Available exclusively for residents of Malaysia, Epsom’s Weekday Boarding Programme* offers working parents and children the best of both worlds – the ability to focus entirely on learning and the demands of work during the week and the opportunity to connect and have quality time with the family at home during the weekends. The weekday boarding program is available for Year 5 to Year 13 students and fees are RM125,000 p.a. including boarding and tuition fees.

A weekly bus service departing on Monday mornings and returning on Friday evenings is available to facilitate transportation of students to the school from a central location in Kuala Lumpur.

Epsom’s sport academies are open to students of all skill levels from the age of 11. However, from September 2023 onwards, students enrolling in or transitioning into Years 6 and 7 will access the sport academies at no additional cost.

*Free boarding taster available

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