International students are required to submit a copy of their passports when they come to the school for an assessment test.  All passports MUST have a validity of TWO years and above.

Immigration Malaysia only issues Multiple Entry Student Pass to students aged 7 years and above.  For applicants below 7 years old, a dependant pass is required (via parent with Employment Pass or MM2H).

International students studying at Epsom College in Malaysia will need a Dependant Pass [with relevant stamp] or an International Student Pass from the Immigration Department of Malaysia.  The following information will guide interested international families through the necessary steps to obtain the approvals needed to enrol their child in the College.


Student Visa & Student Pass Processing Fee Notice

A Student Pass Processing fee of RM 2000 is payable upon acceptance of placement offer for international students who would require a student pass to study with Epsom College in Malaysia.

The fee covers processing costs for application of the international student’s endorsement documents and pass with the Malaysian Ministry of Education and Immigration Department of Malaysia.

All international student pass applications will only be processed if they are accompanied by:

All necessary required documents listed in the International Student Application checklist form together with any other document(s) required by the Admissions Office & International Office of Epsom College in Malaysia.

The payment of the above can be made in cash, cheque made payable to Epsom College Malaysia Sdn Bhd or a bank transfer (account details available on request).

The international student pass fee is non-refundable.

The international student pass fee is applied only once for each successful applicant. The fee is applicable and payable at the same rate should the first application be rejected for whatever reasons and a second application is requested.

Extension of student pass on expiry is charged at RM 1,000.00 per year and is non-refundable if the application is rejected for whatever reasons.

Students with a Dependant Pass

Students with a Dependant Pass can be enrolled directly into Epsom College in Malaysia and no International Student Pass is needed.  This is usually in the case of children of expatriate parents working in Malaysia with a valid work permit.  Students with a dependant pass are required to submit their passport to Epsom College in Malaysia to obtain the permission to study stamp

Download International Students Application checklist

Download Personal Data Form


Important notice:

The student pass application processing time by Immigration Malaysia will require at least 6 to 8 weeks (this is an estimate). The multiple entry student pass will have a one year validity. Parents must ensure their child’s passport has a validity period of two years and above at the point of application.

If the applicant is currently studying in another international school in Malaysia, the applicant must cancel their current student pass before they can apply for a new one. A student pass from another international school in Malaysia is NOT transferrable. Failure to comply with this ruling will affect the student’s stay in Malaysia. Cancellation of the previous student pass is done at previous school.

International students with a student pass who are withdrawing from Epsom College in Malaysia, please handover original passport to the International Office at least 3 weeks before last day of schooling to allow us time to cancel the student pass. A copy of the student’s flight booking information (flight departing Malaysia) is also required. For students enrolling into another international school in Malaysia, please also provide a copy of the new offer letter for verification purpose at Immigration.

Students with MM2H dependant pass must also declare this at the Admissions Office during application. Passport with MM2H dependant pass is required by Epsom College in Malaysia to obtain the permission to study stamp.

Existing student pass holders who renew their passports must inform the ECiM International Office for the sticker to be transferred to the new passport. This must be done within 2 weeks of student returning to Malaysia after renewing passport. Any delays will affect a student’s upcoming travel plans. Students are not allowed to leave the country until the student visa is transferred to the new passport.

Parents who are applying for Guardian Visa must prepare the latest 3 month’s bank account statements and produce an active PA insurance policy. This is a requirement by Immigration Malaysia. Epsom College in Malaysia will assist in producing a support letter. Guardian visa can only be applied for in person at Immigration Malaysia after the student pass has been issued. ECiM will prepare supporting documents for the applicant.

Immigration Malaysia will no longer accept passports with validity of less than one year.  No Special Pass or extensions to visitor passes will be issued for new student visa applications. Please ensure your child’s passport meet the requirements set by Immigration Malaysia. This is especially important to students from countries with a 30 days visitor pass.

New students are advised to check with Epsom College in Malaysia on their travel plans and we will advise accordingly.

New students are advised to wait for the support letter from the Malaysian Ministry of Education before entering Malaysia. Epsom College in Malaysia will apply for the mentioned letter (processing time is about 5 to 7 weeks and varies) and will update parents when the letter arrives at the school. This is to avoid any complications during arrival at KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport).