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Happy Friday Dear Reader,

Welcome to Issue 154 of our Epsom Friday Flyer!

Last weekend we were delighted to host the World Scholar’s Cup at Epsom College in Malaysia. It was simply wonderful to see our theatre brimming with students from many other schools excited at the prospect of participating in this innovative, valuable and impactful educational competition that fosters global collaboration and intellectual enrichment.

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This international academic tournament celebrates the joy of learning and presents the students with the challenge of effective public speaking. Participants engaged in various activities, including debates, collaborative writing, team quizzes, and scholar's bowl competitions.

The aims and objectives of this event resonate with the vision that we have for our students at Epsom as it brings together students from diverse backgrounds and cultures, fostering a sense of global community and collaboration.

At Epsom we embrace every opportunity for intellectual stimulation beyond the confines of traditional education. Thus we were delighted to host this competition that covers a wide range of subjects, encouraging participants to explore interdisciplinary topics and think outside the box.

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Our team consisted of 3 students: Khai Zhe - Year 10 Propert, Hong Ming - Year 10 Propert and Alesha - Year 10 Crawfurd.

Our students were excellent ambassadors for our school and impressed the judges, making it through to the next round having achieved the following awards:

Khai Zhe: Challenge Science (Gold), Challenge Art (Silver), Challenge Social Studies (Silver), Debate Champions- (Gold), Writing Champions- (Gold), Senior Champions- (Gold), Best Of School (Gold).

Hong Ming: Writing Champions- (Gold), Debate Champions- (Silver).

Alesha: Debate Champions- (Silver), Challenge Special Area (Silver), Challenge Social Studies (Silver), Challenge Art (Silver), Writing Champions - (Silver).

Team: Team Debate- 20th (Gold), Team Writing- 16th (Gold), Team Challenge- 9th (Silver), Senior Qualifiers- 23rd (Gold).

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Friday Flyer

At the heart of the World Scholars Cup lies the art of public speaking. Participants engage in formal debates, deliver persuasive speeches, and engage in impromptu speaking challenges. Through these activities, students enhance their communication skills, gain confidence, and learn to express their ideas with clarity and conviction. This event challenged students to step out of their comfort zone and present to others.

Students participating in the World Scholar’s Cup are required to conduct thorough research, analyse information, and form logical arguments. This process promotes their critical thinking, as they must evaluate evidence, anticipate counterarguments, and craft compelling narratives. Through the competition they were required to think critically, fostering intellectual growth and enhancing their problem-solving abilities.

We will continue to challenge our students to engage with stimulating academic enrichment and public speaking such as the Model United Nations CCA, Debate CCA as well as through competitions such as The World Scholar’s Cup and we wish our team all the very best with the next round!

So, dear reader, enjoy the articles to follow and best wishes for the weekend.

Happy Reading and Happy Friday!

Mr Matthew Brown,


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A Message from our Leadership Team - Mrs Rouson, Head of Prep School

I have been spending a lot of time in the past few days reading the reports written by our Prep School teachers.  In many of the reports written by our Year 5 and 6 teachers, the studying of Shakespeare has been referenced as something the students enjoyed or found inspiring or challenging or, dare I say, fun.

All these references got me thinking about why so many teachers are so fond of an Elizabethan playwright from the middle of England who wrote his plays nearly 500 years ago?

Due to this being a busy time of year, I didn’t have time to do a mass survey, so I thought I would share my reasons for being a big fan of the Bard!

  1. Plenty of Pleasing Plots!

Shakespeare wrote some fantastic storylines including love, revenge, murder, loyalty and obsession.   So many modern stories and film plots are based on the works of Shakespeare.

  1. Inspires the Inquisitive

If anyone enjoys codebreaking or is eager for a way to stimulate their brain, there is no better reading than a Shakespeare play or poem.  Interpreting the language is a challenge in itself before trying to unravel the twists and turns of his plotlines.

  1. Classic Quotations

Everyone knows the famous lines from Shakespeare’s plays and poems, even if they slightly misquote them.   It is so exciting to finally meet these famous words in a brilliant story and understand the context in which they were meant.

I was recently teaching Year 5 and we were discussing the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet.  The discovery of the meaning of ‘Wherefore art thou Romeo?’ and becoming Juliet, shouting this from our makeshift balcony, was extremely satisfying and made the story that followed make perfect sense.

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  1. Powerful Characters

A character for any occasion can be found in the lines of a Shakespeare play.  Our Year 6 students were impressed by the amazing differences between the darkness of Macbeth, the magic and mischief in Midsummer Night’s Dream and the sadness and torment in Hamlet.

Our Prep School English and EAL leader had this to say about including Shakespeare in the Prep School curriculum:

“Aspiring writers can learn so much from Shakespeare - great plots, amazing character development and rich language. By allowing the children to read and perform Shakespeare we are developing their vocabulary and allowing them to access some of the most famous prose and poetry in the English language.”

Our Year 6 students carried out a Shakespeare research project.  Here are some of the excellent examples shared by Ms Dai and 6ZD:

Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer

Here are some poems by 6JW inspired by two different plays by Shakespeare:

The Song of the Witches by Oscar Lord

Helmet of Hades, incantation of hell
The blood of a griffin, the ring of a bell.
The head of a hydra, a phoenix’s fire,
A scale from a dragon with a coating of wire.
For a jinx of nightmarish trouble,
Like a poisonous stew, boil and bubble.

A Fairy’s Life by Jewel Sanker

I must sprinkle fairy dust
On the shimmering bright flowers,
I must seize the chirp of a bird 
And hang little white petals.
I must help the birds to protect their eggs and
Build the young birds a nest.
I must sharpen icicles, 
And put snow on the trees
I must ride a Phoenix’s back
And must battle mischievous sprites,
Farewell, thou aged-beggar. I’ll be gone.

Mrs Jane Rouson, 

Head of Prep School.

A Message from Granville House

‘I want the ability to code a program for the benefits of others.’  Zakri, Year 11

Passion is a force that ignites the soul, driving individuals to explore their interests and pursue their dreams. For teenage boys, developing and pursuing a genuine interest holds profound significance, providing mental, physical, and developmental benefits that shape their character and future.   Inciting passion is just one benefit of a holistic education and a reason that Epsom College in Malaysia provides such a varied extra-curricular programme of activities.

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‘I like to play saxophone. I didn't expect to play at the start but when I joined school as a Year 5 student, the teachers forced me to play the instrument. I was so confused and nervous, but I started from the basics and was then able to play fluently.

When I play, my stress and negative feelings go away with the sound and when I am on the stage after a performance, I love to hear the audience cheering. I'm not playing saxophone because of that but it gives me motivation and I would like to play with my buddies again.’  Alex, Year 10

Passion acts as a catalyst for mental strength and resilience in Granvillians. When engrossed in an activity they love, they experience a heightened sense of focus and concentration. This focused state enhances their ability to handle stress, think critically, and problem-solve effectively. Passion nurtures creativity, enabling our young men to explore innovative solutions and develop a sense of purpose in their lives. Moreover, it instills a sense of self-belief and self-worth, boosting their confidence and cultivating a positive mindset.

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‘My passion is running: it is the single best thing that I have incorporated into my routine and cultivated.  It has pulled me through the good and the bad days. I have a target and have imposed a rule to run at least four times per week, or even more when possible and I am planning to participate in a triathlon in the future.’  Jing Ren, Year 13

Beyond the realm of the mind, passion also plays a vital role in the physical well-being of teenage boys. Engaging in activities they are passionate about encourages regular physical exertion, whether it be through sports, dance, martial arts, or outdoor pursuits. Such activities promote physical fitness, strength, coordination, and flexibility. Regular exercise releases endorphins, the body's natural mood enhancers, fostering mental and emotional well-being and this offers great support during our current examination period. Additionally, physical activities provide an outlet for stress, promoting relaxation and overall better health.

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‘I am passionate about economics and mathematics. I am always excited to learn about how I can utilise mathematical tools in helping our economy and the ordinary citizens who are struggling to make ends meet.’  Shang Jing, Year 12

In addition, actively pursuing an activity that one loves supports the developmental growth of teenage boys. Engaging in a chosen pursuit challenges them to step out of their comfort zones and embrace new experiences. By facing obstacles and persevering through setbacks, they acquire vital life skills such as resilience, patience, and determination. Passion cultivates a sense of discipline, as they willingly invest time and effort into honing their craft or skill. This commitment encourages goal-setting, time management, and a sense of responsibility. As they witness their own growth and progress, self-motivation and a growth mindset are nurtured.

‘My greatest passion is art and more specifically drawing. This  is because, when drawing, my mind is filled with tons of different ideas and it helps me put those ideas to life. It also helps in relieving stress and makes my mind think more creatively and in different ways. Another aspect that I enjoy is the experimentation that comes along with it: I like to experiment with different art styles and take inspiration from different artists.

There are problems along the way when creating, and drawing encourages me that there is more than one way to tackle a problem. It encourages creativity.  In the future, I would love to become a video game developer and give life to all the characters I have drawn.’  Avery, Year 13

Passion provides Epsomians with a platform to meet challenges head-on and overcome obstacles. Whether it's learning a musical instrument, mastering a sport, or delving into scientific research, pursuing a passion requires dedication and perseverance. Through this process, boys learn to embrace failure as a stepping stone to success, understanding that setbacks are opportunities for growth. By persistently striving to improve, they develop problem-solving skills, adaptability, and the ability to think creatively when confronted with challenges. This resilience and determination serve them well beyond their passionate pursuits, instilling confidence in their ability to overcome any obstacle life presents.

