International ECSA is organised with the primary aim of nurturing students’ enthusiasm in science discovery, rigour in contemplation and determination in the investigation.


As Academic Prefects of the year 2021/22, we would like to encourage Epsom Students & global delegates of all Year Groups to hatch genuine ideas with quantitative precision and scientific rationales when conducting research. 





  1. To stimulate innovation, originality and creativity in scientific investigation among students
  2. To cultivate young talents in science and technology fields.
  3. To provide a platform which nurtures science, inventive interest and connecting new ideas to their existing ideas from materials and activities












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Organising Committees


Ong Paul Sherng

(Organising Chairman of ECSA 2021)


Cadence Ong Jing Han

(Teacher-Student Liaison of ECSA 2021)

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Subject: (Registration No.) – Research Report Submission



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Subject: ECiM Science Award 2021 Enquiry