area acting as a source of information created by students for students here at Epsom.

Looking ahead to the next Academic Year, Design Technology will not be delivered as a stand alone subject area and will be incorporated into Art. Students will have an excellent opportunity to combine their knowledge of Art and Design Technology when completing Units of Work.

Development of the Design Technology Department will continue with an emphasis on the integration of technology into the curriculum and to that end discussions and under way to establish the viability of purchasing a new laser cutter.

Students will continue to have access to the tools, machines and equipment allowing them to create bespoke projects linked into their studies.

If you have any questions related to Design Technology at Epsom College in Malaysia please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mr Brian Thorburn
Design Technology Teacher

Prep School House Music Competition

On Tuesday 11th June, the day had arrived for the inaugural Prep School House Music Competition.

Each House was tasked with putting together an ensemble which consisted of at least three instruments, comprised of boys and girls from at least 3 year groups.

The teams were also asked to prepare a whole House song, to be performed by all the children and staff from the House.

The teachers, House Captains and children worked extremely hard, taking any opportunity to rehearse and refine their performances.

The Competition began with the Ensemble performances:

  • Burung Enggang - Aura Lee
  • Buaya - Stand By Me
  • Beruang Madu - Dance of the Autumn Leaves
  • Harimau - Viva la Vida

After this, came the amazing House songs. 

  • Buaya - Hakuna Matata
  • Beruang Madu - On Top of the World
  • Harimau - See You Again
  • Burung Enggang

Each song featured soloists, harmonies and represented the team spirit wonderfully.

The judges, Mr Crann, Ms Siew and Mr Azmi had a very tough decision to make and in the end there were very few points between all of the Houses.

The eventual winners were the Yellow Sun Bears, Beruang Madu by a whisker!

A big thank you to the children and teachers for all the effort and hard work that went into the performances. Thank you also to the esteemed judges for giving up their time and of course to our loyal parents for coming and supporting the event.

Mrs Jane Rouson, Head of Epsom Prep School.

Don't Miss Out!

Thank you to everyone who has purchased a tote bag!

The tote bags have arrived so we are able to share real life photos modelled by some familiar faces! Thank you to Mr Chris, Mr Baloyo and Ms Pillay!

A reminder to order before the end of term if you want a customised tote bag!

The customisation will be on the other side of the bag and it can be a quote or a name.

Customised tote bag, RM35 :

Regular tote bag RM30:

Thank you and have a great weekend 🙂

ECiM - Business & Economics Society

Epsom Astronomy Week - Stargazing Social in Pictures

Girls Football - Epsom v KYFA 2024

On Saturday the 15th, the under 15 girls football team played a three way tournament against KYFA U19 team and the Epsom U19 team. During the first half of the match the Epsom U19s managed to pull away from the KYFA U19 team scoring one goal putting themselves in the lead and eventually winning the match. Next the 2 Epsom teams U19 and U15 played, it was a 0-0 tie by the end, with both teams giving it their all throughout the entirety of the match. Finally Epsom under 15s played the KYFA U19 team being unfortunately beaten by a single goal scored in the second half. Sofia nearly brought us up to a tie with an amazing header which was sadly saved by the KYFA U19 goalkeeper. Even after the lead was taken, our striker, Sofia, and our winger, Adriana, continued to persevere and shoot with the help of Leah and Ee Xynn. On the other side of the pitch we had our defence, which consisted of Ellie, Ezra, Yoolim and our amazing goalkeeper Rachel, working tirelessly to defend our goal. Throughout the match, Ezra was able to assist the midfielders and pass the ball forward in hope of us scoring a goal. We all played extremely well even though we were against a team in an older age category and we were able to collaborate and show resilience as a team on and off pitch. We are incredibly proud of how our teams played and it was a memorable experience for all of us and a marvellous way to end our year.

- Leah, Rachel and Ellie

So, Dear Reader,

Thank you for reading our Epsom Friday Flyer and we wish you all the very best for a restful weekend.

Happy Friday from us all at Epsom.


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