Headmaster's Welcome

We hope that you have enjoyed a productive week. Epsom has been busy (and productive) as always, as you can see from our Epsom Events. We have enjoyed many enriching activities including a Lunchtime Live concert where students performed on stage to their peers, Deepavali preparations and university fairs.

In this week's whole school assembly, our focus was on World Science Day for Peace and Development, where we celebrated the achievements of some of history's most remarkable scientists. This reflection was a perfect opportunity to connect their accomplishments with our Epsom Learning Characteristics, as we encourage our students to embody these values in their educational journey.

The Epsom Learning Characteristics:


To wonder, question, explore, experiment.  For example asking questions, completing independent research or trying new methods or techniques.


To be determined, persevering, to be able to recover, to be willing to practise.  For example, trying again when you fail or practising to improve.


To be able to connect and visualise.  For example,  showing the ability to transfer skills between topics,  thinking of different ways to solve problems or to consider different approaches to studying or working.


To be able to evaluate a situation and self-evaluate.  For example, showing improvement based on feedback that has been given by a teacher or peer or understanding why something has not worked or how it might be done differently next time.


To be able to notice, concentrate, contemplate, immerse.  For example, showing listening skills, staying on task in class or getting involved in discussions.


To be social, accepting, to be able to imitate, empathise and lead.  For example, being able to be a team player, being helpful to others, leading group work.


To be able to plan and be resourceful.  For example, completing tasks, including homework, on time, finding information independently, finding solutions.


To be able to deduce, analyse, critique, intuit. For example, understanding reasons, significance and importance or understanding the deeper meaning behind a text or event

Much like the legendary Madam Curie, who faced societal prejudice and the physical toll of her research, we reminded our students that curiosity is at the heart of scientific discovery. Curie's relentless pursuit of knowledge serves as a prime example of asking questions, conducting independent research, and trying new methods and techniques - exactly what we aspire for our learners.

We stressed the importance of resilience. Madame Curie's determination and perseverance are an inspiration, even when the odds seem insurmountable.

Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer

In our assembly, students were encouraged to embrace the Epsom Learning Characteristic of resilience, to try again when they fail and to practise and remain determined in the face of adversity.

The essence of progress lies in collaboration. Just as scientists from all over the world come together at CERN to uncover the mysteries of the universe, we can work together to address the world's most pressing issues. CERN's international cooperation, which includes countries like France, Germany, Japan, China, the UK, and the USA, was highlighted as a shining example of what can be achieved when people collaborate on a global scale.

Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer

As we contemplated the challenges faced by the Apollo 13 mission, which experienced a quadruple failure and brought together NASA personnel from around the world, we underscored the importance of collaboration and teamwork in the scientific community.

Friday Flyer

As we reflect on these remarkable case studies, it is important to remember that curiosity, resilience, and collaboration are not just abstract concepts but the very pillars on which progress and unity stand. We encourage our students to embrace these principles and work collectively to build a more peaceful and developed world.

In our assembly we challenged each other to ask ourselves: "How will we harness our curiosity, resilience, and spirit of collaboration to make a positive impact on our world? What's our next step?" The answer to these questions will not only shape our own future but also contribute to the betterment of society as a whole.

We hope that you enjoy the contents of our Flyer and wish you Happy Reading and a very Happy Friday!

Best wishes,

Mr Matthew Brown,

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A Message from our Leadership Team - Mr Richard Lord

The title of this article is a quote from Lucius Annaeus Seneca, who was, and remains to be a major philosophical figure of the Roman Imperial period. Alongside Marcus Aurelius,  (who was Emperor of Rome from 161-180 AD), Seneca was well known as a Stoic philosopher, and made a lasting contribution to Stoicism. Stoicism is a school of philosophy that originated in Ancient Greece and Rome. The Stoics believed that the practice of virtue is enough to live a rewarding and fulfilled life. Stoicism formed the foundations of ethics systems where virtue is central.

It is a philosophy designed to make us more resilient, happier, more virtuous and more wise. Ultimately, to make humans better people, better parents and better professionals. Stoicism has perpetually been a common thread though some of history's great leaders and is unlikely to be forgotten any time soon. The Oxford dictionary tells us Stoicism is the endurance of pain or hardship without the display of feelings and without complaint in order to better ourselves. Look at Young-Gyoum’s face in this picture and ask yourself, is he complaining?

