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Welcome to Issue 142 of our Epsom Friday Flyer and to the end of another busy week!

Here is a LINK to this week’s Epsom Events – as you can see, they have been rich and varied!

Mrs Fowler, our Deputy Headteacher, Pastoral, started the week with our whole College Assembly celebrating International Book Week.

Mrs Fowler opened by sharing some things she has never done but that she would like to:

Her message was clear, despite never having actually done these things, she has come close to experiencing what they must feel like through books…

Books open up new worlds, they stimulate our imagination and enable us to see beyond our human limitations.

As Dr Seuss said, ‘The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go’

Students were invited to the stage to share their book recommendations:

Young, Year 11 Granville and Damon, Year 11 Propert, shared their reasons why reading is so important. Essentially it is the equivalent of a workout for the brain and reading enables you to ‘flex’ in an academic sense!!

Essentially, reading makes you brainier!

Sadly there are some who will say that they do not enjoy reading, but this simply cannot be true. For, as Frank Serafini said,

 ‘There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book.’ 

International Book Week represents a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the joy of reading and to share recommendations – our lovely Librarian, Ms Atiqah, is available everyday to help students find the book that they are looking for! 

Mrs Perrang, who leads Enrichment at Epsom, closed our assembly by inviting students to apply to take part in the World Scholars Cup:

Students are encouraged to form teams of 3 and to reach out to Mrs Perrang with their reasons why they should be chosen to represent our school. We are very excited to be taking part in this prestigious competition and do not doubt that our students will do us proud!

We would like to congratulate Andy and Ammar, both in Year 13 Granville, who travelled to Penang last weekend to represent Epsom at the finals of the Penang Youth Development Corporation (PYDC) who organised a Game Development Competition in collaboration with the Computer Science Society of Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management and Technology (TARUMT), Magnus Game Studio, and Big Domain under the Penang Young Digital Talent initiative.

Andy and Ammar competed against 30 teams composed of university students. We are delighted to announce that they came 6th with their game Viking’s Moon! Well done boys 🙂

We hope you enjoy the articles to follow and wish you a happy and restful weekend. Happy reading and Happy Friday to you all!

Best wishes,

Mr Matthew Brown


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A Message From Our Leadership Team - Mr Phil Pedro

Epsom’s Key Stage 5 (KS5) Transition Programme:

From GCSEs to A-Levels: Navigating the Transition with the Sixth Form Team

The transition programme offered by the Sixth Form Team is designed to provide Year 11 students with a comprehensive understanding of what to expect from A-Level study and the Sixth Form. The programme consists of six 45-minute sessions covering various topics, such as Life in the Sixth Form, University courses and destinations, information about societies and extra-curricular activities in the Sixth Form, and details about our Oxbridge and top university programme. These sessions are delivered during Personal, Social, Health and Economic sessions (PSHE) and are designed to help students make informed choices about their A-Level subjects, explore their interests and passions, and develop essential skills for success in Sixth Form and beyond.

As part of the programme, we recently held a successful subject fair, which was led by our KS5 students with support from our teachers and tutors. This event provided Year 11 students with a unique opportunity to explore the different A-Level subjects we offer, gain valuable insights from our KS5 students and receive guidance and support from our teachers and tutors. Our KS5 students shared their experiences of studying A-Levels, including the challenges and rewards of studying their chosen subjects, and answered any questions students had about the courses on offer. The subject specialist teachers and tutors were also on hand to provide guidance and support, helping students make informed decisions about their future studies.

During Session 5, we will continue with information sessions about specific subjects, which will give students a chance to ask questions and clarify any uncertainties they may have. Our teachers and tutors will provide detailed information about the courses, including the curriculum, assessment, and the skills and knowledge required for success. These sessions are a great opportunity for students to engage with their chosen subjects and start building their knowledge and skills in preparation for A-Level study.

Moreover, in March, students will continue the conversation on subject choices, university courses, careers, and preparation for university in their PSHE sessions with their tutor groups. This is an excellent opportunity for students to reflect on their interests and aspirations and receive guidance and support from their peers and tutors.

We recognise that transitioning to Sixth Form can be a daunting process, not only for students but also for parents. To ensure that parents are well informed, we are offering a range of online parent meetings, with sessions offered in different languages. These meetings will give parents the opportunity to meet with our Heads of Department, learn about the specific requirements for university study in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and more, and receive guidance on preparing for specific courses, such as Medicine, Law, or Engineering.

