Challenge By Choice Conference

06 Dec 2017

Over the weekend of November 10th, Epsom College hosted 10 schools from Australia, Indonesia, China, Vietnam and Malaysia to our 2nd Round Square Conference for 10-12 year olds.

We went up to the Nomad Adventure Camp in Gopeng which is a eco friendly camp and centre for Green Teambuilding.

Over the weekend the pupils challenged themselves on the high and low ropes courses, learnt how to do swift water rescues, paddled and competed with other rafts on who could get each other soaked, floated down the river (a first for many!) and explored one of the most spectacular caves in Malaysia; the Gua Tempurung.

After each activity, the groups had a dynamic debrief. The debrief sessions emphasised the 5 values of, Be Positive, Be Responsible, Challenge by Choice, Appreciate Relationships and Be Safety Minded. Students could accept challenges based on their own personal and physical fears and were empowered to then make choices about the level of challenge. This was to enable them to understand the mechanics of "Pause - Choose- Act" as a response to challenges they face in the activities as well as in life.

Pupils engaged in the evening in team building games and all were treated to the Malaysian delicacy, the durian. The closing ceremony had the pupils designing on their own personal stone that depicted their journey and then had a closing campfire complete with marshmallows. New friendships were made and the pupils all eager to know when the next conference would be!

Thank you to the Epsom staff, Ms Sealy, Mr Josh and Ms Lara for all their support.