Headmaster's Welcome

Happy Friday Dear Reader,

This issue of our Epsom Friday Flyer marks the end of Term 2. 

We have enjoyed another busy and extremely productive week at the College as you will see from our Epsom Events schedule HERE. There has been something for everyone including Sports, Music, Drama as well as plenty of academic enrichment.

As always, our students have shown great commitment, dedication and resilience as they have participated in the many events on offer. One of the highlights has been our Inter House Basketball Competition. We thank our Sports Department as well as our Epsom Sports Society for organising the matches. 

This week started with an assembly led by Mrs Carden-Brown on original thought. She took inspiration from Ms Archibald’s assembly last week on ‘Which is more beautiful – Maths or the Beautiful Game (Football)?’ – See Mrs Brown’s article for more details. 

This presentation in assembly reminded me of the quote by Vincent Van Gough: “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”. Everything is indeed interconnected, hence why we should seek to say yes to every opportunity that presents itself and why students should remain as proactive as possible both in and outside class – all our experiences and actions combine to enable us to grow and to achieve.

This week we celebrated Epsom Culture Day and Keia, Year 13 Rosebery, presented this to us as part of our Monday Assembly:

Like Inter House Basketball and Sport Week, Epsom Culture Day represents another student conceived and student led initiative. Students have collaborated both with each other, as well as with staff from across Academic, Housekeeping and Catering Departments as well as with representatives from the parent body to make this event a success. The event has enabled all involved to develop invaluable soft skills further.

Epsom’s student body is extremely diverse incorporating over 23 nationalities. We celebrate this diversity in and of itself as well as for the opportunities that it offers to enrich the wider learning of our students as they make friends with peers from different backgrounds, who speak different languages, eat different foods and may adhere to different beliefs.

The Culture Day schedule was as follows:

As always we thank our parents and families and especially the Friends of Epsom for their incredible support of our school.

Ms Archibald ended Monday’s assembly by announcing the winners of last week’s Maths Week. As you will see from the recent Instagram posts, students threw themselves into these activities!

As we approach the end of term we look forward to our visit to our sister school, Epsom UK, with which we enjoy very strong connections. Indeed only last week our Chair of Governors, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, an old Epsomian himself, went to visit Epsom UK with his daughter, Stephanie who also went to school there. They checked in with some old teachers – notably Mr Paul Williams, Second Master and Tan Sri Tony Fernandes’s Maths teacher pictured below:

Mrs Garnett, Housemistress of Carr House and I, along with a team of our dedicated colleagues, will take close to 100 of our Malaysian Epsomians to the UK next week. 

Our students are very excited and our colleagues in Surrey are looking forward to welcoming us! We will visit some of our old Epsomians including Bryan who now studies in UCL, Naomi who reads Law at LSE, Cadence who is studying in Imperial and Drexel who is now in his second year at Cambridge. Some of our student athletes that are part of our Mouratoglou Tennis Programme will take advantage of the opportunity to visit Wimbledon.  We will enjoy a performance of  The Tempest at the Globe Theater, see the Lion King in the West End and of course visit Harry Potter World!

We will update you on our adventures in our next issue. Until then we hope that you enjoy a restful weekend and see you in Term 3.

Happy Reading and Happy Friday.

Best wishes,

Mr Matthew Brown,


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A Message From The Senior Leadership Team - Mrs Carden Brown

Making Connections and Original Thought…

In my role as University Guidance Counselor, I am often asked how a student can make a university application that stands out. 

Clearly the grade profile and academic achievements of the candidate are important and will be considered as part of an application. For the US in particular, commitment to one’s community and making an impact is important – so for example our student-led Soup Kitchen CCA and other charitable initiatives would be advantageous as part of a College application. The US will also want to see that the student has engaged with a range of activities such as sports, music, drama. 

Last week, Ms Archibald led an assembly on ‘What is more beautiful, Maths or Football?’ To illustrate her point she showed us some impressive goals and an equation: 

Initially it was not clear what the link was. However, Mrs Archibald proceeded to demonstrate that Maths is beautiful in terms of its patterns and structures of numbers and forms. Similarly she showed that Football is beautiful to watch, and that the skill of high level players is, at times, simply stunning. She then went on to illustrate through Maths, we are able to fully appreciate the skill of the players. She talked about probability and expected goals (a sophisticated model that predicts whether a player should have scored) :

and how mathematics has influenced football tactics:

In short she made the point that Maths is more beautiful than Football as it enables us to understand and fully appreciate the beautiful game.

