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We hope you have enjoyed a productive week - here is a snapshot of what has been on offer at Epsom since Monday - LINK

This past week, Epsom College turned its focus to a topic of paramount importance: mental health and wellbeing.

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Our dedicated school counsellor, Ms. Pajan Kaur, led an assembly that explored the intricacies of maintaining good mental health and how to confront life's challenges with resilience.

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William Ernest Henley's poetic words in "Invictus" remind us that change originates from within. We are the captains of our fate and the masters of our souls, illustrating that we have the power to enhance our mental health and wellbeing through various avenues. These include engaging in sports, immersing ourselves in nature, practising meditation, and seeking guidance through counselling.

Furthermore, we emphasised the significance of our support networks, which encompass our families, friends, and professionals like counsellors. These individuals are equipped to help us navigate the inevitable challenges we encounter. It is important to remember that if you wish to feel good, doing something good can be transformative. Acts of kindness, whether big or small, have the remarkable capacity to uplift our spirits as we traverse the sometimes bumpy road of life.

In the video below, recorded by Sameer in Year 12, our staff and students explain what mental health means to them.

In the United Kingdom, statistics from the NHS reveal that 1 in 4 adults and 1 in 10 children will experience a mental illness at some point in their lives. These numbers underscore the prevalence of mental health challenges and emphasise that there is no reason to feel ashamed. Open conversations about mental health are the key to understanding and healing.

At Epsom College, we are deeply committed to nurturing a supportive ethos where kindness is key. We want all our learners to feel safe expressing their emotions and to access support whenever needed. Our students exemplify this caring spirit, which is evident in our Peer Support Programme. Here, students volunteer to be peer mentors, making themselves available to offer support to their peers and, if necessary, referring them to our school counsellor, Ms. Pajan.

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Jacob, a Year 12 student, is leading an initiative known as SWAG (Student Welfare Awareness Group). This group aims to promote various wellbeing initiatives and enhance the overall happiness within our school community.

The Comfort Society provides a safe space for open discussions about issues such as homelessness, loneliness, and low moods, challenges that students may encounter when studying at an international boarding school far from home.

Life undoubtedly presents its share of challenges. However, we believe that by overcoming these hurdles and using our experiences to benefit others, we make the journey worthwhile. We learn humility, compassion, and kindness through life's trials, and these values are instrumental in making the world a better place.

In embracing a culture of care, Epsom College is not only fostering strong minds but also nurturing compassionate hearts, empowering our students to thrive and create positive change in the world.

I hope that you enjoy the articles to come. Happy Reading and Happy Friday.

Best wishes,

Mr Matthew Brown,

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A Message from the Leadership Team - Mr Phil Pedro, Head of Sixth Form

Sixth Form: A Thriving Hub of Academic Excellence and Community

Term 1A Review

With the commencement of the new academic year, the Sixth Form at Epsom College in Malaysia remains a thriving hub of academic excellence and community spirit. During term 1A, our students diligently immersed themselves in their studies. Year 12 pupils adeptly navigated the transition from GCSEs to A-Levels, while year 13 pupils dedicated their efforts to crafting personal statements and managing university applications, with valuable assistance from our careers team. As always, our students were fortunate to receive guidance from esteemed universities and lecturers who visited Epsom throughout term 1A, offering one-on-one sessions, mini-taster lectures, and guidance for admissions tests.

In addition to their academic pursuits, term 1A witnessed a series of exciting events that brought the Sixth Form community together:

University Fairs and Visits: Students had the opportunity to engage with representatives from universities worldwide at several university fairs held throughout the term. Notably, the Sixth Form hosted an extensive fair featuring over 50 universities from Key Stages 4 and 5, enabling students to explore their options and understand entry requirements for different university destinations. Furthermore, students attended workshop sessions conducted by King's College and Imperial College, shedding light on the intricacies of the university application process.

Epsom Live Talks: This term, the Epsom Live Talks series featured distinguished speakers such as Mary Justice Dato Lim, a respected judge of the Federal Court of Malaysia , and Jamaliah Jamaluddin, a young up and coming politician. Moderated by our students, these talks offered the Sixth Form community invaluable insights into a myriad of topics, including career pathways, leadership, social responsibility, activism, and rights.

Sixth Form Socials: Social gatherings provided students with opportunities to unwind and forge deeper connections with one another. In term 1A, year 12 and year 13 students celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival with mooncakes, handcrafted lanterns, and joyful camaraderie.