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‘My passion for a future in the hospitality industry burns brightly. I am driven by the desire to create exceptional experiences, foster genuine connections, and make a positive impact on the lives of others. With a relentless pursuit of excellence and a genuine love for what I do, I am confident that my future in the hospitality industry will be one filled with joy, fulfillment, and endless possibilities.’  Max, Year 12

Mr Dean Jones

Housemaster Granville House

Nurturing Talent in our Sixth Form

This term, both Year 12 and Year 13 students are diligently preparing for their external examinations. Our committed teaching staff are offering personalised support during this pivotal time. Additional tutorial sessions have been rolled out for specific subjects like Mathematics, Further Mathematics, and Sciences. Beyond academics, Sixth Form students consistently engage in a diverse range of extracurricular activities, aiming not only to enhance their university applications but also to foster personal growth.

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Collaboration with Top Universities: Epsom, ASB, and MIT

Epsom's collaboration with Asia School of Business (ASB) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has materialised into a notable success this term. This unique alliance with two of the world's leading institutions in Asia and the USA provides our students an exclusive chance to interact with global experts across various disciplines like Business, Economics, and Computer Science. Regular interactions with ASB and MIT professors have seen our students engaged in vibrant discussions on AI's future impact on business and the global economy. The exploration of new AI technologies, ethical concerns, and societal impacts are scrutinised. Furthermore, this partnership equips students with practical experience in employing AI to tackle real-world problems and provides opportunities to network with MIT-educated entrepreneurs. This alliance with ASB and MIT is a distinct advantage for our Sixth Form students, inspiring curiosity beyond the curriculum and arming them with future-ready skills.

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Student-Led Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs): Empowering Leadership and Creating Impact

The Sixth Form takes pride in not only offering a wide variety of extracurricular activities but also successfully launching student-led CCAs this academic year. Led by our Key Stage 5 students, these CCAs aim to nurture leadership skills, stimulate novel learning experiences, and contribute positively to the school and local communities. For instance, this year our students hosted a group of 20 teenage refugees for a week of enriching academic and cultural exchange at Epsom. Looking ahead, students have proposed over ten initiatives for next academic year, including Aerospace CCA by Munyau, Soup Kitchen CCA by Xin Ling, Environment CCA by Lana, and Dance CCA by Jing Yan. Epsom College offers a platform for students to experiment, learn, lead, and grow, supported by an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust, and encouragement.

Honouring Success: Inaugural Graduation Ceremony

This year, the Sixth Form will debut a formal graduation ceremony to celebrate our students' achievements before they embark on their next academic adventures. Our Year 13 students have received impressive university offers worldwide, including the most esteemed institutions in the UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. The ceremony, scheduled for the final school day, will mark a milestone for our students and will be a unique opportunity to celebrate their remarkable achievements and their transformative journey.

Capturing Memories: The 2023 Leavers’ Book

In keeping with tradition, our Sixth Form students have compiled a Leavers' Book, a testament to their shared experiences and cherished memories. The book, a creative and humorous recollection of their time at Epsom, demonstrates the love our students have for their school and their time spent together. Besides collating memories, the book also serves as a directory, listing everyone's contacts and future destinations. The Leavers' Book is currently available for purchase and orders can be placed with us.

Mr Phil Pedro,

Assistant Headteacher, Sixth Form.

Drama Department Updates

The Drama Department at Epsom College in Malaysia has had an incredibly productive year, thanks to the dedication of its passionate teachers and the enthusiastic participation of talented students. Together, we have created an environment where artistic and educational endeavours thrive, leaving a lasting impact on the school community.

The year kicked off with masterclasses conducted by the renowned theatre company, allowing students to learn from industry professionals. These sessions provided valuable insights into different acting techniques and expanded their knowledge of the world of Shakespeare. Students were inspired and motivated to explore new horizons in their acting abilities.

One of the standout events of the year was the House Drama Competition, which brought the entire school together. This competition not only fostered healthy competition but also promoted collaboration and camaraderie among our students. It showcased the immense talent within the school community and encouraged students to push their boundaries.

Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer

One of our highlights has undoubtedly been the production of the annual school play. Students have been enjoying and benefiting from displaying their acting skills, creativity, and teamwork, and will, I do not doubt, captivate the entire school community with an exceptional performance on the day. The play has served as a platform for students to express themselves, boost their confidence, and refine their dramatic abilities.

Beyond the stage, our Drama Department has played a crucial role in promoting creativity and self-expression school-wide. Regular open-mic nights, drama clubs, and improv sessions have provided platforms for students to explore their artistic interests and share their talents with others. These activities have created a vibrant atmosphere that has encouraged students to embrace their creativity.

Our Drama Department has enjoyed collaborating with other departments across the school to support various celebrations throughout the year, including Christmas, Hari Raya, and Diwali. These collaborations have enriched the artistic experiences of students and fostered a sense of unity among our different creative disciplines.

Academically, our Drama Department has continued to offer a comprehensive curriculum encompassing theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and critical analysis of theatrical works. Students have delved into a wide range of dramatic texts, explored various theatrical styles, and developed a deep understanding of the dramatic arts.

