Round Square Adventure in Mongolia

12 Dec 2017

ECiM started the new academic year with a challenging and exciting Round Square trip to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The trip was lead by Miss Coleman (who lived there before and spoke a little of the language) and Mrs Hopkin who had spent a summer traveling around some of the areas in which the trip was based.

The chosen delegates Wei Keat, Angelee, Su Lin and Fatima were exposed to the nomadic culture and simple lifestyle that the local herder families live. They spent nights in Gers (felt tents that are constructed from wood and moved around depending on the season) and went to see how the herder’s make a living selling milk from their sheep and horses. They also had the opportunity to see some of the rare wild horses that are native to the land.

From trekking up to monasteries in the mountains, horse riding on the steppe and experiencing UB city in the snow, all of them had an unforgettable trip. When it got round to the conference all four of our ECiM delegates pushed themselves, engaging in debates, listening to the keynote speaker and giving back to the local community whilst working with disabled and mentally handicapped children.

All of them mentioned how much they enjoyed the calmness they felt when gazing under the stars in the Mongolian outback, learning some of the language, eating local food and lighting fires in their gers when the cold nights came in. Each of them challenged themselves in different ways and made friendships they will not forget.