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Happy Friday Dear Reader and Welcome to Issue 146 of our Epsom Friday Flyer!

This week we have enjoyed multiple activities as you can see from our Epsom Events. Activities have ranged from university presentations on Medicine and Law to discussions on Stoicism to KPop. We welcomed Mr Tony Pua who generously gave of his time as part of our Epsom Live Talk Series. Mr Tony Pua is a Malaysian politician who served as the Member of Parliament for Damansara from May 2018 to November 2022, for Petaling Jaya Utara from March 2008 to May 2018 and Political Secretary to the Minister of Finance from May 2018 to February 2020.

There have been many stimulating and engaging activities on offer to cater for everyone’s interests and Ms Archibald, our Head of Mathematics, ‘kicked off the week’ (excuse the pun!) with her assembly to launch Epsom Mathematics Week.

Ms Archibald is a keen and accomplished football player and coaches our teams as part of our CCA programme:

Ms Archibald’s assembly posed the question:

‘What is more beautiful, Mathematics (as illustrated by the equation below) or the Beautiful Game of Football?’

Ms Archibald asked the students to explain ‘e’, ‘i’ and ‘pi and the meaning of the above equation and its beauty…

Using her personal experiences as a child, Ms Archibald illustrated her point that Mathematics can enable us to fully appreciate the beauty of the beautiful game…

She discussed the concept of ‘Expected Goals’

We watched some videos of some amazing goals being scored and considered the probability of them being successful.

We went on to discuss how Mathematics has influenced the development of the beautiful game and players’ tactics:

Indeed, the application of Mathematics within strategic planning within football has become a well paid career:

Mathematics can even help us to determine who is the better player – Messi or Ronaldo! – LINK

Through her assembly, Ms Archibald succeeded in demonstrating the application of Mathematics in the context of football to enable us to understand and thus fully appreciate its beauty and the skill of the players. She showed us that Mathematics is integral to our understanding of the world around us.

As a Physics teacher, I agree that Mathematics is the “Queen of the Sciences’ as it represents the foundation upon which all the scientific and engineering teaching sits.

Our students and staff have thoroughly enjoyed the activities that our Mathematics Department prepared for us this week:

** SH = Sports Hall

These included “Spicy Maths’ questions at lunch!

It has been wonderful to see the students competing in the finals of Sports Week every evening after Prep – there are some extremely talented players. We also thoroughly enjoyed our Music Department’s ‘Night at the Movies’ event. More on this next week!

Please share with your friends that we will host an Open Day in 1 April – register HERE

We hope you enjoy the articles that follow and wish you and your loved ones a restful weekend…Happy Reading and a very Happy Friday.

Mr Matthew Brown,


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A Message From Our Head Of Prep - Mrs Rouson

This term in the Prep School has been such a whirlwind of learning, wonder and of course joy!

We started back in January with our visiting Korean friends, who came to have a taste of Epsom and our existing Prep students were so welcoming and kind. After that we enjoyed fabulous Chinese New Year celebrations, an incredible Book Week and more recently a very successful STEM week and Eco Week.  Mr Jordan Brown and Ms Karen organised these weeks within the Prep School and have written about this amazing enrichment below.


The Prep School had a fantastic time this STEM week, with a huge variety of activities and projects available for the children to participate in. It is perhaps fitting with the recent launch of Artemis I, a series of missions that will hopefully see us land on the moon again by 2025, that the theme of this particular week was on ‘Rockets’, with children across the different year groups designing rockets of their own! From straw shooters to stomp rockets, the children had an absolute blast!

Another highlight of the week were some of our guest visitors from the senior school. 

Teachers from across the Biology, Chemistry and Physics departments ran their own workshops to help inspire our young minds and foster a sense of curiosity about the natural world. Pupils from Year 5 and 6 were also lucky to have the opportunity to visit some of the lunchtime workshops run by the science department, with screaming jelly babies and DIY lava lamps among some of the children’s highlights!

To cap off an excellent week, our house competition saw children undertaking various STEM challenges, including designing sturdy towers and building a stable bridge. These tasks required the children to work collaboratively and make maximal use of limited resources. They also encouraged children to think carefully about how to strengthen simple materials, with some groups designing truss supports to help stabilise their designs.