I thoroughly enjoyed this assembly and I left the theatre thinking that, if Ms Archibald’s presentation had been a personal statement or a college essay, she would likely have been called for an interview…It demonstrated that she has reflected on an area of interest, that she can apply an academic concept (the beauty of Maths) to a real life context (Football). Most importantly it showed originality and independence of thought.

If candidates are able to come up with an interesting take on an area of interest then it will make their application more memorable to the Admissions Tutor and will therefore be more impactful. 

The designers of the Pompidou Centre decided that architecturally it would be interesting to house the inner workings of the building on the outside. It went against aesthetic expectations and, although initially rejected, it is now considered iconic. The Pompidou Centre is a novel concept, an original design.

Nike’s designers drew inspiration from the architecture of the building and Nike Air Max was born – another iconic, original design:

I recall a personal statement I read many years ago from one of my students. He was a keen science student and was fascinated by the chemical makeup of spider silk. He had researched it in depth and was interested in how it could potentially be replicated and used in fields such as medicine and weaponry. 

So, as our students look ahead to making applications to university whether it is to study Design or Architecture, Literature or Law, Engineering or Maths, I encourage them to look around them and see how their learning applies to the real world…Why does their area of interest matter? What is its impact? They should seek to make connections with their subject and the world around them…To do this read, read, read (remember the Epsom Reading Ladders) and they might want to consider listening to some interesting radio programmes such as Sideways on BBC Radio 4 and Analysis:

There is a wealth of opportunities available at Epsom for academic enrichment, notably through the work of our Academic Societies. If you are a student, be sure to attend sessions to broaden your knowledge and to engage in academic discourse…who knows where it may lead – enjoy your learning journey.

Best wishes,

Mrs Kate Carden-Brown.

Holman House Updates

Collaboration Works!

Epsom’s Junior Boys’ Houses work together…

As we approach the end of the spring term, it’s time to reflect on the many successes and achievements of our College community. Not just the Holman community or the Carr community, but to acknowledge the brotherhood and connection between our two Junior Boys’ Boarding Houses. 

Mrs Garnett and I have seen our students excel in academics, athletics, music, drama and the arts this term. At Epsom College in Malaysia, there may be two Junior Boys Houses, but we all share the same goals and support each other in striving for excellence.

Collaboration is an essential aspect of human interaction that enables people to work together towards a common goal, combining our strengths and skills to achieve more than we could alone. The boys may wear different coloured ties, and engage in healthy competition, but collaboration amongst them is apparent across the school. 

It is clear that no matter who wins or loses, we are still family. Our boys share their trials and tribulations together. Whether it be in the dining hall or the science lab, their collaboration has allowed them to build trust and strengthen relationships, leading to better teamwork and increased productivity. They are learning essential life skills as, ultimately, collaboration is key to success in today’s interconnected and fast-paced world.

The Carr and Holman Boarding Houses have enjoyed numerous successes through their collaboration but the one event that stands out and sums up their ability to create a strong sense of community and teamwork this term was the House Drama performance. “Discoloured” was a wonderful example of collaboration between the two Junior Houses.

Similarly, the sports events have provided opportunities for students to develop their athletic abilities and build friendships across the two Houses. It was so encouraging to see that, after a tough final game of basketball earlier this week, both teams stood side by side, acknowledging each other’s hard word, grit and determination by shaking hands at the end.

Mrs Garnett and I would like to thank Mr Yau from the Art Department for his amazing effort in combining both the Holman and Carr logos into one absolutely unique and wonderful emblem summing up that united we can achieve greatness.

Overall, the collaboration between Carr and Holman Boarding Houses has contributed to a positive and supportive environment for students, enhancing their overall boarding school experience and I can’t wait to see amazing things the summer term brings!

Mr Richardson, Housemaster Holman House and Mrs Garnett, Housemistress Carr House. 

A Message from Crawfurd House

A talented Crawfurd student, Noelle – Year 10, recently performed in a charity ballet ball in Kuala Lumpur. She also represented Epsom as a virtual participant in the Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development. We are so proud of all of her extra achievements outside of school and look forward to celebrating her further successes.

Volleyball at Epsom is ‘spiking’

The U18 and U15 Volleyball squads have started training every Monday night with 80 students taking part. The sessions focus on improving individual skills and developing tactics for game play. There are some very talented players in our school and it is inspiring to see the players perfecting their techniques. The teams are working towards competitions against schools within Malaysia and the ultimate aim is to go to the FOBISIA competitions next year.

