English Language Holiday Programme 2017


This exciting 3-week programme is tailored for 11-14 year-olds of all ability levels to increase their proficiency in the English language. The programmes; Preparatory and Intermediate, are complemented by a series of workshops, sport, drama, evening activities and other social and cultural activities which will take them away from the classrooms.



  • Students are taught by ECiM’s resident teachers, all UK trained with experience in the English Curriculum in the UK and internationally.
  • The syllabus provides many opportunities for students to use and enhance their grasp of English. Students learn to improve their conversational skills whilst developing their grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing and listening skills. This nurturing yet challenging atmosphere will help students make significant progress and develop communication skills necessary to function efficiently and effectively in both social and academic settings.
  • Students reside in the safe and secure, state-of-the-art facilities at Epsom College in Malaysia.
  • Students will have the opportunity to explore local galleries, cultural exhibits and discovering Kuala Lumpur in a fun and educational way.
  • They will be able to use their new-found English language skills to make friends with students from other countries.



Ms Sian Evans

Ms Sian Evans is the Head of the Prep school at Epsom College. Sian has a BEd Hrs degree from the University of Wales and a BCCT from Thompson River University, BC, Canada and is currently completing her NPQSL. She has a wealth of teaching experience from Nursery to Year 13. She has taught in England, Hong Kong, Canada and China.

She believes that our Prep school is characterised by its warm and nurturing atmosphere, in which every child feels secure and where each can build a firm foundation of academic skills and explore his or her talents and abilities in other areas of the broader curriculum. Sian and her staff encourage all their students to be inquisitive about the world to develop a life-long love for learning.

Mr Samuel Parker

Mr Samuel Parker joined the EAL department at Epsom College in September 2015. Prior to this, he taught English at Escola Nova, Barcelona, whilst completing a postgraduate diploma in Bilingual Education at the Universidad Internacional de Cataluña.

In 2016 he started his Postgraduate Certificate in Education at the University of Nottingham. Before moving to Barcelona he lived in Ireland, where he graduated from the Queen’s University of Belfast with an MA in English: Speech & Language in 2014. He obtained his BA in English Language, Linguistics, and Psychology from St. John’s, York, in 2012.

Mrs Louise Cory

Mrs Louise Cory joined Epsom College in Malaysia (ECiM) from Corby Business Academy, England where she taught English and had been judged as consistently ‘outstanding' for four years. Louise has an honours degree in English Literature and Humanities from The Open University.

Epsom College is Louise's 3rd school; she has taught a range of students from 11-18 years in Northamptonshire. To complement her full-time teaching, Louise has been employed as an Examiner for GCSE English Literature which has enriched her own classroom practice. In addition to this, Louise has taken a lead role in the whole school drive to raise attainment through the creation of a ‘Virtual Learning Environment'. She has worked collaboratively and creatively with a small team and delivered training at a department level. Her teaching experience has been exclusively in the English National Curriculum and she is passionate about enabling all students to make accelerated progress in English.

Mr Michael Briscoe

Mr Michael Briscoe received both his Bachelor of Education with specialisation in ESL teaching and his teaching certification from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The early years of his teaching career were spent traversing the French speaking province of Quebec. Internationally, Michael spent one year in Mexico City teaching post-secondary students, but wanderlust led him to greater adventures in Asia. Captivated by its diverse beauty, he has devoted the past 10 years educating in South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. Seoul exposed him to experiential education at a government sponsored English Village. Then, he would invest 5 years at a private Korean primary school where he taught ESL, Language Arts and Writing in grades 3, 4 and 5. Most recently, Michael was teaching Phonics, Reading and Language Arts to a wide age range of students at enrichment centres in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Ms Jana Perold

Ms Jana Perold joined Epsom College in Malaysia (ECiM) after teaching for a year at an international school in Vientiane, Laos. Before this she taught for three years at a large public high school on the south coast of South Africa, which is where she hails from originally. The subjects she loves teaching is English and Business Studies.