Extracurricular Activities Programme: Our diverse Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) programme continued to offer Sixth Form students opportunities to explore beyond the curriculum, expand their horizons, and engage in physical and creative activities. CCA choices included sports, music, and drama, fostering skill development, talent cultivation, and cross-year friendships. Later in the academic year, the Sixth Form is planning to introduce CCAs with an academic focus, including SAT preparation for American universities.

Charitable Initiatives: The Sixth Form community demonstrated its commitment to giving back to the local community. This year, students have already initiated commendable efforts to raise funds for causes close to their hearts, such as cancer awareness and mental health charities.

I take immense pride in how our Sixth Form students have supported one another and embraced the commencement of the new academic year. The Sixth Form remains a warm and nurturing community, where students willingly go above and beyond for their peers and teachers. We eagerly anticipate the exciting prospects that term 1B holds, including forthcoming Epsom Live Talks that are currently in the planning stages.

Phil Pedro
Head of Sixth Form

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Upcoming Epsom Live Talk - Sir Anthony Seldon, Headmaster of Epsom UK

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Propert House Updates

In a bid to recognise excellence, Propert House is introducing a prestigious new honour – the Propert Flag which will be awarded each half term. Academic tutors and boarding staff nominate a student who showcases our house values and ethos. It’s not just about academics, but also about demonstrating positive learning attributes, being active in the community and having a wider involvement in house activities. For this half-term, we presented the Propert Flag to HengChu for all his support to our house matrons during challenging times.

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A very special well done, HengChu! HengChu can now pin this flag to his dormitory door for the next half term.

Day students are also eligible and in such cases, a photograph of the selected student will be displayed in the common room beneath the flag, ensuring that every member of our house community has the opportunity to shine.

Enjoy your weekend and term break,

Mr Richardson,
Housemaster, Propert House

Crawfurd House Updates

Crawfurd and Rosebery House Students Visit MyTown Mall

We are excited to share a wonderful experience that our students from Crawfurd and Rosebery Houses recently had at MyTown Mall. On a sunny Saturday afternoon, our students embarked on a journey of creativity, where they had the opportunity to choose between baking delicious treats and trying their hand at the fascinating art of tufting. This unique outing not only offered an enjoyable escape from the school routine but also encouraged the development of new skills and a sense of community.

For those with a sweet tooth and a passion for baking, the afternoon began at the Good Times DIY Baking Studio. The aroma of freshly baked goods wafted through the air as our students donned their aprons and rolled up their sleeves. Guided by professional bakers, they were introduced to the art of baking.

The menu for the day included a range of delectable treats such as cupcakes, cookies, and cheesecakes. The students learned how to measure ingredients precisely, mix the perfect batter, and decorate their creations with colourful icing and sprinkles. As they waited for their creations to bake in the ovens, the students shared tips and stories about their experiences in the kitchen. The sense of camaraderie and teamwork among our young bakers was wonderful to witness.

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Each student had a beautiful assortment of treats to take home and share with family and friends. The smiles on their faces were a testament to the satisfaction that comes from creating something delicious with your own hands.

Meanwhile, in another corner of MyTown Mall, a group of students embarked on a journey into the world of tufting at Good Times DIY Tufting Studio. Tufting is a form of textile art where soft threads are punched or pulled through a fabric base to create intricate designs, patterns, and textures.

Under the guidance of a talented textile artist, our students learned the basics of tufting, from selecting the right materials to creating their designs. They had access to a colourful array of yarns to bring their artistic visions to life. As they worked diligently on their tufting projects, some discovered the calming and meditative nature of this art form.

The tufting session allowed our students to tap into their creativity and express themselves through their unique designs. Some students chose to create abstract patterns and animals, while others were inspired by Anime. The results were truly remarkable, showcasing the individuality and artistic flair of our students.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this outing was the sense of friendship that developed among the students. Whether they were baking or tufting, they bonded over their shared experiences and learned to appreciate each other's talents and interests. The day was a reminder that learning extends far beyond the classroom. It was an opportunity for our students to explore new skills, unleash their creativity, and build connections with their peers. We are proud of their enthusiasm, curiosity, and willingness to try something new.

Epsom Live Talk

Last week, Epsom College had the privilege of hosting an engaging Epsom Live talk featuring the distinguished politician, Jamalia Jamaludin. These events, designed to enrich our students' educational experiences, provide invaluable opportunities for them to interact with professionals from diverse fields, including politics, law, entrepreneurship, economics, and C-suite leadership. As we endeavor to nurture the leaders of tomorrow, such discussions serve as a crucial supplement to the standard curriculum, encouraging our students to broaden their horizons.

Leading the insightful conversation were our Humanities Society moderators, Pei Wen and Karishaa, both in Year 13, along with our Headmaster, Mr. Brown. They delved into Jamalia Jamaludin's illustrious career and the motivations that drive her in the field of politics.

The session proved to be thought-provoking and inspirational. One of the key takeaways was the significance of social media, particularly TikTok, in motivating young people to engage with politics. Epsomians were encouraged to immerse themselves in the political landscape, gain a deeper understanding of party policies, and exercise their right to vote. They were urged to assess politicians based on their actions, personal values, and characteristics rather than merely their party affiliations. Our students were reminded to be cautious of politicians who offer simplistic solutions to complex issues.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Jamalia Jamaludin for generously sharing her time and insights with our students. Looking ahead, we are excited about our upcoming events, with the next one featuring the esteemed Headmaster of Epsom College UK, Sir Anthony Seldon, scheduled for October 30th.

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Meeting the English Department

We are thrilled that the English department has expanded this academic year. Whilst many of our students and parents have already had the pleasure of being taught by or interacting with Ms Kate Orpwood, four new members of staff have joined the team from esteemed schools across the globe. Allow us to introduce ourselves, as we borrow The Guardian’s interview style and share some of our most treasured memories, connected to literature as well as life.

Georgie Prestidge, Head of English

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What’s your earliest reading memory?

My earliest reading memories are connected more to tapes - the analog version of audiobooks, for any younger readers - than books. As a child who struggled to sleep, three stories kept me company as the nights drew in: The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson, Roald Dahl’s The BFG and Doctor Dolittle.

Which book are you ashamed not to have read?

Whilst there are countless books that I’ve yet to read, for me, this question most applies to the disappointment I felt when I failed to finish Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. As thick as a brick, it is a novel of epic proportions; I managed to get halfway through before leaving it untouched on my bedside table one too many evenings. A month passed. When I opened it once again, I was completely lost and didn't have the heart to start again. What this really taught me was the need to own a good bookmark!

What is the last book you read?

I am fortunate enough to belong to a Book Club with a group of women I first met aged 13 at a boarding school in the English midlands. Whilst the regularity of our book-focused get-togethers has waned slightly over the years, this still steers my reading every few months. As suggested by one of the group, my most recent read was Hanya Yanagihara’s To Paradise.

Kevin Hill, Teacher of English & Head of our EAL

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Who’s the coolest person you’ve ever met?

David Walliams, the author of Gangsta Granny, Bad Dad and World’s Worst Children. Whilst walking through Chinatown in London with my best friend, I saw the coolest author! I was so excited I shouted out, “David Walliams you are a legend!” He turned around with a big smile on his face and replied, “You’re too kind.”

What’s your timeless children’s book?

Matilda. I think that Miss Trunchbull’s hammer throw of little Amanda Thripp has got to be one of the greatest things ever written.

“What are those in your hair Amanda?”


“Are you a pig?”

“My mommy thinks they’re cute.”


What’s your favourite book to film adaptation?

Blade Runner. This is a science fiction story, actually it is THE Sci-Fi story. It asks the question, what is existence? Is AI alive? Are we? It is super cool.

Kate Orpwood, English Teacher & HMM Rosebery

Friday Flyer

What’s your earliest reading memory?

A child of the seventies, I was weaned on Enid Blyton. She has become horribly non-pc, with good reason, but I find myself showing my own children parodies of The Famous Five - pompous Julian imperiously advising ‘Best not, Anne, what with you being a girl!’ - while envying the freedom and fresh air of a Famous Five childhood.

Which book made you want to be a teacher?

There are so many, but I have especially happy memories of teaching Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited and Willa Cather’s My Antonia.

Which book have you discovered later in life?