All in all, it was an incredibly fun, informative and inspiring week for all involved and will certainly remain one of my highlights of the year. A big thank you to everyone involved!

Jordan Brown – Prep School Stem Leader


In preparation for the School’s Eco Week, the Eco Warriors put forward lots of proposals and suggestions to help capture the interest of the Prep School children and raise awareness and help save our planet. After weeks of brainstorming ideas, the Eco Warriors had finally agreed on a few interesting activities for all children from Prep school to be part of. 

To kickstart the week, we had Mr Brown and Mrs Rouson plant a plant at the courtyard right next to the prep school. It was a significant event as that was the start of the plant planting activity in prep school, where each class in prep school had taken turns to plant some plants in that area. A big thank you to Mr Jayathasan and Ms Devaki (parents of Sonia, Year 4) for sponsoring the plants. 

We also had Ms Cydney, a prep school parent present to the children her inspiring mini project- an organic farm which she started last October. The children had the opportunity to learn about the process of basic planting and how our waste is able to help provide nutrients to plants. This had also inspired the Year 3 children to start collecting fruit peels after breaktime to be used as compost. 

What comes to mind when you are asked about saving the environment? Many would say stop cutting down trees and recycle papers. Well, that was exactly what the senior school prefects did with the prep school children. They had organised a paper recycling workshop where they explained the process of producing recycled papers. It was an eye opening, fun and messy experience for everyone. 

The highlight of Eco Week was when we invited Dr Ravinder, a wildlife researcher who is committed to saving Malaysia’s endangered hornbills to present a talk with the Prep school children. The informative presentation had captured the interest and hearts of all students and adults as we realised that these birds are in need of protection. 


I had lots of fun making paper from scratch. We learned about the process of making paper and the talk about the hornbills was so cool. I enjoyed planting in the courtyard. Eco week was so much fun and I learnt a lot about the environment. (Muzna, Year 3)

Eco Week taught me a lot about saving endangered animals because we need them for our life cycle. I will now start saving electricity and recycle more often. I enjoyed making paper with my teachers and friends and would like to try it at home too. I will also plant more trees so that we will have more oxygen and clean air to breathe. (Ariana, Year 3)

Karen Selva – Prep School Teacher

We are nearly at the end of a busy and exciting term in the Prep School and this week we have invited the parents in for our Learning Celebrations this week.

Next week we will end the term with our Spring Music Concert on Monday afternoon at 3.30pm in the School Theatre.

I cannot wait to see where our incredible learning journey will take us in the final term!

Mrs Jane Rouson,

Head of Prep.

Epsom's Co Curricular Programme - Term 3 Launch

All our students at Epsom College in Malaysia enjoy Co Curricular activities (CCA) Monday-Thursday after formal lessons end at 4.10pm.

Our CCA provision is integral to the holistic education that we seek to deliver. It enriches students’ learning,developing, honing and refining their academic knowledge as well as soft skills and attributes such as responsibility, leadership, resilience, care, empathy, the ability to negotiate, plan and cooperate with others outside the friendship group.

We are keen to build on our provision and excited to be launching some new CCAs in Term 3.

We thank Ms Alice Back, our CCA Coordinator for all her work to support our CCA programme:)

Basketball - Epsom v King Henry VIII

This week, Epsom had the opportunity to host King Henry VIII International School to play 4 Basketball matches on home ground. The atmosphere in the sports hall was great and the viewing balcony was filled with supporters cheering for the teams and enjoying some exciting matches on both courts! 

This was our U13 Boys’ first Basketball fixture this year! Our boys did so well and managed to get the win, beating King Henry 15-13! Our U18 Girls also started off strong on the other court and clinched a big win, beating King Henry 23-4!

As for our U18 boys, King Henry started off strong by taking a huge lead in the first quarter, leading the game 14-6! However, Epsom boys showed their fighting spirit and kept on fighting hard throughout the next 2 quarters with their captain, Garrison continuously motivating and encouraging the team on and off court! Unfortunately, King Henry’s lead was too far to catch up and our boys lost 58-43! 