Friday Flyer


Young-Gyoum in Year 12 represents Stoic values and the Epsom spirit in entirety. Young-Gyoum is pulling a very heavy sled loaded with over 100kg (which would far exceed his own body weight) over a distance of roughly 15 meters. Look carefully at his face; he will not be beaten, he recognises no hardship and shows no struggle. His countenance shows total conviction to pull the load because he can do it. And he will do it. No one is going to stop him.

This boy is showing you he could move a mountain if he set his mind to it.

Following the complete upgrade and refurbishment of our school gym, students now have a Strength and Conditioning CCA to help them develop power, strength and agility to improve their sporting performance and develop their character. The new gym features not only the standard weight lifting and cardio-vascular equipment you would expect to find in any gym, but strength and conditioning tools such as a sled to push and pull, and farmer’s carries handles to develop all round general physical preparedness. Like the Stoic philosophers of the Roman Empire, the main driver for the Strength and Conditioning CCA is to build character through hardship. Physical strength cannot be achieved without mental strength, and just as Seneca asserted, hundreds of years ago, “Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labor does the body”. You cannot pull a 150kg sled like Damon in Year 12 if you do not have a ‘strong’ attitude and mindset:

Friday Flyer


Developing the character to either pull a heavy sled or achieve an A* at A level is the same thing, and that is what Damon is training here.  Faruq in Year 13 is watching him in complete support. Pushing him on and wanting to see his peer accomplish an exceptionally hard challenge; admiring that stubborn, tenacious, resilient ‘grit’ that gets the job done. No excuses.

Faruq then carries over 60kg in each hand over 20 meters. That’s 120kg in total.

Friday Flyer

The nature of the word ‘resilience’ is deeply rooted in Stoicism. Resilience is a word that many would say is a positive character trait. Students build resilience, character, integrity and respect by supporting each other in this CCA, no matter who they are, where they come from and what their starting point is. Sarasa in Year 11 has worked hard over several weeks to move a heavy olympic 20kg bar with Young-Gyoum supporting her. She has not given up because ‘the boys are stronger’ or the weights area isn’t for girls. She has shown true resilience and comes back week after week to test herself again and again.

Friday Flyer


Witn unrealistic body images flooring mainstream culture in magazines, social media and movies, young people have many more problems to face than those of us that grew up without mobile phones, TikTok or Instagram. There are no egos in this CCA; students are discouraged to judge their progress by the muscles they see in the mirror, but how far they are prepared to go and how their strength of mind pushes their physical strength.

The good thing about strength training is it’s fair. The weight is not going to move itself to help anyone, regardless of race, religion, colour or creed. Which is why students in the prep school can sometimes also help their older brothers and sisters!

Friday Flyer

Mr Richard Lord,
Head of Computer Science,  Design Technology and CPD

Pawsitivity Reigns in Propert House

Many of you readers have probably spotted this furry little feline around the school. We are unsure of the name of this playful character and so the boys in Propert call her a range of quirky names from Blackie, Shadow, Salem, the Black Panther, Luna and my favourite, Obsidian (black volcanic glass!). Whatever her name, this little character has been spotted all over the school and especially in Propert House!

This little cat with her mischievous attitude is a source of warmth and joy for many of the boys and staff in Propert House. Offering a comforting welcome upon our return after a long day of lessons! Knowing that she is lying on our sofas outside the house waiting for the boys is a purrfect way to end the day!

This furry little companion has such a positive impact on many of the boys with her reassuring curious and affectionate personality. Her playful and quirky behaviour diverts attention from the stresses of the school days.

Having a cuddle or pet before an upcoming exam alleviates stress and worry. She is a welcome distraction from life's challenges and worries with her nonjudgmental support and unconditional love and acceptance.

Friday Flyer

This got me thinking about a memorable book I read a few years ago based on the true story of the remarkable relationship between a street cat and a desperate musician and the mutualistic benefit they had on each other.

Friday Flyer

A ‘Street Cat named Bob’ is the personal story of James Bowen who was living hand to mouth on the streets of London, barely making enough money to feed himself, and the last thing he needed was a pet. Yet James couldn't resist helping the strikingly intelligent but very sick animal, whom he named Bob. He slowly nursed Bob back to health and then sent the cat on his way, imagining that he would never see him again. But Bob had other ideas. Certainly worth a read!