Recently, Epsom played a home and away fixture against Oasis U18 girls squad. The girls performed well with strong serving from Nanako and Kelsie, some excellent return of serves (digs) from Yohanna, Jessica and Mayhua and some spikes from Kelsie, Sophie and Darshinie.


Overall, we have enjoyed an excellent term 2 and I wish all our girls a fabulous term break.

Mrs Helen Miller, 

Housemistress Crawfurd House

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Marvelous Music

A Night at the Movies and Our Prep Recital

Last Wednesday saw the return of a Night at the Movies – the popular concert series that began in 2019. This was a concert that was long overdue. Originally planned for April 2020, the Night at the Movies Sequel Concert was the first school event to be cancelled due to COVID. It was a joy to be able to finally bring the theme of Music from the Movies back to Epsom.

The concept of the concert was that clips from movies were shown on the large screen whilst students (and staff) performed the soundtrack. This year’s performances included songs from popular movies such as Skyfall, the Lion King, Aladdin, just to name a few. Many of the songs were originally intended for the original 2020 concert and it was great that these performances were finally realised.

The highlights included Studio Orchestra and Choir joining together for the grand finale to perform the Adele song ‘Skyfall’, the cast of our Key Stage 3 musical performed the opening from Aladdin, our Year 8 and 9 rock band performed ‘Ghostbusters’ and not to be left out, the staff choir performed ‘Spirit’ from the Lion King.

Perhaps the most captivating performance of the evening was Anna from Year 12 Rosebery, accompanied by the Senior String ensemble, singing ‘O Mio Babbino Caro’, which appeared in the film ‘A Room with a View’. 

Solo performances included Diana and Jenson (both in Year 12) who performed ‘Speechless’ from Aladdin and ‘Clair de Lune’ from Ocean’s 11.

Parents, students and staff all enjoyed watching the film clips and listening to the wonderful music. During the interval, students enjoyed the traditional popcorn and had Hollywood style photos taken in our Premiere photo booth. The dress code was Hollywood Premiere and students and staff did not disappoint with many wearing black tie, fine suits and stunning dresses.

The other new item this year was the addition of acting scenes from the films. Famous lines from Jurassic Park, The Lion King, A Star is Born and Skyfall were acted out to set the mood for the music. The concert began with the immortal words “Welcome to Jurassic Park” before the opening bars of the Saxophone solo, played by Xin Ling, Year 12 Rosebery, and the start of the film.

Now that the Night at the Movies has returned, we hope that it will become a regular on the annual list of events held.

On Monday, we held the traditional end of term Prep School Recital in the Theatre. The event, organised by Mr Azmi, featured every member of the Prep School and featured performances that showcased the Prep School Instrumental Programme, the Prep Choirs and students who take Individual Music Lessons.

From Year 3, all students in the Prep School learn an instrument in small groups – either Violin, Cello, Flute or Saxophone. The concert showed how all of the students have made incredible progress since the last performance at Christmas as they played in their instrumental groups. Not to be outdone, the Early Years students joined Year 1 and 2 to perform rhythms and movement to show how they have been learning music appreciation over the last term.

This concert was the first for the newly formed Prep School CCA Orchestra – a new ensemble held weekly during CCA. The purpose of the Prep School Orchestra is to give those students who have been playing for some time the opportunity to play with a larger ensemble and to tackle more challenging repertoire. It was amazing to hear them playing pieces such as the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean.

The concert finished with the two choirs, Years 1-3 and Years 4-6, under the direction of Miss Siew. They joined together for the finale and the encore to perform Never Give Up – a sentiment that is really important for musicians and a great message for our students to take away.

Thanks to Mr Azmi and the team of Visiting Music Teachers for putting together this wonderful and enjoyable concert. We look forward to seeing even more progress in the final concert of the year, next term.

Our first event of the new term will be our Instrumental Music Competition on Wednesday 3rd May. This competition is open to all instrumental players from Year 6 and above. Entry is via the QR Code on the poster. Applications close on Friday 28th April. You are very welcome to come to the winners concert on that evening.

