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In the pursuit of a holistic learning experience, Epsom College in Malaysia places significant emphasis on its set of Learning Characteristics to promote a Growth Mindset and ensure students’ holistic development.

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Mr. Andrew Thompson, Head of Key Stage 4, in a recent assembly, delved into the importance of Organisation as a learning characteristic, challenging students to contemplate its meaning and significance.

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He highlighted that organisation is not only prevalent in the natural world but is also integral to achieving success in various endeavours.

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To illustrate the power of organisation, Mr Thompson shared the inspiring story of Roos Cook, who undertook the monumental challenge of running the entire length of Africa.

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Cook's feat demanded meticulous planning: from obtaining entry visas for 16 countries to organising daily running routes spanning 63 km, securing accommodations, managing meals, and even surviving an armed robbery. This real-world example showcased how organisation is a key factor in overcoming challenges and achieving extraordinary goals.

The assembly also featured thought provoking quotes:

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as well as  humorous videos underscoring the practical benefits of being organised, from academic success and even survival itself    to everyday tasks like folding a T-shirt.  The overarching message was clear: being organised is not just a desirable trait but an essential life skill that maximises one's chances of success.

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The importance of organisation was further emphasised by connecting it to the Epsom Learning Characteristics. It is the ability to plan and be resourceful, ensuring that tasks, including homework, are completed on time, and solutions are found independently. Organisation goes hand-in-hand with other characteristics like resilience, creativity, and collaboration, forming a comprehensive foundation for a well-rounded education.

In conclusion, the assembly conveyed that organisation is a skill that permeates every aspect of life. Whether it's the academic realm or the extraordinary feats of individuals like Roos Cook, being organised is a cornerstone for success. Epsom College in Malaysia's commitment to promoting organisation as a vital learning characteristic underscores its dedication to nurturing students who are not only academically proficient but also equipped with essential life skills for future challenges.

I hope you enjoy the articles to follow and wish you all the very best for a wonderful weekend.

Happy Reading and Happy Friday,

Mr Matthew Brown,

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Friends of Epsom Charity Fundraising Donations

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Dear Epsom Parents and Community,

I trust this message finds you in good health. I want to express our sincere appreciation for your unwavering support during the Christmas Charity Drive organised by Friends of Epsom.

Your commitment to this initiative has been instrumental in making our various projects successful and meaningful. We extend a special thank you to parents who have consistently supported us, contributing significantly to the positive impact of our events. Your continuous assistance has played a crucial role in shaping students' character, fostering teamwork, raising awareness of social issues, and cultivating a positive and compassionate school environment.

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A heartfelt thank you also goes out to the parents who generously sponsored funds, contributing to the success of our endeavours. Your support has been invaluable, making a real difference in the lives of those we aimed to help.

Enclosed, you'll find photos showcasing Friends of Epsom's initiatives, including the preparation of shoebox gifts by students, charity wine sales, Christmas Bazaar, Christmas Lunch at Chow Kit and School, Christmas run, and more. Through collaboration with Prep and Senior students and teachers, we were able to visit a total of 6 homes, distribute shoebox gifts, and donate essential items. Notably, some of our representatives' parents went above and beyond, climbing to 700 metres to reach the hilltop Orang Asli families.

  1. Rumah Kita: A shelter for women who have experienced sexual assault and numerous stateless infants. RM28,000 Donated
    Friday Flyer
    Friday Flyer 
  1. Kaizen Orphanage Home, Kajang Semenyih
    Friday Flyer 
  1. Love Home: Burmese Orphanage Home, Kajang Pandan Perdana. RM6,000 donated.
    Friday Flyer
    Friday Flyer

  1. Teacher Atlem Nursery Class: A Haven for Refugee Kids Unable to Attend a Proper School. RM4,000 donated.
    Friday Flyer
    Friday Flyer

  1. Orang Asli Settlement: A Hilltop Indigenous Community with Limited Resources. RM6,000 donated.
    Friday Flyer
    Friday Flyer

  1. CalvaryLand: Orphanage & Senior Citizen Home
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Thrilled to share our achievement with a successful fundraising total of RM23,089.55. These funds will make a meaningful impact: RM14,000 allocated to Rumah Kita, RM3,000 for Love Home, RM3,000 and RM1,100 in cash distributed during the visit to 11 Orang Asli homes, and RM2,000 designated for Teacher Atlem’s nursery class supporting refugee kids.

We extend heartfelt thanks to ECM Libra Foundations for their generous support of our Charity Drives, effectively doubling the impact by matching the funds we raised. This translates to each home receiving twice the initially intended amount, significantly magnifying the positive influence of our collective efforts. The total donation to the charity now stands at RM46,179.10.

