Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) Lecture

20 Mar 2019

On Monday, 13 students from Years 11-13 attended a public lecture entitled 'The Three Pillars of Liberalism: Freedom, Markets and Morals, from the Enlightenment to the Present' at the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs in the Asia School of Business in KL.

Professor Alan S. Kahan delivered this fascinating lecture on how these 3 pillars are central to a society where citizens can be free from fear whether it be from poverty, war, tyranny or oppression. The lecture was highly informative and during the follow up question and answer session we all enjoyed exploring and applying the concepts and theories presented to us during the lecture to real world scenarios such as Brexit, Malaysian politics and legislation and education among others.

It was great to see our students engaging in such rigorous academic discourse and the journey home flew by as we discussed and debated what we learnt. Many thanks to Alif in Year 13 for bringing the event to our attention and we look forward to attending more events such as this in the future.