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Happy Friday Dear Reader,

Welcome to Issue 149 of our Epsom Friday Flyer!

We have enjoyed an eventful week – Tun Dr Mahathir came to visit us as part of our Epsom Live Talk series.

(Pictured with Tun Dr Mahathir are our outgoing Heads of College – Aidan and Tiha and incoming Heads of College Elliot and Jing Yan) 

At Epsom we are very fortunate to have an incredibly supportive Governing Body who assist us with arranging C Suite Leaders from a range of fields including Law, Entrepreneurship, Business and Politics to come and meet with our students. Part of the ethos of the Epsom Live Talks is to invite speakers with varied professional lives and experiences. These talks are all part of the rich and ambitious ECiM learning journey to inform the leaders of tomorrow. 

We seek to ensure a wide range and balance of speakers. To date we have welcomed Mr Tony Pua, Mr David Dufrenois, Tan Sri Rafidah, Datuk Aru Suppiah and Mr Lim Beng Choon and more…

Tun Dr Mahathir’s visit was a once in a lifetime opportunity for our students to interact with him personally on topics relating to his 24 years as a Prime Minister on the world stage. 

We were delighted that Tun Dr Mahathir accepted our invitation to come and speak with our student body and are extremely grateful to him for giving so generously of his precious time. 

Our staff were delighted to meet this special guest…

I moderated the talk alongside our incoming Heads of College, Jing Yan and Elliot.

 (Pictured is Elliot who was delighted to get his copy of  Tun Dr Mahathir’s book signed!) 

They asked Tun questions prepared by the student body that included questions on his life as a politician such as:

  • As the former prime minister of Malaysia, can you outline a day in your life right now and compare it to when you were the prime minister? 
  • When you were in power, did you achieve your aims and feel that you were able to meet the expectations people have for you?
  • Why did you decide to stay in politics for so long despite having opportunities to retire? 
  • How do you deal with controversy and move on from it?

Students also wanted to ask questions on Tun’s personal life such as:

  • What was your dream or ambition when you were young?
  • As a medical graduate why did you pursue the political path?
  • In retrospect, is there anything that you wish you could change in your life?
  • What is the message you’d like to give to the younger generation nowadays?

 as well as questions pertaining to Malaysia currently and in the future. These questions included:

  • What do you think is the biggest issue that Malaysia is facing right now and is preventing Malaysia from progressing?
  • What do you think of Malaysia’s current state in terms of political stability and economic competitiveness in the world?
  • What are your thoughts on the racial tensions in Malaysia, and should race and religion have a direct correlation to politics, even though those factors aren’t universal for every Malaysian citizen?
  • Brain drain has been a rising issue in recent days. So Tun, do you think brain drain is a serious matter in Malaysia today, and how should we tackle this problem?

It was interesting to hear from Tun Dr Mahathir that, as a child, he never aspired to achieve more than an administrative role but he said that he had always engaged with Politics. As Malaysia gained independence he realised that he could aim higher. Knowing that he would require a degree to be able to be taken seriously he applied to university – his initial interest was Law but he could only secure a scholarship for Medicine. His education gave him greater legitimacy and respect and having practised medicine for some time he returned to Politics.

Tun Dr Mahathir repeatedly emphasised the importance of humility, of not placing oneself above others and of equality. One key message came through, and it resonated strongly with me as Headmaster, namely the importance of cultivating the right values and instilling strong moral principles in our young people.

Education is indeed the most powerful tool that we have to change the world – this quote from Nelson Mandela – with whom Tun Dr Mahathir once met – rings true. Knowledge is power but this power must be placed in good hands. Honesty, integrity, a propensity for hard work, commitment and care for others are integral to our own success as individuals, as a community and as a society. 

It was an honour to moderate this talk and to meet with Tun Dr Mahathir in person. We thank him again for his time and hope that his talk inspires our students to aim high and to commit themselves to ensuring that they be a force for the greater good.

We hope that you enjoy the articles to come and wish you a restful weekend.

Happy Reading and Happy Friday!

Mr Matthew Brown,


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A Message From the Leadership Team

The Importance of Resilience, Self Esteem and Positivity…

Recently in the Year 7 and 8  Personal Social Health Economic (PSHE) lessons students have been reflecting on the importance of being resilient, having high self esteem and being positive in their outlook. Resilience is one of our Epsom Learning Characteristics and is pivotal to the success of our students across all year groups.

