E-Friday Flyers

Issue 64 : Modern Foreign Languages

18 Jan 2019

Having learnt French for nearly half my life, I developed a bond with this language and it has led to me to so many opportunities such as being able to participate in cultural events such as La Fête Française and Collaborative Language Day, meeting people who share the same passion as I do.

I have been so lucky throughout my journey in learning French, meeting many of the best teachers along with the wide range of resources at Epsom. I have made excellent progress in my conversational skills as well as my knowledge of France, exposing me to its rich culture and the beauty of the country. This has led me to the decision to continue French into my further studies, where I will be able to enjoy the language while improving my fluency.

Challenging myself, I recently sat for my DELF B2 examination, which is a language proficiency exam, consisting of six levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2). The DELF B2 level is one of the hardest levels and admittedly, I did struggle quite a bit when preparing for this but fortunately, I was able to receive the best assistance from the DELF CCA which is run by Mrs Hanique and via this, I had the advantage of having extra personalised help, contributing massively to me passing my DELF examination and being the first student of Epsom College Malaysia to have achieved this.

Learning French may seem really difficult, particularly when having to memorise conjugations, sentence structures, remembering many rules along with their exceptions. However, I believe that it is very worthwhile to gain proficiency in another language and so enjoy the wider range of opportunities it provides.

Bon weekend!

Ally (Y13)