Mr Russell Crann,

Director of Music

A Message from Rosebery House

Happy Easter from Rosebery

Even in this last not-quite-week, life in Rosebery is full-tilt. First up has been the Sports Society’s Inter House Basketball games spearheaded by Nanako and fiercely fought by Wendy, Yuka, Mayuha, Dana, Sawa, Yi En, Molly, Woorin, Justina, Rania, Cynthia, Sehee, Rui, Cai Hua, Pei Wen, Keia, Diana, Darshinie, Siha, Ryoko, Sarasa, Mona, Chloe, Gabby, Kate, Leah, Kaegan, Yoolim, Jing Yan, Khai Yue and Xin Ling. At the same time, Siha has popped off to sit a cello exam, the social prefects organised an Easter-themed ‘eggs-stravaganza’, and the Sixth Form movers and shakers laid on a kaleidoscopic Cultural Day.

I need a lie-down just thinking about it; I hope you like the pics.


Still to come – oh yes, there’s more – is Rosebery’s annual chocolate hunt on Thursday morning. The team will hide hundreds of delicious cacao-drenched morsels in and around the house, and then all bets will be off as to who returns with the fullest palms of the good stuff. The symbolism of the egg isn’t subtle – new life – but it is central to the celebration of Easter, and rarely more metaphorically needed than now, when we are all exhausted.

So we thought, rather than look back at the term, we would look ahead, to Good Friday and Easter Sunday and their promise of hope. 

Here are a selection of Rosebery’s wishes for the holiday – are any of them yours?

Being at home with my babies. Primroses, wild garlic and the first of the cow parsley. Running on the downs and walking the South West Coast Path. Drinking bone-dry gooseberry-scented white in my kitchen with my husband. Bowling along the lanes on my much-missed bike, helping my son up the hills. Chatting endlessly with my daughter about all things equine. Planning our summer garden; more foxgloves, more hollyhocks, fewer weeds. Reading The Wind in the Willows with my son even though we know it off by heart. Reading The Moomins with my daughter even though… – Kate Orpwood

Food, freedom, family and friends – Xin Ling

I hope my family comes to me during the Easter holidays but I guess just my dad will. I look forward to spending quality time with him and eating his yummy home-cooked food – Kaith

Time to focus on personal well being by taking lots of nature walks, completing personal projects and catching up on sleep (maybe even a few video games!) – Teja

I’m looking forward to sleep – Jasmine

Lots of rest and hanging out with my sister back from the UK – Keira

I’m so excited to go to my fave Japanese idol concert – Mayuha

I’m going on the UK trip with my friends! – Yuka

I’m excited to meet my older brother returning to Malaysia from uni in Australia and asking him all about it. I also look forward to having some free time to develop my digital drawing skills and de-stress – Jing Yan

Finally going home after a long term – Carmin

Happy Easter from the Rosebuds on International Culture Day:)

A Night at the Movies Photo Booth Pics

Our Epsom Night at the Movies was a great success

Our Epsom Night at the Movies was a great success. There was a photobooth for students to capture moments with their friends and staff. Here are some of the pictures taken…

More Marvelous Music

Epsom Prep School Recital…

The much-awaited ‘Prep School Term 2 / Spring Music Recital’ concert, organised by the Music Department, was held on 3rd April in our theatre. 

The Prep School students from Early Years students up to year 6 enthusiastically participated in this event, showcasing their musical prowess to a captivated audience of parents and staff. The concert was filled with a plethora of performances, including Prep School Choir, Percussion Rhythm Play, Instrumental Ensembles, and Solos. The students showcased their musical talents and versatility with various instruments such as flutes, violins, cellos, and alto saxophones, leaving everyone in awe.

The highlight of the evening was the Trio performance by Jayden and Paxton on Flute, accompanied by James on Violin, where they performed the melody “All is Well with My Soul.” Their performance was remarkable, leaving the audience spellbound with their flawless synchronisation. The students truly showed their dedication and passion for music, which was evident in their stellar performances.

Furthermore, the concert marked the debut of the Prep School CCA Orchestra, consisting of the Year 4, 5, and 6 students. They enthralled the audience with their performance of one of the most famous tunes, “The Medallion Calls” from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The students showcased their musical harmony and synchronisation, which was truly commendable.

The concert was an absolute delight for parents who came to watch. They were impressed with the hard work and dedication of the Prep School students, which was evident in their spectacular performances throughout Term 2. The concert was a testament to the students’ commitment to music, and it was evident that they put their hearts and souls into their performances. We look forward to many more musical events in the future that showcase the musical excellence of our school.