Resilience allows us to manage challenging situations that are unavoidable in our lives. Many young people experience unexpected changes or challenges in their lives; possibly a change of school, a disappointing result in a subject test, a fall out with friends or not being selected for a particular team or performance. These situations can be stressful and if a student has not developed resilience their self esteem can be affected negatively. For a young person to be successful, it is important that they are able to reflect on situations that may be disappointing in a positive way, building resilience, moving forward and developing high self esteem.

If you have a positive attitude you are more likely to feel better about yourself and about life in general.

During PSHE lessons recently, students were asked to discuss the meaning of the famous quotes below and consider how these quotes relate to resilience and having a positive outlook. Students were also asked to apply these quotes to student life at Epsom.

“Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again”  Nelson Mandela

“Persistence and resilience only come from having been given the chance to work through a difficult problems” Gever Tulley

“You may have to fight a battle more than once to win” Margaret Thatcher

Students were asked what advice they would give a friend to help them be more resilient when they face a problem or are feeling negative about themselves or a situation. Below is a list of the  thoughtful advice our students said they would give to a friend. 

  • Learn from mistakes.
  • Ask for help and talk to people.
  • Remain positive and proactive.
  • Take responsibility for your actions.
  • Set goals and plan how you work towards achieving them.
  • Don’t use the word “failure”, look at things as a learning process that may take time.
  • Surround yourself with friends who are supportive, empathetic and kind. 
  • Accept that change happens and seek the positive in that change

Everyone faces challenges in their lives at some point and at Epsom we encourage our students to embrace those challenges, build resilience, remain positive and build high self esteem. These qualities will allow our students to become well balanced, successful individuals prepared for the world beyond Epsom College. 

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Friday,

Mrs Kate Fowler,

Deputy Headteacher, Pastoral.

A Message from Carr House

Caring is Cool and Contagious at Carr

Earlier this year we launched our “Carr Cares” project. The main aim for launching a project such as this, is to instill in our boys a deep understanding and experience of what it is to care for those around them, a lifelong lesson. 

I am delighted to have seen this initiative inspire our Carr students to care for those around them in various ways – both big and small.

Every morning in Carr it is so lovely to see boys assisting each other with the making of ties, a small act of caring that goes a long way.

Masanao (Year 8) assisting Shun (Year 4) with his tie.

On 17th April Meor, Umair and Rayyan, together with their families, arranged a meal for the girls at  Baitul Barokah Ummul Qura Orphanage during the month of Ramadan. They broke fast with the girls at Kelab Golf Kota Seriemas. What a wonderful way to show care to those around you. Well done Meor, Rayyan and Umair.

We have encouraged our Carr students that caring comes in all shapes and sizes. Even the smallest act of caring can make such a positive impact in someone’s day.

This term we will be hosting a Mental Health Awareness Day where Carr students and their parents will be involved in raising funds for a Mental Health organization as well as spreading awareness about mental health to show that we care about the mental wellbeing of others.

We hope that as Carr students show this caring nature, it will become contagious to those around them and create a ripple effect of caring.

Happy Friday,

Mrs Jenny Garnett

Housemistress, Carr House

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Siha from Rosebery House

I was sooo exited!

On the day that I boarded the plane going to England, I felt my heart pound. This was my first time going to the UK. I couldn’t have been more excited. What made it more ecstatic was that this was the first time I’d be flying by myself, to a whole new country, where only teachers were there to guide us. 

My friend Hannon and I prepared ourselves for the flight by making Japanese rice balls from the bakery at Aeon Mall on Sunday. Neither of us fancied the airplane food and couldn’t be positive about being able to grab some food before we boarded, so it was better to be safe than to force ourselves to eat the not-so-great food we did not desire to eat. So there I was, chatting with my friends as we lined up to board the plane. It made my heart pound at the thought of having to fly for about 13 hours. 

The flight turned out to be great, but the only trouble was that the onigiri had got cold, and wasn’t that pleasant, while the croissant had gone all crusty and too crunchy.

Other than that, the plane ride was nice. My seat was next to to strangers and I obviously wanted to sit with my friends. So, after asking the permission of our teachers, I went behind my original seat, where I sat beside Sora and Moon, which was satisfying. During the flight, I watched several movies, watched Sora’s head falling down and rising  up as she slept, and Moon, with her head hidden beneath the blanket. I usually sleep during plane rides, but I didn’t feel that tired anymore. I’m pretty sure that’s because of how thrilled I was to think that I might be having the adventure of my life, which I did, of course, and enjoyed very much. 

