Headmaster's Welcome

In our recent assembly we considered the theme of 'Daring Greatly,' embracing the spirit of courage, resilience, and unwavering commitment that defines our educational mission.

At Epsom College in Malaysia, we are deeply committed to providing our students with a diverse range of opportunities such as the World Scholars Cup and the upcoming school production as well as the greatly anticipated House Music competition.

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We understand that a well-rounded education encompasses more than just academic excellence—it encompasses the development of character, the nurturing of values, and the cultivation of the courage to step beyond one's comfort zone. Our holistic approach to education is grounded in the belief that each student has the potential to shine in their own unique way, and it is our responsibility to provide the platform for them to flourish.

Our aspiration is clear: we want our students to graduate from Epsom College in Malaysia not only with outstanding academic achievements but also as resilient individuals who understand the importance of commitment and collaboration. We want them to emerge from our school with well-honed interpersonal skills, the ability to work as a team, and the courage to negotiate, compromise, and stand their ground when necessary.

In the pursuit of these objectives, we draw inspiration from Theodore Roosevelt's famous speech, "The Man in the Arena”. This powerful message resonates deeply with our school's vision and encapsulates the essence of daring greatly. Roosevelt's words remind us that it is not the critic who counts, but the individual who is willing to step into the arena of life, to embrace challenges with enthusiasm, and to strive valiantly despite the inevitability of errors and setbacks.

We want our students to be those individuals in the arena, the ones who dare greatly. It takes courage to try, to push boundaries, and to take risks. It is easy to sit on the sidelines and criticise, but true growth and achievement occur when one is willing to face adversity head-on. We instil in our students the belief that, even in the face of failure, they should dare to try rather than be a critic, one of those "cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat."

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Nelson Mandela recognised the power of Roosevelt's words when he gave a copy of this speech to Francois Pienaar, the Captain of the South African Rugby team in 1995. Mandela's gesture underscored the importance of commitment and devotion in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges.

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Similarly, LeBron James, one of the most iconic athletes of our time, finds this speech so inspiring that he has it written on his shoes as a constant reminder of the courage required to aim high and strive for greatness.

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As a school community, we are committed to fostering an environment where our students feel encouraged and supported in their endeavours to dare greatly. We provide them with the tools, guidance, and opportunities to explore their passions, to embrace challenges, and to develop the resilience needed to persevere in the face of adversity.

This week at Epsom, students had the privilege of welcoming the Honourable Mary Lim, a distinguished Judge, to speak with them. Her visit left a lasting impression on our students as she shared her wisdom and experiences, emphasising the importance of embracing failure as a stepping stone to success.

Judge Mary Lim delivered a powerful message to the students, encouraging them not to fear failure but rather to dare to fail. She emphasised that it is through these failures that individuals can build their resilience and determination to ultimately achieve their goals.

Judge Mary Lim revealed that she was not a straight-A student during her academic journey. However, it was her unwavering grit and finding her passion that propelled her to her current esteemed position. Her story serves as a shining example of how perseverance and a growth mindset can lead to remarkable achievements.

As an exciting follow-up to Judge Mary Lim's visit, Epsom students have received an exclusive invitation to attend a talk by Sir Geoffrey Vos. Sir Geoffrey Vos will present on the fascinating topic of "Legal Practice in the Age of Artificial Intelligence." This promises to be an enlightening event that will provide valuable insights into the intersection of law and technology.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Judge Mary Lim for sharing her valuable insights and motivating our students to embrace failure as a means of personal growth. Her visit has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on our school community, and we look forward to the upcoming presentation by Sir Jeffrey Vos.

We invite you to join us on this journey of daring greatly, to celebrate the courage of our students, and to embrace the values that define our school. Together, as a community, we can inspire and empower the next generation to be the doers of deeds, the individuals who make a positive impact on the world.

Thank you for entrusting us with the privilege of nurturing and guiding your children. Together, we will continue to strive for excellence and encourage our students to dare greatly, because it is by daring greatly that they will discover the true extent of their potential.

We hope you enjoy the articles to come and wish you all a very Happy Friday!