Our transition programme aims to provide students with the support and guidance they need to make a successful and seamless transition to A-Level study. We understand that this can be an overwhelming time for many students, and our team is always available to answer any questions they may have. We are committed to helping our students achieve their goals and aspirations, and we look forward to supporting them every step of the way.

Mr Phil Pedro,

Assistant Headteacher, Sixth Form.

A Message From Propert House:

Propert Language Ambassadors, Book Week & House Drama

It has been another busy and productive month in Propert. Our Language Ambassadors Heng Chu, Everest, Damon, Daichi and Issa continue to help in both Carr and Holman House. With the opening of Holman House in January and with a number of new students, their input has proven invaluable. They have been able to help Mr Richardson (Holman Housemaster) in particular with translation for the new students. This has helped to establish routines and aided the new boys to settle in at Epsom. 

Our Year 11 students have been particularly busy this term and this is epitomised by the recent contributions of Damon and Everest. Damon contributed to the whole school assembly on Monday for World Book Day. Damon explained to the school his thoughts on the importance of reading and how it is vital to both language acquisition and knowledge. Damon is an avid Harry Potter fan! 

Everest has taken on the mammoth task of organising and producing the Propert House Drama and during the last few weeks he has written the play, auditioned the cast and started rehearsals for the production. He has managed to persuade and cajole both his peers and older students into helping him with the production. Well  done Everest and we look forward to the production next week. 

Non Ducor Duco. 

Mr Nick Folwer,

Housemaster Propert House

Epsom Mathematics Department Update

Kangaroo Maths Competition Lunchtime Club

The Kangaroo Maths Competition Lunchtime Club has been in full swing for the past three weeks. We have had 45 of Epsom’s top mathematicians from Years 7-13 attending the additional sessions every Thursday in Mr Baloyo’s and Ms Archibald’s rooms. It has been fantastic to see the enthusiasm and energy with which these students have been solving challenging maths problems. Fuelled by snacks provided by the maths department, the students have been working together and supporting each other. In this photo, we have some of our Year 11 Further Mathematicians, from left and clockwise; Katie, Hong Zhi, ChenHe, Yi En, Everest and YiLai.

The questions in the Kangaroo Maths Challenge are all heavily reliant on students’ understanding of mathematical words in English, so it is a great opportunity for our students to practise and improve their English comprehension, as well as their maths skills! 

Kangaroo Maths for Prep School 

In addition to entering our Year 7-13 students into the Cadet, Junior and Senior competition, we will also be entering some budding mathematicians from the Prep school into the Benjamin competition. Every Friday, the most promising maths students from Years 5 and 6 are preparing for the competition with Ms Archibald. The students have the opportunity to experience what is like working in a secondary school environment with a secondary school maths teacher. Ms Archibald has reported that she is extremely impressed with their effort so far, and looks forward to welcoming all these students into Epsom’s senior school in the near future! 

Year 12 Further Maths Presentations 

This week our Year 12 Further Mathematicians presented to the class on an area of interest that we have covered this year. It was brilliant to see some of them explore topics beyond the scope of the A Level syllabus. For example, Yuren and Dillon explained eloquently to the class the mathematical proof for the probability formulae for the Poisson Distribution. Jing Chia and Sharvvind explained how to geometrically interpret a system of equations, whilst Leo laid out the proof for why the optimum angle of projection for a projectile is 45 degrees. 

Fantastic stuff – well done to all who presented! Here are some of the posters they presented. 

Ms Olivia Archibald,

Head of Mathematics

Epsom's Key Stage 3 Aquathlon

Over 100 Key Stage 3 students took part in Epsom’s first ever Aquathlon, which was held during Key Stage 3 Games on Wednesday 22nd February. Since October half term students have been undertaking blocks of personal fitness and swimming during Physical Education (PE) lessons which has offered everyone a great opportunity to challenge themselves to the multidisciplinary event which began with a 100m swim and finished with a 1.8KM run. Since Chinese New Year, the PE department has been busy letting students know about what the event would entail, as, for the vast majority of participants, this was their first experience of an Aquathlon. 

The atmosphere started to build on the day of the event which began with Mr Miller’s KS3 assembly where he outlined the plan for the day and encouraged everyone to take part and to simply do their best. House credits were on offer for all participants with bonus credits for those who finished in the top 3 in each year and gender category. 