I am in love with the Western Australian writer Tim Winton - Eyrie is easily one of my top ten novels by a living writer. And I am one of Raynor Winn’s legions of fans. The Salt Path is her account of walking my beloved South West Coast Path, newly homeless, unemployed, and penniless, with her beautiful husband Moth just diagnosed with a terminal illness. This book always makes it into my luggage because I return to it so often. She and Moth are complete legends, but it’s also the way she writes that draws me back. Raynor Winn gives me hope and The Salt Path has become my honest, funny, poetic prayer.

Nourah Elkemary, English Teacher

Friday Flyer

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A police woman and an author. I completed my studies in English in order to be a writer; I have written numerous poems, songs and short stories. When studying English I also became interested in teaching so I pursued that after finishing my BA.

Did anyone read to you when were was a kid?

My mum often read to me, my dad would make up stories to tell me, and my grandma would record herself reading to me and send me the voice recording (she lived very far away). I especially loved her voice recordings as she would read stories in Dutch and I could listen to them as many times as I wanted. She sent me a copy of the book along with the recording so that I was able to read along with her. These recordings made me feel as though she was a bit nearer.

What is the last book you read?

Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie.

Agatha Christie is one of my favourite authors and I love the intricate and clever mysteries she writes. I've read Death on the Nile more than once but it's often a joy to reread a story and see it in a different way than when you read it the first time.

Amelia Denton, English Teacher

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What is the last book you read?

The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver

It was a gift from a friend and I’m not sure if I would have picked it up if it hadn’t come to me. I absolutely loved it. Kingsolver describes the Belgian Congo in such exquisitely rich detail I could practically hear the cicadas.

What is your timeless children’s book?

It has to be Green Eggs and Ham, or One Fish Two Fish, or anything by the master of nonsense: Dr Seuss. I would pour over his ludicrous poems night after night, enjoying the rhythms and the sounds and the crazy illustrations. I think I can thank Dr Seuss for my enduring love of poetry.

Who’s the coolest person you’ve ever met?

My grandmother. She was irreverent, mischievous and a rebel through and through. She would do all of the things a grandmother was expected to do, like bake apple crumble and teach me how to paint with watercolors. Yet, when she caught me sneaking chocolate ice cream from the freezer when I couldn’t sleep one night, rather than send me back to bed she grabbed a spoon and we watched a whole season of The Vicar of Dibley (British TV comedy show).

Have a wonderful weekend from Epsom English Department!

Epsom Football Teams

ECiM sent 3 teams down to Johor Bahru to play in this year's Marlborough 7s Football tournament over the weekend of 7th and 8th October. This was our first football tournament of the year and students have been training hard in Games lessons and CCAs to improve their skills and form teams. The arrival of Mr Ramos as Head Coach for the La Liga Academy, has sparked enthusiasm for the game and he has already managed to put structures in place to enhance Football on campus with fun and engaging sessions.

Conditions were testing throughout the 2 days of competition and each ECiM team were in divisions against schools with strong Football programmes including Dulwich College Singapore, Repton, ISKL as well as Marlborough College Malaysia. 

Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer

Mr Wooler - U15 Boys Coach

“All players showed a very good attitude and demonstrated super teamwork during the entire tournament despite having very few substitutions”

Memorable moments: Henry making world class saves to keep out Marlborough.

Player of the tournament: Hal. Outstanding all weekend

Most improved player: Shunsuke. Grew in confidence after every game.

Miss Back - U15 Girls Coach

“This was the first time all of the girls had played together and for some it was their first experience of competitive football. Everyone tried their absolute best and worked incredibly hard for each other. All the girls should be very proud of themselves. Despite tiredness and injuries (there were a lot) they gave it 100% and it serves as a great stepping stone for future matches and tournaments.”

Memorable moments:

  • Adriana’s ice-cool penalty to seal victory in the last game.
  • Sofia’s world class finishes.
  • Ee Xynn’s slide tackles and headers.
  • Stephanie being an injury magnet but still carrying on through the pain.
  • Rachel making some great saves despite only having one functioning ankle.
  • Callista taking a ball to the face like a pro in her first ever game of football.

Player of the tournament: Yi Ro for stepping up and playing out of position for the last 4 games. This was following an unfortunate tournament ending injury to our central defensive rock Kaegan. Yi Ro also quite literally stepped into Kaegan’s shoes after thinking that she had left hers on the bus!

Most improved players: Nurfatiha, Ee Xynn and Leah

Mr Dale - U18 Boys Coach

“We had our chances and the guys played really well. Overall, we represented ECiM fantastically and it was great to see everyone put in lots of effort and work hard for the team.”

