Epsom is Malaysia’s leading boarding school and delivers a world-class education on its 80-acre campus located just outside Kuala Lumpur. A dedicated teaching staff, experienced pastoral care team, outstanding facilities and extraordinary range of activities allow students to excel academically and develop a strength of character and independence outside the classroom.

The school offers a range of programmes that caters to the diverse needs and circumstances of the student and family. Whether electing to board or attend Epsom as a day pupil, students benefit from an intimate and attentive learning environment with small class sizes, high quality teachers and a broad curriculum. The school has an excellent academic reputation with students obtaining 70% A* / A in IGCSE and A-Level and obtaining admission to top global universities such as Cambridge, Stanford, Imperial and L.S.E.


Full Boarding

Full Boarding (UK Residents)

Full Boarding (Myanmar Residents)

Weekday Boarding (Singapore Citizens and Residents)

Weekday Boarding

Fast Track A-Level

English Mandarin Immersion Programme

Day School

ECM Libra Foundation Seremban Residents Programme

Mouratoglou Tennis Programme