Headmaster's Welcome

Dear Reader,

I hope that you have enjoyed as productive and enjoyable a week as we have at Epsom. Our school has been a hive of activity as you can see from our Epsom Events schedule. Among the recent events has been the recent return of our World Scholars Cup participants from Harvard, where they secured a place in the top 10% of participants at the Tournament of Champions. 

Friday Flyer

Khai Zhe, Hong Ming, and Sara Alesha have not only made us proud but also exemplified the significance of taking the initiative.

Initiative-taking is a crucial aspect of our educational philosophy at Epsom. Regular readers of our Flyer are well-aware of the myriad opportunities available beyond the classroom setting. These initiatives, whether organising cultural celebrations like Deepavali or spearheading events like International Day and Open Mic Nights, enable our students to develop essential soft skills and attributes that will serve them well in future workplaces and personal lives.

Our extensive Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) program, boasting well over 100 activities ranging from high-level sports to drama, debating, creative writing, and coding, offers students a diverse array of choices. Additionally, our student-led Academic Societies program empowers learners to take charge of their educational journey. Collaborating on research, inviting industry leaders for Epsom Live Talks, and managing various aspects of these events, students learn to negotiate, make decisions, and work within deadlines—all essential skills for future success.

The value of soft skills cannot be overstated, and at Epsom, we strive to prepare our students for the future by encouraging them to seize opportunities and take their learning further. The ability to handle pressure, read a room, and remain solution-focused are qualities we aim to instil in our learners. Beyond academic achievements, participating in these initiatives fosters resilience, determination, and a sense of responsibility for one's actions—lessons that will undoubtedly shape their character and contribute to their success.

As we look ahead, we recognise that soft skills, just like excellent digital literacy will play an increasingly pivotal role in the future. Hence, we continue to inspire our learners to be future-ready, organised, resilient, curious, and determined. By taking the initiative, embracing opportunities, and cultivating these essential skills, our students are not just preparing for academic success but are laying the groundwork for a fulfilling and impactful life.

I hope that you enjoy the articles and photos to come and wish you all the very best for your weekend. 

Happy Reading and Happy Friday!

Best wishes,

Mr Matthew Brown,

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A Message from our Leadership Team, Mr Richard Lord

We all know ‘hard work’ leads to success in one way or another. In any field, discipline, sport, hobby or academic endeavour. Through hard work, James Brown, who was a prolific singer, songwriter, dancer and bandleader, earned the nickname and title "The Hardest Working Man in Show Business." 

James Brown was a pivotal force in the music industry, and undoubtedly left his mark on music history. Brown began his professional music career in 1956 and rose to fame during the late 1950s and early 1960s on the strength of his thrilling live performances. He continued to score hits in every decade through to the 1980s.

Friday Flyer

He was born into extreme poverty during the Great Depression in the 1930s in America and experienced a disadvantaged and troublesome childhood. This was a time of great difficulty for many Americans, and by 1932, one in every four workers was unemployed. Banks collapsed and life savings were lost. With no job and no savings, thousands of Americans lost their homes. The poor congregated in cardboard shacks in so-called ‘Hoovervilles’ on the edges of cities across the nation; hundreds of thousands of the unemployed roamed the country on foot in futile search for work. Although few starved, hunger and malnutrition affected many.

Friday Flyer

However, in his own words, James Brown “…had the determination to go on, and my determination was to be somebody”, and he made no excuses. He and his band would perform 350 nights out of the year, night after night, breaking box-office records in every major venue in America which earned him that title of the "The Hardest Working Man in Show Business." Over the course of his career, James Brown toured constantly, wrote 832 songs, sold more than two hundred million albums worldwide, and made forty-five gold records.

Friday Flyer Friday Flyer

Sometimes he would sing and dance so hard that it is said he would lose several pounds in one night. Once, when he collapsed during a performance, he was diagnosed with low-salt syndrome. He had actually sweated it all out, and would have to take an IV when he became too exhausted. James Brown also played a major role in the Civil Rights Movement. This was a major struggle for social justice that took place mainly during the 1950s and 1960s for Black Americans to gain equal rights under the law in the United States.

