Headmaster's Welcome

Dear Reader,

We hope that you have had a productive week and that, if you were celebrating Deepavali, you had a wonderful time with your loved ones.

We have enjoyed a busy week as always as you can see HERE!

Our College Assembly this week was a poignant one where we gathered to reflect on the profound significance of Remembrance Day, a memorial day observed annually around November 11th in Commonwealth member states and several other nations worldwide. This solemn occasion, originating in 1919 after the First World War, serves to honour those who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty.

Our collective reflection took into account the historical context of Remembrance Day, with a special focus on the 334 Old Epsomians, past students of our sister school in England, who lost their lives in active military service. Among them, 163 paid the ultimate sacrifice during the horrors of World War I, highlighting the enduring impact of conflicts on individuals and communities.

We then went on to explore the global reach of war through International Memorial Days. The sheer number of these days dedicated to remembering various conflicts underscores the far-reaching consequences of warfare.

Friday Flyer

Mr Thompson dispelled three prevalent myths about Remembrance Day. First, he debunked the notion that Remembrance Day lacks relevance in today's world. The staggering statistics of Asian and Black men, Indian soldiers, and Chinese labourers involved in World War I, as well as the Battle of Penang in Malaysia, underscored the enduring impact of historical conflicts on diverse nations.

Friday Flyer

Another myth that Mr Thompson addressed was the misconception that Remembrance Day has nothing to do with individuals or nations today. The assembly drew attention to the far-reaching consequences of war, from the emergence of commercial flights to advancements in plastic surgery and the geopolitical realities of Palestine and Israel.

Friday Flyer Friday Flyer

The final myth centred on the idea that because we weren't alive 100 years ago, Remembrance Day doesn't concern us. The assembly reminded us that countless people, many of whom are children and young people with hopes and dreams just like ours, are currently living in war zones, emphasising the ongoing relevance of remembrance in a world still grappling with conflict.

Friday Flyer

In conclusion, the assembly emphasised that Remembrance Day is not merely about recalling the past but about recognising the ongoing impact of war on our interconnected world.

Friday Flyer

It serves as a poignant reminder that war's consequences are felt globally, transcending borders and generations. As a school. We at Epsom strive to mould our students into global citizens who understand the importance of fostering peace and learning from the mistakes of history.

Friday Flyer

Remembrance Day, at its core, encourages us to choose love over hate and strive for a better world, making it a key pillar in our journey toward creating a positive impact as global citizens.

Friday Flyer

I hope that you enjoy the articles and photos to come.

Happy Reading and Happy Friday. 

Mr Matthew Brown,

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A Message from our Leadership Team - Mrs Jane Rouson, Head of Prep

In our Prep School we are passionate about developing leadership skills and our Prep School Students love having roles and responsibilities to help and support the school, their teachers and their friends.

One way to be a student leader in the Prep School is to be an Ambassador.  In the Prep School we have Ambassadors for Culture, Eco-Awareness,  English and the Library, STEM and Wellbeing.  The students were asked to apply for these roles earlier in the term and we had some very impressive applications who have gone on to be appointed into these roles.

Today, I would like to introduce our Wellbeing Ambassadors. 

Bernadette - Kinabalu Class

Friday Flyer

“I wanted to be a Wellbeing Ambassador because I can help others who are in need and cheer them up.  I am able to work compassionately with both adults and children and I am a good communicator.  Most importantly, I am an excellent listener.  I will always do my best.”

Chloe - Krakatoa Class

Friday Flyer

“I wanted to be a Wellbeing Ambassador as I liked the idea of combining the responsibility of leadership and showing everyone my kind heart. When I make mistakes, I learn from them and get stronger.”

Adam - Krakatoa Class

Friday Flyer

“I wanted to be a Wellbeing Ambassador, the reason for this is because I’ve always wanted to be an important role in Epsom and this is one of the opportunities. Another reason for this is because I’ve always tried to help other people.”

Kartiga  - Vesuvius Class

Friday Flyer

“I wanted to be a Wellbeing Ambassador because I want to see people treat other people with respect and kindness (including me) and I want to help them to be open-minded and help them face their fears of speaking into the crowd. If they’re feeling nervous to speak on stage I can be a good listener and communicate with them. I want to help them solve problems.  I am really looking forward to being part of the change.”

Abby - Vesuvius Class

Friday Flyer

“I wanted to be a Wellbeing Ambassador because I have made lots of friends since being at Epsom and I want to give something back to the school.  I think I am a kind and caring person so I will be able to look after anyone who needs me.  I also think it will help me improve my English skills even further.”

I am sure you will agree that we have an excellent crew, ready to improve the wellbeing in the Prep School amongst students and staff.

These ambassadors will be having regular meetings with our Wellbeing and Pastoral Leader, Mr Eyton-Jones and he has provided them with a job description and asked them also to come up with some initiatives for improving mental health and happiness in the Prep School.

Wellbeing Ambassdor Role Description

  1. Peer Support:
    ● Act as approachable and supportive figures for fellow students.
    ● Provide a listening ear for peers who may be facing challenges.
    ● Encourage positive peer relationships and discourage bullying.

  2. Organise Wellbeing Activities:
    ● Plan and organise activities that promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
    ● Coordinate events such as wellness workshops, mindfulness sessions, and physical fitness activities.

  3. Conflict Resolution:
    ● Assist in resolving conflicts among students through effective communication and mediation.
    ● Encourage a culture of understanding and empathy among students.

  4. Mental Health Advocacy:
    ● Raise awareness about mental health issues and reduce stigma.
    ● Share resources and information related to mental health and well-being.

  5. Promote Inclusivity:
    ● Ensure that all students feel included and valued within the school community.
    ● Identify and address any instances of exclusion or discrimination.

  6. Health and Nutrition:
    ● Advocate for healthy lifestyles and good nutrition.
    ● Promote the importance of regular exercise and a balanced diet.

  7. Positive Role Modeling:
    ● Demonstrate positive behavior and attitudes.
    ● Act as role models for healthy social interactions and emotional regulation.

  8. Wellbeing Surveys:
    ● Conduct surveys to assess the well-being needs and concerns of the student body.
    ● Use survey results to guide future well-being initiatives.

  9. Celebrate Achievements:
    ● Acknowledge and celebrate academic and non-academic achievements.
    ● Promote a positive and supportive atmosphere for student success.

Look out in future Friday Flyers for information about our other student leaders.

Jane Rouson - Head of Prep

Award Winning Academics

We are delighted that an Epsomian has been awarded the Outstanding Pearson Learner Award for their excellent results in Pearson’s 2022/2023 examination series.

Friday Flyer

These awards are presented to top performing students who achieved the highest marks in a subject in their country and/or the world.

This means that, from the thousands of students who sat for exams at the same time, these Epsomians are recognised as among the best performing students in the country, region, or the world.

Congratulations to Ian George who has been recognised as an Outstanding Pearson Learner. Ian achieved the following:

  • Highest Mark in Malaysia Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level Chemistry Oct/Nov 2022
  • Highest Mark in Malaysia Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level Mathematics Oct/Nov 2022
  • Highest Mark in the World Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level Physics Oct/Nov 2022
Friday Flyer

15 Epsomians have been awarded Pearson Excellence Awards for their excellent results at GCE A-level and IGCSE:

At A-level:

  • Chantelle - 3 subjects with Grade A and above
  • Garrison - Jack 3 subjects with Grade A and above
  • Dawn - 3 subjects with Grade A and above
  • Ian - 3 subjects with Grade A and above
  • Jing Ren - 4 subjects with Grade A and above
  • Sutri - 3 subjects with Grade A and above
  • Nicholas - 3 subjects with Grade A and above
  • Zhi Yu - 4 subjects with Grade A and above


  • Aisha Binti 6 subjects with Grade 7 and above
  • Kaith 5 subjects with Grade 7 and above
  • Everest 5 subjects with Grade 7 and above
  • Nik Imran 5 subjects with Grade 7 and above
  • Maya 5 subjects with Grade 7 and above
  • Vash 5 subjects with Grade 7 and above
  • Yi En 6 subjects with Grade 7 and above

Warmest congratulations to these students!

Epsom Celebrates Deepavali

Our Epsominans represent over 28 different nationalities.We value this diversity and celebrate our community's rich culture and heritage. Most recently we celebrated the Festival of Lights - Deepavali…it was a colourful event filled with joy as you can see from these pictures…

Special thanks to Ms Pajan, Hitesh, Year 13 Granville and Karishaa, Year 13 Rosebery for all their hard work to make this event so special!

Granville House Updates

“No - it won’t get better on its own!”

In November, Granville witnesses a growing sense of purpose and camaraderie as we embark on Movember, a global initiative extending beyond the mo or facial hair growth. Initiated through a compelling house assembly by Mr Jones and awareness activities organised by Ajit.

Friday Flyer

Movember awareness has kindled student interest in healthcare issues and preventative measures particularly relating to men, emphasising crucial statistics such as the prevalence of prostate cancer. The knowledge imparted during teenage years plays a pivotal role in shaping future men: highlighting the importance of educating them on mental health, self-care, and support for friends.

Friday Flyer

Movember at Granville cultivates awareness regarding mental well-being, encouraging open conversations, and instilling resilience during adolescence. Equipping young men with mental health tools is imperative, given that mental health issues, including depression and anxiety are risk factors for suicide, the second leading cause of death among males under thirty years old.

Friday Flyer

Sport and close friendships - two factors that can support strong mental health

Granvillians share their perspectives on why celebrating Movember is important.

"Participating in Movember raises awareness of men's mental health. Many men tend to suppress their feelings, emotions, and thoughts, contributing to high suicide rates among men."

"As a Granvillian, it is important for us to foster a better understanding of men's health by actively embracing Movember."

“I am taking part in Movember challenge to raise awareness of men's health issues, such as prostate and other cancer and men's suicide. I'm also a bit lazy.“

Friday Flyer

The spirit of camaraderie unites Granvillians during Movember, symbolised by growing moustaches and representing the need to be aware of health issues that are particular to men. This collective effort promotes health and solidarity, encapsulating the true essence of Movember at Granville.

Ms Dominique Perrang
Assistant Housemistress, Granville House

Geography Department News

It’s been a busy start to the second half term of the year, with Years 7, 8 and 9 beginning units that highlight the breadth and depth of Geography as a subject. Map skills, international  migration and mountain formation are just a sample of lesson topics. Year 11 students successfully collected data from various microclimates across the Epsom campus and are well underway with their 2,000 word write-ups.

Last week, our Sixth Form students represented the College at a Sustainability Conference hosted by KTJ and attended by several schools. Our Geography students put together a fantastic presentation that gave an insight into the student-led sustainability initiatives that are happening in school. Not resting on their laurels, the students also discussed areas they want to improve and showed a deep understanding of the need to balance environmental considerations with economic and social for initiatives to be truly sustainable.

We hope to attend more of these events in the future, with Geography at the forefront of our global sustainability drive. Please see below a report from Aisha in Year 12 of the event.

Mr Prestidge,
Head of Geography

Friday Flyer

On the 6th of October, 12 Epsom students were invited to partake in a Sustainability Conference held at KTJ alongside schools such as Nexus, the Asia Pacific School, and Charterhouse. Our group was composed predominantly of A level Geography students and we were accompanied by Mr Prestidge. It was not what I was expecting.

Now a sustainability conference may not seem that enticing, I for one questioned why it would take up the whole day — however in the end, I wished we could have stayed longer. When we arrived, KTJ welcomed us into the “Ark” where our name tags waited for us — each name written on a banana leaf.

The event began with a keynote speech from the Swedish Ambassador. He pressed the importance of the UN’s 17 Sustainable goals and emphasised how we students must be the change makers of our society. It was a very thought provoking speech and has made me reassess my everyday consumption and wastage.

Friday Flyer

We then moved on to presentations, hosted by each school. I was totally amazed. These were student initiatives, on scales I had never seen before. They had student run second hand shops that did upscaling of old uniforms to make laundry bags and pencil cases, they cleaned the ocean floors in Sabah while diving and there was a student run garden that provided vegetables for the school canteen, which were served for lunch that day! It’s safe to say that we came back with a plethora of ideas and a new sense of purpose.

Then, came my favourite part. We were split into groups and we were assigned a problem schools in Malaysia face and it was up to us to “Greenstorm” some solutions. My group was tasked with the problem of food wastage. We came up with these solutions:

Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer

It was a great activity because we got to talk with like minded students who were just as motivated and driven to help make the world a better place. We presented our ideas and after a short closing remark from KTJ, it was over.

I was really glad that I was able to go on this trip. I met some great friends and their enthusiasm and drive motivates me to work harder in helping protect the environment.

Aisha, Year 13 Rosebery House

The World Scholar's Cup

Our World Scholars -Hong Ming, Khai Zhe and Sara Alesha - placed in the top 10% at the Tournament of Champions round held in Harvard University, USA. Overall they ranked 43rd with more than 400 teams registered. There were in excess of 2700 scholars participating.