As 2.35 pm came around, there was a real buzz of excitement and anticipation as people came to the transition area to lay out their running clothes, registered for their groups or “Waves” and took their place poolside. Students were identified by a race number marked on their arm, so that times could be traced at the end of the race. Wave 1 set the tone for the afternoon by starting their race with rambunctious support from their housemates in the crowd. Ethan S emerged first from the pool, followed by Fatiha and they made their way through transition out onto the running course. Wave 2 followed five minutes later and it was fantastic to see dedication and focus from all of the students in the swimming leg. All managed to complete the swim despite the wide range of abilities of the competitors. 

The outside conditions were challenging during the run and participants did extremely well to cope with the temperatures. All those that finished were rewarded with a fruit snack, water and the satisfaction of having taken part in a meaningful event which they may never have considered taking part in before. Fathia K was our overall winner, putting together two incredible legs finishing well ahead of the field. Congratulations to all the participants and the year group winners. Students can ask any member of the PE team for their individual time and final placing.  

A big thank you to the PE department and helpers for ensuring that everything ran to time and in an orderly fashion. We hope to have more events like this in the future for both internal and external competitors. With the positive feedback that we received, we are in the process of planning for the next competition in Term 3 and more for the coming academic year. 

Mr Guthrie Miller,

Director of Sports


Girls Basketball

Under 18 ISSAM Basketball Tournament – 18/02/23

This basketball event was held at Oasis International School on Saturday, February 18th. Teams from three different schools competed in the U18 girls division and ten girls represented Epsom. These were:  Nanako, Yuka, Xin Ling, Woorin, Shino, Darshini, Mayuha, Ke Ee, Jing Yan and Ulala. 

Basketball has not been part of our school’s typical sports rotation as it has only recently been introduced and popularised. It is testament to Nanako’s devotion to sport that, with our heads held high, we were ready to give this match our all. 

Oasis has a very strong team, and we had unfortunately lost to them earlier in the year. The team’s motivation was to overcome Oasis, or at the very least close the point difference from  the last time we faced them.

We narrowly lost our first game to POWIS, having led for much of the match. Ulala and Nanako  scored some excellent points but we could not stop the opposition’s dedicated offense late in the game. Next up was Oasis, who were on great form and beat us in this encounter. This meant that we needed to have a playoff with POWIS and this time we made sure that we kept ahead throughout the game. The final against Oasis was close for the first half and we managed to score double figure points against probably one of the best girls teams in Malaysia. 

We trained for six days straight during evening sessions in the run up to the tournament, and everyone was highly engaged and passionate. Darshinie, a day student, stayed back every night to practise. Jing Yan joined our CCA for the week so she could practise more. Everyone caught on quickly, showcasing an impressive array of skills. Shino and Yuka shone, each with their respective and spectacular moves and shots, among many of the other team members. 

We would like to acknowledge and celebrate the effort and hardwork of Nanako, our team captain, who made this match possible as she encouraged and directed the team whilst patiently guiding and supporting us. 

Nanako, Team Captain:

It was tough for me, Nanako, at first to train the players on my own, and I would also like to thank the other players from the boys basketball team who were eager to assist us; giving us guidance and agreeing to play against us so we could practise playing as a team.

I’d also like to specifically praise Xin Ling and her positive attitude and growth. She is not a member of the Basketball CCA, but she wanted to participate in this event. She was cautious to be aggressive with her opponents as a netball player, due to the need to break the habit of following Netball’s strict rules. Nonetheless, working and playing with the boys basketball team was also extremely beneficial since they play with an aggressive manner, and Xin Ling soon adapted to exude the same intensity as them. This came in handy during the actual matches, as she was able to defend and steal the ball throughout the match. Her speed and strength, combined with her passion, truly drew the team together. I’d also like to shout out to Woorin, as despite arriving home with a sprained ankle, her determination and positive attitude was really heartfelt and inspiring as we all left with a smile on our faces having come in second. 

I hope that as a team, we will continue to grow and progress, connecting and winning more games, and that basketball as a sport will continue to thrive in our Epsom Community. Moreover, I would like to show my appreciation of thanks to everyone in the PE department who made this match possible.

Nanako and Xin Ling,

Year 12 Rosebery

Marvelous Music at Epsom!

We are currently in the middle of one of our busiest ever half terms in the School for the Performing Arts departments. Since the Chinese New Year break, the Music department has hosted four concerts with another five more due before the end of this term.