Friday Flyer

However, despite these great successes and hard work, his poor behaviour is well documented; his various arrests, his poor treatment of women and finally an ugly court battle over his estate, cast a long shadow over everything else he achieved. Unfortunately, James Brown’s illustrious career is heavily tarnished by his behaviour. All the strong work ethic and awards in the world can never make amends for his unacceptable behaviour and repair the damage it caused to his family and his legacy. The point is, you need more than hard work, academic success and accolades to be a rounded, caring person.

Despite his turbulent public life, he was personally and privately known to help the needy. He consistently helped under-privileged children and fed the poor. He sponsored a turkey-give-away and a book-give-away every year at Christmas. When hospitalised with pneumonia, James Brown left his hospital bed, went out in the cold rain to give out toys to needy children and died the next day on Christmas day in 2006.

This example is precisely why Epsom College in Malaysia, although committed to hard work and academic success, not only has ‘educate’ as one of its core values but also ‘nurture’ and ‘inspire’. This is to ensure students develop the right character and attitude, to leave school and make a positive contribution to society as well as be successful in their exams.

Mr Richard Lord,
Senior Leader

Rosebery House Updates

There’s always oodles happening in Rosebery, making it a pleasure to write these pieces. Spoilt for choice as I am, this time I’ll focus on some smaller moments and alternative triumphs that nicely reflect our values.

We wanted to share the joy of Deepavali and were delighted to do so with Ms Shanthi, our tireless cleaner. 

Friday Flyer Friday Flyer Friday Flyer Friday Flyer

One of our bi-annual traditions (the other time is the end of the summer term) is to show our appreciation with a collection that we put inside a handmade card. In turn, Ms Shanthi gives us gorgeous seasonal snacks - her murukku are the best. Another ritual is a roti cenai breakfast which, this year, Ms Carol and I augmented with Greek yoghurt, berries, and a cheese board. Rosebery is nothing if not fancy and golly, are we gluttons.

Friday Flyer Friday Flyer

But that’s fine because we’re all endlessly on the go and need to nourish body and soul. 

Another way we did that was at Cape Rachado on Sunday, where the simple act of being in the trees was a salve for some of us. 

Friday Flyer

Hiking to the clean green cove of Monkey Bay was gorgeous; taking a dip in the Indian Ocean, still more so. 

Friday Flyer

New this year, Jamie is considerate and selfless in House, not to mention generous with her batches of freshly-baked cookies, so it was lovely to see her enjoying the water. Eva, meanwhile, simply soaked up the view.

Some of our Rosebuds are very young with very little English - and very brave. 

Friday Flyer

Manami is one of our rising stars, epitomising what happens when effort meets empathy and there is good will on both sides. Manami’s perseverance in the face of crippling homesickness is a victory for her and a reminder for us all, that a found family can take many forms, and that kindness is a true measure of strength.

Sawa, Millie and Justina showed a similar mettle last night, in the first round of Debate Week. 

Friday Flyer

Given the unenviable task of defending book piracy, theirs was a win for substance over style - world leaders, take note. They will now face either Granville or Propert on Thursday night. Nervous but courageous, they did us proud yesterday, as did our musicians in the Sunset Serenade beforehand. Sarasa, Gabriella, Yuka, Anna, and Vicky play and sing beautifully - a sublime way to ease into an important evening for Rosebery.

Please also join us in our admiration of the football team, fresh (fatigued!) off the field. Ms Marcy, one of Epsom’s excellent gappies and Rosebery’s resident tutor, sings their praises this week; every time anyone hears about their outstanding attitude, they join the chorus.

Ms Kate Orpwood,
Housemistress, Rosebery House.

Marvelous Maths

Earlier this year, six students entered the International Mathematical Olympiad Selection Test. Our students did fantastically well with Izz obtaining a ‘Merit’ and Allyssa, Mun Yau and Dillon obtaining ‘Honourable Mentions’. Khai Zhe, incredibly, obtained a ‘Bronze’ and progressed to Round Two of the competition. This is one of the most challenging maths competitions in the world, so he has done remarkably well.

Friday Flyer

Well done to Khai Zhe, Allyssa, Mun Yau, Dillon and Izz for their participation and awards.

Friday Flyer

Competition Maths CCA

Each week twenty-two students participate in Competition Maths CCA. There is an emphasis on collaboration as the students have to work in teams to solve team challenges and puzzles. This week, they completed the ‘Group Round’ of the United Kingdom Mathematics Challenge Team Competition.