We are so very proud of our team - they are an inspiration and embody our Epsom Learning Characteristics and embody our Epsom values 😀


To wonder, question, explore, experiment.  For example asking questions, completing independent research or trying new methods or techniques.


To be determined, persevering, to be able to recover, to be willing to practise.  For example, trying again when you fail or practising to improve.


To be able to connect and visualise.  For example,  showing the ability to transfer skills between topics,  thinking of different ways to solve problems or to consider different approaches to studying or working.


To be able to evaluate a situation and self-evaluate.  For example, showing improvement based on feedback that has been given by a teacher or peer or understanding why something has not worked or how it might be done differently next time.


To be able to notice, concentrate, contemplate, immerse.  For example, showing listening skills, staying on task in class or getting involved in discussions.


To be social, accepting, to be able to imitate, empathise and lead.  For example, being able to be a team player, being helpful to others, leading group work.


To be able to plan and be resourceful.  For example, completing tasks, including homework, on time, finding information independently, finding solutions.


To be able to deduce, analyse, critique, intuit. For example, understanding reasons, significance and importance or understanding the deeper meaning behind a text or event

Epsom History and Politics Department News

Friday Flyer

This week at Epsom we enjoyed a very thought provoking assembly delivered by Mr. Thompson to commemorate the events of the First World War and to understand the reasons why the poppy is used as a symbol of respect. The assembly focused on the global scale of the war and why Remembrance Day is still important today. This assembly was particularly relevant to our Year 9 students who have been studying many different aspects of WW1 throughout this academic year. Students have been asked to produce a war trench diary from the perspective of a WW1 soldier. Some of these were produced to an amazing standard full of detail and demonstrating understanding and empathy of what was a truly horrific experience .A special mention must go to Nexus, Yusi, Sean, Jaden and Vincent who produced fantastic pieces of written work.

In our Year 12 and 13 Politics lessons we have also been looking at the clashes in London over the Remembrance weekend and the ensuing political fallout which led to the sacking of Suella Braverman for her forthright views on political marches and the neutrality of the police. The subsequent cabinet reshuffle by Rishi Sunak and the astonishing reemergence of David Cameron as Foreign Secretary has led to much discussion in class about the direction in which the Conservative Party is taking on the eve of what is very likely to be a General Election year. All these exciting events students will be able to use as case studies on their forthcoming examinations next year.

The new Board of Directors of the Humanities society have been very busy. The Board consists of Sameer (President), Vincent (Vice –President), Ellie (Social Media Director), Ethan (Communications Director) and Yi En (Project Manager).This week there will be a talk by Sameer on “Children’s Rights in Malaysia as well as a presentation by Ellie on “Ethics and Prejudice”. At the end of November Vincent has chosen to discuss whether “Democracy Is Overrated”. The Humanities Society are also planning to hold an end of term social as well as a Humanities Week planned for the beginning of March.

As part of the Green Careers event the History and Politics Department presented options that students may want to consider in the future. Options included being a “green” historian, being an environmental lobbyist or working for a NGO. The students were very engaged in the presentation given by Mr. Thompson. Moving forwards at the end of November there will be a special week when History students in all year groups study topics based around protecting the planet.

Mr. Dale,
Head of History and Politics

Drama Department News

Meet the Cast - Galileo - AKA Sameer

Friday Flyer

If anyone had told me that I’d be the lead in the senior school production that is primarily based on QUEEN’s songs on the first day of school, I’d probably have laughed in their face. It is just unbelievable to me that I got the role of Galileo for  the senior school musical “We Will Rock You.” I was initially hesitant to audition for the role, as it is a massive undertaking, especially when taking into account the magnitude of the role itself. Singing Freddy Mercury’s classics, like Bohemian Rhapsody, and I Want to Break Free is an immense undertaking that would require a strong will and guts. I truly appreciate the Drama and  Music Department’s faith in me, even though I was sceptical of myself in the first few weeks. Now, with their guidance and support, I find myself readily preparing for the big show to take place in the next few months.

Our rehearsals are full of energy and joy and the excitement is buzzing and bubbling throughout the whole cast as showtime inches closer and closer. The most appealing aspect of being the lead in the school production is the challenge. It is an insurmountable feat and the scale of the play, of the story we are trying to tell is just so vast, but it is all being tackled holistically, systematically and procedurally as the days go by and as we approach showtime. So far, Mrs Calder has given me the best support I could ever ask for, in terms of helping me manage my responsibilities and balance my academics while being committed to the production and building on my acting abilities. Mr Crann & Ms Siew have been incredibly supportive in terms of improving my singing, in preparation for the big songs and solos that I have to perform.