Best wishes,

Mr Matthew Brown,
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A Message From Our Leadership Team, Mrs Rouson - Head of Prep

In the Prep School we have had a great start to the term with a record number of students on roll, the launch of our new Houses and lots of new teachers joining us.  I will introduce you to the Prep Team over the coming weeks but I wanted to start with two of our new Prep School leaders.

Below is an outline of their roles and some words from them about why these are vital positions within the Prep School.

Cindy Chen - Early Education Leader

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Cindy is an experienced Early Years practitioner and is responsible for the teaching and learning as well as the organisation of our youngest students.  She is one of the class teachers for our Early Years class but she also oversees our two Key Stage 1 classes too.

Here’s what Cindy has to say about ensuring the children have a great start to their school journeys:

In Early Years, students transition into a small community where they are learning more about who they are as individuals and as a group. Our priority is for students to feel safe and comfortable as they get used to a set routine, to feel joyous and curious when they explore various activities, and to have the opportunity to be creative as they interact with the environment around them. 

Our focus includes:

  • Independence
  • Social-emotional learning
  • Communicating needs and wants
  • Building ongoing self-confidence
  • Exposing students to various subject areas in a fun and engaging way
  • Preparing students for Y1 and Y2

We want students to transition to Key Stage 1 feeling confident about who they are and their abilities. This means knowing they can face new challenges and find the resources to solve new problems. Beyond self-care and social-emotional skills, students are exposed to Y1 subject areas in order to help them succeed in their following school years.

Mark Eyton-Jones - Wellbeing and Pastoral Leader

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Mark is an experienced teacher and coach who has a proven track record in supporting students, elevating their wellbeing and using restorative practices to improve learning behaviour.  Mark will be responsible for ensuring our students feel safe and secure, allowing them to challenge themselves and take risks in their learning.  He will be supporting teachers with behaviour management and wellbeing within their classrooms as well as intervention for students who have additional needs.

Here are Mark’s words about the importance of Pastoral care in the Prep School:

In the Prep School, we believe that fostering a spirit of exploration and innovation is essential for nurturing well-rounded, resilient, and forward-thinking students. We understand that taking risks in education is a crucial component of personal growth and development. Helping children understand that the Prep School is a safe place to take these risks is something that each adult in the school understands and endeavours to communicate to our young learners.

In and out of class we encourage students to step outside their comfort zones, explore new ideas, and challenge themselves academically, socially, and creatively. We offer a nurturing atmosphere where students can experiment, make mistakes, and learn from them. Our dedicated educators are committed to guiding and mentoring students as they navigate these educational adventures, ensuring that each step taken is a step forward in their learning journey.

Taking risks can be daunting for children, but with the safety net of empathetic friends, deeply caring adults and a robust education system, our young learners can flourish and progress as they step outside of their comfort zone and take on new challenges.

I am extremely excited about working with Cindy, Mark and all the amazing staff and students we have in the Prep School. 

If you have children in the Prep School or you are thinking about sending your child to school with us, please come along to our ‘Get to Know the Prep School’ event on Thursday 21st September at 8:30am until 11am (starting in the School Theatre).  During the morning you will hear all about the staff, curriculum, systems and routines in the Prep School from the Prep Leadership Team and then you will have the opportunity to go into some lessons and meet the rest of the brilliant Prep School team.

Best wishes for your weekend,

Mrs Jane Rouson
Head of Prep

Carr House Updates

Masanao, Year 9 Carr, spent the weekend of the 31st August to 3rd September at CIESF Leaders Academy school in Cambodia.

The school is run on donations from Japan, and Masanao went to deliver his donation of books while spending time with the children during their school day. He showed the children how to play the Japanese games that have been donated to the school. It is no surprise that all the children loved Masanao and enjoyed their time with him.

Friday Flyer

Masanao met up with a former teacher from Japan that now works at CIESF Leaders Academy school, and he is hoping to be able to assist the school as much as possible in the future.

Friday Flyer

Masanao said he has returned with a greater appreciation of all the facilities that he is able to enjoy at Epsom College in Malaysia. He said that he was amazed to see that, at the school in Cambodia, they had badminton racquets that had been donated, but no courts to be able to use the racquets on.

