Round Square Exchange: From Malaysia to Abbotsholme, UK

01 Mar 2017

Hello and I am doing just fine at Abbotsholme! It snowed for a short while yesterday however it melted immediately. Everyone here is extremely nice and they made me feel very welcomed. Last weekend, I went dry skiing near Stoke and I also went orienteering in the countryside of Derbyshire! It was really fun. Tonight I am going to watch a play called Educating Rita and tomorrow I am going for a mid-week boarder's trip to pick up some supplies. The food here is very very good like you said! The tuck boxes are also filled with delicious treats and I feel as though I want to stay here for as long as I can... if I could! I hope the pictures illustrate what a good time I am having and thank you everyone.

Kevin Lee
Year 9, Carr House