In conclusion, we have enjoyed a successful and fulfilling year. Through our department’s commitment to excellence and dedication to fostering creativity and self-expression, it has created a nurturing environment for students to explore their passion for the dramatic arts, develop their skills, and create lasting memories. 

Best wishes for a lovely weekend,

Mrs Tamlyn Calder,

Head of Drama.

Marvelous Music

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Epsom Humanities Department Updates

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It is hard to believe that we are finally coming to the end of the summer term in what has been a very busy and exciting year in the Humanities Department. After studying hard, the GCSE and A Level History, Politics and Geography students can at last enjoy a well-deserved rest and a relaxing holiday. Thankfully the examinations did not contain too many surprises and the students have commented that they felt well prepared and are confident that they will do well. Hopefully all their efforts will be reflected in excellent grades in the summer

This year the Sixth Form Politics students have again been able to observe an extremely tumultuous set of events in British and world politics which we have been able to discuss in class as part of the course. From the constitutional changes and traditions as a result in the changing of a monarch as well as the inglorious departures of Boris Johnson and Liz Truss to the elevation of Rishi Sunak these have certainly been interesting times. In the United States a former President has been arrested for espionage charges whilst still being the front running Republican candidate and In Malaysia a former Prime Minister was imprisoned followed by the excitement of the close run Malaysian elections in November

The Sixth Form History students have been able to use these events as useful historical context as we have been studying Modern British History 1951-2007 which follows all the events from the coronation of Elizabeth II through to the premiership of Tony Blair. The troubling events in the Ukraine have also helped students understand the longstanding issues in the region which is helpful when they are studying the A Level course on Russia 1855-1964.

Both Key Stage 4 and 5 Geography students started the year focussing primarily on Physical Geography with a particular focus on coasts and erosional features and rivers and hydrological processes and have moved onto more varied topics throughout the year. Recently Year 12 Geography students produced presentations on recent hazard events. One of the presentations was on the recent tornados in the USA earlier this year. This supports their studies on atmospheric hazards and allows them to understand how the study of Geography links with current affairs. The presentation from Xin Ling and Aniq was particularly impressive

There have also been a number of whole school events throughout the year led by the Humanities Department as well as the ever enthusiastic members of our Humanities Society. The Humanities Week in November was a great success where areas of law, geography, sociology and history were covered. For example Pei Wen presented on the citizenship laws in Malaysia and Keia presented on Mt St Helens, an active volcano which has brought about much interest over the years. Alongside Keia’s presentation, Tiha talked about the Itaewon stampede. On top of this Elliot with the help of Alicia, Aidan, and Teja hosted a successful social event named JeoParty when students had lots of fun researching and competing to see who had the most knowledge about Humanities topics

In January there was a successful Psychology Week which included a whole school assembly as well as a range of different activities including talks on topics as diverse as “Agency Theory'' and “Parasocial Relationships”. There was also an evening social event “Criminal Minds Show Night” that was really well organised and good fun for all which was very well organised by  Niklas, Max, Teja, Alicia, Leo, Ke Ee, Pei Wen, Lana and Karishaa.

At the end of the Spring term the Humanities Department were also involved in the exciting whole school STEM week .Key Stage 3 History lessons were delivered on how war leads to faster evolving technology as well as the history of the Space Race within the context of the Cold War. Students in Key Stage 3 Geography researched and presented information that they collected on the weather and climate of all the planets in our solar system. Students enjoyed looking at our subjects from a different scientific perspective and some excellent pieces of work were produced.

Finally I would like to thank all the teachers in the Humanities Department for all their hard work and dedication throughout the year. Next year there will be many changes. Mr Carroll and Mrs  Calder will no longer be teaching History and Geography lessons but will be fully focused on their specialist subjects of Economics and Drama. Their enthusiasm and sense of fun has been an inspiration to our Key Stage 3 students. Also we will be saying farewell to Mr Boyle and Dr Cooke who have both been a real asset to the Humanities Department with their excellent teaching, outstanding knowledge and great teamwork. I know that both students and colleagues will miss them next year and I wish them all the best in the next chapter of their career.

I hope everyone has a great and well deserved summer break.

Mr James Dale,

Head of Humanities.

Epsom Mouratoglou Tennis Programme Updates

Friday Flyer

As we approach the end of our academic year, we celebrate the determination and resilience of our female players who continue to balance their academics and tennis while achieving great results in both! They continue to perform to a very high level in the game they love and achieve their academic goals at the same time!

Our notable female players are:

  1. Shino - Year 4
  2. Riona - Year 6
  3. Lynn - Year 8

Shino has been placed champion of Girl’s aged 10 & Under not once but twice for both singles and doubles in the Tennis Malaysia National Junior Tour 2023 which was held on 31st May - 4th June at the Negeri Sembilan Tennis Centre of Excellence (NESTCOE) alongside her sister Riona who in turn achieved a runner’s-up title for the Girl’s 14 & Under doubles category. These sisters are a powerful duo whose mindset is always to go out on court and bring back what they have fought to achieve and deserve the most.

Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer

The recent Tennis Malaysia Junior Tour, held earlier this month, was a battle of great passion and great enthusiasm of players from across Malaysia. Shino, outplayed a ranked 2 player of the tournament in the singles semifinals and earned herself a ticket to the finals - she stops her at nothing, achieving the gold medal with confidence in her game. She made her other gold medal in the doubles category of her age group look like an easy achievement. Furthermore, Shino participated in the Milo Monthly Medal League 5 tournament, held on the 11th June at the Selangor Tennis Association (STA) and brought back another silver medal.

Friday Flyer

Riona has been showing good signs of improved performance during her training following a week of experiencing a new generation of high level players in her recent Asian Tennis Federation 14 & Under tournament held on the 20th - 26th May at Nonthaburi, Thailand.

Friday Flyer

Riona placed 22nd out of 32 participants and was the youngest player in the tournament. With all this valuable experience and learning, Riona brought home a runner’s-up title in the doubles category in the Tennis Malaysia Junior Tour Girl’s 14 & Under held at (NESTCOE). The time spent in Thailand was indeed an eye opening experience for Riona and she was able to showcase her potential in her training sessions and competitions.

Friday Flyer

Last but not least, Lynn’s performance at the Asian Tennis Federation 14 & Under held on the 20th till 27th May at Hyderabad, India, resulted in her ranking 14th out of 32 participants in her age group. Lynn made outstanding progress as she took on top players all over from India on her own representing the nation and the Mouratoglou Tennis Programme at Epsom Malaysia.

Friday Flyer

The MTP Coaching Team are proud of the results achieved by these talented young women and look forward to sharing more of their achievements with the Epsom Community!

With sincere appreciation,

The MTP Coaching Team

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Finance Week

Dear all,

Our Academic Prefects have been busy this week delivering the schedule for their most recent initiative: Finance Week. They curated a range of lunchtime sessions in collaboration with some of our Academic Societies to cover areas of interest within business and economics.

Friday Flyer

Monday’s session was hosted by the Comfort Society and focused on Retail Therapy:

Friday Flyer

Blurb: Whoever said money can't solve your problems needs to understand economic theory and the human psyche a little better.

Everyone's done it; bought something purely because they knew having it would make them feel better, only to lose that "feeling better" (aka, dopamine) in a matter of 10 minutes or less. Or maybe they just wanted to buy something for the thrill of saying they bought it, and their mind couldn't rest until they could say they did with proof of purchase.

That, my friends, is called retail therapy, where your operantly conditioned mind essentially goes haywire with your reward system and gets you to do something about it by cracking open your wallet.

Tuesday it was our Motorsports Society’s turn to engage us with their presentation on ‘How Motorsports Benefit the Economy’

Friday Flyer

Blurb: Have you ever wondered why people pay so much to see fast cars race around a track? Or why countries host these events?

Well this is what we considered in our presentation! The principles we discussed are not limited to motorsports but can be applied to all sporting events..

In the end sporting events' main goal is to generate profit and by hosting events in specific stadiums and countries the profit generated can be extremely high. In our presentation we also considered the culture of motorsports and its great appeal.

Wednesday was the Games Society’s presentation on ‘How Esports Benefit’ the Economy

Friday Flyer

Blurb: Esports is a growing sector of the economy, and the average number of viewers is predicted to increase by 7.7% each year, reaching 292 million, with a total viewership of 577.2 million by 2024. With such a wide audience, it is apparent that Esports has a large impact on the economy, generating employment and enjoyment for those who may previously have had no interest in the gaming sector.

Esports is a sector that not only provides new opportunities for people to develop new skills, but it is also a part of a much larger industry, that of the video game industry, which generates significant revenue through tournaments, media companies, brand endorsements and sponsorships. This, in turn, has increased industry exposure, allowing people to make a profession in the gaming industry by broadcasting games to millions of people at a time without ever leaving their homes. Streaming is just one of many possibilities that people might investigate, as game developers and game design in general have grown more popular as a result of the growing number of gamers around the world - predicted to reach over three billion this year. It also provides room for new positions in marketing, media, accounting and finance, since more and more esports teams will want professionals to help them comprehend how to go further.

The gaming industry as a whole generated revenues of 159.3 billion in 2020, and it is estimated to increase annually by 9.9%. It may be that more universities will open game design courses, providing students with a new area of study and research, and that the industry may be one of the next big things for people to consider.

Thursday saw our Kpop Society deliver a Marketing Mix on ‘How Does Kpop Attract So Many Fans?’

Friday Flyer

Blurb: Clearly, Mathematics plays a pivotal role in the world of finance, providing the tools required to simplify analysis of various economic systems. From determining optimal investment strategies to risk assessment and pricing derivatives, mathematical concepts and models are utilised extensively in financial institutions worldwide.