Friday Flyer

Carr Cares (the Carr Community Project outreach programmes) will be undertaking a fundraiser for Leaders Academy school in Cambodia.

I will be running three 21km running races on 16th September (Seremban Half Marathon), 1st October (KL Half Marathon) and 17th December (Penang Bridge Race) this year and will be using these races to raise funds.

Friday Flyer

The Carr Care project is encouraging individuals to sponsor me per kilometre. For example, if an individual would like to sponsor RM1 a km, they will pay RM21 per race. All the money raised will be donated to Leaders Academy school in Cambodia.

If you are interested in sponsoring any of my races, please email me on

Thank you for your support and enjoy your weekend!

Mrs Jennifer Garnett

Housemistress, Carr House

Friday Flyer

We at Carr are very proud of Masanao for initiating this project and we look forward to assisting this project as well as many other projects through the Carr Cares project this year.

For more information about Leaders Academy school in Cambodia, please visit their website and their Instagram Page

Mrs Jenny Garnett
Carr Housemistress

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Kancil Science Award

The results for the Kancil Science Competition have been released and over 20,000 students from across Malaysia participated. In this competition medals are awarded to the top performers as follows:

  • Gold top 1.6%,
  • Silver top  3.4%,
  • Bronze top  5.0%,
  • Honorable Mention top  40.0%,
  • Certificate of Participation top  50%
Friday Flyer

Of the 9 Epsom students who participated in this competition, 4 were honored with an honorable mention certificate, 3 were presented with silver medals and certificates, and 2 attained gold medals and certificates. As a result, these two exceptional students have been cordially invited to an award ceremony scheduled for Saturday, October 28, 2023, at Kuen Cheng High School in Kuala Lumpur.

Congratulations to:

  • Mun Yau Year 13 Granville - Gold Award
  • Leo, Year 13 Granville - Gold Award
  • Dillon, Year 13 Granville - Silver Award
  • Cristabelle Year 13 Crawfurd - Silver Award
  • Yun Xin Year 13 Crawfurd - Silver Award
  • Jasmin  Year 13 Rosebery - Honorable mention
  • Aviiniis Year 13 Granville - Honorable mention
  • Nur Farisya Year 13 Crawfurd - Honorable Mention
  • Molly Year 13 Rosebery - Honorable Mention

Ms Louise Madeley,
Head of Science.

A Message from our Mandarin Department

Celebrating cultural diversity and fostering a sense of community are vital aspects of education, and this was vividly demonstrated as our Key Stage 3 students came together to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. While the festival traditionally falls on September 29th, we decided to have a pre-celebration to immerse our students in this cherished cultural tradition. The event was marked by the enjoyment of mooncakes and the creation of simple lanterns, both integral parts of Mid-Autumn Festival festivities.

Friday Flyer Friday Flyer

It was a delightful surprise to discover that, despite the tempting array of contemporary mooncake flavors, the classic red bean and lotus seed varieties remained the clear favorites among the students. These timeless flavors transported us to nostalgic moments and reminded us that some traditions are timeless. Just like classic mooncakes, they hold a special place in our hearts, proving that enduring customs never lose their charm.

Friday Flyer

The celebrations didn't end with indulging in mooncakes. Our students also actively engaged in crafting simple yet beautiful lanterns, further immersing themselves in the rich tapestry of this cultural celebration. Their enjoyment and participation truly made this pre-celebration a memorable and enlightening experience for all.

Friday Flyer

Best wishes and Happy Friday!

Ms Chai See Soo
Mandarin Teacher

Epsom Science Department Updates

In the fascinating world of biology, there are few experiences more eye-opening and educational than dissecting the human heart. For our Year 10 students, this opportunity recently came to life in the form of a heart dissection experiment. This hands-on experience allowed students to explore the intricate details of one of the most vital organs in our body, gaining a deeper understanding of its structure and function.