After a thrilling close match, with King Henry taking the lead after the first 2 quarters, our U15 boys fought hard and managed to bring home another win, beating King Henry 27-21.  

Well done to all the boys and a big thank you to Mr Fowler again for helping to coach the U13 and U15 boys!

Miss Cindy Ng

PE Teacher.

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High Level Sport

Epsom Sports Academies – Tennis, Golf and Football for aspiring Student-Athletes:

As many of you know, we commenced our Mouratoglou Tennis Programme, a high-performance tennis academy, in September 2022. Our Mouratoglou coaches, Costas and Ioannis from Greece, QnQush from Armenia and Keon and Troy from Malaysia have been working very hard with our academy student-athletes and this has yielded excellent results with a flurry of #No.1, #2’s and #3 rankings in national tennis tournaments for Under 16, Under 12 and Under 10’s!

The Mouratoglou Academy have added fresh programmes for those with more modest tennis skills to advanced Junior Pro players ranging from 1.5 hours per week to 20+ hours and tournaments. More information can be found HERE.

In Academic Year 2023-2024, the ECM Golf Academy commences in earnest on 25th August 2023 and the construction of the driving range with 30 bays, putting green, bunkers and chipping green will complete during the summer break. Travis Van Dijk, a South African PGA Professional joins us as Head Coach and General Manager and brings his 17 years of professional experience to the academy. More information on the ECM Golf Academy can be found HERE and a video walkthrough HERE.

The last update is for our forthcoming La Liga Football Academy. In partnership with Europe’s premier football league – La Liga – the football coaches, many of whom are ex-professional players, bring a European level of skills, training and fitness to student-athletes wanting to bring their football skills to new heights. The La Liga Football Academy commences Academic Year 2023-2024 in Term 1.

Whilst these are high-performance sports academies with highly accomplished professional coaches, I’m delighted to inform you that commencing the new academic year, Year 6 and 7 students will have complimentary access to experience each of these three sports academies and their coaching professionals once a week throughout the school year. These sessions will be built into timetables.

We look forward to unearthing the next Roger Federer, Tiger Woods or Maradona here at Epsom!

Epsom Sports Week

Sports Week strikes back again after nine months, this time taking place in the evening with five exciting  indoor sports. Every night has been packed with matches of three different sports using every corner of the  sports hall efficiently, coordinated by the current and upcoming Prefects Team. 

Netball was the sport with the most players in a team, making it a fun bonding sport incorporating different year  groups and genders. In the finals, both teams demonstrated impeccable teamwork and competitiveness.  Team ‘Kokeshi’s’ swift and rapid passing of the ball down the court was impressive, whilst excellent defence was evident from team “Taller Than Your Mom” whose Goal Shooter Laekeisya showcased perfect shooting skills making them exhilarating to watch.  Eventually team ‘Kokeshi’, consisting of Japanese students from various year groups, took the crown after  winning three straight games in a row that evening. 

A new sport implemented into sports week was Dodgeball -a new, exciting game that all players were  keen to either get back into or play for the very first time. There was an influx of players ranging from  Key Stage 5 all the way down to Key Stage 3. All teams were incredibly excited and passionate to run around  and throw balls for 2 hours! All teams, no matter what the outcome was, showed high levels of  sportsmanship, being humble in victory and gracious in defeat. 

We ended the night with an intense final between team ‘Dodgy Style’ against the ‘Funky Monkeys’, with the Funky Monkeys prevailing as the winners of  the 2023 Dodgeball event. We hope that the upcoming years’ Sports Week continues to provide new sports  like Dodgeball to expose students to new and engaging sports. 

Table Tennis, an individual sport which requires concentration and precision, gathered players ranging  from Year 7 to Year 13. The Juniors’ match was held on the first day of Sports Week and we could clearly see  the sheer excitement and enthusiasm in the players. In the finals for Juniors, Yuxian went against Jasveerpal. The match itself was unpredictable as both players showed significant amounts of  effort. However, Yuxian managed to overcome his opponent and became the winner of the Junior’s Table Tennis. On the other hand, the Seniors’ Table Tennis took place the day after the Juniors’ matches. The  overall pace of the competition was very speedy and it didn’t take long for a winner to be decided.  Tsukasa came in first place, beating everyone with the score of 2-0 for each match. 