I have always wanted to be a part of a production, and a lead role is a dream come true. I am excited to see what the coming weeks entail, as we prepare and brace ourselves for a glorious two nights filled with music, dance, laughter and joy. Freddy Mercury once said, “You can do what you want with my music, just don’t make it boring.” I live by that quote now, and I believe the production will do justice to the most influential musician in the history of the world. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity.

Year 12 Propert House

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Asia Triathlon Cup - Kota Kinabalu

We are delighted to share Fatiha, Year 9 Crawfurd’s, recent achievement in the X Multisport Challenge KK City 2023 on 12th November 2023. Fatiha  was crowned Champion for the Duathlon Super Sprint for Girls Under 16 years old.

Very well done, Fatiha!

Friday Flyer

BSE Society Launches Twice But Nice Thrift Shop

Friday Flyer

Hello everyone!

We hope you have had a great week!

The BSE Society is creating Epsom's first second hand shop called "Twice but Nice". In the future we will set up weekly booths to sell our items where 50% of all profit will go to charity.

We are looking for donations now!

It can be shirts, pants, bags, accessories etc... Going back home at exeat? This is a great opportunity to find some small or old clothes that you want to donate!

Why donate? When you donate you can buy any item/items for free that are worth up to 50% of what you donated!

For example: I donate 2 pants and 3 shirts that are valued at RM100, I can get anything from the shop that costs up to RM50 for free!

Not only is it a chance to swap some old clothes for new ones but it is also a more sustainable way of buying new clothes!

(Note: the value of your items depends on its quality, so the better the quality is the more items you can get for free)

How to donate:

Bring your items to an assigned BSE member who will be collecting at each house's common room at 8:00-8:30pm every Tuesday and Thursday

Rosebery: Woorin

Crawfurd: Viviana

Propert: Damon

Granville: Imran

Carr: Jacob (only Tuesdays)

Holman: Jacob (only Thursdays)

After noting the items you have donated, we will contact you about how much each item is worth and how much you are eligible to get for free.

Can I buy from Twice but Nice if I haven't donated anything?

Of course! In the future we will set up booths to sell physically and we will also put our items on the Epsom online store - BenfIT.

Thank you for your continued support!

Best Regards,
The BSE Society

Kindness Week at Epsom

Friday Flyer

Hi everyone!

Did you know that World Kindness Day is celebrated annually on the 13th of November? To spread kindness within Epsom, we hosted Kindness Week!

We planned an eventful week including society lunchtime sessions everyday. Hopefully, everyone learned more on the importance of being 'kinder than necessary'.

The main events were:

  1. Media Society - Kindness Instagram Story Thread
  2. Charity CCA - Green Ribbon Selling
  3. Carr Wellbeing Leaders - Words of Kindness (in-house event)

Have a great weekend and always be kind!

ECiM Wellbeing Prefect 2023/24

Santa's Little Helpers Sale

Dear All,

Christmas is a celebration to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, a time to celebrate hard work since the beginning of the year, a time to spend with loved ones, peers and friends.

A time to share grateful notes and a time to share love with each other.

Crawfurd and Granville will be hosting a Santa's Little Helpers sale to raise money for Yayasan Chow Kit Charity, a non profit organisation that aims to provide a safe space and assist the children in their care to reach their full potential with love and guidance. All profits earned will be donated to Yayasan Chow Kit when they arrive in Epsom on 9.12.23 to spend a day with us as a community.

We would like to encourage volunteers to contribute, therefore please send us an email or google chat if you would like to help. We hope for a day full of activities and laughter but most importantly seeing smiles on everyone's faces 🙂

If you would like to donate anything here is the link of what Yayasan Chow Kit organisation need -

"Where Every Child Matters" - Yayasan Chow Kit

What are we actually going to do?
We will be taking your orders and will provide personalised anonymous service by both houses and will even be hand writing anonymous notes ( however to avoid issues we will only be asking limited and chosen people to write the notes and will be keeping all order data safe )

What else can you do to help?
Yayasan will be visiting Epsom and our team would be grateful if we could have volunteers from different houses Y10 - Y13 to help out throughout the day. It will be a day with a variety of activities such as capture the flag, baking, dodgeball and other activities. Please do send an email or google chat if you are willing to supervise and help out with this event.