Friday Flyer

Here we can see Linuo, Ruitian, Jaden and Peter all working together (mostly harmoniously) to solve very challenging maths problems which require good knowledge of mathematical language as well as excellent numeracy. Calculators are not allowed in Competition Maths CCA!

The CCA is open to all age groups and the challenges set are the appropriate level of difficulty. Here we can see Mun Yau and Yuren in Year 13 puzzling over a problem with Izz in Year 7. Their team, which also included Dillon and Aiden Chan, won the Senior Team Challenge.

Friday Flyer

Whilst Allyssa, Hana and Shaizat from Year 10, pictured above, won the Intermediate Team Challenge.

Ms Olivia Archibald,
Head of Mathematics

Carr House Updates

“Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.” John C Maxwell.

At Carr, one of our foundational beliefs centers on the inherent leadership within each individual. This stems from the recognition that every one of us exercises self-leadership on a daily basis.

While the concept of leadership may be interpreted in diverse ways, at Carr, our emphasis is on instilling the understanding that everyone possesses leadership qualities. Our perspective on leadership revolves around the idea of serving others.

Our aspiration is for Carr students to not only comprehend but also embody the notion that leadership is a universal trait. We aim for our students to mutually influence and positively impact lives through their leadership.

One avenue through which we've chosen to achieve our leadership goal is by organising a leadership course for our Year 9 leadership team. Mr. Shaun Garnett, Carr House's Year 7 Tutor, has initiated a 6-week leadership program. This course delves into various crucial topics:

What do you understand about leadership?

Types/Styles of leadership

Leadership Values: Integrity/Servanthood/Intrinsic Motivation/Influence-Why (Vision)

What leadership is not?

Friday Flyer

We look forward to seeing the impact that Carr leaders will have, both on individuals within our community and on the broader Epsom community, as they selflessly serve those around them.

Mrs Jenny Garnett
Housemistress Carr House

Sameer Speaks Up

Last Monday, at the end of the day, I encountered a very excited Sameer rushing towards me, wearing a smile with a touch of nervousness. He urgently requested permission to be excused from his CCA, explaining that he had just received a call from the Bernama news network less than ten minutes ago, inviting him for an interview within the hour. 

Friday Flyer

As the chairperson for the National Children’s Representation Council, he had been invited to give an interview for National Children’s Day. Naturally, I granted him  permission, and after quickly sharing the YouTube link he hurried away to make some last-minute preparations.

Friday Flyer

Our Propert Matrons and I eagerly tuned into YouTube, awaiting Sameer's appearance. He did appear, but much to my disappointment, the interview was conducted in Bahasa Malaysia. The following day, Sameer and I sat down, and he recounted the details of the interview, sharing what he was asked by the presenters. Here are the questions that were asked (translated) And for the benefit of the Friday Flyer readers, we would like to share this with you..

Q: The theme of the National Children’s Day Celebration of 2023 was “Our rights are our future” and seen as the best initiative to dignify the children of the country. In your opinion, what makes this theme so relevant and important in the context of the lives of children today? 

We have to understand that children are, quite literally, the future of the country. With this theme, we are acknowledging and placing importance on the rights of children in Malaysia in accordance with the CRC, the Convention Regarding the Rights of the Child, that was ratified in Malaysia in 1995. The convention protects the rights of children and provides them with a series of rights, including the right to survival, education, participation and shelter. The theme of children’s day this year is incredibly relevant to current times. If we are looking at the post-pandemic world now, so many things have changed, and so many children are still reeling from the effects of it. Some families lost their livelihoods, some children lost their education, and there has been a drastic increase in mental health issues of children all over the country. With placing importance on the rights of children here, they will have more opportunities to realize their full potential and develop holistically, and in turn, will become a productive member of society. 

Q: How can this theme be translated into effective action?

This theme can be translated by having effective action plans to tackle the issues faced by children in the country. The government has to provide comprehensive programs to aid children in dealing with issues such as mental health, sexual education, the barriers of poverty, and many more. Because Malaysia is a multiracial, multicultural nation, alongside that comes the challenge that has to be borne by the government, which is that the policies made by them have to be able to encapsulate children from varying different backgrounds. There has to be blanket policies for children because it is such a huge proportion of the population. 

Q: What are the main challenges faced by Malaysian children today? 

Besides just growing up and figuring out where they fit into the societal structure and dynamics of the world, the children of Malaysia face a myriad of issues on a day to day basis. The most pressing issue that plagues a worrying number of children is mental health issues. As we transition to a post-pandemic world, there are children who developed depression, anxiety, or even PTSD from that time period. There are currently 427,000 children who are experiencing mental health issues to some degree. With that said, there has to be a comprehensive action plan from the government to ensure that we are on the right track in detecting early and providing children with the support they need for a better mental wellbeing. There is also the issue of teenage pregnancies and students dropping out of schools. When there is a lack of sexual education among the youths, they turn to negative sources to learn about sex, which is a very natural aspect of being a human being. Through this, they are not exposed to contraceptive measures, which lead to teenage pregnancies. Teenage pregnancies not only are extremely risky to the life of the mother, but are also detrimental to the education of the individual. These are just 2 of the myriad of issues that we, as the National Children’s Representative Councils, are working hard to solve for the children of the country. 

Friday Flyer

Our Propert boys and most of the school early tuned in to watch and support Sameer that afternoon! 

Best wishes for the weekend,

Mr Richardson – Housemaster & Sameer - Year 12, Propert House

Sean goes to the UNICEF Young Leaders Showcase

On November 18th, I attended the annual UNICEF’s YOUNG LEADERS SHOWCASE and had a  great time. Everybody there was very passionate about their work and I really learnt a lot from  the experience.

What is UNICEF?

UNICEF is a part of the United Nations in charge of helping children around the world. The  showcase is held annually by UNICEF in many countries to encourage future leaders. Everybody involved in the event was amazing and I could see that they really put  thought and care into every word they said to educate the leaders of tomorrow.

They discussed many points concerning the wellbeing of children including child protection,  mental health, climate change and education.

The topic I found the most fascinating, and the one I want to share with you, is the education  aspect. The Malaysian education blueprint is probably one of the best written documents in  Malaysia. Yet, it can be improved. There is nothing in the blueprint stating that children have to attend school after the first six years of primary school. This means that  there would be no legal action taken against any parents or guardians for not sending their  children for secondary or higher education. Many of the blueprint’s rules have loopholes in  them. This raises a bigger issue which becomes a recurring trait in many child protection laws, using loopholes to exploit children.

Students deserve a voice and children should have a voice that is as important as an  adult’s and it needs to be heard. Words aren’t enough, you also need to take action. We  need more education for children on safety and on what is right and wrong. We need safe  spaces for children to express their emotions. When asked, 84% of young people want to express their  opinions but don’t know where to go.

If we want to ensure that today’s children become tomorrow’s future then we need to start with the basics of education. How can we expect future generations to follow in our footsteps if  they aren’t even able to read, write or count?

To end in the words of one of the youth leaders I quote, “We may be 30% of the present, but  we are 100% of the future.”

Sean Noah
Year 9, Holman House

Business Studies and Economics Department News

Friday Flyer

The BSE Society is a student-led collective of almost 50 members who are interested in the world of economics and business. We are one of the oldest societies — founded in 2020 — and have been a constant presence in Epsom culture.

Although the academic year has just started, the BSE society has been busy at work. Our first goal was to reopen our weekly cafe called the Instant Happiness Cafe that is open every Monday at break time. We revamped the menu by adding Boba Milk Tea and Ribena and welcomed a new slew of crew members.

The BSE Society tries to cultivate the notion that business and economics is not just financial jargon and unrelated to our everyday lives. That is why we try to present these industries in topical and relatable ways during our lunch time live sessions. We have had talks on Barbie and the movie industry, the business behind art and most recently, a talk on how kindness may be beneficial for company success.

Our largest project has been the launching of Epsom’s first ever second hand shop — Twice but Nice. It is run on a barter system where you can trade in your old and small clothes for newer ones worth 50% of the items you donated. Students can also purchase these second hand items in term 2. We think this is not only a good business idea but also improves the sustainability at school as students have the option to not shop new and instead reuse clothing which produces less waste.  We are also planning an upcycling initiative where we will upcycle clothes that are not fit to wear anymore into items such as bags and pencil cases. Not only are we planning to sell in person but we are also putting up all of our merchandise and second hand clothing on the student made website called BenefIT.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported our society by buying from us and attending our events. I’d also like to thank our members who have been active in their participation and especially our trusty Board of Directors.

