Sing Up Day

14 Mar 2018

One hundred and fourteen children in Years 3 to 8 joined together on Wednesday afternoon to celebrate the international event Sing Up Day, an occasion each year that is designed to improve the quality of singing in children and young adults globally. Our pupils have been learning the repertoire for three weeks, and were lucky enough to be coached by the wonderful and highly acclaimed choral conductor, Susanna Saw.

Under her guidance for an afternoon workshop, the children learned about how to perform with a greater sense of pulse and rhythm, honed their intonation in 4-part singing and worked on their quality of sound in a variety of repertoire that included A La Carte by Judith Watson, Believe by Lin Marsh and Be The Change by Emily Barden.

The end of the afternoon culminated in a performance in the Duke of York Theatre that was well received, and was a charming way to round off an afternoon of invigorating and thought-provoking music making. Congratulations to all of our pupils that were involved; to have so many pupils on stage singing together at once was a real privilege to witness!