Jana completed her Masters degree in Adult Education and Training, focusing on the entrepreneurial development of adults in a community setting. After this, she spent almost 10 years training and facilitating workshops with adults, writing learning manuals, and working closely with the South African government on issues relating to community development and the empowerment of women. Jana believes that an integrated education (use of language, skills and application) is key to ensure that learners become successful in following and achieving their dreams. Without all the relevant skills it is difficult to be a contributor to society. A reciprocal relationship between teachers and students are also key in ensuring that there is mutual respect.

Mr Justeen Clements

Mr Justeen Clements has a Chemistry degree with Honours from Kingston University (UK) and a Masters degree in Web Design and Content Planning from Greenwich University (UK).

Justeen is an experienced teacher of Chemistry in international schools, with two years teaching in Malaysia before joining Epsom College.

He has previously taught the English National Curriculum, iGCSE and A Level Chemistry extensively in the UK and has consulted in educational reform programmes in the Middle East.

He likes to bring both specialisms together in his passion for teaching. The opportunities in teaching allow his creative side to innovate technological solutions that give the students a rich and immersive learning experience. Naturally gravitating to a blended learning platform, Justeen is very excited about investigating ways to deliver a curriculum based on the practical skills of Chemistry, whilst merging this to newly developing technologies such as Augmented Reality ideologies.



Time Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
8.00am Breakfast
9.00am English Lessons (1x Break)
1.00pm Lunch
1.50pm Drama, Sport, Art, Music, Film Making (1x Break)
6.00pm Dinner
7.00pm Activities
(Diary Write Up, Bingo, Pizza Making, Film Night)
10.00pm Bedtime
  Wednesday and Saturday
8.00am Breakfast
9.00am Excursion
6.00pm Dinner
7.00pm Activities
10.00pm Bedtime
9.00am Breakfast
10.00am Choices of Activities
1.00pm Lunch
2.00pm Drama / Film Making, Art
6.00pm BBQ and Karaoke
10.00pm Bedtime
The contents are subject to change, as and when deemed fit by ECiM. You should therefore consider the information herein to be guiding rather than definitive.



Living in Epsom College in Malaysia during the duration of the programme offers students a true British boarding school experience. They live alongside our staff and will experience a family environment within a structured school routine, with the traditional British House system fostering a strong feeling of belonging and community.

The campus, developed on a 50-acre green-field site, comprises ultra-modern hi-tech, environmentally friendly buildings, with specialised facilities for music, drama and sport, including floodlit astroturf pitches, sports halls, a swimming pool and hard courts. There are also dedicated science and art departments. These facilities far surpass those found at most other boarding schools in the UK.

Meals are served in the dining hall. Food served in the Dining Hall is Halal, fresh and nutritious. Students will get a balanced diet that is varied and appealing.

The majority of the students will use communal bathrooms and share recreational areas such as the TV room and kitchen in the Boarding Houses. Boys and girls get separate blocks. There are at least two staff members in each block who will make sure all house rules are observed. They will make sure students are safe, comfortable and happy during their stay. Basic housekeeping and laundry services are provided.

Students will receive an orientation on the first day to ensure they are at ease with the new environment.



The 3-week programme costs Eight Thousand Malaysian Ringgit Only (RM8,000). The cost includes :-

  • all teaching and classroom support;
  • accommodation at ECiM boarding houses for the duration of the programme;
  • 3 meals and 2 snacks daily;
  • laundry;
  • excursions.

The price does not include flights, airport transfers and any expenses including but not limited to medical fees and any activity cost that is incurred during the Programme.



We welcome students aged 11 to 14, regardless of education background.

To ensure that all students on our English Language programme are able to enjoy the programme, they will need to demonstrate an appropriate level of English language proficiency. Students are required to sit for an entrance test and meet the minimum entry grades.



Thank you for your interest in our English Language Holiday Programme 2017. We regret to inform you that we will not be able to process any more applications as our programme is now full. Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions. We hope to have you in our other holiday programmes in near future.

Registration for our 2018 courses will be open in October.