Friday Flyer

Her pawsitive attitude means so much to us here at Propert and the wider school community.

Mr Richardson,
Housemaster, Propert House

Holman House News

Keevan, Year 9 Holman was fortunate to have met with our Chair of Governors, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, at the end of last academic year at our Speech Day Event. Tan Sri Tony asked a question to the audience, Marcus was invited to the stage to respond and was generously rewarded. He has written this letter of thanks…

Dear Tan Sri Tony Fernandes,

I would like to acknowledge the kind gesture from you for the free plane tickets to Australia.

Friday Flyer

During this half-term holiday my family and I had the opportunity to visit Perth, Australia. We landed at the airport at eight in the morning. Upon landing, we were greeted by a nice chill breeze of 13 degrees Celsius, along with an array of places to visit in Western Australia. We managed to visit some popular places in Perth, namely Fremantle Market and Caversham Wildlife Park with our cousins.

Friday Flyer

In Fremantle Market, we experienced the diverse offerings of Australia ranging from local products to international food. We learnt about traditional Australian herbs and remedies too. The weather was quite chilly as it was the season of spring, it was a nice difference from the warmer weather in Malaysia

We took a scenic drive to Margaret River and saw the iconic Leeuwin Lighthouse in Cape Leeuwin.

Friday Flyer

Cape Leeuwin was eye-opening and historical as we got a glimpse into the experience of a lighthouse keeper and their family, through the interactive information centre. Additionally, a fun fact about Cape Leeuwin is that it is the point where the Indian Ocean meets the Southern Ocean. Western Australia is also home to more than 150 natural caves, and we visited one of the caves near Cape Leeuwin.

Friday Flyer

Our tour guide was very informative and friendly. He explained the different crystal formations in the cave. One moment I will never forget is going to the lowest point of the cave at 400 metres and seeing a beautiful light display in the chill wind.

On the last leg of our trip, we went to the Perth Mint, in Perth City. Perth Mint was built during Western Australia’s Gold Rush in 1894, and produced Australia’s coins up until the end of 1983. We watched a live demonstration of gold pouring and we also saw the biggest coin in the world: a one tonne Australian Kangaroo. It's made of 99.99% pure gold, has a diameter of 80 centimetres and is 12 centimetres thick! Also, it is stamped with the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, to mark her visit to the Perth Mint in 2014.

Friday Flyer

We ended our trip by catching up with some friends. I truly enjoyed my memorable experience in Perth.

Best regards,
Keevaan and family

Inspiring the Next Generation Careers in Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development

On Tuesday, November 7th, an enlightening career talk took place for students in year 10 to 12, emphasising the crucial role of various disciplines in protecting our planet. The event commenced with a thought-provoking Ted Talk by John Marshall, shedding light on the urgency of reframing discussions on climate change for heightened awareness and action. Marshall's emphasis on impactful language adjustments to foster a deeper understanding of this existential threat set the tone for the day's discussions.

Ted Talk - John Marshall

The insightful session delved into diverse fields, demonstrating how each contributes significantly to the global efforts in preserving the environment. Miss Madeley underscored the pivotal role of scientists across a spectrum of job opportunities, emphasising their instrumental contribution to addressing climate change challenges. This spotlight on the significance of scientific approaches served as an eye-opener for the attending students.

Friday Flyer

Notably, our Head of English, Ms Prestidge, brought to the fore the indispensable role of strong writing skills and critical analysis in the realm of journalism. Her presentation highlighted the potential of journalism to focus on specific themes, making it a compelling avenue for those with particular interests. Underscoring the crucial link between journalism and global awareness, Ms Prestidge emphasised the indispensable role journalists play in keeping the public informed.

Friday Flyer

In a similar vein, Mr. Lord's discussion underscored the growing reliance of environmental science on computer science, explaining how this integration has enabled better modelling and understanding of environmental systems. His emphasis on the significance of artificial intelligence (AI) in comprehending the complexities of climate change further underscored the vital role of technology in tackling pressing environmental challenges.

Using AI to study climate change

Friday Flyer

Artificial Intelligence MODELS To Improve Numerical Models Of The Climate?
(Please continue to read about this topic using the link provided above.)