Several events we have organised  for our Christmas Fundraising

Friday Flyer Friday Flyer

Once again, thank you for your generosity and belief in our mission. Your support means the world to us.

Feel free to reach out with any questions via email at

Best regards,

Kamrul Choudhury
Chairman, Friends of Epsom College in Malaysia

Granville House News

In a boys' boarding house, fostering leadership is not just about honing individual skills, but also about cultivating a sense of responsibility, teamwork, and empathy among the boarders. By providing opportunities for leadership development, boarding schools can empower students to become confident and capable leaders both within the school community and beyond.

Friday Flyer

At Granville, we recognise the vital role that leadership skills play in shaping the future of our students. With a commitment to providing ample opportunities for personal growth and development, we have introduced additional leadership roles within our house to nurture these essential skills.

Ean (Y13) serves as our Sports Captain, Soshi (Y13) as our Creative Arts Captain, and Wonwoo (Y13) as our Social Captain. These remarkable students have demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities by coordinating and organising various house competitions and activities in their respective domains over the past few months. In recognition of their dedication and contributions, Mr. Jones awarded them with badges during our house assembly, which they proudly wear.

Friday Flyer

However, as we reflected on our initiatives, we realised the need to extend these opportunities to Key Stage 4 students as well. Thus, we seized the opportunity to foster leadership skills among younger students by introducing the role of Social Media Captain. For this position, we are pleased to announce the collaborative leadership of Alex (Y11) and Jack (Y10). Together, they will be responsible for leading this portfolio and showcasing the vibrant life of Granville through our social media platform.

Additionally, even though they may not hold formal leadership roles or titles, we have numerous student-led initiatives where students can develop their leadership skills. For example, Jacob, Pei Hu, and Eugene assist with sporting events, Young serves as a language ambassador, and Marvin leads our latest art project - murals in the house.

Ultimately, fostering leadership in Granville is about empowering young men to realise their potential and become positive role models within the community. By providing the right guidance, support, and opportunities for growth, we help shape the leaders of tomorrow.

Mrs Dominique Perrang,
Assistant Housemistress, Granville

Reading in the Prep School by Mrs Justine Whitney, Prep School English and EAL Leader

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” ― Margaret Fuller

Our reading mission in the Prep School is first and foremost to nurture a love of books. A  joy of reading will bring a lifetime of rewards with improved learning outcomes, greater analytical skills as well as enhanced concentration and focus. Above all else, the sheer thrill of escaping into a world of imagination is surely one of life’s richest pleasures.

In order for the children  to  develop an extensive  vocabulary and a clear understanding of punctuation and grammar, they need to actively engage with high quality literature. We aim for our children to spend a significant amount of their time at school exploring the written word. Whether this is through reading or through listening to somebody else read, the opportunities are carefully planned for and material is thoughtfully selected.

At Epsom, we approach the teaching of reading in a myriad of ways. Our students read one to one with staff and in Key Stage 2, they also take part in small group guided reading sessions. These sessions allow the students to explore the six key reading domains of: vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and summary. The children also visit the library every week and are given plenty of time to browse and read. In addition, they study texts packed with the language features we are studying during our Talk for Writing lessons. We read as writers, actively searching for the linguistic devices that great writers employ. This approach helps our children improve their writing whilst they relax and enjoy a great book.

At Epsom, we teach phonics to our Early Readers four times a week. These sessions are designed to be pacy and fun with a balance of reading and spelling being taught using a highly interactive approach. From the very beginning, our aim is to provide the children with positive associations for the learning of reading.

From Year two onwards, the children make frequent use of Accelerated Reader. They engage with their teachers about book choices and are encouraged to choose the books that will help develop their comprehension skills most effectively. After reading their books, they take a short quiz to measure their understanding of the text they have just completed. They are given a chance to review any questions they got incorrect. Every term the children take a short ‘Star Reader’ test which over the course of the year helps the class teacher measure progress and set targets. As professionals, we believe that using Accelerated Reader has raised the profile of reading in our school and it has encouraged many of our students to read more frequently. According to research, reading for 35 minutes each day with an average comprehension score of 90% leads to the greatest educational gains.

Finally, our students really enjoy our annual Book Week. This week is given over to all things literary and again, raises the profile of reading in our school. The children take part in many book themed events and this year will be no exception.

Monday 4th March will see a Book Character Fashion Show in the school theatre and a Roald Dahl themed extravaganza in the Prep School, something we are all looking forward to!