Volleyball, a newly implemented sport yet one of the more popular ones, attracted 10 teams with each  team including 6 or 7 people. In the finals, the team ‘The Japs’ and ‘??’ went against each other. ‘The Japs’  were initially in the lead, winning the first set. However, due to a lack of time, we had to stop the match and resume it the following day. The tables then turned when they continued the match on the 27th of March. ‘??’  somehow managed to win 2 sets in a row, coming from behind to achieve an unbelievable victory. The  level of performance shown in the finals was enough to make everyone stunned. 

3 on 3 Basketball drew much attention from the Basketball lovers among us as the players were allocated randomly  into teams to avoid a biassed team. A team involving Year 10 and below with the members Gaia, Jiaqi and  Caleb took their crowns from the Juniors category. Among the girls team, Nanako, Woorin and Gabriella  showed exceptional team spirit and claimed champion in Girls Basketball. From Senior Boys, a team comprising Heng Chu, Reo and Marc managed to overcome intimidating opponents such as the likes of  Aowen, Zakri and Young.

Badminton can be played as a singles or doubles game, with the objective being to score points by making  the shuttlecock land on the opponent’s court and making it impossible for them to return it. The game  requires speed, agility, and good hand-eye coordination. It was the highlight of Sports Week, with the most  participants – and the most anticipation. The resilient athletes gave their all, in one of Malaysia’s most  beloved sports. Sharvvind (Granville, Year 12) and Darshinie (Rosebery, Year 12) came out on top for Mixed  Badminton (Year 11, 12, 13) with their excellent cooperation and communication, whilst Sharvvind  simultaneously (and beyond impressively) won Boys Singles (Year 11, 12, 13). Molly (Rosebery, Year 12)  came first for Girls Singles Badminton (once again!!), exhibiting her infinite athletic capabilities. All in all,  Badminton has undoubtedly united the passion within Epsom students during Sports Week 2023, and we  are so proud of the students who participated in this excellent event!

Aidan, Year 13 Propert

Head of College and Sports Week Lead.

A Message From Granville House

As we approach the end of another busy term and reflect on all of the events and activities that we have led, supported or attended, the residents of Granville House consider all of the extracurricular activities that are on offer in the school and the effect that participation in these has on our lives.

Participation is indeed an essential element in the development of teenage boys: getting involved is key.  Through joining in various activities, young men can gain valuable experiences, develop important skills, and establish social connections.  Committing to causes bigger than oneself and putting all of one’s heart into its successis an important life-long philosophy.  Leadership skills can also be developed as witnessed through the deeds of our heads of house and house captains and seniors.

Physical activities such as sports, martial arts, and outdoor recreation can help youngsters improve their physical fitness, coordination, and teamwork skills. These activities also provide opportunities for boys to challenge themselves, set and achieve goals, and develop confidence and resilience and we have certainly seen this during Sports’ Week and in preparing for the Inter-House basketball tournament before the end of term.

In addition, participation in artistic and creative activities, such as music, drama, and visual arts, can help develop creativity, self-expression, and emotional intelligence. These activities also offer opportunities for boys to connect with their peers, explore their interests, and develop new talents: this was showcased in our victory in the recent drama competition and in the many creations around the boarding house.

Voluntary and community service activities are able to support the development of a sense of civic responsibility and social awareness. Participating in these activities could also help boys develop empathy and compassion for others, as well as a sense of purpose and fulfillment.  This has been showcased through the work of our language ambassadors, which has been tremendously purposeful and useful for the students of the younger boarding houses and rewarding for those volunteers themselves.

Overall, participation provides us with important opportunities for personal growth, social connection, and skill development. By encouraging Granvillians to participate in a range of activities, parents, teachers, and mentors help support their healthy development and well-being.  Get involved and be committed!

Mr Dean Jones,

Housemaster, Granville House.

