Combining the best of tradition and technology

At Epsom Prep School, we focus on creating a dynamic learning environment that draws on both established and modern techniques

Here at Epsom Prep School, we know that children learn best when they’re happy and engaged, which is why we take such pride in cultivating a welcoming school atmosphere. With excellent teaching, fantastic facilities, a varied curriculum and dedicated educators, Epsom Prep School has all the elements needed for a great education, with the added advantage of a positive and supportive environment. Once your child enters our school, they will become part of the Epsom family in no time.

Our focus at Epsom is on positive education. We want all children to enjoy learning and to that end, we base our work on our seven foundations of positive education: joy, purpose, power, gratitude, connection, possibility and resilience

Modern teaching and learning methods

It’s vital in today’s increasingly connected and digital times that teaching methods stay current and relevant. At Epsom, we pride ourselves on our cutting-edge teaching, encouraging 21st-century skills like collaboration and communication across age groups and subjects. Each subject has a specifically tailored approach taught by specialist teachers. For example, based on their records of success, we use the Singaporean methods to teach mathematics. We don’t just want students to get the right answer: we want them to know why an answer is correct, and to be able to explain the reasoning behind it. No rote learning here – we encourage engagement with the subject matter to enable a true understanding of every lesson.

At Epsom, there’s always something new happening throughout the day. Your child could have a one-to-one drum lesson followed by swimming and then use iPads as part of a topic lesson. Our varied curriculum includes drama, PE, swimming, computing and a range of languages which includes Mandarin, French and Spanish. English, too, is of the utmost importance. We provide special support for children who need help with their English language skills, through our specialist English as an Additional Language and Intensive English Language Provision courses. Small groups mean students are able to learn the language in a friendly, encouraging environment.

An encouraging environment

An important part of the Epsom way is our low teacher-to-pupil ratio. This means that every child gets the attention that he or she needs, and is both supported and challenged as the task requires, to maximise the potential for learning. Teachers and teaching assistants have a close and observant relationship with the students, learning how best to stimulate their attention and learning capacity, and tailoring lessons to meet their needs. Students are also able to attend voluntary extra lessons on Saturday mornings. Saturday School is an opportunity for children to develop their swimming, improve their PE skills or develop their artistic ability.

Outside lesson time, student voice and leadership is incredibly important at our school. Opportunities such as House Captain and Head of School are available for students to take initiative and champion causes that they feel strongly about. There is also a school council which offers children the chance to voice their opinions and thoughts. Students are a vital part of the school, and we want them to feel involved in its running. To date, they have organised discos, led assemblies and planned charitable events.

Parents too play a vital part in Epsom Prep School. Whether it is attending Celebration Assembly, volunteering to read with children or plan special events such as Chuseok and Halloween, Epsom parents care deeply about our school and we love having them involved. We keep them up-to-date with information through coffee mornings, open days and an online portal.