Friday Flyer

The heart is the engine of our circulatory system, pumping oxygen-rich blood to every corner of our body, ensuring our survival. Understanding its structure and function is crucial for anyone interested in the field of biology or medicine. Heart dissection provides students with a unique chance to get up close and personal with this essential organ, learning not just from textbooks and diagrams but from hands-on exploration.

As the students began the dissection, the first thing that struck them was the size of the heart. Held in their gloved hands, it was a humbling realisation of the importance of this organ. They were guided through each step, with an emphasis on the need for precision and care. The dissection revealed the four chambers of the heart – the left atrium, left ventricle, right atrium, and right ventricle. Each chamber has a unique role in the circulatory system, and students could see first-hand how they were interconnected.

Friday Flyer

The heart's structure is closely linked to its function. As the dissection continued, students learned about the valves that regulate the flow of blood between chambers. They saw how the heart’s muscular walls contract and relax rhythmically, pumping blood efficiently through the circulatory system. This visual representation made the textbook descriptions come alive, providing a deep and lasting understanding of cardiac function.

Aside from the scientific knowledge gained, heart dissection also imparted some valuable life lessons. It taught our Year 10 students patience, precision, and the importance of attention to detail. It encouraged teamwork, as the dissection required collaboration to be successful.

Friday Flyer

The Year 10 heart dissection was a memorable and highly educational experience. It brought biology to life in a way that textbooks and lessons simply cannot. As our students delved into the intricacies of this vital organ, they gained a deeper appreciation for the marvels of the human body. This hands-on journey into the heart will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on their scientific journeys, hopefully inspiring some to pursue careers in medicine and others to simply marvel at the wonders of the natural world.

Ms. Crann (Biology Teacher)

English as an Additional Language (EAL) at Epsom

Hello everyone and a warm welcome from all of the EAL (English as an Additional Language) teachers at Epsom. Learning a new language is hard, especially with a language as mixed up as English. Did you know that there are 170,000 English words?

English by the numbers:

Those who know 1000 to 3000 words can carry out everyday conversations on a range of topics. Knowing 4000 - 10,000 makes you an advanced learner. If you know more than 10,000 you are considered fluent.

Next steps:

So what can you do to reach those high numbers?

Have a look at Mr. Hill's top tips below and have fun on your English learning adventure.

Learning English Options

The options for learning and practising English are endless. There are so many things you can do inside and outside of the classroom to improve your English. Here are some of them…

Which ones will you try?!

Speaking Focused Ideas

  • Commit to speaking English at break or lunchtime
  • Commit to using English in every subject. Be an example to your class.
  • Set an “English only timer” for 20 minutes in boarding or at home
  • Push myself to ask at least one question every class
  • Start a conversation with one of these starters
  • Participate fully in every subject - ask and answer questions
  • Set up a discussion club with friends…meet weekly with a different topic (on/offline)
  • Record yourself making a famous speech - get feedback from a friend or teacher
  • Act out your favourite scene from a movie - mimic the actor's/actresses’ pronunciation, intonation, stress
  • Speak English with your family at home
  • Talk to your cat, dog, hedgehog, fish….chair in English. They are great listeners 🙂
  • Talk to yourself in English when walking. Describe your environment. Find and fill language gaps

Listening Focused Ideas

  • Transcribe (see method below) a section of a song, speech, movie scene, documentary, ted talk, drama
  • Listen to a podcast that focuses on learning English
  • Listen to a podcast on a topic you are passionate about. E.g. basketball, football, music
  • Listen to a TedTalk - record new vocabulary/expressions
  • Listen to an audiobook
  • Increase your exposure to English: news, movies, documentaries, YouTube, Netflix, English music
  • Actively listen to friends and teachers. Question and record new vocabulary.