As we landed, I felt new energy bursting inside me, and felt that I couldn’t be more ready to make the day mine, and readied myself for a full day of fun… and of course exhaustion. The moment we arrived, we lined up, which isn’t that boring when you have your besties to talk with, and got our luggage. After the long process, we rode the Epsom bus towards Epsom, and made our way to Holman, where we stayed for eight days. We all (my friendship group) put on our UK hoodie and jacket, and had a quick brunch in the dining hall. 

There were croissants, chocolate filled bread, eggs, bacon, mushroom, tomatoes, cereal, hash browns, hot choco, apple juice, milk, and orange juice, excluding coffee and all the other drinks I didn’t taste. After the yummy breakfast and us reuniting with Yuzuki and Julia, we rode the bus for the Hampton Court Boat trip. Some of the students went to the tennis court called Wimbledon, but all of my friends went to the Hampton Court Boat Trip since we weren’t that interested in going to the tennis court, and didn’t know much about it. 

The boat trip was fun, and we even saw swans on the river, and other people that were riding boats. It was very windy, but the cold didn’t bother us much since my friends and I are all from four season countries. The boat was quite big; at least bigger than I had pictured. I had thought it would be a small boat that we could row,  but this wasn’t so bad either. The inside was cozy, but I preferred to be outside, where I could feel the wind in my face. My hands felt numb because of the cold weather, but it was nothing to South Korea, so it was fine. 

Siha, Year 7 Rosebery House.

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Epsom UK - A Student's Perspective

We Went to Rosebery in the UK…And to London…Here are our thoughts…

We would like to thank all the staff, behind the scenes as well as those who went, but above all, the incomparable Mrs Jenny Garnett. 

Please enjoy our accounts and images.

It is the cityscape of London that left the biggest impression on me of my UK trip.

It’s always been a dream of mine to see Big Ben live, and when it was decided that everyone from Epsom would go to the UK, I was really looking forward to it.

Big Ben was bigger than I expected, and I couldn’t take my eyes off Big Ben when I saw it for the first time. If I have a chance to go to the UK again, I would like to take my time sightseeing in London.


During the Easter holiday, we were able to go to the UK and visit Epsom College in the UK. It was a very fun experience and I would love to visit the UK again. During our one week stay we were able to visit many places such as Hampton Court, UCL, Tower of London and many more! The Lion King and The Tempest shows were very enjoyable and I’ll never forget all the memories I was able to make with my friends in the UK. One of my favorite parts of the trip was exploring the campus as it was so beautiful all around. Being able to stay in Epsom UK was one of the best things because we were able to explore as well as share rooms with our friends. I enjoyed the trip very much with my friends. Even though it was colder than expected, the weather was very refreshing and it reminded me of winter back in Japan! Overall I had an amazing time in the UK and hope to go back soon!


My best memory from the UK trip is the Harry Potter Museum. It was very exciting for me.

I am grateful for opportunities given to me such as this trip as I got to make many new friends and explore new places.


During the term break, I had the privilege of going to the UK along with my friends and teachers. It was an amazing experience touring around London and visiting historical sites, but what I enjoyed the most was going to the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio. In the Harry Potter Studio we were able to visit the original sets that were used in the actual movies. We saw: The Great Hall, a scale model of Hogwarts Castle, station 9 ¾,  props and costumes that the actors used, buildings, sets and lots more. I felt as if I were in one of the movies because the set was made with such accuracy and precision. After touring the studios, we were able to enjoy foods, snacks and drinks that were mentioned in the movies. I tried the Butter Beer (which I’m not a fan of), the chocolate frogs, and jellybeans. I also bought Hermione’s wand as well as small gifts for my friends and family. This trip will be one I’ll never forget.


I had the opportunity to explore the vibrant and bustling city of London during my seven-day trip to the United Kingdom. I visited some of the most iconic landmarks in the city, including Big Ben and the London Eye, which offered breathtaking views of the cityscape from high above. One of the highlights of my trip was visiting the University College London , which boasts a rich history and impressive architecture. I also had the pleasure of seeing the world-renowned musical, “The Lion King,” at one of London’s top theaters, which was an unforgettable experience. However, my favorite part of the trip was visiting the Harry Potter studio, where I got to explore the magical world of Hogwarts and learn about the making of the films. From seeing the actual sets and props to trying out interactive exhibits, it was a dream come true for any Harry Potter fan. Overall, my trip to the UK was filled with unforgettable experiences and memories that will stay with me for a lifetime. The sights, sounds, and people of London left me with a newfound appreciation for this incredible city and its rich history and culture. I can’t wait to go back and explore even more of what the UK has to offer!