BSE Soc Updates

Türkiye Earthquake Fundraising Trip:

We, the Business and Economics Society as well as the wider Epsom Community have been touched by the plight of the victims of the recent disaster in Syria and Turkey. As a result of the Syria-Turkey Earthquake, 50,000 people have died, that’s about 100 times the population of Epsom. 50% of our BSE Society profit has always been dedicated to external charities and is now being donated towards this cause with additional donations from compassionate students and teachers.

Yi Lai, Supply Leader of the Selling Team, [FUNDRAISING] :
The BSE Society gives me a great opportunity to improve my leadership skills. 50% of the society’s profit has always been dedicated to external charity with no exception this time. Our work also keeps us up to date with current events, ensuring that our profits are put to good use. The BSE Society fundraised more than RM2000 in a very short period of time which shows me how impactful it is for everyone to do just a little bit.

Jing Yan, President of the BSE Society, [ORGANISATION] :
Through our connection with the external charity organisation, namely MSEF, that we’ve donated 50% of our profit to before, we were able to find an authentic channel to be able to play our part in helping victims to begin to recover from the repercussions of some of the world’s current tragedies – notably the Syria-Turkey Earthquake and the Johor Penang floods in Malaysia.

We were delighted to receive our invitation to meet renowned representatives, namely his excellency Emir Salim Yuksel (the Ambassador of Turkey to Malaysia) and YB Nurul Izzah (daughter of Malaysia’s prime minister), and handover our donation generated by our selling events. Upon receipt of our invitation, I immediately contacted Mr Pedro (Head of Sixth form) to arrange transportation to the donation event, work on the safeguarding proposal for the trip with Ms Hendricks and prioritised the ten available places on the trip for the Board of Directors and Team Leaders of the BSE Society to represent our Society and our school at this special event.

The trip and event were meaningful in and of themselves. However, Mr Pedro and I sought to add some fun to the trip so I found myself scrutinising every junction and sidewalk on Google maps prior to our departure in order to identify the safest route and nearest shopping mall within walking distance. Changes to our plan had to be made frequently which made the researching time consuming and in the end I was able to recognise and walk to the shopping malls nearby without a device on that day.

There is no doubt that through my work on this event I was able to hone my communication skills, leadership skills, stress management skills, public speaking skills and team working skills.

I would like to express my gratitude to Mr Pedro, Taranie and Ms Hendricks for supporting me in the process.

Aisha Azizul, Vice President of the BSE Society, [SPEECH] :
When I was asked by Jing Yan to give a speech with her at the event my initial response was “Of course! What a great opportunity” I held that sentiment throughout the days leading up to the speech. It was truly an honour to be standing in front of the ambassador of Turkey— someone, whose schedule I could not fathom, still had time to listen to two kids ramble on about school. I will admit though, the minutes and seconds and milliseconds before we were called up were nerve wracking to say the least. We were seated right behind the Ambassador while YB Nurul Izzah gave an incredibly confident and heartfelt speech. The pressure was on.

One by one each organisation went up until the final words fell like a knell “What we teach our children is very important for the future… that is why we would like to introduce our two students from Epsom College—“ I stood up, heavy with the feeling of a whole room’s worth of eyes on me. I didn’t know where to look, how to stand and most importantly what to do with my hands.

However, the audience was so kind and warm. Everywhere I looked I saw smiles and encouraging nods. I felt like I was catching up with an old friend, well in this case many friends. It was a thrilling feeling to see these successful men and women so captivated by us and we even got a few fist bumps.

I hope I will be able to get more opportunities like this and I thank Jing Yan and everyone who was part of the event for being so kind and letting me attend.

His excellency, Emir Salim Yuksel, the ambassador of Turkey to Malaysia, with Jing Yan and Aisha.

Darshinie, PR Chair, [SHARING]:
The event was really a new experience for me. It was truly a proud moment to be able to represent the BSE Society, as well as watch Jing Yan and Aisha give their speech in front of so many people holding high positions. After the event, we had the opportunity to visit a nearby mall and do some shopping, which was a welcome break from school for all of us.

Overall, this event was fun, memorable, and also inspired me to help those who are in need. Big congratulations to Jing Yan, Aisha, and the rest of the BSE Society for achieving such an accomplishment.