Memorable moments: Imran’s left footed angled thunderbolt in QF’s. Jack having his penalty saved in the Semi Final shootout

Player of the tournament: Luke. Showed his advanced footballing brain throughout the matches.

Most Improved player: Jacob. Ethan also made some excellent saves and showed great resilience after a challenging start.

The U15 Girls won three games and finished 5th out of 7 teams. The U15 Boys and U18 Boys both qualified for the cup competition on day 2 and narrowly missed out on the final. Our U15 Boys secured a bronze medal but the U18s were not able to recover from the semi final disappointment and finished 4th.

This was a fantastic tournament to be part of. Thank you to all of our coaches and players for their dedication. Looking forward to next year.

Happy Friday All,
Mr Miller, Director of Sport

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Great Golf

On Monday, October 9th, the ECM Golf Academy sent a team of four players to compete in the Rising Stars Junior Golf Tournament at Glenmarie Golf and Country Club, Shah Alam, hosted by AiMS and the Hall of Fame. This event featured 83 players from 14 international schools.

We're thrilled to announce that our students achieved remarkable results, landing in the top 7 out of the 83 players. Special congratulations to Nexus Khoo, who secured the 2nd runner-up position with an impressive score of 77. Adrianna Prewa Sim showcased her skills and earned the 5th place, and best female player. Tsuyoshi Minatoguchi's performance led him to the 7th overall position, and he even achieved his first eagle on a par 4. Last but not least, Bill Jit Meng Lim participated in his first-ever tournament, marking a milestone for him.

Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer

Stay tuned for more updates as we prepare for the upcoming US Kids Golf Malaysia Local Tour scheduled for October 31st to November 1st.

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Epsom Sixth Form Social

Epsom Sixth Form Centre came alive last week as our seniors celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival through a heartwarming event that brought them together in a student-conceived and student-led initiative for Years 12 and 13.

The festival provided a fantastic opportunity for our students to connect, socialise, and build lasting friendships, fostering a sense of camaraderie within their upper school community. Students engaged in a variety of enjoyable activities including making lanterns and playing fun games like musical chairs - even Mr Brown could not resist taking part! Of course our enterprising Business and Economics Society were on hand to offer delectable homemade snacks such as waffles and cookies, all while turning a profit!

Epsom Sixth Form Centre is a vibrant and dynamic hub, offering numerous avenues for student leadership, academic enrichment, and entrepreneurial ventures. Students here lead academic societies and organise engaging Epsom Live Talks. With a diverse student body representing over 28 nationalities, our school is a melting pot of cultures, which means there are plenty of cultural events to look forward to celebrating together.

As we look ahead, we are excited about the upcoming events on the horizon, including Halloween, Deepavali, and Christmas. These celebrations promise to further enrich our students' experiences and strengthen the bonds within our Epsom community.

Forensic Science at Epsom

Unveiling the Secrets: The Forensic Science Club's Journey into Crime Scene Investigation

It's time to shine an investigative spotlight on one of Epsom’s most exciting extracurricular clubs - The Forensic Science Club!  Our young detectives have been exploring the thrilling world of crime scene investigation, delving into the mysteries hidden in fingerprints, blood spatter patterns, soil analysis and footprints. Join us as we uncover the exciting journey of our Forensic Science Club.

Under the guidance of their forensics specialist, Ms. Crann, students have become adept at identifying, classifying, and lifting fingerprints from a variety of different surfaces. They have learned how to dust for prints, use adhesive tape to lift them, and even explore the intricacies of fingerprint patterns. It's no secret that no two fingerprints are alike, and our students have embraced the challenge of identifying these unique marks.

Blood spatter analysis is another intriguing facet of forensic science explored by our students this term. They have discovered that blood behaves in predictable ways when subjected to various forces and angles. Through hands-on experiments, they've mastered the art of interpreting blood spatter patterns, helping them piece together the story of a crime scene. It's a skill that requires precision and attention to detail, and our students have risen to the occasion.

The Forensic Science Club has also ventured into the world of footwear impressions. They've learned how to create casts of footprints left at crime scenes, gaining insights into the identification of suspects based on their shoeprints. It's like a real-life puzzle, and our young scientists have embraced the challenge with enthusiasm.