During the Easter holiday, we were able to go to the UK and visit Epsom College in the UK. It was a very fun experience and I would love to visit the UK again. During our one week stay we were able to visit many places such as Hampton Court, UCL, Tower of London and many more! The Lion King and The Tempest shows were very enjoyable and I’ll never forget all the memories I was able to make with my friends in the UK. One of my favorite parts of the trip was exploring the campus as it was so beautiful all around. Being able to stay in Epsom UK was one of the best things because we were able to explore as well as share rooms with our friends. I enjoyed the trip very much with my friends. Even though it was colder than expected, the weather was very refreshing and it reminded me of winter back in Japan! Overall I had an amazing time in the UK and hope to go back soon!


Here is a very happy me at the Globe on Good Friday, soaking up the sunshine that was to bathe the British Isles until… the Tuesday that Epsom arrived! I was praying to the weather goddesses that my Rosebery girls would get to see London and Cambridge like that, but the peerless Jenny Garnett assures me everyone still fell under the spell of these two breathtaking cities. Talking of magic…I went home to see my family this term break!

Ms Kate Oprwood

Housemistress, Rosebery House.

During this term holiday, we went on the UK trip. I was thrilled to be able to go on this trip since it was my first time going to the UK. On the trip we got to stay in Epsom College in the UK. It was a fantastic experience. It was very interesting as it gave us an idea of how the students live in Epsom UK. The breakfast was served beautifully, and I personally enjoyed the mushrooms and the tomatoes. We also enjoyed the facilities in Epsom UK including the sports hall and the swimming pool. Although we didn’t get to experience all the facilities in the school, I was very satisfied with what we could do. Walking around the charming campus was a pleasure in itself. The school building was very classic and different from our modern campus.


Have the best weekend and Happy Friday!

From us all at Rosebery:)

The World of Economics

An Insightful Meeting with Assif Shameen …

On Wednesday, a group of Epsom Sixth Form Economics students were honoured to have access to the network of Epsom’s governor, namely Dato’ Lim Kian Onn, and be able to exchange our perspectives of real-life economics and enjoy lunch with Assif Shameen who is a journalist, technology and business writer of Forbes & The Edge. I’d refer to him as – an intelligent investor!

My biggest takeaway from our conversation was the discussion of my question about “What’s the best stock for me to invest in and get returns in 20 years time if I were allocated RM100K?” Mr Shameen advised that S&P 500 Index Fund would be the safest option to pay a good return – 11% of average annual growth as well as 2% dividend. These statistics take into account the world’s turmoil including The Great Depression, recession in the 1970s, the 2008 Financial Crisis and the recent COVID-19 pandemic. This shows that it’s the best option for a “defensive investor” with the most diversified portfolio. The index also assesses annually the performance and growth of the companies to decide whether other firms should replace those within the 500 largest and best-known ones.

Reading “The Intelligent Investor” myself has helped me to comprehend and develop his ideas including the fact that being an intelligent investor involves more about the character of the investor to not speculate the market than making a conscious decision about a company’s potential from empirical figures. Assif Shameen also shared with us that the best time to invest is when the share price drops, for instance during the pandemic, as it can only go up and vice versa whereas if a share price is high, its future returns will have nowhere to go but down. However, there are notable exceptions such as when the Boeing plane crashed. Boeing’s share price plummeted but it wasn’t the best time to buy their shares as the root of the problem was their faulty management and maintenance rather than current affairs at the time. Furthermore, we learned that the branding of a company is the most important factor when it comes to investing, for example, Starbucks, Nike and McDonalds are recognised worldwide thanks to the consistent quality of the goods and services they provide.

Other than that, I found Assif Shameen’s experiences when living in Canada very interesting as he shared that it’s not easy for public schools to provide better facilities and opportunities than private schools which is what causes social inequality from an  early age, but in Canada, public schools would spend on distributing flyers to the local community on the assistance or support needed in the local schools. This in turn targets the altruistic and moral values of the community towards education instead of relying on the government for the funding of all resources.

Written by Jing Yan – Year 12 Rosebery.

Epsom BSE Society Events

The Wealth Gap in Malaysia

This week we were interested to learn more about the Wealth Gap in Malaysia and thus this was the focus of our Society’s presentation and follow up discussion:

We hope that those attending enjoyed this event and look forward to hosting the next talk soon!