Mr Azmi,

Music Teacher

English as an Additional Language at Epsom

Cracking the Glass Ceiling

Mastering English, or indeed any foreign language is a challenging and rewarding endeavor. One of the main challenges of learning a new language is the amount of time and effort it requires to become proficient: it can take months or even years of consistent practice to reach a level of fluency where an individual is able to comfortably communicate with native speakers.

Difficulties in achieving fluency include the complexity of grammar and syntax, as well as the nuances of pronunciation and intonation. Additionally, there may be cultural differences that affect the way the language is spoken and understood.

Fortunately, in the school there are a myriad of opportunities to practice the language and encounter comprehensible input and Epsomians continually overcome all challenges to achieve fluency.  Mastery is available to all with persistence, dedication, and a willingness for individuals to make mistakes and learn from them. Plus learning languages is fun and, with the right attitude, is more pleasure than drudgery.

A number of our younger EAL students have recently cracked the glass ceiling and demonstrated strong progress toward mastery in the language: they have achieved B1 or even B2 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).  This means that they are able to communicate effectively in most situations and use English for both social and professional purposes, understand the main ideas of complex texts on both concrete and abstract topics (including technical discussions) and interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity with native speakers without strain for either party. 

Please join me in offering congratulations to our recent language heroes: Fuga, Wendy, Tim, Sky, Sawa, Sehee, Doyeon, Rui, Jiaqi, Simon and Angel.  Perhaps find out their secret? I am fairly sure it is that they enjoy doing things in English: chatting with friends, watching movies or reading books.  Perhaps they also regularly review new vocabulary, try to move new phrases into their working language, put effort into producing accurate language or just love exploring the world around them in English. Why not ask them and adopt some of their techniques?

Dean Jones

Housemaster, Granville House and EAL Coordinator


Epsom IT Society Presentation

Have you ever thought of using AI to write your essay? Well, I have to admit that I have. However writing is not all AI can do for you. They can draw for you. They can create Art according to what it is you would like to see. 

We all know that many artists spend countless hours working meticulously on a single piece of Art. Yet, AI can complete the task in under a minute. In terms of performance speed, humans simply cannot compete with AI. That said, AI Art does not contain any emotion – it contains no thoughts, no feelings.

Human Art requires artists to draw on their emotions, on their past experiences – their highs and lows. This is what inspires them and motivates them to work patiently for hours, weeks, months and even years before considering their final piece of Artwork complete. This is not the case for AI artwork which is devoid of any emotion.

There are those who appreciate the feelings, emotions, and efforts that they can sense from Human Art; these people will never be impressed by AI Art. Such people will continue to enjoy Human-drawn Art and will therefore, contribute to the steady demand for Human Artwork. On the other hand, there are others who want to see attractive artwork and will continuously consume AI Art. They will not be drawn to Human Art.

So, will AI Kill the Art Industry – I do not think so…

We hope you found the presentation interesting. Thank You for reading!

IT Society

Rion, Year 11 Granville

Epsom Language Society

Oh, Cuz She’s Dead!” – Extinct Languages

This week we celebrated International Culture Day…

Culture is related to language thus Darshinie, Yi Shan and Hitesh of our College Languages Society presented on Extinct Languages and considered what an extinct language is exactly. Latin may spring to mind for some of you reading this…Latin is considered a dead language, because it has no native speakers.

We hope you enjoyed the presentation and try not to go extinct before the next session!

Best wishes,

Teja, Year 12 Rosebery – Not extinct yet,

Secretary, Lang Gang

The Language Society @ ECiM

Its Hammertime!

with Epsom Motorsport Society:

This week, Youngmok & Elliot, both Year 12 Propert, presented on ‘It’s Hammertime: Lewis Hamilton’

They consider Lewis Hamilton to be an inspiration both as a person and a professional, someone from whom we can all learn…

So, who is Lewis Hamilton? He is an F1 driver for Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team. At 38 years old, he is already a 7-time F1 World Champion! Based on this and so many other of his attributes, it is claimed that Lewis Hamilton is the most successful driver of ALL TIME. 

Unlike many drivers, he came from a poor background. His father had to work multiple jobs to support his son’s racing career from a young age – for example allowing him to practice go-karting every week for competitions.

Lewis Hamilton also holds many titles in F1 including: Most Podiums, Most Pole Positions, Most Grand Prix Wins, and Most World Driver Championships! He equals Micheal Schumacher for the most WDCs in F1 history. In addition, he has a 1:1 ratio with his wins and podiums which is an astonishing achievement from an F1 driver. This proves Lewis’s adaptability, consistency, mental attitude and approach towards achieving his goals and ….his sheer talent. We could learn a lot from him and how he overcomes challenges in his career!

