Rubber Head Talk - Disease X

18 Jan 2019

Jean delivered the student-led Rubber Head Talk to members of staff and students yesterday. Her topic – Disease X was rather intriguing.

Due to the advancement made in medical sciences, infectious diseases are starting to become a thing of the past. Chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease have now become the focus of many healthcare systems, especially those in developed countries. However, with outbreaks of diseases such as Ebola and ‘super gonorrhea’ appearing in recent years, the World Health Organisation has included an unknown disease in the 2018 Blueprint List of Priority Diseases.

Disease X is the WHO's warning that the world is not sufficiently prepared for a disease with the potential to become a pandemic. With scientific research progressing ever quicker than before, it is now time for the scientific community to accelerate the study of new diseases in order to prepare for Disease X.

DiseaseXCollage-(1).jpgWell done to Jean for giving us something to think about!