U18 KLASS Badminton

On Saturday, February 17th, Epsom attended a badminton competition hosted by Alice Smith for the U18 category, encompassing both boys and girls. Representing Epsom in the girls' division were Yunka, Molly, and Yilai for singles, while Pei Wen paired with Darshinie, and Kaith partnered with Viviana for doubles. The girls exhibited exceptional skill, emerging as champions in their category with an impressive total of 18 wins. Heartiest congratulations are in order for their outstanding sportsmanship and triumphant performance in securing victory at the tournament.

In the boys' category, Damon, Hong Ming, and Kheeshan competed in singles, while Jayden Lim paired with Hong Zhi, and Ben L teamed up with Sungjae for doubles. The boys achieved commendable results within their division, securing 5th place overall. Their display of sportsmanship was exemplary, and the experience of facing highly skilled opponents from various schools in Kuala Lumpur proved invaluable.

Participating schools included Taylor's International School, Mont Kiara International School, The International School @ParkCity, and Alice Smith School. Overall, the event provided a remarkable opportunity for students to represent their school with pride and passion. It was a testament to their dedication and commitment to the sport, leaving a lasting impression on all involved.

Kheeshan, Year 12 Propert

Prep School Football Match in Pictures ⚽ Epsom V King Henry VIII

CCA Success!

Before the midterm break, the Epsom Mandarin Debate Team took part in the 3rd Malaysia International School Mandarin Debate Tournament, where a total of 18 debate teams participated. We had two teams competing. Team A included members Hu Yuxiang, Luo Wenhao, Una Chai, Chen Siqin, and Chen Jiaqi, while Team B comprised Hu Yuxuan, Yang Yilai, Liu Kunlun, Guo Zishuo, and Liu Chenhe.

Friday Flyer

Over three weeks, we have to prepare for 5 matches, progressing from the preliminary round to the final round. Post winter break, we back to school, and under the guidance of Mr Goh, we dedicated almost every day to training to become champions.

Despite falling short in the semi-finals, both teams showcased remarkable dedication. Team leader Yuxuan, along with other members, worked hard to coordinate discussion and training sessions and even friendly matches with other schools, contributing to the team's success.

Although both teams didn't make it to the finals, individual achievements were notable:

Best Debater of The Single Match: Liu Kunlun & Hu Yuxiang

Friday Flyer

Top 10 Outstanding Debaters of The Tournament: Hu Yuxuan & Yang Yilai

Friday Flyer

Best Instructor of The Tournament: Mr. Goh

Friday Flyer

A special congratulations to Yang Yilai, who not only secured three rounds of Best Debaters of The Single Match but also earned the title of Best Debater of The Tournament.

Friday Flyer

You've got to lose to know how to win. This is what we learnt from the tournament.

Moving forward, we are determined to enhance our skills through continuous practice, and participating in more competitions to accumulate valuable experience.

Best wishes for the weekend,

Liu Kunlun, Year 12, Propert

Marvelous Music 𝄞♫♪

Get Ready To Rock On! 🎸

In commemoration of our 10th Anniversary, join us for an electrifying journey through the legendary hits of Queen in our spectacular Senior School musical production of, 'We Will Rock You.'

From the anthemic 'We Are the Champions' to the iconic 'We Will Rock You,' experience the magic of Queen's timeless classics LIVE on stage.

🗓️ Save the Date!

Day 1: February 27th, 7pm - Exclusive Opening Night for Students & Staff (Ages 4+)

Day 2: February 28th - Open to the Public

Day 3: February 29th - Open to Parents and Invited Guests

Don't miss out on this epic musical celebration. Book your seats today and get ready to be rocked to the core! 🤘🎶

Book your seats today!

Epsom Interact Club - Upcoming Event

The Interact Club is thrilled to unveil an exciting event to celebrate the vibrant nature of our school community. Mark your calendars for Thursday, March 7, 2024, as we come together to celebrate Culture Day. This student-conceived and student-led initiative promises to be a remarkable testament to the diversity and inclusivity that define our International school.

Culture Day is more than just a break from our regular activities; it's an opportunity for each of us to embrace and share our unique cultural identities. On this special day, there will be no scheduled CCAs. Instead, we encourage every member of our community to don their traditional attire, symbolising the richness and depth of our various heritages.

In the spirit of fostering cultural understanding and unity, students and parents will take charge of booths offering delectable foods, beverages, and fun activities and games. These booths will be located on the first floor, transforming our dining area into a lively marketplace of cultural exchange. Following regular classes, students are encouraged to change into their traditional attire and enjoy the festivities at the bazaar, which will run from 16:15 to 18:00.

