E-Friday Flyers

Issue 63 : Propert House

14 Dec 2018

As we approach the end of the Term One and approach Christmas we have a themed approach to our final Friday Flyer of 2018.

On the First Day of Christmas Propert gave to me a record number of students with 71 fine young men.

On the Second Day of Christmas Propert gave to me victory in Senior House Basketball - which is always well received from a bunch of football and rugby players.

One the Third Day of Christmas Propert gave to me House Choral, 71 semi reluctant singers and ultimate redemption with a first place in the Part Song.

On the Fourth Day of Christmas Propert gave something back to the community when we delivered another two boxes of shoes to the Urban Poor Project.

One the Fifth Day Of Christmas Propert gave to me  - 5 gold rings - it is my favourite part of the song so remains in the song.

On the Sixth Day of Christmas we gave the boys in Propert cross country as a preemptive strike on all of the mince pies the boys will be eating over Christmas.

On the Seventh Day of Christmas Propert spent some time helping the young boys from Carr. We did this by welcoming them into our House to read, undertake Prep and talk about settling into a new school, culture and language.

On the Eighth Day of Christmas Propert decorated our tree and decided to go for a tropical theme.

On the Ninth Day of Christmas we all went to support our actors in the College production and listened to our fantastic musicians in the Sunset Serenade.

Whilst the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Day of Christmas were all spent in front of the mirror getting ready for the College Christmas Dinner!

Ian Squires