In finance, calculus, probability theory, and linear algebra are the predominant mathematical techniques used to analyse data, track market patterns, and estimate risk. They make it possible for experts to create complex models for hedging strategies and asset inspection. With these skills, professionals can evaluate how successful certain investments will be, spot possible opportunities, and make educated predictions by using mathematical formulas and statistical techniques.

In addition to all of these, a foundation for comprehending the underlying concepts of financial markets and instruments is also provided by mathematics. Compounding, interest rates, and present value calculations serve as the basis for valuation methods, which help investors estimate the value of assets and choose sensibly among various investment options. Options pricing has been transformed by mathematical concepts like the Black-Scholes equation, laying the groundwork for the development of derivatives markets.

Furthermore, the significance of maths in finance has grown with the rise of technology. Modern algorithms and artificial intelligence use mathematical ideas to analyse and find patterns in huge amounts of financial data. Banks can use this to automate trading methods, reduce risks, and give clients personalised financial advice.

Friday Flyer

We hope you enjoyed our offerings during Finance Week and look forward to more presentations soon!

Best wishes,

The Academic Prefects:)

Ocean Week

From the 6th - the 9th of June, our school celebrated Ocean Week! Events were planned throughout the week for both the Senior Students and the Prep School to enjoy and learn about our incredible oceans. Events included presentations, talks and a bake sale – during which over RM500 was raised to donate to Reef Check Malaysia, an NGO working towards sustainable reef management in Malaysia.

Friday Flyer

Day 1: 06/06

Ocean Week started strong with representatives from Fuze Ecoteer – an NGO working in environmental conservation – paying a visit to the Prep School for a talk about upcycling plastic. They demonstrated, using their own upcycling machine, how plastic bits can be upcycled to create brand new products: including souvenirs and keychains! They also explained, to the Prep Schoolers, the impacts that plastic pollution has on the marine environment, spreading awareness on reducing single use plastics.

Friday Flyer

Later on in the day, Noelle and Aidan from our Humanities Society gave an insightful presentation on ‘Deep-Sea Mining’ in the Grayling Centre (our Sixth Form area). They gave an explanation of what deep-sea mining is, its environmental impacts and why it is a controversial topic. To keep their presentation balanced, they tackled both the pros and cons of deep-sea mining – referencing the environmental, social, economic, and other aspects of the topic.

Friday Flyer

Day 2: 07/06

The main event of the day was Epsom’s ScienZ Society and Language Society collaborating on an interesting Grayling Centre presentation entitled ‘The Science behind Marine Language,’ where Darshinie (ScienZ Society) and Diana (Language Society) explained about how marine animals communicate with each other underwater.

Friday Flyer

Day 3: 08/06 – World Ocean Day!

The 8th of June is World Ocean Day, so, of course, there is much cause for celebration! An ocean themed bake sale was planned by the Service Prefects in collaboration with the Prep School’s Eco Warriors, during which we sold sea star shaped cookies and cupcakes decorated with fondant pearls. The sale was unexpectedly popular, and we managed to sell out completely in under 30 minutes, successfully raising RM520!

Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer

At the same time, Layla and Ke Ee (Year 12) were presenting in the Grayling Centre, teaching students about Malaysia’s endangered marine life. They made their presentation all the more insightful as they explained and gave ideas of what we can do to help protect these species, mentioning conservation organisations such as WWF, TRACC and Reef Check.

Friday Flyer

Day 4: 09/06

On the last day of Ocean Week, Pei Wen (Year 12) gave an intriguing and hilarious presentation on ‘Deep-Sea Dating,’ explaining the behaviours of fish when they are looking for and attracting a mate. Interestingly, there seemed to be many similarities between animals and humans when looking for partners!

Friday Flyer

In addition to that, to close off the week back where it started, I visited the Prep School to give a presentation about World Ocean Day. I explained the significance of the celebration, the dangers the world’s oceans are facing at the moment, and how to best protect it. I also introduced the underwater world to the students through my own eyes, through pictures gathered through scuba dives I have been on.

On the whole, Ocean Week was a huge success thanks to all the students and teachers who helped make everything possible! Everyone worked incredibly hard to pull this off, and I am beyond thankful for all the support. Let Ocean Week serve as a reminder that a healthy planet needs a healthy ocean, and that every little effort to protect our oceans counts.

Friday Flyer


Year 12, Crawfurd

Interact Club Bake Sale

Friday Flyer

We are a community of students, aged 12-18 years old, who share the belief of “Service Above Self”, conveying our commitment to carrying out selfless, voluntary service. Alongside that, our Interact Club offers students opportunities to develop their interpersonal and leadership skills, building a strong character and self-confidence through service projects and interactions with other clubs and communities around the world.

As an affiliated club of Rotary International, the Interact Club shares a common vision with Rotary in its commitment to completely eradicating polio. Rotary has contributed significantly to polio eradication, however we acknowledge that there are still pockets of polio endemicity in specific regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

To address this issue, our club organised a bake sale as a fundraising initiative. The proceeds from this event will be donated to Rotary International to procure vaccines, facilitate transportation, and acquire essential materials crucial to the ongoing fight against polio.