Our Forensic Science Club doesn't just stop at learning – students will eventually put their skills to the test by participating in a mock crime scene investigation, where they will apply their knowledge to solve a crime scene mystery and develop criminal theories. This activity will not only sharpen their investigative skills, but also foster teamwork and critical thinking.

Our Forensic Science Club exemplifies the spirit of curiosity, dedication, and problem-solving across all three science disciplines. Students are developing skills that extend far beyond the realm of forensic science, preparing them for future careers in various fields. Their commitment to learning and their passion for solving mysteries has been inspiring. We look forward to welcoming more students into the mysteries of forensic science next term.

Mrs Ellen Crann,
Biology Teacher, AHMM Crawfurd House.

Comfort Society Supports Mental Health Awareness

Come and join us in your PJ’s  for our fundraising social event!

Friday Flyer Friday Flyer

All profits from the social will be donated to the Malaysian Mental Health Association.

Kind regards
Molly, Year 13 Rosebery
Wellbeing Prefect 2023/24
Epsom College in Malaysia

Mouratoglou Tennis Programme Update

Dear our beloved Epsom Community Members,

The MTP Coaching Team hope you are all well and are looking forward to the half term break!

In the opening first week of October, we will be welcoming many high performance players from Australia, Indonesia and India - young teenage players who are highly active and competitive in the tennis world. This shows that players from around the world are showing interest in our training facility and coaching methodology. We’ve been building up connections and relationships with players around the globe who are looking to take their game to the next level.

Friday Flyer

If any of you Epsom students are staying in the Boarding Houses over Half Term then the MTP Coaching Team are more than happy for you to take part and give your support to the Epsom players who will be competing in next week, 14-17th October, in our Epsom UTR Tournament at our tennis courts.

We look forward to seeing you there!

And to those who are going home to spend quality time with their families and love ones, we wish you a good time back home and see you after the half term!

Have a great weekend and half term!

Thank you

Best regards,
The MTP Coaching Team
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Prep School House Shout

A few weeks ago I introduced our new Prep School Houses. I am now delighted to present to you our newly appointed House Captains who will tell you about the recent competition the House Shout  - our House chanting competition! /each house composed and performed their own energetic, motivating and intimidating chant.

Each Captain has written a short introduction so that everyone can get to know them a bit better!

Beruang Madu (Sun Bears)

Friday Flyer

Hello there to whoever is reading this! My name is Suri and I proudly announce that I am one of the House Captains for Beruang Madu’s. A little bit about me: I love art, reading manga and comics! An interesting thing about me is that I also like to crochet, I once lived in New York, I have broken my arm and I love my mum’s cooking! I have been at Epsom College since the start of Year 5 and I love learning here.

When I did the House Captain interview with Mrs.Rouson, Mr.Eyton- Jones and Ms.Chen, I was a nervous wreck! At some points during the interview I didn’t really know the answer to the question and that made me think that I would not get the job, but luckily I did!

Here are some goals I would like to achieve while I’m a House Captain:

  • Make everybody notice how cool and important Beruang Madu is
  • To get at least top three in all House competitions.
  • To ensure that all of the Beruang Madus know their worth!

And that’s all really! Go Sun Bears!

I am You Qian and before I arrived at this amazing educational establishment (AKA the fancy way of saying the word school), I would never be excited for school. My old school had no PE lessons, PSHE, science etc, everything was just sitting at your desk learning Chinese the hard way, which was getting hit by a stick if you didn’t know how to read or pronounce a word properly!  It was dull.  But now, after attending ECIM I have a great learning experience and much more stories to tell.

The first time I arrived at Epsom (for a taster), the first thing I did was introduce myself and find out that a fellow classmate had a similar name to mine, and that was when I had made my first friend, Yuqin. We called each other brothers because of our similar names, the fact we were both in Granville (my old House) and because he was my taster buddy.

After finishing Year 5, I was fully used to this incredible learning environment and had made many friends which I never had before, I even had a best friend! I learned how to play football, basketball and even T-ball and got better at them all. One particular thing I was proud of was my absolutely next-level at was English, I even had to show my writing to the Head of Prep, Mrs Rouson because my English had improved so much.

