A Beacon School for Student Welfare & Leadership

We are pleased to announce that Epsom College in Malaysia (Epsom) has been awarded with the prestigious double Beacon Status by the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) – a global association representing over 450 international British schools and organisations worldwide!

This esteemed accolade is awarded to a select few — only 6 out of over 450 members globally — who have demonstrated unparalleled excellence in adhering to two COBIS standards and are dedicated to sharing their best practices with schools worldwide.

To add to this distinction, Epsom exhibited excellence in two specific standards: Student Welfare and Leadership in the School, which are among the most pivotal COBIS standards. Furthermore, Epsom has received 25 commendations across the 10 standards, reaffirming its unwavering commitment to excellence.

Among other notable commendations, Epsom has been lauded by COBIS for:

“The well-being of students is a clear priority at ECIM. All students in discussion endorsed the view that their well-being is the main priority of everyone at the school. Unconditional pastoral care is one of the key aims of the school development plan and this is already evident in every aspect of school life – from the very visible, caring and relatable Headmaster to the Senior Leadership Team, the HMMs and their boarding teams, teachers in the classroom and the administrative team that supports the school so well.”

“Global mindedness is demonstrated in the very fabric of Epsom, both in terms of its truly international student body, its outward looking mindset, its staff from different cultures and experiences, and its acknowledgement that to continue its journey, an international outlook is at the heart of future success.”

“It is a school which knows itself well and is focused on accelerating the journey to support students’ learning to the highest of standards.”

We would like to seize this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to the Epsom Community – encompassing our students, staff, and parents – for their invaluable contributions to our success. Your steadfast support has been instrumental in achieving this recognition of the outstanding quality of education and care that we provide.

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