What do we believe in?
In our view, the ability to brighten someone's day doesn't always necessitate grand or expensive gestures. Sometimes, the simplicity of a heartfelt note accompanied by a small treat holds the remarkable power to bring a genuine smile to someone's face.

What is our purpose / aims
We really just want everyone to end the term with smiles on each and everyone's faces especially after such a long term, if you decide to send one. It's all on you!!

Packages Sold

  • Christmas Package - a ' christmassy" package with 3 different treats of mr snowman + claus + underneath the christmas tree + candy cane + a personalised note
    : Price RM15

  • Santa's sleigh - a small package of variety of different treats stacked like a sleigh ride + personalised note
    : Price RM10

  • Mr Snowman - a sweet treat that can be enjoyed + personalised note
    : Price RM 2 ( each )

  • Santa Claus - melted marshmallow with cracker a treat shaped like mr claus + personalised note
    : Price RM5  ( each )

  • Sweet Christmas Tree - a brownie treat shaped like a tree ( that is not as sweet as the notes sent by you guys ) + personalised note
    : Price RM5 ( each )


Please complete the form again if you would like to purchase more than one item.

Payment to:
Shannie, Isabel, Terry, Halima, Jesslyn. Daniel

Place your orders now

If you are interested, please fill in the following order form with all the required details:

Please note that we will be closing the form on 24/11/2023 at 9:00 PM sharp, orders made after that will not be included. So make your orders before it's too late !!

Best wishes,
Crawfurd and Granville's Service Team

Meet our Teachers

Hello, we are Angela and Yunn Xynn of Crawfurd House and we would like to introduce you to some of our lovely Epsom teachers! This week we have interviewed one of our lovely Physics Teachers, Mr Kattan…

Friday Flyer

What inspired you to become a Physics teacher, and why do you enjoy teaching this subject?
Physics serves as a wellspring of inspiration, as it allows us to savor the subject through a profound understanding of intricate mathematical equations. It guides us on a captivating journey from the realm of macroscopic concepts to the intriguing microcosm, sparking an unquenchable curiosity about the inner workings of the universe. For instance, pondering how protons can coexist within the minuscule confines of a nucleus is an enthralling marvel. This incessant desire to delve deeper into the realms of Physics goes beyond mere concepts; it embodies an unyielding attitude of exploration. Physics can be likened to the crowning brushstroke in a masterpiece painted by a renowned artist or the pivotal scene in a cinematic masterpiece, leaving an indelible mark.

Do you have any suggestions or tips to help students be more confident on the test and also how you remember the formulas more quickly!!
Physics doesn't demand extensive memorization; rather, it's about applying your comprehension of Physics concepts within specific scenarios. It's an extension of your knowledge, adapting it to address the demands of a given question. The ability to broaden your Physics understanding and adapt to various situations lays the foundation for success as a Physics student. Confidence during tests stems from a firm grasp of Physics concepts cultivated throughout the academic year, complemented by rigorous practice with past paper questions, thorough examination of mark schemes, and examiner reports. As you approach an exam, it's essential to read the questions carefully, at least twice. Ask yourself what the examiner is seeking in your response, whether it's an explanation, description, or another requirement. Understanding the command terms is a pivotal aspect of effectively answering questions. Regarding formula memorization and key terms, a useful practice is to write all physics formulae on a large sheet of paper (A3) and review them before bedtime as part of your daily routine. This consistent effort ensures that you have these essential elements at your fingertips

How do you connect Physics principles to real-world applications in your teaching?
In my teaching, I aim to bridge Physics principles with practical, real-world applications by creating engaging scenarios. For instance, when instructing my A-level physics students, I might pose the question, "Are you a stationary object?" The immediate response might be "Yes," which is accurate within the context of our frame of reference, our physics classroom. However, if we consider an observer from space, the answer changes significantly. From their perspective, we are not stationary; we are situated on the surface of a planet that both rotates and moves through space—Earth. By framing physics concepts in such relatable and thought-provoking scenarios, I strive to make the subject more enjoyable and help students connect abstract principles to the tangible, dynamic world around them.

What 3 words describe you?
Resilience, Love and Consistency

To learn more about our staff at Epsom, please click on this LINK.

Have a great weekend,

Yunn Xynn and Angela 🙂

So, Dear Reader,

Thank you for reading our Epsom Friday Flyer and we wish you all the very best for a restful weekend.

Happy Friday from us all at Epsom.


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