 — Aisha Azizul
BSE Society President

Friends of Epsom - Parent Forum

Please see the messages from the  Friends of Epsom (FoE),

Friday Flyer Friday Flyer

Please scan the codes to join the relevant whatsapp parent group for your child:

Friday Flyer

Epsom Sports - Games Society Collab Event

Dear Fellow Epsomians!

As you may have noticed, we are currently planning a collaboration with the Sports Society to present to you a FIFA tourney/social.

Friday Flyer

Game: FIFA and EAFC
Date: 29th and 30th November
Time: 8pm to 9pm
Venue: Grayling centre

Friday Flyer

We will also enjoy minigames such as Twister, Football Kahoot, FIFA Musical Chairs and Beer Pong. For each winner of the minigames, free snacks will be provided so don't miss out!

We decided to host this event as we want everyone to have a greater understanding of football, and most importantly, have FUN!

Just come and have some fun, whether you are paying to enter the competition or just coming to watch, as we also provide pizza and unlimited refill drinks, while also blasting a wide variety of modern songs.

See you there!

Year 12 English Students on Hedda Gabler, The Father of Realism

QR Me to read our Year 12 essays on Hedda Gabler…

Name: Ethan
Essay Title: Compare the characteristics of Brack and Loevborg. How does Ibsen’s representation of masculinity differ from both of them? How are they characterized in terms of masculinity? Do these characteristics align with the standards of a stereotypical man in that time period?

Friday Flyer

Name: Nadirah
Essay Title: Is Hedda Gabler's death a tragedy? Is Lovborg's death more tragic than Hedda's?

Friday Flyer

Name: Aisha
Essay Title: How are the Ideas of Masculinity and Femininity Explored in the Play?

Friday Flyer

Name: Elie
Essay Title: Why is Hedda Gabler considered to be used by exam boards? What’s the relevance of the play compared to other dramatic tragedies?

Friday Flyer

Name: Nicholas
Essay Title: Compare the characteristics of Hedda and the duchess. What are their similarities? What are their differences?

Friday Flyer

Name: Jacob
Essay Title: What is the thematic significance of Aunt Rina’s sickness & death in the play Hedda Gabler?

Friday Flyer

Name: Athena
Essay Title: How does Ibsen portray the role of beauty in the play and how does it influence other things around the play? Why did Ibsen choose to explore this scene and how can it be seen daily?

Friday Flyer

Name: Sameer
Essay Title: How do Hedda and Thea’s individual roles reflect on the expectations put on women of that time period? How are they similar and different to one another?

Friday Flyer

Science Department Updates

A bold cohort of fearless students in Year 10 recently embarked on an exploration of the complex realm of kidney dissection, captivating even the most resilient biology enthusiasts. Armed with gloves, scalpels, and an abundance of curiosity, these budding scientists enthusiastically plunged into the fascinating world of renal exploration.

Friday Flyer Friday Flyer

Within the confines of the classroom, a mixture of excitement and trepidation echoed as the students cautiously approached their assigned kidney specimens. Under the watchful gaze of their intrepid teacher, they delicately tackled the task of dissecting the complex organ, employing a combination of precision and wonder. The air became infused with an unusual blend of antiseptic scents and scholarly enthusiasm as the scalpels skilfully traversed layers of tissue. Amid sporadic expressions of "Ewws" and "Whoa, cool!" the students found themselves engrossed in the wonders of the kidney's inner workings.

Friday Flyer

"It's like solving a puzzle, but messier," remarked one student, articulating the sentiments of the group as they meticulously examined the minute structures responsible for the organ's vital functions.

The kidney, a seemingly unassuming organ, revealed itself as a complex masterpiece of nature. As the students delved deeper into the dissection process, they uncovered the sophisticated network of tubules, nephrons, and blood vessels that orchestrates the delicate dance of filtration and reabsorption, essential for maintaining the body's balance.

Beyond being a mere hands-on lesson in anatomy, the kidney dissection investigation ignited a newfound appreciation for the workings of the human body. The students, initially hesitant and perhaps a tad squeamish, discovered the marvels concealed within the folds of this unassuming organ. The classroom transformed into a hub of discovery, where scientific curiosity collided with the tangible reality of the human anatomy.

Friday Flyer Friday Flyer

As the lesson ended, the students left with a mixture of awe and accomplishment, eager to share the details of their simultaneously gross and captivating foray into the world of renal exploration. The experience transcended textbook knowledge, imprinting a vivid memory of the fragility and resilience encapsulated within the confines of their latex-gloved hands.

Friday Flyer

The kidney dissection, while initially daunting, proved to be a gateway for these young scientists to bridge the gap between theory and practice. It was not just about memorizing facts from a biology textbook but engaging with the living, breathing reality of the human body. The classroom, once a space for lectures and theories, transformed into a laboratory of discovery and wonder.

Friday Flyer

In the aftermath of their daring venture into the world of kidney dissection, these students emerged not only with a newfound appreciation for the intricacies of human anatomy but also with a sense of camaraderie forged through shared moments of awe and discovery. The kidney dissection turned out to be a stepping stone, propelling them into a deeper understanding of the wonders that lie beneath our skin.

Ms Louise Madeley,
Head of Biology

Great Golf

On the 19th and 20th of November, our talented player, Adrianna, Year 9 Rosebery, showcased her skills at the US Kids Golf Malaysia Local Tournament Legs 3 and 4, held at Penang Golf Resort.

Friday Flyer

Adrianna secured 2nd place on Leg 3, with a score of 79. The following day, during Leg 4, she clinched the title with a score of 78 with an eagle on the 16th hole (par 5). It's noteworthy that despite being at the same venue, these two days were treated as distinct events on the tour calendar.

Friday Flyer

Adrianna emerged victorious in the Overall Champion category for both days, marking a proud moment for ECM Golf Academy.

Friday Flyer

Looking ahead, there are two more legs scheduled for the tour, set to take place at A'Famosa Golf Resort on the 2nd and 3rd of December. Adrianna currently leads in the 13-14 year old girls category in points, a position of significance as it contributes to her journey towards the finals in the USA.

Congratulations to Adrianna and the entire ECM Golf Academy team for these remarkable accomplishments!

Epsom Golf Academy Team.

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U15 Football Tournament

Last Wednesday, our U15 team were able to go to King Henry VIII college to compete in the KLSL competition against many schools such as King Henry, Taylors, Sunway and many more. We competed in group A and finished third!

We played four matches and drew all of them. We played against Taylors first, we started off strong with a 2-0 lead. We were over the moon! Unfortunately for us, they scored a free kick and another goal in the last 2 minutes of the match. Our defense worked tirelessly to keep the lead but the game ended in a draw.

Friday Flyer

Another two draws followed, one of which we managed to come from behind thanks to Sofia, Adriana and Ee Xynn working together to score another goal securing us a draw. Our defence Yiro, Stephanie, Callista, Fatiha and Yoolim quickly tracked back to defend along with our Captain and goalkeeper Rachel C. Together they were able to defend many fast shots and keep us in the lead. Ellie and Ee Xynn constantly ran from one end of the pitch to the other to get the ball, giving us more chances. With the end of both games coming close, the other teams were able to secure a goal and both matches ended with a draw.

Friday Flyer

In the last match, Adriana scored a marvellous goal putting us in the lead and as the game progressed Bella stepped up in defence and Yiro made some great passes to our strikers creating more chances to score. We had multiple shots at goal from Adriana, Sofia, Eexynn and Leah (me!) but their goalkeeper made some great saves. They then scored leaving us with another draw. After all the matches we were able to place third in our group. 

Friday Flyer

Overall we all worked incredibly hard and we were able to make great memories and progress together as a team. Adriana’s cool tricks wowed us all and the trip was full of great football and lots of laughter. I think that this has been an extremely insightful experience that I have learned a lot from. In the future, I hope to participate in such events and make more memories with the team. It was very fun and a great learning experience for all of us!  As well as a chance to bond as a team! Thank you to Ms. Back and Mr. Diego for the constant support throughout the matches! We couldn't have done it without you both!

Match report by Leah, Rosebery

Epsom Girls FOBISIA Football

Last Thursday, our Girls Under 19 football team set off to Chiang Mai, Thailand for the Fobisia Games. With nerves and excitement running high, the first day began with 4 matches to play. After only having played football for a short amount of time, Yilai scored 2 goals within 10 minutes of each other! While there were some disappointing score lines, team spirits remained high.