As the evening approaches, our attention will shift to the theatre, where a diverse array of student performances will captivate and inspire us. Starting at 19:00, these performances will showcase the talents and traditions of our community, further highlighting the beauty of our cultural mosaic.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Epsom Interact Club

Academic Prefects Updates

We are proud to announce an upcoming Poetry Exhibition, set to captivate minds and celebrate the artistry of language from March 12th to March 16th. Spearheaded by the Academic Prefects, this exhibition promises to be a showcase of literary talent and creative expression within our vibrant community.

Originally conceived by the Language Society last academic year, the Poetry Exhibition aims to reignite interest in literary creativity while providing a platform for budding poets in the Epsom community to share their work. This project has been revived with renewed enthusiasm and dedication by Ann Yi - Year 13 Rosebery.

The exhibition welcomes submissions of original poetry in any language, reflecting the diverse cultural tapestry of our student body. For non-English submissions, an accompanying English translation is required to ensure inclusivity and accessibility for all attendees. Alternatively, a brief description in English outlining the poem's themes and essence will suffice. In cases where the author and translator are separate individuals, credit will be duly attributed to both.

Participants are encouraged to explore the symbiosis of visual and textual artistry by accompanying their poems with illustrations or graphics, although this is not mandatory. Handwritten submissions are also welcomed but should be scanned and submitted in PDF or DOCX format for ease of display.

In addition to individual poetry submissions, the exhibition invites contributions in the form of infographics or posters exploring specific genres of poetry or elucidating various poetic devices. This multifaceted approach aims to foster a deeper appreciation and understanding of the craft among both participants and visitors.

To ensure the integrity of the exhibition, all submissions must be original, and any detected instances of plagiarism will result in immediate disqualification. Interested participants are encouraged to submit their work via the provided Google Form, with a limit of up to five documents per submission.

The deadline for submission is March 7th, providing ample time for students to refine and finalize their contributions. We encourage all aspiring poets and enthusiasts of the written word to seize this opportunity to showcase their talents and engage with the rich tapestry of poetic expression.

We look forward to celebrating the power of poetry with you.

Ann Yi and The Academic Prefect Team

Siha's Visit to Ethiopia

Since last year I have started travelling to Africa because of my parents' coffee business. This year, I journeyed to Ethiopia. Erickum, Dad’s business partner, introduced us to the Ethiopia Cultural Ambassador, a restaurant where people dance and sing traditional music. Joyful music and the beautiful sounds of instruments filled the air full of lively melodies. My heart seemed to beat together with the drums. Men and women came up on stage and danced to the songs, all steps synchronised. There was one interesting scene where a man and a woman pressed their chins together and “kissed”.

Friday Flyer

This is a way for them to kiss without contacting each other’s lips, to make it more appropriate since there were some young audience members like me. I’m thinking of trying this with Hannon; my best friend as a joke for the open mic night 🙂. Another dancer was rolling her neck at super speed. I swear I saw her neck turning 360 degrees! My eyes seemed to roll like her neck. I was quite curious if her neck would be alright. It was so amusing that on the way home - my parents and I were laughing like hyenas.

While watching the show, the waiters gave us injera, a traditional Ethiopian dish. It was sour and soft, similar to a pancake. I asked Erickum what the ingredients were and he said it is made of teff flour and water. It also has to be fermented for two to three days. He said that injera is similar to rice, many Asians eat rice daily, and so injera is the equivalent for Ethiopians. Injera can also be used as a diet food since it is not fattening. I swear I saw Dad’s eyes grow wide with a smile spread across his mouth as he realised he could eat it without fear of weight gain! He definitely liked it more than he could admit. Neither my mom nor I could get used to the taste so after a few bites I refused any more politely.

Friday Flyer


During our car ride, I noticed that our driver was eating a leaf and got curious. When I asked Erickum about it, he replied by saying it was cathine, a plant that makes you feel more energised. It is said to be an illegal drug in the US but is legal in Ethiopia. Many drivers eat it whenever they begin to feel tired, and Erickum said that he once ate cathine to study for college. However, he didn’t recommend that I try it since it is still a drug. Also if you consume too much you become addicted. I guess too much of anything can be bad for you.

Interesting facts:👍

“Konjo” means beautiful in Ethiopian and “ Amesgenalew” means thank you.

To be continued…

Best wishes,

Year 8, Rosebery House

So, Dear Reader,

Thank you for reading our Epsom Friday Flyer and we wish you all the very best for a restful weekend.

Happy Friday from us all at Epsom.


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