2019 Examination Results and University Applications

IGCSE - 2019 Examination Results and University Applications

We are delighted with the performance of our most recent graduates in their A-level results, with 43% achieving A*-A grades and 65% achieving A*-B. Since the first cohort achieved their results in 2016, 50% of all grades achieved by our students are A*/A. This year shows another outstanding set of results by students from a range of academic backgrounds and clearly demonstrates that the College continues to add considerable value to these students’ level of attainment. Furthermore, in 2019 our Year 11 students achieved the College’s best ever GSCE results, with 62% of all grades attaining either an A* (9-8) or A grade (7).

Our students go on to study at universities around the world. The majority of our students will study in the UK, where the most popular universities for our Sixth Form leavers include London School of Economics, University College London, Imperial College, King’s College London, Warwick, Bath, Bristol, Southampton and Exeter. The University of Manchester and the University of Kent were the most popular destination for 2019 leavers.

The University of British Columbia was the third most popular destination for 2019 leavers and continues to be favoured along with the University of Toronto for our students who go on to study in Canada, while the University of Melbourne and Monash University are the most desired for those who go to Australia.

While the University of Washington has been the most popular destination for students going to the USA, students have also gone on to the University of Illinois, University of Austin, University of San Diego and Savannah College of Art & Design.

Our first students to study in the Netherlands achieved places at the University of Amsterdam and Amsterdam University of Applied Science. Elsewhere in Europe, students have enrolled with University College Dublin and the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland.

The most popular course for our students continues to be Economics. However, Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Architecture, Law and Medicine are also particularly popular subjects to read at university, amongst a diverse range of disciplines for other students.

Epsom College in Malaysia is now accepting applications for entry in 2020.