Kind regards,

BSE Society Team

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Epsom Merch - Order Yours Now

Hi everyone,

We are happy to announce that the Epsom Hoodie is now available for purchase! 

Please fill in this form to pre-order the Early Bird Edition 

Early Bird Edition Details:

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Otherwise payment via Touch ‘n Go: QR code at the bottom of the form

Early Bird Edition will be sold at a cheaper price compared to the other 2 editions.The deadline will be 7th May (8pm)

50% of our revenue will be donated to an external charity and 20% to the BSE Society Foundation for event funding 🙂

Thank you!

Kind regards,

BSE Society Team

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Marvellous Music

Instrumental competition

On the 3rd of May, the school’s theater was filled with the soulful sounds of music as the highly anticipated instrumental competition was held. Open to all students from Years 5 to 12, the competition featured various categories for different instruments, and it was exciting to see so many students participate. The distinguished Ms. Amanina Alwani, a music lecturer from the prestigious University Technology of Mara Malaysia, was the judge for the competition. With her wealth of experience in the field, she ensured that the competition was conducted fairly, efficiently, and with utmost professionalism.

In the afternoon, students from various year groups took center stage to showcase their musical talents and skills in various categories. The competition was intense and nerve-wracking, as each participant gave their best to impress the judges. It was an electrifying event, and it was a delight to watch so many talented musicians from different backgrounds compete. The winners were finally announced and celebrated in a winner’s concert held at 7 pm in the theater. It was heartwarming to see students of different ages and backgrounds taking part in the competition and receiving recognition for their efforts.

The instrumental competition was a showcase of exceptional talent and skill, with winners across various categories. One of the standout performances came from Yuqin, a Year 5 student, who won the beginner strings category. His outstanding performance wowed the judges and the audience alike, and he deservedly emerged as the winner. Paxton, a Year 6 student, also delivered an excellent rendition on drums in the beginner modern category, impressing the judges with his talent and skill. Qu Yuren, a Year 12 student, delivered a stunning performance of ‘Liszt’s Liebestraum No.3’ to take home the top prize in the advanced piano category.

The competition also featured exceptional performances from Anna Ruth and Soichiro, who received a special jury award for their outstanding piano performances. Their talent and dedication were evident, and they truly deserved the recognition they received. Angela’s classical guitar performance of ‘Capriccio’ was a crowd-pleaser, with her excellent showmanship and musicality leaving the audience in awe. Meanwhile, Christabelle’s interpretation of ‘Valse Lente, op. 33’ in the intermediate piano category impressed the judges with its unique style and expression. Yusi won the winds intermediate category with a remarkable rendition of ‘Tico Tico’ on the flute, making him a notable performer.

Nicholas, dressed as Joker, delivered a memorable performance of ‘The Evolution of Batman’ that he arranged himself. The audience was captivated by his creative rendition, and he truly stood out among the other competitors. Finally, Khai Zhe, a year 10 student, delivered a beautiful rendition of ‘Jurassic Park’ on the Electone that left the audience in awe.

The competition was a fantastic showcase of the musical talent, passion, and dedication of the students. Congratulations to all the winners and participants, who showed an immense level of commitment and hard work. The school looks forward to another exciting competition next year, anticipating even greater participation and performances. Overall, it was a day to remember, filled with music, passion, and enthusiasm.

Mr Azmi,

Music Teacher.

Epsom Mouratoglou Tennis Academy Updates

UTR x Epsom Asian Junior Round Robin Championship 15-18 April

We, the Mouratoglou Tennis Programme (MTP) Coaching Team would like to express our sincere gratitude both to the external participants as well as to our in house players for the performance that they gave at the Asian Junior Round Robin Championships held at the Mouratoglou Tennis Programme at Epsom College in Malaysia on the 15th April – 18th April 2023. 

The enthusiasm and passion given to the sport, as well to our tennis community at Epsom Malaysia was simply wonderful. Every player fought till the end to prove what tennis is all about. The energy that was palpable at this event, brought us closer as a tennis community and it was both a pleasure and a privilege to be a part of it.

The MTP coaching team would like to congratulate all our players that have participated in this event and shown progress in their game and character as well.

