Prep School Prefects

19 Sep 2017

It is very important to us that girls and boys influence and have impact on our school community. Potential prefects of the Prep School undergo an intensive process to choose the few pupils who will lead the Prep School and their respective Houses.

Well done to all those who took part in this process; it was really difficult to pick the best from a pool of very talented pupils this year. The candidates who applied for these positions have undergone a long, tedious process lead by the Senior Prefects who have selected the following who will lead the Prep School and the respective Houses in the new academic year:

Head Girl Of Prep Manon
Head of Wilson Shan Nie
Head of Carr Kieran
Head of Roseberry Anggun
Head of Crawfurd Florence
Head of Propert Shan Wei
Head of Granville Gerard
Head of Student Council Tobey
Heads of Fundraising and Playground Committee Finley and Akmal
Heads of Social Committee Nadherah and Erin