Now I am in Year 6 , and due to the excellent foundation of Year 4 and 5, it is not presenting too much of a challenge to me.. The difficulty level of the maths is decent and the English is a breeze, but what I have learned in Year 5 is that it always gets harder. So far, I am used to my new teacher and personally think his teaching style is amazing. I absolutely am looking forward to what the future challenges in Year 6

I wanted to be a House Captain as I have never had the opportunity to be a leader before. I thought this would be an amazing experience and so far it has been!.  My goal for the year is to make Beruang Madu into the best House in the whole school!

Buaya (Crocodiles)

Friday Flyer

Hello everybody my name is Natlene, Buaya House Captain. I have been in Epsom College in Malaysia for just over a year.  I wanted to be a House Captain for Buaya, because I wanted to help my House build confidence and to motivate them to keep on going. In addition, it’s a good opportunity since it is my last year in the Prep School.

Some of my hobbies are drawing in my free time, painting and I also like to read and create my own stories.  I also love swimming; it’s my absolute favourite thing to do at the weekend.  I also belong to a swimming club called D’Tempat.

Some of my goals for being a House Captain are:

  • Being able to win at least one House competition!
  • Being a role model to the younger children.
  • Make my teachers and fellow Buayains happy and proud!

I am very lucky and grateful to get this opportunity again for the second time (as I was Rosebery House Captain when I was in Year 5!).

Hello everyone, for those who don’t know me my name is Qaim and I’m in Class 6MR

I have been at Epsom since I was in Year 1 so I have been in this spectacular school for 5 years.

I wanted to be House Captain so I could improve the wonderful Buaya House and help Epsom get even better.

My goal as a House captain is:

  • To figure out all my teammates’ abilities and work together to make Buaya House the best House ever
  • To inspire people to do things they wouldn’t usually do.

I was born in Sarawak, the same as all my siblings. I am mixed-heritage as my dad is from Bangladesh but was raised in England. As for my mother, she is Malaysian, born in Sarawak.   I absolutely love that I have three different cultures in my background and family.

My favourite subject is maths as I love to solve problems and challenges. I am also good at sport because I love being active and I like to learn about all the other different skills in all the types of sports. My brother (who is in Year 9) has been in Epsom since it opened up, so I’ve basically been in Epsom since I was in a stroller. I have seen Epsom’s growth and develop and would love to improve it more.

Thank you for reading this.

Burung Enggang (Hornbills)

Friday Flyer

Hello, my name Is Keith and this is my 8th year at Epsom. It has been a fantastic experience being at Epsom. It feels like a second home where I can be happy. The teachers are kind and throughout the years I have learned so much.

I wanted to take the role as a House Captain because it can improve my leadership skills and build up my confidence. In addition, it also feels nice to help the people around me. I hope my experience throughout the years at Epsom will bring a positive vibe, fun-filled atmosphere to my House.

My favourite food is chicken chop as the chicken is crispy and the sauce is silky, smooth. My hobbies are playing sports and board games. My favourite book is "The Book Of Dust" by Phillip Pullman because the story is action packed and has great vocabulary it is about a boy Malcolm (who is 12 years old) going to save Lyra with his sister Alice from the evils of the world.

When I joined Epsom I didn't know how to speak English and I couldn't understand what people were saying. I cried a lot because no one understood Mandarin. I came here not knowing how to speak English and now I am a confident English speaker. The teachers call me chatterbox because I talk too much. I have a lot of questions about almost everything that's why I have been awarded the Curiosity award twice and the Thinking award once last year.

My goals as a House Captain are:

  • To build upon people’s strengths and help my House appreciate what they can do and try their best.
  • To encourage our teammates, accept defeat, respect that the other teams.
  • Inspire other children.

Hello My name is Zoe and I am the new House captain for Burung Engang. I have been in ECIM for 7 weeks so far and hope to see kindness, perseverance and teamwork in my time as a House Captain. Just in the short time we have had our new Houses, I have seen improvements in the way we behave towards each other. I have seen that the bigger children look out for the smaller children and help them ask for what they would like to eat at the dining hall.

I wanted to be House Captain because I believe that I could be a good role model to other children and stick up for them if they are arguing with their friends and help sort things out. If a child is lonely they can come towards me and ask to play but if I see them looking sad or sitting alone I will ask them if they are ok and if they would like to play a game or join me and my friends.

Last year in my old school I was a student counsellor and I did important jobs like looking inside the kitchen and every week I would ask my classmates about their opinions about school and how we could improve. I loved seeing how far everyone has grown in such little time.