Friday Flyer

Firstly, the Interact Club would like to thank one of our lovely interactors, as well as President Michelle of Rotary Nilai Sentral for both donating RM300 as a start-up that covered all our costs. Not only that, but we thank everyone who bought from the sale and helped contribute to the total of a whopping RM1,293 that was made that day. We are super happy about the outcome and we hope everyone can support our future events as well!

On the 12th of June, for the bake sale, we baked brownies and cookies with other Interact Club members in Crawfurd! Thanks to Ms Perrang and Ms Miller who were very supportive of this event, we were able to successfully bake a large number of desserts. It was a very meaningful experience for us to participate in this event for Polio awareness. We are sincerely looking forward to arranging this event again next time for other issues that need public spotlight!

Friday Flyer

Don’t be afraid to contact us for any thoughts or ideas! The Interact club is always open to suggestions 🙂

Email -

Instagram - @icepsomcollege

Warm regards,

The Interact Club

Biology Students Innovate

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In an extraordinary display of creativity and problem-solving, our Year 7 students recently embarked on an innovative project that aimed to address a pressing global issue: the scarcity of clean water. With over 780 million people around the world lacking access to clean water, this endeavour not only showcased the students' scientific knowledge but also their compassion for those less fortunate. Through their ingenuity, the students designed their own filtration system to transform dirty water into a safe and drinkable resource.

Clean water is a fundamental necessity for all life. It plays a vital role in maintaining good health and preventing the spread of waterborne diseases. Unfortunately, millions of people in various parts of the world face daily challenges when it comes to accessing clean water. This scarcity impacts not only their health but also their ability to thrive socially and economically. By tackling this issue head-on, our students have demonstrated the significance of water availability and the power of simple yet effective solutions.

Friday Flyer

Armed with enthusiasm and determination, the students embarked on a journey of exploration and innovation. Guided by their science teacher, they studied the concept of filtration systems and researched different methods to remove impurities from water. They learned about the importance of physical, chemical, and biological processes involved in the filtration process. Armed with this knowledge, they set out to design their own filtration system using readily available materials.

Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer

The students collaborated in groups, brainstorming thoughts and developing their ideas. The ingenious filtration systems designed by the Year 7 students showcased their understanding of the importance of different filtration methods. They utilised various materials, such as activated carbon, sand, and gravel, to create layered filters that effectively removed contaminants from the water samples. Through their efforts, some transformed murky water into crystal-clear, safe drinking water.

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This task not only empowered the students to explore scientific concepts but also instilled in them a deep sense of empathy. They came to realise that the privilege of clean water, often taken for granted, is still out of reach for millions of people worldwide. By actively engaging with this issue, the students broadened their perspective and developed a genuine concern for the well-being of others.

Well done to all of the students who took part in this exciting task and for working hard together to help bring clean water to life.

Mrs Ellen Crann,

Biology Teacher

Physics Department Updates

In a recent research assignment, our physicists explored the practical applications of Stokes Law, a fundamental principle in fluid mechanics. The objective of this assignment was to submit a comprehensive write-up that highlights the various applications of Stokes Law in real-world scenarios.

Stokes Law, formulated by Sir George Gabriel Stokes, describes the drag force experienced by small spherical particles moving through a viscous fluid.

To complete this assignment, physicists are required to conduct in-depth research to identify and describe different instances where Stokes Law finds application. They are required to consider a wide range of fields, such as engineering, environmental science, medicine, and materials science, among others.

Friday Flyer Friday Flyer

Ms Sharubini Thirupathy,

Physics Teacher

Physical Education at Epsom

In GCSE Physical Education classes, the year 10 students have been learning how to improve their speed. They completed the 30m sprint test and then set individual SMARTER goals.

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The next task was to design and complete several HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions. These involved sprinting over short distances on the flat and hilly ground. They also decided how many reps and sets they would complete.

To further develop their speed they then planned a plyometrics session. Here are some of the pictures from this training, with excellent performances.

Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer

Plyometrics is a high intensity, high force exercise which can lead to injury if not performed well. We will retest their 30m sprint times in two more weeks to see who has achieved and hopefully exceeded their goal.

Mrs Helen Miller,

PE Teacher.

Boarding Trips

We have enjoyed various trips and excursions this academic year such as to volunteer at animal shelters, to donate to charities for whom we have raised funds, The Asian School of Business, water parks for team building, paintballing, beach cleans and more

Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer

There is no doubt that trips are an important aspect of being a boarder. These excursions play a vital role in broadening students' education, fostering friendships, collaboration, and trust. They provide valuable opportunities for students to explore and engage with the world beyond the classroom, enhancing their overall learning experience. Trips offer a unique platform for students to interact and bond with their peers. Stepping out of the familiar school environment and embarking on shared adventures fosters social connections and friendships among students. Collaborative activities during trips encourage teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills, as students work together to navigate unfamiliar surroundings or accomplish specific tasks. These collaborative experiences promote the development of trust and mutual respect, as students learn to rely on and support each other outside of their regular academic settings.