These players are :

1) Kyra – Year 10 Roseberry 

2) Lynn – Year 7 Roseberry 

3) Nicholas – Year 11 Granville 

4) Riona – Year 6 Crawfurd 

5) Shino – Year 4 Crawfurd 

Our  MTP Coaching Team would like to congratulate some of the players for their special achievements. These players are:

1) Lynn – Gold Medalist for Girls 18 & Under 

2) Kyra – Silver Medalist for Girls 18 & Under 

3) Riona – Bronze Medalist for Girls 14 & Under 

4) Shino – Gold Medalist for Girls 10 & Under 

A big thank you and congratulations again to all the players who participated and the winners that gave their full potential in this event! We are certainly proud and happy with their achievements! 

Lastly, we are looking forward to hosting the next UTR x Epsom Tennis Tournament on the 22nd July – 28th July 2023. 

Thank you and have a great weekend,

The MTP Coaches:)

Prep School Swimming Gala


Our Prep School held a swimming gala event this week. It was wonderful to see so many parents present to support their children!

Here are some pictures of of this special event:

Thanks to our PE and Prep school staff and well done to all who took part!

Best wishes:)


Meet Our Staff 🙂

Hello and welcome to the new ‘Meet our Epsom Staff’ item…

We are Yunn Xynn and Angela, both in Year 9 Crawfurd and we have met with some staff this week to ask them some questions to get to know them better…

Mr Travis Van Dijk – Golf Coach

Who is/are your favourite player/s?

Tiger Woods / Gary Player / Jack Nicklaus / Ben Hogan / Ernie Els / Phil Mickelson

What’s your favourite golf memory?

I can remember the smell of the grass from the course of the first hole I ever played. Before that, I remember the type of golf tee used the first time I ever hit a golf shot on the driving range during my first experience of golf.

Why should students consider learning to play golf?

Golf teaches integrity, character, honesty. I have always told parents that if your child plays golf they grow up in a special and unique environment. They begin to mix with the right people for business and for their future. When a Junior plays well they are accepted into the most affluent groups at the golf club. This is a very early entry to some conversations/mingles/friendships with leaders in their respective business/world/people sectors.

Why did you choose to come to Epsom?

Because of Epsom’s commitment & vision to create a School & Golf ecosystem & environment that will create champions in golf, school and life.

What is your greatest achievement?

Winning “best international PGA Professional of 2022” from the PGA of South Africa. Nominated top 3 “best golf coach” in Asia Pacific 2015. Winning two professional tournaments as a PGA Professional during my PGA ProAm & Apprentice days. Coaching many juniors to follow their dreams and gain scholarships. Growing the game by being an inspiration to thousands of junior golfers starting the game.

What 3 words would you choose to describe yourself?

Patient, understanding and driven.

Housemistress of Crawfurd House  – Mrs Miller

Why did you choose to be a Housemistress as well as a PE teacher – you must get super tired?

Yes, it can be exhausting being a PE teacher and a Housemistress but I feel that girls need more role models in life who combine work and family life successfully. I enjoy encouraging students to try new sports, learn new skills and improve their fitness. Alongside this I love to see the friendships developing in the House and enjoy the fun activities that we share whether on a House outing, during Saturday night games or those quiet moments when we talk about our day together.

What makes a good PE teacher?

Someone who is a role model, enthusiastic and nurturing. Not everyone in the class loves sport but my job is to try and help them to see it can be fun and over time to love sports!

What makes a good Housemistress?

Somebody who loves the students and who also looks for the best in and for each student. Someone who builds a House to be a home.

Why did you want to become a teacher, and come to Epsom instead of teach in your own country?

To be able to enjoy new adventures in a  new country with new opportunities. Also because of the weather!!! Teaching in the rain and cold for 20 years in the UK did take its toll.

3 words to describe you: 

Organised, passionate and adventurous

Mrs Sankey – Science Teacher and Head of Inclusion

 What do you think is the greatest scientific invention?

Penicillium, because it makes people live longer. For example, it is used to treat infections caused by ear infections, without it we wouldn’t be able to live as long

What constitutes a  “good and happy day” at school for you?

Teaching Chemistry every day. I always have a smile on my face when I teach you!  

 Why did you want to become a teacher?

Because I found working as a chemist in the industry was very boring.

 What are 3 words that describe you?

That is a question you should ask others!

For more information on our Epsom staff please visit our website: LINK

Bye for now,

Angela and  Yunn Xynn:)

So, Dear Reader,

This is the end of our Flyer.

I hope you enjoyed the read this week. 

Rest well and Happy Friday!

From us all at Epsom.


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