House Choral Competition 2018

18 Oct 2018

Thursday 11th October featured an uplifting and incredible ending to this year’s House Choral Competition. The annual concert which seems to become bigger every year featured all six Houses showcasing their immense musical talent.
This year’s altered format saw three distinct competitions which were all fiercely fought; the individual Solo competition, the Part Song competition and finally the Unison competition featuring every student in the College.

We were delighted to welcome three very prestigious adjudicators in Mr Will Payne (Director Music at Alice Smith School), Colin Lochhead (Choral Specialist at BISKL) and our own Headmaster, Dr John Kennard. All three judges commented on how high the standard was and how difficult it was to judge.


The solo competition was won by Jenna Mat Amin of Crawfurd House, accompanied by Jiwoo Hong, with a very ambitious performance of Ariana Grande’s Always is Never Enough. This was perhaps the hardest decision of the night as she was challenged very closely by Hannah Farid with a tear jerking performance of Colour Blind by Amber Riley.


For the Part Songs, each House had to perform a song without accompaniment with parts in harmony. The winning House was Propert with their performance of Youngblood by 5 Seconds of Summer. This fun performance featured the boys sat on a sofa and showing a confidence and quality that worked well on the night.


The climax of the evening was the Unison round which is the competition that wins the overall House Choral trophy. Each House put on an incredible performance that included breaking out into the audience, group dancing, costumes and even boxing gloves. The Houses arranged their own backing music or live bands with drums, guitars, keyboards and violin.


It was a tough decision to make but this year Granville had kept the best until last, with their rousing performance of Shut Up and Dance With Me by Walk the Moon. This featured a guitar solo by Huang Chuen Chin and a well-choreographed performance.

The evening was a resounding success and was well attended by students, staff, parents and invited guests. The huge amount of work put in by all the Houses was clear to see but everyone is pleased to now be able to think about something other than daily rehearsals and learning songs… that is until next year!