On the 8th February, we had our first Sunset Serenade of the year which featured some outstanding performances ranging from rock guitar to opera. Particular focus was given to our Year 11 GCSE students who all performed the pieces they have learned for the Performance element of their GCSE Music course. The concert also saw the debut of the new Senior String Ensemble which performed Spring from the Four Seasons featuring Soichiro (Holman Year 8) playing the solo part.

The next event was the Valentine’s Day Open Mic Night which was held on the stage of the Theatre. Over 200 students, staff and parents sat on the stage on rugs, bean bags and sofas to enjoy 16 pop and rock songs including individual solos, bands and instrumental performances. This relaxed atmosphere allowed all of the participants, including students from all year groups and staff, to enjoy performing on the “Live Lounge” style stage.

Over the last two Tuesdays, we have held a Lunchtime Live concert featuring students from Year 10. This was their first opportunity to perform in front of friends and family in a less formal event, held in the Theatre Studio. These two events were very successful and gave the Year 10s their first experience of performing to an audience as they develop their performance skills as part of their GCSE.

In two weeks time, we will welcome the internationally famed Pop-Opera group FIVERA to Epsom to join the Senior String Ensemble in a series of concerts. The first of these concerts is to be held on Tuesday 14th March and is open to all students and parents. The following two nights will see the students play with FIVERA at the Chow Kit Hotel in front of an invited audience. This is an amazing opportunity for our students to perform with a professional vocal group and in two very different venues. You are warmly invited to the concert on 14th March to see this amazing group perform a variety of songs from Musical Theatre, Opera and Pop.

The final two concerts of the term will be the Senior School Concert, Night at the Movies on 29th March, and the Prep School Recital, which will now be held on Monday 3rd April at 3.30pm following a change to the date.

Why Study Music?

Currently, students in Years 9 and 11 are busy thinking about their options for next year and often find themselves wondering about Music as a subject for GCSE and A Level.

I recently spoke to the Year 9s about the benefits of studying Music and will be talking to the Year 11s this coming week. Many students and parents often dismiss Music as an option on the basis that this is not their long term career. Music is an academic subject in its own right, but the study of Music has many other benefits too.

Music is a large part of life at Epsom, with more than a quarter of students regularly playing a musical instrument. A recent study in the UK found that playing a musical instrument appears to enhance general performance in other subjects at GCSE. Other studies have shown that music benefits learning by activating all areas of the brain: auditory (sound processing); motor (rhythm processing); and limbic (emotions). So by choosing music, students could actually be improving their chances of doing well in their other subjects.

In the GCSE assembly, I shared a short video which shows the all round benefits of studying Music which you can watch here. There is also a one page guide to GCSE Music which outlines the course details here.

Mr Russell Crann,

Director of Music.

Social Prefects' Updates

First of all, we would like to congratulate the Lunar New Year social team on its success. Hats off to Elliot, Xin Ling, Alicia, Max, and Yahaya for organising such a fantastic event, with traditional card games and Yee sang; we all had a great time. It was great to enjoy this celebration of the Lunar New Year, with attendees from diverse backgrounds and cultures coming together to celebrate in a spirit of community and unity.  

We are currently planning our new venture, a Key Stage 5 Easter Escape Room. The concept of an escape room is simple: players are locked in a room and given a series of clues and puzzles to solve to be able to escape before time runs out. With Easter just around the corner, this escape room will be themed accordingly, making it a perfect way to get into the festive mood.

Some sneak peeks:

“Are you ready to put your puzzle-solving skills to the test? Prepare to gather your friends for our newest social: an Easter-themed escape room! These rooms provide the perfect opportunity for players to work together to solve a series of puzzles and escape from a mad scientist’s lab.”

We are working with a big team this time around, ranging from our current and future prefects as well as some helpful individuals in Year 12. We have spent the last week brainstorming ideas for puzzles, props, and riddles to ensure that the game is challenging and engaging. 

Last but not least, we are pleased to introduce the Social Prefects who have been appointed for the upcoming academic year. Together with their new prefect team, Vash, Xin Ling, and Karishaa will help organise more fun social gatherings. We would also like to thank each candidate that applied for this role as they have put forth a great deal of effort and preparation into their application process. 

Best wishes from the Social Prefect Team!

What have the Comfort Crew been up to?

The Comfort Crew has been up to lots of more subtle work post-Comfort Week (hosting a society week is tougher than it looks folks!). We’ve been busy hosting our Comfort Crowd CCA; a Comfort and Key Stage 4 Wellbeing joint effort to help students settle into Epsom College and get, well, more comfortable! Sadly, we cannot include photos from this CCA as it is a certified phone-free zone: however, we can tell you that we’ve played lots of UNO, Pictionary, Monopoly and more recently, Congkak and Catchphrase! 