Changyoung Jeong (Kyle), Leader of Finance Team, [SHARING]:
This inspires me to help others to perform charitable acts of kindness. It was a heartwarming experience to help those in need.

Yi Shan, Member of Finance Team, [SHARING]:
It was an honour to attend this event and represent the school in helping Turkiye. I would also like to thank everyone who has donated, as small acts of kindness do matter.

Alicia, PR Chair, [SHARING]:
I felt an immense and overwhelming sense of pride watching Jing Yan and Aisha deliver their speech, as well as going up to the front to greet the Turkish Ambassador to Malaysia, and Nurul Izzah Anwar. Seeing them speak with such eloquence made me feel so elated. It was such an honour to be part of the initiative to fundraise money for such a heartbreaking event.

Thank you to students, teachers and parents for your donations and time in reading this!

From left to right, Aisha, Jing Yan, Kizuna, Xin Ling, Chua Yee Ling (Emcee), YB Nurul Izzah, Kyle, Wonwoo, Darshinie, Yi Shan, Alicia, Mr Pedro

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A Message From Our Mandarin Department

We are excited to update you on some recent and upcoming events in Epsom’s Modern Foreign Language and Mandarin departments.

Firstly, we would like to congratulate our Year 10 and  Year 11 students on completing their IGCSE speaking exams over these past two weeks. Our teachers dedicated themselves to helping the students practise in the week leading up to the exam. We are confident that their hard work and preparation will be reflected in their results.

Moreover, we are delighted to announce that our students will be participating in the 16th Chinese-Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for Malaysian Secondary Schools Students. This annual competition is organised by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Malaysia, and our teachers have been encouraging students to participate and guiding them on how to prepare for the competition. We are looking forward to seeing our students take on this exciting challenge.

Lastly, we would like to remind you that our Modern Foreign Language department will be hosting a Hari Raya Assembly in April. The assembly will involve students and teachers celebrating this annual festival and embrace the cultural diversity of our learning community. We are excited to see the creativity and student participation that this celebration will bring.

Best Regards,
Epsom Mandarin Department

ECO X Green Spaces

ECO X COMFORT – Green Spaces & Mental Health w/ Elie and Nadirah – Year 11, Crawfurd.

Dear Reader,

Ever wondered why the quickest solution to a hazy mind happens to be taking a short nature walk? Don’t you think it’s cool that a well-known saying about enjoying the world one day at a time is “stop and smell the flowers”?

Green spaces are areas allocated to host natural plants or foliage for recreational and/or aesthetic purposes. These spaces and mental health are a lot more intertwined than they appear to be, and we’re here to talk about that!

The ongoing climate crisis is a problem requiring intersectional perspectives and wider-range education moreover solutions, so it is an honour for the Comfort Society to be able to spread awareness about this topic alongside the Eco Committee.

We hope that you enjoyed our session led by Elie and Nadirah on the importance of green spaces to mental health and wellbeing. See you at the next one soon!

Till then, stay comfy!

Warm hugs,
Teja, Year 12, Rosebery
Secretary, Comfort Crew
The Comfort Society @ ECiM.




ECO Week

Hi there! Epsom’s Eco Committee here!

Last week we had our Eco Week, where we organised a series of events aimed at promoting sustainable living and raising awareness about environmental issues. We hosted talks, workshops, and selling events, all of which were a great success. We were delighted to raise close to RM400 to donate to Mercy Malaysia, which will aid in the ongoing flood relief efforts in the country!

As the Eco Committee, our goal is to observe and come up with solutions to make Epsom College a more environmentally conscious and sustainable environment. During our weekly college assembly, we introduced a recycling system to encourage our school community to be more mindful of waste management. We hope everyone can work together to make a positive impact, even if it’s a small one, by recycling properly. However, before recycling, we should also consider how we can refuse, reduce, and reuse items in the future.

Moving on to the week’s highlights:

Day 1 of Eco Week began with our college assembly where we introduced the week’s activities and the new recycling system at school. We then had a zero-waste sale during lunch, selling metal/glass straw sets, tote bags, and bamboo toothbrushes. To our delight, the items nearly sold out on the first day, showing that our community is interested in making eco-friendly choices 🙂

Towards the end of the day, we enjoyed Diana’s presentation on sinking cities and what is being done worldwide to address this issue. She raised awareness about the impact of climate change on coastal cities, which was an eye-opener for many students.

