OE vs Staff

13 Sep 2017

The annual staff vs OE football match took place on 10 September. The thrilling match started off strong with no goals being scored. The OE team was leading during the first half, but was short lived as staff member Callum White scored an equaliser. During the second half the OEs were able to take the lead once again and held this lead until the final 2 minutes, where the staff team was awarded a penalty after a questionable foul in the penalty box. The final result of this exciting match was 2-2.

Once both teams were able to walk again, they helped themselves to refreshment and food in the Pavilion. There was a tinge of sombreness when the final ‘goodbyes’ and ‘goodlucks’ were said. We wish all OEs moving on with their lives the best of luck and they are always welcomed back here!