Friday Flyer Friday Flyer

Excursions expose students to new environments, cultures, and experiences, allowing them to broaden their perspectives and develop a more holistic understanding of the world and provide real-life contexts for students to apply their classroom knowledge, bridging the gap between theory and practice. By witnessing firsthand the subjects they study, students can develop a deeper appreciation and grasp of the topics, making the learning process more meaningful and memorable.

Friday Flyer

The final trip of the year for Crawfurd and Rosebery was very popular with over 40 girls joining. We visited the Beryl’s Chocolate Factory for a personal tour of how chocolate is produced - from the field to the shopfloor.

Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer
Friday Flyer

This was an extremely informative experience as well as great fun! The girls smelt the cocoa bean shells which have been used in the production process. We could also see the cocoa beans growing on the trees in the garden. The girls then enjoyed some shopping and food at a local mall which was a wonderful opportunity to relax after exam week.

Mrs Helen Miller,

Housemistress, Crawfurd House.

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Save the date

Yes, it is indeed time to prepare to get glam, to dress up and get down at the Epsom Ball!

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This special annual event, an Epsom tradition, marks the end of our Year 13 students’ Epsom school journey and their debut as Old Epsomians! We look forward to sharing a memorable evening together with parents and students and enjoy a delicious meal, music and dancing.

Thanks to the ever faithful Friends of Epsom for arranging this special event!

Meet our Staff

Hello! We are Angela and Yunn Xynn in Year 9, Crawfurd and this week we would like to introduce you to one of our inspirational Maths teachers - Mr Jamie Bevan

Friday Flyer

We asked Mr Bevan some questions as follows:

Why did you choose to come to work at Epsom?

Right from when I had my first interview for the position with Mr Brown (Headmaster), I knew right away that I would really enjoy my time working here. The staff at Epsom are all friendly, knowledgeable and patient, and the students are incredible! Polite, well-mannered and respectful, it is such a joy to wake up each day and teach such enthusiastic students.

What is your greatest achievement?

One of my greatest achievements is completing my PGCE at the Institute of Education at UCL in England. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done in terms of the workload, stress and demands, however it is also one of the best things I have ever done, since it has led me here, to working at Epsom and looking forward to every day. It was truly a life changing decision and I am so glad I made it!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

One of the things I enjoy most about the job is witnessing the transformations students go on that I am able to be a part of. In particular, I enjoy changing students' opinions of their own ability, from that of low confidence and ability to someone that is inquiring, confident and eager to do better. To me that is the best part of my job.

Did you always want to work at a school? Why?

I think I secretly did, but I never knew it for a long time! I started working in a school environment when I did a work placement at my old infant's school when I was 14 as part of work experience week. I really enjoyed every second of being there and it was from this that I first thought about teaching. I then took a gap year to China where I taught in Shanghai at a kindergarten, which I loved. After this I forgot about teaching for a while, until I had an opportunity to teach English again in Indonesia in the summer after my second year of university. It wasn't until about 6 years after this though that I realised why I wasn't satisfied in my job at the time - it was because I wasn't a teacher! From 2018 onwards, I definitely knew that it was something I wanted to do. I feel very lucky every day that I have found a job where I get to simultaneously help people and learn so much.

What constitutes a good day for you?

Any day where I get to teach students honestly. It is always nice to receive good feedback too, and I suppose a day where I plan a lesson, and the lesson goes exactly the way I think it will go. That is always a nice feeling!

Who do you admire and why?

Someone I really admire is Leonardo da Vinci. He was a polymath, someone that excels in so many different areas, and I have always thought that was such an incredible thing, to excel in not just one area but many. As well as this, he was (apparently) an incredibly kind, helpful and thoughtful person, and was also a vegetarian, a movement that I have long been an advocate for. I would have loved to have met him!

What is your ambition?

My ambition is to change the lives of as many young people I can. I want to make the world a better place than when I entered it, and I strongly believe that this starts with education. Without education, the world is blind and unknowing, and so if we are able to nurture students and inspire, then we are doing a good thing for the world. So long as I am effecting change in the best way I can, I will be happy.

Share with us something no one else knows about you.

When I was little (about 5) I used to love cars, and could name any car just by looking at its logo. I used to love driving the go karts at Legoland whenever we used to go and visit, and I love playing racing games. Despite this then, it might be surprising to know that I still cannot actually drive! Living in Newbury in England, a place with such good transport links into London and beyond has meant that I have not really had a need. I can more than make do on my trusty road bike, which I have flown over from England. Perhaps this summer might finally be the time though…

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Enjoy your weekend!

Angela and Yunn Xynn:)

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Thank you for reading our Epsom Friday Flyer and we wish you all the very best for a restful weekend.

Happy Friday from us all at Epsom.


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