*Transcribing is one of the most powerful tools in our bag of tricks*

Method for transcribing (listening and writing down what you hear)

  1. Choose a small section (e.g 2 minutes)
  2. Listen and write down what you hear. Set to 0.75x speed if you need to.
  3. Repeat/rewind until you have written as much as you can
  4. Play again with subtitles on - check you were correct/fill in the gaps
  5. Record any new words and expressions/interesting language choices

Reading Focused

  • Read for at least 20 minutes per day
  • Do at least 10 minutes of ReadTheory per day
  • Ask a friend for a book recommendation
  • Read a new genre of book. E.g. fantasy, science fiction, romance
  • Read a non-fiction book. E.g. an autobiography of your hero
  • Read a magazine
  • Read a blog article on a topic that interests you
  • Read a graphic novel
  • Read two books side by side. One easier for when tired.
  • Read the news in English
  • Watch Netflix, movies, documentaries, Ted Talks etc with subtitles on
  • Whilst reading listen to the audiobook version at the same time.
  • Always have a book in your bag
  • Read whilst waiting. E.g. for the bus, your tutor or a friend to arrive
  • Ask your parents for a Kindle or an e-reader as a present

Critical Reading & Literature Skills

  • Fiction: Read and make notes on each of these articles
  • Non-fiction: Read and make notes on each of these articles

Writing Focused

  • Write a handwritten letter and post it to a friend or family member - surprise!
  • Choose a writing exercise to do from here
  • Write an e-mail to your friend
  • Send a postcard when on vacation
  • Agree to communicate with your friend in English on Kakao, WhatsApp etc
  • Create a character and describe them. Appearance, personality, background, likes, powers?!...
  • Create your own comic
  • Write a short story. Search online for story starter ideas
  • Write a movie review and post it on a website
  • Write a review of your favourite restaurant and post it online
  • Write a book review and post it online
  • Write a poem
  • Start your own English blog
  • Write an article for the school magazine
  • Enter a writing competition
  • Try to write the scariest sentence you can.
  • Copy out a section of any text. e.g. a book, newspaper, essay or magazine etc - pay attention to spelling, vocabulary, text features, paragraph changes, topic sentences and language choices.
  • Summarise an article
  • Summarise what has happened in your AR book after reading. Try to include new vocabulary.
  • Make a prediction about what will happen in the next part of the book
  • Keep a diary by your bed and write in it for at least 5 minutes every night. Your day, feelings, worries, thoughts, gratitude, highlights etc

Vocabulary Focused

  • When recording new vocabulary always include the definition, word class and an example sentence
  • Record synonyms or antonyms of new words
  • Record a new vocabulary word in every class for all (English-speaking) subjects
  • Make time to review new words at the end of the week
  • Write new words in the back of your book…be active in class and get them recorded!
  • Create a Google doc to record new vocabulary words
  • Teach new words and expressions to family and friends
  • Ask for help and check the meaning of new words with your teachers
  • Buy a special notebook to record your vocabulary in
  • Take guesses what the word means before looking it up. Look for context clues
  • Add com and to your bookmark bar
  • Look at definitions in both dictionaries to add depth to your understanding
  • Learn the key Greek and Latin roots of words

Grammar focused

  • Study a fun grammar book
  • Use online software e.g. LiteracyPlanet (subscription required)
  • Look up a specific grammar point online
  • Study online e.g Khan academy grammar course, Grammarly blog
  • Begin to notice different grammar structures when reading
  • Notice different word classes when reading. E.g. is this an adjective or adverb, hmmmmm the writer has used lots of adjectives in this paragraph… I wonder why? What’s the effect?
  • Review a grammar point with a lecture from a good teacher on YouTube

Recording Vocabulary

  1. Before searching, guess what the word means. Look for clues from the context. What words surround it? What type of word do you think it is? (noun, adjective, adverb…??)
  2. Search Oxford Learners’ Dictionary first, and then for a deeper understanding. Words have multiple meanings - make sure you are looking at the correct definition for your meaning. Don’t just go for the first definition!
  3. Record the word, word type (n, adj, v, adv…), definition, 2-3 example sentences (one from the text where you found it, picture (if appropriate/helpful), synonyms (only you know their meaning)
  4. Use the new word when speaking or writing this week. Teach them to your friends and family.
  5. Keep reviewing your words at the end of the week. Test yourself and your friends.

Try following the example below to help you keep a record of your learning and to build a resource:

Friday Flyer

Epsom Humanities Society

Friday Flyer

Dear all,

The Humanities Society is officially taking applications for the new Board of Directors 2023-2024. (sign up here)

Please read through the responsibilities of each role before applying.

