Ready to take on the world

Epsom College in Malaysia’s 2018 leavers are set for international success.

With great grades in hand, this year’s Epsom College in Malaysia (ECiM) school leavers are primed to attend the universities of their choices across the world. It’s been a great summer for results, with 73.8% of students achieving A*-B grades across all of the 2018 results, and 35% of the year group achieving at least 3 A* or A grades.

A global education

ECiM students attend universities all over the world. This year, 79% of our school leavers will be heading to the UK for their tertiary studies, at such renowned universities such as Imperial College London, University College London, University of Warwick, University of Nottingham, University of Southampton and University of Manchester. ECiM leavers will also be heading to the USA to study, with students accepted to study Computer Science at the prestigious University of Washington, and also to Australia.

Passion and ambition

At ECiM we encourage our students to pursue the subjects that reflect their talents and interests, because we know that learning should be approached with passion. In 2018, our leavers were evenly split between Arts & Humanities and Sciences.

A number of our students also opted to carry out the Extended Project Qualification, with 75% of them obtaining an A* or A grade. Some chose to complete the qualification with a 5,000 word essay, while others produced an artefact and a 1,000 word essay – all of them found success with the universities of their choices.

The most popular subject among the students, for the second year running, was Economics, followed by Computer Science, Architecture and Law. Many ECiM students have gone on to pursue engineering courses, in the many forms that the discipline can take, from mechatronic engineering to biomedical engineering. We’re always thrilled to see the paths that follow these early interests, and are proud to say that 27% of our students achieved a place on a course ranked in the UK’s top ten.

Additional experience

There is a well-established tradition of students from the UK taking gap years, and now most universities report that between 10% and 30% of their students have taken a gap year. The trend is also growing in the USA, where the number of students opting for a gap year has grown by 20% over the last few years. It’s the same here at ECiM – four of our leavers have made the decision to extend their education with a gap year before university. They intend to use the time pursuing internships and work experience placements to gain valuable real-world experience (and a financial boost!) before heading back into the academic world.

Whether they’re headed to a new city, new country or new workplace, we support all of our 2018 leavers in all their endeavours, and wish them the very best of luck. With a solid educational foundation and an appreciation for hard work, success will await them at every new chapter.