In terms of our sessions, we’ve been 

exploring some more serious topics that remain stigmatised even among teenagers . One such topic was discussed recently  by Hitesh from Year 12. He spoke on the topic of Acne & Mental Health. Acne remains a common challenge for many that can erode self esteem. Safe to say, the session was 

very eye-opening and Hitesh did not hold back on being honest about the reality of what people with acne have to deal with. Thank you to Hitesh for giving a presentation focused on self-love for all. 

More recently we enjoyed a presentation by Year 12s Lana and Ke Ee on The Expectation To Excel: The Dangers of Matter Over Mind. No matter where you are on your educational journey, you are more than just a student. This session was an important reminder to all of us that being the best should never come at the expense of being at our best. When necessary, slow down, take a breather, and start back up again once you’re rested and ready. 

Overall, the Comfort Crew have been doing very well. Thanks for checking up on us. Stay comfy, alright?

Teja, Y12 | Secretary of Comfort Society @ ECiM 

The Scienz Soc:

This week Minsol, Year 12 Crawfurd, led a ScienZ society session about when people first recognised contagious diseases, as well as how they first came to understand them.

See you at our next event and Happy Friday!

The ScienZ Society

Epsom College in Malaysia

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Epsom Violet Society


On the 28th of February, we were delighted to welcome Alicia, Year 12 Rosebery, to present on the Different Schools of Feminism. During this session she broke down the tropes and stigmas that lie within this  controversial modern day movement. 

Alicia discussed the sectors within feminism including Intersectional, Radical, and Liberal Feminism; explaining how misconceptions of certain sectors have led to a stereotype of the movement as a whole. Furthermore, a detailed description of the principles and viewpoints of each section was discussed, emphasising how each sector is different from the other.  

Thanks to everyone who attended this thought-provoking session, which allowed for a deep dive into the intricate structures of Feminism and the complexities of this movement; placing a lens on its core purpose of achieving  social, economic, and political equality for all.  

Hitesh, Year 12 Granville

The Violet Society

Epsom Business and Economics Society

Last Friday on the 24th of February, Shang Jing from Year 12, Granville, presented on the intriguing Economics behind Microfinance

The Economics cognoscenti, Muhammad Yunus who is the winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize and a Professor of Economics founded the Grameen Bank, which is notable for lending billions of dollars to impoverished people all over the world, known as microfinance.

Shang Jing addressed the bitter truth of the reality that the poor will remain trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty without a financial injection into the cycle. When asked, the audience unanimously agreed that microfinance is effective, which was proven by research in India by the authors of the book “Poor Economics”. The additional income for poor individuals was used to purchase durable goods and to invest in startups. Fascinatingly, there was no evidence of money squandering. 

Nonetheless, the repercussions were neither dramatic nor radical. In addition, spending in transformation aspects such as education and health remained the same because the money available could only offer funding in the short term and in small amounts due to interest payments. As a result, the long term productivity of the economy was not boosted.

Other than that, Microfinance Institutions (MFI) in India allow a group of borrowers to be liable for each other’s loans in order to access more finance and payments are made during weekly meetings. This facilitates the repayment process and helps to decrease administrative costs. But these are constrained by some drawbacks including conflict of interest, lack of flexibility and insignificance of microfinance to medium-sized businesses..

Furthermore, Shang Jing brought up the most vulnerable part of microfinance, which is its incapability of confronting the social norm when the whole group of borrowers has discussed not repaying the debts. Since the litigation expense  far exceeds the amount of the microloans, it is almost impossible for the MFIs to bring these cases to court. Eventually, they give up on collecting their loans from the group of borrowers. Shang Jing also suggested that authorities should consider looking for ways to finance mediumsized businesses in developing countries so that the long term productivity can be increased.

Finally, Shang Jing generously recommended that we read Poor Economics by Abhijit V. Banerjee & Esther Duflo and watch a TED Talk by Muhammad Yunus called A history of microfinance. 

Written by Jing Yan       

Board Chair of Epsom Business and Economics Society

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Congraulations to Andy and Ammar!

Last Friday two Computing students – Jeonggeun Yang and Ammar Anaz – travelled to Penang to take part in the finals of a ‘Game Development Competition’ that was organised by the Penang Youth Development Corporation (PYDC). This is a state-funded agency that aims to promote Penang as a digital talent hub and for this year, the emphasis was on game design. The competition was open to all secondary and tertiary education students (so, university students too), and the brief was simply to create a mobile-based game.