Day 2 started with a Kahoot quiz for Key Stage 3 and 4 students, with questions about the environment and sustainable living. It was an exciting way to engage students and raise awareness about important environmental issues. Our selling events continued, and we sold out of our straws and tote bags! We spotted a few students already using their adorable tote bags, which was great to see.

Day 3 began with Adrianna, Alis, Layla, and Rachel from Year 12 leading the Key Stage 3 and 4 assembly. They talked about the impacts of climate change and fast fashion, topics that are often overlooked, and they discussed where greenhouse gases come from, shops using fast fashion, and ways we can be sustainable with our clothes! The rest of the day was spent with the prep school students, where we conducted a paper recycling workshop. Our goal was to raise awareness about recycling and show how easy it can be to recycle by creating your own paper from scraps at home or school. With the help of wonderful sixth-form volunteers, the prep school students were able to try out each step, and some teachers even took part! Though there was a long wait for the papers to dry, it was a fun and educational experience for everyone involved.

Day 4 started with Pei Wen – Year 12 Rosebery, explaining green terms and the concept of greenwashing. It was an eye-opener on how products are marketed to us and how we can be more aware of their true impact on the environment. Lana – Year 12 Crawfurd, continued by sharing her perspective on climate change and its impacts in her home country, the Maldives, as well as how Malaysia itself could be affected badly if we don’t start taking action now. Finally, Alicia – Year 12 Rosebery representing the Humanities Society, gave a fascinating run-through of the many benefits of hemp to the environment and whether it should be legalised in more places, including Malaysia.

On Day 5, the week ended on a high note with the Comfort Society’s discussion on green spaces and mental health. Elie and Nadirah – Year 11 Crawfurd, highlighted the importance of green spaces in our lives and how they can help to improve our mental well-being, as well as the need to conserve these spaces for future generations.

It was an exciting and eventful week overall! We are grateful to everyone who supported and took part in this Eco Week, and we hope you were able to learn something new. Remember, small changes can make a big impact, so let’s work together to create a sustainable future.

See you!
Eco Committee
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Epsom Human Society

What it takes to be Stoic

Dear all,

Elliot, Year 12 Propert  hosted  a lunchtime session this week on Stoicism, a philosophy that emphasises the relevance of self-discipline and rationality in order to achieve personal freedom.

We hope you enjoyed the session and look forward to seeing you at future events!

Pei Wen (Communications/Secretary)

Epsom Humanities Society

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STEM Week Result

And the Winners are…

Some of you may remember that we celebrated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Week recently.

Throughout the week there were opportunities for students in Years 7-10 to win points for their House and STEM themes and topics were woven into lessons across the curriculum including EAL (English as an Additional Language) where students had to write an imaginative piece on a visit to space, History where students had to consider the technology of World War 2, Geography where students had to research the climate and weather on other planets and more…

Every category had 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. There were awards for attendance to events and engagement with experiments as well as prizes for the quizzes and competitions.

To motivate the students, 1 student from every Year group (Year 7-10)  had the opportunity to win a visit to WINDLAB Indoor Skydiving Centre.

The winners of this wonderful opportunity are:

You Heng – Year 7 Carr

Evan – Year 8 Holman

Rachel – Year 9 Crawfurd

Allen – Year 10 Granville

Winners of the Epsom STEM Week Kahoot Quiz are…

Overall the STEM Inter House Champions (for the 2nd  Year running) are…

Carr House!!



The Scienz Soc would also like to congratulate the following students on winning the award for the best poster to present their research experiment as part of Epsom Science Week. The winners are:

1st Prize: Ellie – Year 8 Crawfurd, Ammar – Year 8 Carr and Sean – Year 8 Holman

2nd Prize: Anna – Year 7 Crawfurd, Wade – Year 7 Carr, Zaq – Year 7 Carr and Meor – Year 7 Carr.