For newcomers, The Humanities Society is a student-run organisation aimed to educate and inform the Epsom community of humanities-related topics. Our past projects include The Humanities Week,  "Psychology behind Cults", "Menendez Brothers Trial", "Malaysian Political Parties" and much more.

As stressed previously by the founding members of The Humanities Society, we’d like to echo the importance of passion and dedication within your reasons for applying.

We especially encourage YR11s and YR12s to take advantage of this opportunity, as not only will it bolster your personal statement, but also enhance leadership skills and knowledge.

Please take note that interviews will take place for all BoD positions.

Pei Wen (Communications/Secretary)

Epsom Humanities Society

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CCA Updates

As the new term starts so does our new CCA programme. We are already one, full week in and students are enjoying some great new offerings once again.

Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer

At the end of last term, students were given the opportunity to provide feedback on their CCAs. They also had the opportunity to suggest CCAs that they would like to see on the programme.

One of those was ‘Walking CCA’. This is now running twice a week and provides students with the chance to get their steps in whilst enjoying some time outdoors with their friends. It has been hugely popular and both sessions were oversubscribed. It is great to see students wanting to improve their health and wellbeing.

Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer

Ms Van der Linde’s new CCA ‘The Big Clean Up’ had their first outing this week and are looking to make a difference to the local community surrounding Epsom. Each week they will be making Mercato a cleaner place - well done to all those volunteers!

Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer

As well as welcoming new teachers to Epsom we also welcome their talents outside of the classroom to utilise in the CCA programme. Dr Abu Yazid is a new teacher of Accounting and Business and has started a ‘Watercolour Painting CCA’. This was also very popular at sign up and the students have already been uncovering their hidden talents. The photo below was taken after the first session!

Friday Flyer

Other new CCAs this term include; Sculpture, Python Turtle, Chinese Traditional Chess, Recording Studio, Forensic Science Club, Touch Typing, Competition Maths and STEM Survival Club. Not forgetting, all students participating in Football CCA are being coached by our new La Liga coach Diego Gutierrez Ramos.

Of course we also have many returning CCAs that are old favourites with our students. Including additional Baking, Chess and Cycling CCAs added to the weekly programme to give more students the opportunity to try these out.

Look out for more details on new and returning CCAs in future Friday Flyer editions.

Best wishes,

Ms Alice Back,
CCA Coordinator.

Epsom Live Talk with The Hon. Justice Dato Mary Lim

On Monday, Epsom College was fortunate to be able to host the Honourable Justice Dato’ Mary Lim, a Malaysian Federal Court Judge, for the first official Epsom Live Talk of 2023/24. Hosted in the Grayling Centre, we spent a fruitful hour as moderators for this event, with a cosy audience of around 50 attendees present from Year 10 and above.

Friday Flyer

Dato’ Mary’s character shone through the minute we began–this live talk started with her interviewing us with her own questions! Through all her charisma and charm, it is fair to say we all found this equally daunting and refreshing. Easygoing, humble and candid, Dato’ Mary Lim was more than glad (and certainly highly prepared!) to answer our questions, both easy and sometimes difficult.

Friday Flyer

Our questions surrounded her career and legal practice while delving into topics surrounding politics, education, and the development of law in Malaysia. Here are some of the questions she answered:

  1. As a judge, how would you describe your legal career up to this point?
    I would describe it as a total privilege, to be able to serve my country. It is a big responsibility to shoulder and I never thought I would. Many make it to the High Court, but there is no guarantee you move up from there. So a total privilege, yes.
  1. Who are the role models you look up to?
    It’s everybody. From the man sweeping the streets to the rich businessman. I don’t have a Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela, everyone has inspired me. I am inspired to continue in my service because of that.
  1. Laws are essential to the formation of a civilised society. However, do you think there are some forms of legislation that you would deem outdated?
    There are lots of laws that have been made, which were made by the Brits years ago, and are still sitting in our statute books and many of them have been forgotten. Really, they do not fit any purpose. One that comes to mind is a particular statute that was drafted and passed for the schism of a church.
  1. Do you agree with the death penalty?
    At this time, the death penalty in Malaysia has been abolished and suicide is decriminalised. As a judge, I believe that there must be punishment. However, I do believe in alternative options based on the case. Example, in a case of attempted suicide, you want to press charges for what? The person is already in clear distress if they already attempted. More than anything, it is our responsibility to properly help them.
  1. Some people upon completing a law degree feel conflicted regarding where they should practise. Do you think it is best to practise exclusively in the place you studied, return home upon completion, or a mix of both?
    For me, I didn’t have a choice. Around the time I was searching for work after graduating from (University of) Leeds, Margaret Thatcher was prime minister. Essentially, she showed me the door, and I returned to Malaysia–I always felt that I would, by and by. Eventually I applied for work in the public sector, and at the time, (one of) the people interviewing me was the late Raja Azlan Shah (as His Royal Highness was known then). So I started working at the Attorney-General’s Chambers. I think, if you are able to, choose. And at the same time, if you really aren’t, just do your best with what you have. This applies to everything, not just law.
  1. As Malaysia is a multicultural society, how well in your opinion does this diversity influence the development of jurisprudence and legal principles in our country?
    It differs according to the state. But as a judge, I do believe that those responsible at this point must simply make the best choices with who is readily available and is best suited to represent or hear a client based on the circumstances of their case, inclusive of understanding elements like ethnicity and cultural norms. As an example, I do not have the qualifications to make decisions surrounding sharia law, but I may be called in to define something. So I have a little more reading to do, and time is of the essence for cases. So these difficult calls must be made.

After the talk ended, Dato’ Mary Lim stayed for a more personal chat. She spoke openly on her love for the theatre arts and asked about our education so far, wanting to know more. Finally, she gave us advice that she herself stuck to: failure is not absolute. “I want people to know that I have no ‘all-straight-As’ background,” she said to us. And Dato’ Mary allowed herself to make slightly different personal decisions towards her studies and career because of it–certain choices, some of us would pick and others may avoid. Nevertheless, doing what she felt was best for her back then made her the best of us today. In the end she made it; so can we.

Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer

To conclude, it was a great honour to moderate this talk and meet Justice Dato' Mary Lim in person. She is retiring from her post around next summer, thus Malaysia will soon bid farewell to another gem when Dato’ Mary eventually performs her swansong for Malaysia’s jurisdiction. We thank her for taking the time to speak to us and sharing her wealth of knowledge and life experiences. You inspire us all, Dato’ Mary.

– Franco, Jenson, and Teja - Year 13.

Epsom Magazine Society

Friday Flyer

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to school!! We are Xin Ling, Yun Xin and Tom from Year 13, and we would like to invite you to be part of The Epsom Magazine Society 2023-2024.

The Epsom Magazine is a student-led school magazine at Epsom College in Malaysia that documents school life and events happening throughout the year. We believe that we all have events or topics that are dear and close to all of our hearts. This magazine is therefore a platform for students to voice their opinions, share carefully curated work or expand on their choice of topics and ideas.

Do you have something you're passionate about but haven't mustered the courage to share with others? You can start by joining the Magazine Society and writing about it! You might even find like-minded peers to converse or write with. As they say, success comes from taking small steps.

We encourage anyone who is enthusiastic about design, writing, editing, and passionate to apply and we're confident that this experience will be rewarding and enjoyable, allowing the Epsom Magazine Society to reach new heights.

There are positions open for the Board of Directors and many others such as writing and editing. We'll be hosting interviews for the Board of Directors' positions so please fill in the Google form that we have shared via email accordingly.

The application deadlines are on September 20th. We look forward to receiving your applications and hopefully welcoming you to embark on an exciting journey with our team!

Yours Sincerely,

The Epsom Magazine Society
By Epsomians, For Epsomians
Epsom College in Malaysia
Instagram: @theepsommonthly
Visit us at Epsom Magazine

So, Dear Reader,

Thank you for reading this issue of our Friday Flyer.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you next week!

Best wishes form us all at Epsom 🙂

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