Friday Flyer

Mr. Carroll's talk illuminated the social costs of environmental pollution, providing a comprehensive understanding of externalities and their implications. Through an engaging activity, he showcased the tangible impact of environmental damage on various social aspects, demonstrating the multifaceted repercussions of environmental neglect.

Friday Flyer Friday Flyer

Additionally, Mr. Prestidge, the Head of Geography, emphasized the transformative power of sustainable investing, illustrating how businesses and individuals can benefit financially by aligning their investments with sustainability goals. His presentation underscored the potential for businesses to thrive while contributing to positive social change.

Friday Flyer

The event also highlighted the significant role of history, politics, and mathematics in the context of environmental protection. Mr. Thompson showcased the critical contribution of historians and lobbyists in shaping environmental policies, emphasising the role of historical insights in informing contemporary decision-making. Meanwhile, Ms. Archibald underscored the importance of mathematics in diverse careers, particularly in fields such as environmental statistics, demonstrating how mathematical models aid in understanding and tackling environmental challenges effectively.

Friday Flyer

Overall, the career talk served as a catalyst for inspiring the students to consider a range of fulfilling and impactful careers aimed at addressing the pressing environmental challenges of our time. The event emphasised the critical need for interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation in preserving our planet for future generations.

Ms Louise Van Der Linde,
Mathematics Teacher and STEAM Coordinator.

University Fairs

Students were offered the opportunity to meet with representatives this week from universities in Australia, UK, USA, New Zealand and Ireland as part of our Higher Education Preparation Programme.

Epsom Celebrates Halloween and Bonfire Night

Epsom celebrated Halloween and Bonfire Night…We enjoyed Halloween themed snacks and our Prefect Team prepared a Haunted House to scare students for cash! We all dressed up in our favourite costumes - Halloween themed or otherwise - Who enjoys dressing up more? The grown ups or the students?

The grand finale was a jaw dropping firework display

Special thanks to the Friends of Epsom as always for their support and a big shout out to our Sixth Formers for all their hard work behind the scenes!

Epsom win the KLSL Trophy

On Tuesday, Epsom’s O15  boys travelled to Tiger Stadium in Petaling Jaya to partake in the KLSL Tournament, which consisted of five teams playing in a league format in which the team with the most points would win the trophy. The performance of the boys was outstanding as they won three games and drew one, leaving them unbeaten in the tournament with only one goal conceded.

The first match was a convincing  4-0 win, in which Jack, Jacob, Adlan and Tom all scored to begin the tournament positively. After a lengthy break due to lightning and severe rainfall the boys drew 0-0 against a tough Asia Pacific side; a game which featured a waterlogged pitch which made the conditions tough to play in with lots of sliding tackles and comically misplaced passes. The third match was a well fought win against Sunway International School, with a superbly taken goal from Jack and a left foot screamer from Imran powering the lads to a 2-1 victory, leaving it all to play for in the final game against Straits International school as we needed to overturn a huge goal difference

In a nail biting contest Epsom beat Straits 8-0 in the final game, with five from Tom, two from Jack and one from Bruce meaning Epsom were both level on points and on goal difference with Asia Pacific. As we had a superior number of goals scored , according to KLSL rules we could have claimed the trophy immediately, but after discussions between the higher ups of the KLSL tournament it was decided that the trophy would be decided by a penalty shootout and we (of course) sportingly agreed.

The dramatic penalty shoot out was a heart-in-mouth affair for both teams, with the tournament going to sudden death after the first three shooters for both teams netted their spot kicks, but eventually Asia Pacific could not keep up, missing their sixth penalty, which meant it was down to our very own Adlan to bury his penalty to seal the trophy for the boys. Adlan kept his cool, picked his spot and converted, meaning our captain Jacob accompanied by Adlan lifted the trophy to give Epsom College their first silverware of this academic year.

Thomas W, Year 13 Propert.

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Friday Flyer

More Sporting Success - Volleyball U18

As part of their preparations for the upcoming FOBISIA Volleyball Tournament, Epsom U18 Boys and Girls travelled to Alice Smith School to play a friendly fixture. This was a great opportunity to fine tune all the extra hours of training that the boys have been doing and to see our progress against solid opposition.

Epsom Girls performed well and won 3 sets to 1.