3rd Prize: Vincent – Year 8 Carr, Leah- Year 8 Rosebery, Rayyan – Year 8 Carr and Gerald – Year 8 Holman.

The Most Creative Award goes to:

Dana – Year 7 Rosebery , Bella Year 8 Rosebery – Year and Kanato – Year 7 Holman.

Many thanks to Mr Jamie Bevan and our Science Team for their work to make Epsom STEM Week such a success:)

Youth STEM Cup 2023 Finals

All the very best to Marc, Ammar, Jing Ren for Sunday’s Youth STEM Cup Finals at Herriot Watt University!!!

We will be with you in spirit, Boys:)

Epsom Mathematics

Mathematics in Gaming…

Epsom Mathematics Society launched a Mathematics Week this week aiming to inform our community of the beauty of Mathematics and its usefulness. 

On Tuesday, Dillon – Year 12 Propert, presented on the mathematical constant ‘e’. What is ‘e’? ‘e’ is roughly 2.718. Known as ‘Euler’s Number’ it is used in calculus, especially differentiation and integration. It was first used in 1618 to calculate compound interest. Now it has evolved into the second most used constant in Mathematics after π, 3.141. 

During Mathematics Week I presented to the juniors of Key Stages 3 and 4 by. He touched upon the Mathematics in Gaming and how it is crucial for its development. Geometry, vectors and physics were all discussed during Wednesday’s assembly.

Firstly, in geometry, triangles are used to model characters and this concept is aptly known as triangulation. Trillions of triangles are used to model every character and the more triangles, the more smooth the movement. Moreover, the vertices that exist all have a unique set of coordinates in the x,y and z coordinates to show their relationship with the rest of the virtual world. If the position of every vertex of a triangle changes thousands of times per second, movement appears smooth and realistic. 

Lastly, the laws of Physics also have to exist in games and the coding will reflect that. Cambridge University said “Physics is one of the hardest bits in making computer games. (…)  If the simulation is unreliable even for a short time, it can result in objects passing through walls and disappearing.” 

Best wishes,

Franco, Year 12 Propert

Chess Success

On March 25, 2023, an online chess competition, hosted by FOBISIA and the British School of Jakarta saw more than 280 students from 17 countries forming 54 teams competing. 

Our three team captains, namely Darshinie – Year 12 Rosebery, Damon – Year 11 Propert, and Nicholas Year 12 Granville, led diverse teams consisting of  Year 10 to Year 12 students. 

Epsom were proud of their results, with the best team placing 16th out of the 54 teams. The competition provided a challenging yet rewarding opportunity for all participating players to refine their chess skills and compete against players from around the world. 

As chess continues to gain popularity, we can expect increased competition among players. This event was a great experience for all, and I believe we still have much to learn and improve on before the next competition. 

As an avid chess player myself, I found the recent online competition hosted by FOBISIA and the British School of Jakarta particularly exciting. Let’s hear from one of our team captains, Nicholas:

 “I think that we had some good chess games and overall a good experience regarding this whole event and the weeks leading up to it. I really hoped we could achieve a greater result but I am glad that we all took part and tried our best. I would like to thank my teammates and Mrs Perrang for their hard work in making sure this competition went smoothly”

Mrs Dominique Perrang

Teacher of Economics and Business Studies.

Culture Day

Dear All,

We are excited to announce that, on 5th April, we are arranging a whole school celebration – CULTURE DAY.

After classes we will enjoy INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCES and we thought it would be amazing if we were to open this opportunity to the whole school.

You are invited to perform anything that represents a culture or a country. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your own culture, and you can dress up in any TRADITIONAL clothes that you have access to!

Please fill in the Google Form that we have shared as soon as possible to sign up to perform since there are limited spaces.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or Karishaa – Year 12 Crawfurd, or Keia – Year 12 Rosebery if you have any questions.

We are looking forward to seeing your splendid international performances!

All snacks will be available after Iftar for all to enjoy.

Best regards,

Diana, Year 12 Rosebery


Thank you for reading our Epsom Friday Flyer. We hope you enjoyed our articles and that you have a wonderful weekend.

Happy Friday from us all at Epsom


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