Beanbag Event: Climate Change

10 May 2019

With the release of the British documentary from Sir David Attenborough entitled, ‘Climate Change - The Facts’, our students were able to sit down and get a better understanding of the state of the planet and what needs to be done, not just in the future, but right now. After all, it is students of their age that are protesting in major cities around the world, through School Strike for Climate, to encourage governments to take more action.

The best Beanbag events and Rubber Head talks that our Sixth Formers experience are those that cut across different A-level subjects and beyond the syllabus that students can too often be confined to.  While there was the typical overarching theme of Geography, the documentary touched on elements of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Politics and Economics. The students could easily see the relevance and importance for their future too, whether for their studies specifically or the world in which they will inherit. Those attending are currently looking at reading a range of subjects at university, including Geography, but also PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics); Economics; and Medicine.

The segment on palm oil in the documentary certainly sparked debate, considering the importance of palm oil within Malaysia, and led to discussions about the future of Malaysia within the context of the global economy and its (and others’) responsibility to not only ensure economic development, but to ensure that that economic development is sustainable.

We encourage our students to be inquisitive, whatever the topic. We want them to achieve fantastic A-level grades, but we also want them to have that academic curiosity that will set them apart from others, both at university and beyond.