Our Boys fielded a very experienced team in the first set and immediately raced into a healthy lead due to our accurate and powerful serving.  We won the first set 25-16.  Moving into the 2nd set there were some encouraging performances from Pei Hu and Charles in Y11 who were making their first appearance for the U18s.  We won the 2nd set 25-19.  The third set saw Epsom's spikers really play some lovely volleyball and Ethan, Jayson were hitting regular points.  Damon and Soshi were superb in their setting and Kazuma defended brilliantly.  We ran out 25-20 winners.  Having won the match we played for a further 2 sets which allowed all our players to get some valuable game time.  Aiden, Gaia and Koutatsu really contributed to a fantastic team performance and we ended up winning 5 sets to 0.  A perfect way to finish our preparations for FOBISIA.

Mr Dien Woller,
PE Teacher

Great Golf

On November 7th, we proudly sent five student-athletes from ECM Golf Academy to compete in the AIMS Golf Tournament organised at Staffield Golf Country Club. This was a significant event for our students, with varying experience levels.

Yuki participated in his very first tournament, Bill Jit in his second, and James and Aisha in their third. Tsuyoshi led the pack with this valuable experience.

Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer

We're thrilled to announce that James secured 3rd place in the under-13 category, an impressive achievement, especially considering this was only his third tournament! Tsuyoshi finished in 4th place. Aisha achieved a commendable 5th place in the under-13 category. Bill demonstrated his improvement by playing 10 strokes better than his last tournament.

We're immensely proud of our young athletes and their performances in this tournament.

On October 31st and November 1st, the ECM Golf Academy proudly sent five student-athletes to the inaugural US Kids Golf Tournament series at Subang Golf Club (KGNS). Our young golfers delivered podium performances over the two tournament days.

Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer

Adrianna showcased her tenacity, securing 1st place in her category over the two days, while Tsuyoshi, achieved 4th place in day one and tied 1st in day two. Nexus  played solid golf to finish 3rd on day one and in 4th position over the two days.

Friday Flyer

These accomplishments not only brought recognition but also valuable points that will pave the way to the Grand Final. We are equally excited to acknowledge the achievements of Aisha and James, who participated in their very first tournament and earned points too.

We look forward to more achievements from our ECM Golf Academy students-athletes.

Mr Travis Van Dijk,
Head Coach, Epsom Golf Academy

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Prep School Halloween Fun

Our Prep School celebrated Halloween with Trick or Treat and a visit to the Haunted House that our Friends of Epsom prepared…

Meet our Teachers

Hello, we are Angela and Yunn Xynn of Crawfurd House and we would like to introduce you to some of our lovely Epsom teachers! This week we have interviewed one of our lovely Chemistry Teachers, Mr Mahesh Warrier

Friday Flyer

What inspired you to become a Chemistry teacher, and why do you enjoy teaching this subject?

Teaching Chemistry allows me to share two of my greatest passions in life-helping shape the young minds of future citizens of the world and fulfilling the goal of ensuring that my students are endowed with an everlasting drive to discover, learn, innovate and build new products using Chemistry to help mankind.

Do you have any suggestions or tips to help students be more confident on the test and also how you remember the formulas more quickly!!

Chemical formulae are best learnt through the effective use of the periodic table-through the applications of the fundamental laws of chemical bonding and simple mathematical calculations involving addition and multiplication, even the most complex chemical formulae can be written and difficult equations can be balanced.

How do you connect chemistry principles to real-world applications in your teaching?

The use of Chemistry in real-world applications such as nanotechnology and semiconductivity remain areas that future chemists could explore further to build structures and innovate through mass production to transform the world. I use real-life examples and molecular modelling in Chemistry to bring to life abstract concepts and theories for ease of application in solving problems and accomplishing long-term understanding.

Can you describe yourself in 3 words?

Kind, Hard-working, Determined

To learn more about our staff at Epsom, please click on this LINK.

Have a great weekend,
Yunn Xynn and Angela 🙂

Upcoming Event

Dear all,

I hope you all are enjoying the second half of the term.

Did you realise.. we have less than 2 months until Christmas?

Just like every other year, we will enjoy a Christmas Concert on 12th December.

This will be a WHOLE SCHOOL event and offers a brilliant opportunity for all our students to show their talent to friends and families.