Alis,  Year 12 Crawfurd,

Co-President Motorsport Society

Maths Week

‘Maths Week’ was a celebration of all things mathematical.

In lessons, students in Years 7-10 and Year 12 each completed a ‘Maths Shuttle’ in the sports hall in a competition which relied on both speed of Mental Maths as well as speed of foot. Each team of students was split into two groups, who sat on opposite sides of the sports hall. Each group had to answer a Maths question then run their answer over to the other half of their team, who were reliant upon receiving a correct answer in order to be able to answer their own question. Trusting one another, teamwork and keeping calm under pressure were the order of the day; those who managed all three, ultimately, were victorious.      

Our students love to get competitive in Maths, and no more so when representing their House. The Inter-House Maths Competition was an extremely well attended event, with 8 teams representing all 6 boarding Houses. Each team had 7 representatives, 1 from each year group, with Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 groupings allowed to confer. The standard of Maths was incredibly high, with the winning team scoring 244 points out of a possible 255. The Maths Department were hugely impressed with the spirit, enthusiasm and sense of fun brought to the competition.

Zhi Yu and Leo (Granville) were the Key Stage 5 representatives for the 1st place Granville and Carr team. 

Adam, Yusi and Thomas (Carr) were the Key Stage 3 representatives for the 2nd place Granville and Carr team. House spirit was out in full force with the Carr boys in their House t-shirts! 

Molly and Afifah (Rosebery) were the Key Stage 5 representatives for the 3rd place Rosebery team.

Well done to the following students who were presented with their prizes in the whole school assembly on Monday: Cedric – Year 7 Carr, Jaden – Year 8 Carr, Umair – Year 9 Carr, Bruce Dong – Year 10 Granville, Young – Year 11 Granville, Leo -Year 12 Granville  and Zhi Yu -Year 13 Granville.  

As we know, sound knowledge of our times tables is the foundation for success in Mathematics. Our students demonstrated their speed, skill and determination in the ‘Times Tables Competition’ held on the final day of Maths Week. 

Well done to the following students:

Charlotte – Year 8 Crawfurd – 4th place with 30 correct answers in 30 seconds. 

Shinsai (Holman) and Chaewon (Crawfurd) – Year 9 – 3rd place with 31 correct answers in 30 seconds. 

Anna Ruth – Year 7 Crawfurd – 2nd place with 32 correct answers in 30 seconds. 

Our ultimate winner however was one of our Year 10 Further Mathematics students, Khai Ze – Year 10 Propert, who scored an almighty 37 correct answers in 30 seconds. Amazing!

The final competition, which ran every day of Maths Week, was the ‘Spicy’ Maths Competition. Students could answer some rather challenging questions outside the Dining Hall and win merits depending on the ‘spice’ level of the question. For example, 4 chillis = 4 merits!

Well done to our winners: Leah (Rosebery) and Yusi (Carr) in KS3, Noelle (Crawfurd) in KS4 and Dillon (Granville) in Key Stage 5.

The KS5 winner of the ‘Spicy’ Maths Competition, Dillon Siow, also contributed to Maths Week by giving a lunchtime talk in the GC on ‘What is ‘e’?’ As a Year 12 Further Mathematician, Dillon encounters the number ‘e’ frequently in lessons so it was an excellent topic for him and other students to understand more deeply. His talk was well researched, smoothly delivered and was enjoyed by all students and teachers who attended. Thank you also to Franco (Year 12) and the Maths Society for delivering an interesting assembly to KS3 and KS4 about the use of mathematics in gaming. His assembly underlined that without mathematics, gaming simply would not exist!

Ms Olivia Archibald,

Head of Mathematics.

Humanities Soc - Sinking Cities

Representing Epsom Humanities Society, Diana – Year 12 Rosebery, presented on the Sinking Cities as part of our College Eco Week.

Ever mindful of the impact of climate change, students are keen to raise awareness of the issues surrounding the environmental crisis: 


You may remember that 4 students: You Heng, Evan, Rachel and Allen won the STEM week prize of a visit to WINDLAB.

Thanks to Mrs Parker and Mr Bevan took the trip and here are some pictures – even Mrs Parker and Mr Bevan had a go! Looks like great fun – You Heng’s smile says it all!


Very best wishes from us all at Epsom.

Happy Friday!


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