On day 2, our players were ready for a second full day of matches. By the semi final, with our goalie down due to injury, Georgia put the gloves on for the first time and stepped into the goal. Our girls finished 4th overall. Once back at the hotel, everyone showered and got ready for the Gala Night. Authentic Thai food was served and awards were handed out. After our players' resilience, perseverance and impeccable sportsmanship was acknowledged, Epsom College won the Fair Play award! Miss Archibald even handed out some of her own awards to praise the players for their unique contributions over the weekend.

As a team, we would like to say thank you to Ms Archibald and Diego for all the training over the past months. We would also like to thank all the staff members that worked hard to ensure the trip went ahead.

Marcy Jeffery,
Rosebery Gappie

Kindness Week at Epsom

Friday Flyer

Epsom was able to learn more about and spread awareness of the importance, ways and benefits of kindness through our recent event: Kindness Week!

Kindness is one of the most important qualities a person should have. As a Wellbeing Prefect, I wanted to introduce the benefits of applying it in our everyday lives, especially for the younger students, to improve our wellbeing as a whole community.

Kindness could be considered a habit that can be developed. Hence, it is crucial for us to try to practise it more frequently. One of the reasons kindness should be encouraged is that it is easy to create a positive ‘butterfly effect'. This is because it is more likely that by showing kindness to another, you will be able to influence them to do the same! As a result, we will be able to build meaningful relationships and create a healthier environment for Epsom. Something as small as asking another about their day could actually transform their day and mood altogether.

Friday Flyer

A few events that took place include:

  1. Lunchtime Sessions by Societies (Media, BSE, Interact, and Humanities)
  2. Instagram Kindness Thread by Media Society
  3. Green Ribbon Selling by Charity CCA
  4. Words of Kindness by Carr Wellbeing Leaders

Lunchtime Sessions by our societies were presented excellently on their different topics relating to kindness. They were able to communicate and influence their peers to show kindness more often to one another. Despite it being a first for some of our students to present, they all did amazingly 🙂

Friday Flyer Friday Flyer Friday Flyer

The highlight of Kindness Week included the Instagram Kindness Thread by our Media Society. This allowed students to share their acts of kindness through their stories on Instagram in a very interactive way.

Friday Flyer

Besides that, Charity CCA planned a Green Ribbon Selling to raise money for Oxfam (a charity whose aim is to end poverty). They managed to raise a generous amount which will directly be donated. Their act of kindness will possibly help many families in need.

Lastly, the Words of Kindness Event by Carr’s Wellbeing Leaders.

Friday Flyer Friday Flyer Friday Flyer

They planned and set up a board in their House for students and staff to write kind words on Post-It notes to be put on display. This allowed students to read messages from their peers which really spread positivity throughout Carr!

With that, Kindness Week has concluded. I trust that you have learned to  be kinder than necessary starting today!

Alis (Year 13)
Wellbeing Prefect 2023/24

Meet our Teachers

Hello, we are Angela and Yunn Xynn of Crawfurd House and we would like to introduce you to some of our lovely Epsom teachers! This week we have interviewed one of our lovely Physics Teachers, Ms Rubi…

Friday Flyer

What inspired you to become a Physics teacher, and why do you enjoy teaching this subject?

Just being inquisitive and questioning facts 🙂 I enjoy teaching this beautiful subject as it offers a sense of being passionate about continuous learning. It gives me a chance to inspire and guide future minds in the pursuit of understanding the fundamental laws of nature

Do you have any suggestions or tips to help students be more confident in their Physics and also how you remember the formulas more quickly!!

Understand, don't just memorise: know why a formula works. Understanding the concept aids in retention. 2. Teach someone else: teaching forces you to articulate the information, reinforcing your own understanding 3. Start Analysing 🙂

How do you connect Physics principles to real-world applications in your teaching?
I encourage projects that require students to research and apply Physics principles to real-world challenges. It encourages independent exploration and critical thinking which is widely developed. For instance looking at Stokes Law and how this is used in daily life. I have been very impressed at my students' work on this.

Can you describe yourself in 3 words?

Adaptable, inquisitive, and easygoing

To learn more about our staff at Epsom, please click on this LINK.

Have a great weekend,

Yunn Xynn and Angela 🙂

So, Dear Reader,

Thank you for reading our Epsom Friday Flyer and we wish you all the very best for a restful weekend.

Happy Friday from us all at Epsom.


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