E-Friday Flyers

Issue 63 : Rosebery House

14 Dec 2018

Today’s Friday Flyer has been written by the Rosebery Prefects to sum up what an amazing first term we have had:

In my position as Head Of House, I work alongside the House Prefects and support Ms Lowery in the smooth running of the House. It is a pleasure working with Ms Lowery and the prefects as a team who support each other in everything we do. This term started with a lot of events and House Competitions, the highlight was House Choral in which myself, Hannah and Jordan led the house. We were so pleased with ourselves, at the end of the day we did not win but came second in both Solo and Part Song rounds. For the whole House it was a great bonding experience. Every year, we design a House T-shirt to show our spirit and love for Rosebery. This year I decided to have Varsity Jackets, rather than a T-shirt, everyone loved them.  This term I have been working a lot in the Prep School, this week Rosebery  Prep School girls come over to have a look around our home, This was an excellent opportunity to bond with the younger girls who one day will be one of us. It is amazing being  Head of Rosebery. I appreciate that I get to build close relationships with all the girls and drive the House forward. There is much more to come next term. (Karishma)

As Deputy Head of House, my main role is Transition. This term I have worked with the new girls ensuring a smooth transition into Rosebery, whether it be from into a new school, from a different country or Wilson House. I invited the Year 9 girls of Wilson over on the first week in December for them to familiarise themselves with Rosebery and mingle with the current Rosebarians. The night was filled with candies, games and laughter. I can proudly say that everyone enjoyed it a lot! (Zaain)

This year we have an academic programme which has gotten off to a good start with several internal programmes being held to help boost Rosebarians’ academic performances in all year groups. Mentoring sessions between Yr10/11-Yr13 and Yr12-Yr13 have taken place during prep time, within specific subjects such as Mathematics, Economics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Not only that, Rosebery Rubber Head talks have also taken place this term, in which students are able to share their knowledge of a subject that interests them with the other members of the house. They happen during House Assembly, from an array of fields such as Economics, Taekwondo and Nutrition. This will all continue next term. (Aiynah)

Rosebery has started out the year with a term packed with social events, all of which were incredibly successful. We've had bonding trips to Mercato, Family Nights, a Pamper night, a Halloween Social and some upcoming Christmas Socials and some cultural festivities in between. There was also a huge social with Propert which was my personal favourite, it was great to see two houses of boys and girls have such a good time together. It’s been very heartwarming to see all the girls getting involved, dance around to music and munching on snacks to relax their minds from school every once in a while. I believe through these socials, the older members of the house have managed to integrate the new Roseberians and that collectively, we have built a stronger bond. There's lots more to come in the upcoming terms and I can't wait for the girls to find out what's in store for them. Until then, Merry Christmas and happy holidays! (Syukrina)

This term, the Wellbeing Prefect has set up sports sessions each night of the week for the Rosebery girls to train and get rid of any stress from that day. Saturday mornings are set aside for wellbeing talks which highlight important health issues and ways to live a healthy lifestyle. There are also drop-in sessions for House members to come and chat to raise issues or just to “get things off their chests”. This term ended with a very successful “Happiness Week” and next term we have more wellness activities planned. (Imelda)

As Rosebery Service Prefect, there are multiple achievements that my team and Rosebery house have achieved. Firstly, the Rosebery Recycle which is a Roseberians initiative to reduce our carbon footprint. This has been carried out successfully by us using recycling bins in the house efficiently. Less plastic usage by using metal straws and recycling bags. We also have  multi use shopping bags that we take with us when we go shopping. The Rosebery Service project this year is a ‘Women Empowerment’ Charity. This term we made a collection of wellness packages for the women and children refugees and asylum seekers of the PSM organisation. On Monday we visited them at their centre in KL. We gave some English classes and they were so happy with our contributions. We will continue to work with PSM next term. (Fatihah)

It has been a busy and fun packed term in Rosebery and we look forward to more next term..

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Rosebery.

Kirsty Lowery