You should perform something Christmasy such as a Christmas carol or song for the Christmas Concert. Also, please bear in mind that you CAN'T sing with a backing track, instead you can perform as a band or find someone to play an instrument for accompaniment.

Students may want to sign up for Open Mic Night happening on 30th November. The theme for this is Protecting our Planet as there will be a focus on that day in your lessons on how you can protect the planet.

Our Open Mic Night will be on the Lobby Stage during the evening.

If the piece students want to perform is already taken, especially for the Christmas concert, please change your performance piece 🙁  Since the song choices are first come first served, I hope you sign up ASAP!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to either contact Mr Crann or me.

Looking forward to see you all there 😀

Best regards,

Diana, Year 13 Rosebery
ECiM International Prefect 2023/2024

Upcoming Event

Friday Flyer

Dear all,

I hope this email finds you well.

On behalf of the academic prefects, I am excited to announce a KS4 Debate Week coming to you soon!

The senior houses will go against each other in a series of three debates happening within the week of 20th November. Each house will be nominating 1 team of 3 members, and the winning team gets to receive a cash prize of RM 90 in addition to 3 RM10 vouchers for the Instant Happiness Cafe plus a customised certificate.

This is a great opportunity for you to develop your public speaking skills and exercise critical thinking - both of which are very important to your A-level studies and beyond.

Your Head and Deputy Head of House will be nominating teams for Rosebery, Granville, Crawfurd, and Propert respectively. Participants will be given all the resources and information they need in order to prepare for their round of debate separate to this email.

Even if you aren't competing, you are welcome to come and watch as well as support your housemates and friends!

Here is the outline for this event:

21st November - Rosebery vs Crawfurd

22nd November - Granville vs Propert

23rd November - The Final Round

Time: 8pm-9pm for all 3 rounds

Location: Sixth Form Centre

Thank you for your attention and look forward to KS4 Debate Week!

Kind regards,

Ann Yi
ECiM Academic Prefect 2023/24

Marvelous Music

The musical highlight so far this year was the House Music Competition on 12th October. The final results were fiercely contested, but the largest Epsom audience ever and the 400+ performers were left in no doubt that the standard of this year’s concert was even higher than last year. The competition was the closest in memory with just a few points separating the places.

Congratulations to all of the houses, but particularly to Rosebery and Carr as the overall winners of the Senior and Junior competitions. Well done also to Propert for the best Instrumental and Part Song performances, and Rosebery Senior for the Whole House Performance. Thank you to everyone who took part and supported the event.

Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer

On Tuesday this week, our Year 10 GCSE students had their first opportunity to perform at the Lunchtime Live concert. Held on our new Lobby Performance Stage, highlights included students playing violin, piano, guitar, bass guitar and voice.

Friday Flyer

Over the next few weeks we are looking forward to our Sunset Serenade concert on 21st November and the Open Mic Night on 30th November. The Sunset Serenade will feature our GCSE students performing pieces they have prepared for their Music GCSE. This promises to be an evening of high quality performances and fingers crossed, the backdrop of a glorious sunset.

The theme of our Open Mic Night this term is “Protecting the Planet”. During the day on 30th November, all students will be looking at ways to protect the planet during their normal lessons, and during the evening, we hope that some of the songs will link to this theme. Will someone sing What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong or maybe Michael Jackson’s Earth Song?

Christmas is always a busy time for any school and we have a number of exciting events ahead for students in the Prep and Senior Schools to celebrate the Christmas festivities. The Prep School will be holding their annual Christmas Concert on 7th December. Our Prep Concerts are a great opportunity for the students in the Prep School to sing in the choirs and play the instruments they have been learning in the Prep School Instrumental Programme.

We are delighted that our Year 4-6 Prep School Choir has once again been invited to sing some Christmas songs at IOI City Mall on Saturday 9th December. Last year, the students really enjoyed singing at the themed stage in the East Wing of IOI City Mall, surrounded by Christmas decorations and excited shoppers.

Friday Flyer

The final event of 2023 will be the Senior School Christmas concert on Tuesday 12th December. This promises to be a truly festive event with performances from the Studio Orchestra, Senior String Ensemble, Choir, Rock Bands and many more.

Friday Flyer

So, Dear Reader,

Thank you for reading our Epsom Friday Flyer and we wish you all the very best for a restful weekend.

Happy Friday from us all at Epsom.


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