A total of 29 teams entered, from universities such as Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia as well as Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, and from this 10 finalists emerged. Team Epsom, or ‘Enstek Bytes’ as they called themselves (referencing the area Bandar Baru Enstek as well as the computer term byte), were shortlisted to the top 10, and so they were invited to take part in the grand finals held in Penang itself.

The event was held all day on Saturday at the Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management and Technology (TAR UMT) in Penang, where the students set up a stall and invited others to try their game.

The team (consisting of Jeonggeun (Andy) , Ammar, Elisa and Avery) decided to create a game based on classic mobile games such as ‘Candy Crush’ and ‘Jewels’, but with a slight twist! Ammar will explain below, along with a few details about the coding ­logic and development process:

We used Defold, a free and open game engine used for development of mobile and web games to code our game, Viking’s Moon. The language Defold uses is Lua, a lightweight and high-level programming language, making it easy for our team to pick up and learn the syntax and functions of the language. Additionally we used photoshop and Canva, to design the background, sprites, buttons and more in the game. Our game took inspiration from Candy Crush and Connect 4. This game is a simple match-3 game where you connect 2 or more runes (stone blocks) of the same colour in any direction (horizontal, vertical, diagonal) in order to make it disappear. The objective of the game is to connect all of the spinning moon runes together.”

As part of the competition, the students had to present their game to the judges. The judges included programmers and founders from Malaysia’s top gaming companies, including Magnus games, and the hall was packed! There were well over 300 hundred people.

They had a strict time limit of 12 minutes to present the main features of the game – including a video of gameplay, a screenshot of the coding process, monetisation and future plans – and then had 3 minutes for questioning from the judges at the end. The presentation was delivered succinctly, and it was clear that the team members had rehearsed the slides to perfection. The judges were impressed with the logic of the game, and that the team had coded it completely from scratch. The assets (anything that goes into a game, including characters, objects) were made entirely by the team and the level design progressed in difficulty. There was even a timed and ‘casual’ mode!

After this was completed, and some lunch and final remarks, it was time for them to announce the winner. So, without further ado…

I am pleased to announce that Enstek Bytes achieved 6th place overall in the competition!

This was a remarkable achievement for several reasons:

          Enstek Bytes was the only team from a pre-university college to make it to the top 10

          The team are all in Year 13 with lots on their plates already with exams looming

          Their experience in game design is still in its infancy

The team received RM750  for 6th place, as well as two RM50 Touch N Go vouchers. Nice!

After the competition was over, we were not keen on flying straight back – we were in Penang after all! So, on Sunday we decided to explore a bit around Penang island. Jeonggeun (Andy) will explain below:

I truly enjoyed the trip to Penang. Right after the competition, we had already set our mind to eating one of the most famous dishes: Char Kuey Teow. We ate at a bustling hawker stall in the middle of Georgetown. The following morning, we left towards Batu Ferringhi to explore the stunning beaches and sea that lay ahead. The view of the blue ocean, its waves with the cool and calm wind, was an extraordinary experience to behold. Afterwards we admired the street arts of Georgetown. The street arts, temples and the Heritage Cat nearby were very eye-catching. Before leaving, we made a stop at Chew Jetty to explore their unique long village along the sea coast. It was an overall incredible experience to travel around and explore Penang itself.

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend and I felt like such a proud parent watching the Epsom students present their game to such esteemed judges and university lecturers. It was an incredible experience for the students, not just for the skills they have gained from presenting and coding a game, but also as a chance to explore areas of Malaysia that they may not get to otherwise. I really have to congratulate them on all the hard work they have put in over the months, since once you started to play their game, it was difficult to put down!

Mr. Bevan

Mathematics Teacher

Humanity Society in This Week

Determinism vs Free Will

Pei Wen, Year 12 Rosebery hosted an informative and thought provoking lunch time presentation on ‘Determinism vs Free Will‘ this week. Determinism and free will are two contrasting philosophical concepts that explore the extent of human agency and the possibility of choice. We explored the arguments for and against both concepts, and how they may impact us.

Epsom Humanities Society

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So.... Happy Friday

Thank you for reading our Flyer and see you next week. In the meantime, rest well and why not choose a good book to enjoy to celebrate International Book Week?

Best wishes from us all at Epsom 🙂