Harimau (Tigers)

Friday Flyer

Hello everybody, my name is Yuqin and I am the House Captain of Harimau.

Leadership is not merely a position; it is an opportunity to inspire and influence positive change within a community. The role of a House Captain embodies these principles. It is a position that I aspire to hold, not for the title, but for the chance to make a meaningful impact on the lives of my fellow students and our school community.

I would like to tell you the reasons behind my desire to become a House captain. The role of a House Captain often involves organising and participating in community service and charity events. I am passionate about giving back to our community and making a positive impact on the lives of those in need. By becoming a House Captain, I can channel this passion into meaningful actions that benefit our community and teach my fellow students the value of empathy and compassion.

Some interesting things about me! I have memorised the times tables to 15; I like to eat egg whites but egg yolk just doesn’t suit me!  I specialise in mathematics, art, PE and science.   All my Star of the Week awards were because of the four subject!

 I still love my mum reading to me before I sleep.

To conclude, being a House Captain does not mean I have full control over everyone. It is a role for being a model and making myself stand out so that children can ask me about their decisions. My goal this year as a House Captain is to help bring Harimau together and have the most wins over the year. I do not intend to be a scary person so please feel free to ask me any questions or problems you have.

Keep it up, there’s still a long way to go. And remember, Harimau is the best!

Hello my name is Lydia , House captain of Harimau. I am 10 years old and I am the youngest in my family. I’ve been in this school for two and a half years and I loved every moment of it. In the Prep School, our teachers make everything fun and make sure to give us plenty of activities to help us learn. The parents always have surprises for everybody in prep school and prepare different activities for different festivals including Christmas, book week, STEM week and Halloween.

This year is my third year and I am very excited for a new year of fun and to be House Captain of Harimau. I wanted to be a House Captain, because I wanted to help my House in competitions and races. I had some experience last year helping Crawford in different ways including representing my House and helping Crawford in different challenges.

I have one brother and a cat that is one and a half years old.  My dad is a teacher and my mum stays at home.

My goal as a House Captain is to help my House get better at multiple things and teach them to be kind to others. I am really excited about this year, and I hope that everyone will have a fun and an amazing time!

Friday Flyer

House Shout   a competition to compose the best ‘House Chant’

The Five Stages of the House Shout by Suri, Beurang Madu House Captain.

The planning for the House chant was quite difficult but thanks to the teachers in our House, we were ready to start rehearsing.

I think creation was the hardest part for the Shout because we did not feel inspired.

We split up into two groups, one for response and recall and one for the chant.

Rehearsing before the competition, oh boy. The practice before the Competition was good, but not me.  I mean I was good but my heart wasn’t. It was thumping so loud that you can hear it if the room was really quiet (well not really but you know what I mean).  Then it was time…

During Language and Phonics, Mrs.Rouson let one of the House Captains choose a sticky note. I didn’t know why she was doing this but when she explained that it was the order, I felt horrible! My team was last!

Practising weeks before the competition: good Rehearsal: okay. Walking into the theatre with three other really good Houses that will probably destroy us: honestly, not bad! Watching the other Houses' really good chants were really fun to watch! There was only one time I really got nervous, when we got called on stage.

The Results!
After we got off the stage, the judges called the final results. When I say I jumped out of my seat, I was not kidding. We won! We actually won.  Everybody in Beruang Madu was cheering (and screaming) their heads off .And that folks is how I lost my voice the next day.

The Incredible Victory by You Qian, Beruang Madu House Captain

One fateful day on Friday 6th October was the House Chant competition. Every House was nervous but had confidence, except for one House. Once House had dreaded this day - the Sun Bears.

As one of the House Captains, I did believe in my House, but never thought we would win. A major reason why was the intense competition we had, they were creative all in their own ways, and one in particular us Sun bears saw was the toughest competitor in particular was the Harimau House. Not even the faithful leaders of the Sun bear House had believed we could even scratch the indestructible Harimau House.

Nonetheless, in the end, the Sun Bears loud and passionate voices had won them the House Shout competition. All the Sun bears were jumping with joy all because of the incredible teachers in Sun bear’s efforts and the amazing leadership of the House Captains. - You Qian, House Captain of Beruang Madu

So, Dear Reader,

Thank you for reading our Epsom Friday Flyer and we wish you all the very best for a restful weekend.

Happy Friday from us all at Epsom.


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